tagInterracial LoveA Vacation to Remember Ch. 02

A Vacation to Remember Ch. 02


The next day was Tuesday, and Shanti was leaving to go back home on Friday. Angelo had left her room about an hour later last night, and an hour after that Anna and Elvira came in. Shanti was already asleep, but the next morning she had to admit to her friends that she got laid. They were a little shocked, and it was quickly covered up with laughter and jokes. Neither one of the other women had sex, although both came reasonably close, they had decided to make the men wait more than the one night! All three found it odd that the one person least likely to have sex with a stranger was the one that actually did it!

Anyway, the three of them were lying on the beach behind the resort. The day was very sunny, and very hot. Shanti was wearing a skimpy black bikini. Her top was half blue. The three guys from the night before found them there at around two thirty in the afternoon. They made small talk with the women for a few minutes.

"So are you going in the water?" Angelo asked. Shanti looked at him through her sunglasses. He was looking so hot – all he had on was a bathing suit, and seeing his muscular chest and abs was enough to send tingles through her pussy.

"No – it's nice and hot out here. The water's too cold!" She replied. Actually, the water was fantastic, but she was very particular about her warmth – she didn't even like to cold in the slightest!

"Oh, yeah?" He asked, with a smile. Suddenly, he bent and easily scooped up the small woman in his arms. She let a squeal, smiling.

"What are you doing?" She protested, but her pussy was getting hotter. He began jogging towards the water. Shanti hurriedly tore off her sunglasses and threw them and they landed on her towel. Angelo continued running right into the water. She squealed, clinging to him as he went deeper and deeper.

"It's cold!" She cried, giggling. The water was actually pretty nice, and he was in it so far that he was forced to let her go or she would be submersed. Shanti didn't even put her feet on the bottom, she immediately clung right back on him. Her arms were around his neck, and her legs were around his waist. She was conscious of his big member pressed against her crotch. He wasn't hard, it was just naturally so big that she could still feel it!

"Why did you do that?" She asked, smiling. He smiled back, bending his knees and putting both of them under water. He came back up, and Shanti spit water at him, laughing.

"What's the matter with you?!" She cried. Now she was hornier than ever. She was looking hotter than ever, too. Her long hair was all wet and slicked back. Her lithe, wet body was clinging to him tightly. His hands locked onto her beautiful ass on either side of her bikini bottoms. He kissed her soft lips. She smiled again, and kissed him, opening her mouth. Her tongue darted inside, and subconsciously she pressed her thinly covered crotch against his bulge even harder. A wave of desire went through, making her temporarily dizzy. Their lips smacked loudly as they slowly broke the kiss. He looked into her dark eyes and saw nothing but desire.

"Let's go for a walk." He suggested. Her heart pounded as an opportunity to get fucked presented itself – or was it fear that she might cheat again? She glanced over to the beach. Anna and Elvira were playing volleyball with Angelo's friends along with some other people.

"Sure." She said, smiling. She clung to him as he walked through the water towards the shore. When the water was shallow, he released her and she walked quickly ahead of him. He stared at her amazing ass as it wiggled with her motion. The triangle of her bikini bottoms barely covered it! His eyes scanned up her sexy legs, and memories of those legs wrapped around him the night before washed over him. He had to look away before he grew a tent in his shorts.

Shanti grabbed her towel, glasses and sandals and she dried herself off as she rushed to tell her friends that she was going for a quick walk. They would be back in an hour. She hurried over to where Angelo stood waiting, and the two of them walked up the beach. Neither one of them suggested the resort hotel - they just walked towards it with an unspoken understanding. As they walked, Angelo slowed a little, looking to get a quick glance at her amazing ass. His plan worked, and he was able to sneak a peek at her perfect ass for a full two seconds. Her black bikini bottoms hid a small triangle of her ass, but other than that, her brown skin was in full view. It shook nicely when she walked. He was dying to hold that soft ass in his hands as he drove his cock into her small body!

When they entered the hotel, she hesitated in the lobby. She suddenly realized that they hadn't really discussed where they were walking. It was as if her body was leading her where it wanted to go. Unsure of what to say, she said nothing, hoping he would make a decision for the both of them.

"Do you want to go to the room?" Angelo asked.

"Okay." She answered, quickly. She was relieved that he didn't leave her hanging there. "Which room do you want to go to?"

"We'll go to mine, it's closer." He replied. Shanti flashed him that beautiful smile. Her brown hand slipped into his big tanned one, and the two of them walked down the corridor. When they reached his door, he pulled out his card. He wanted some cheap thrills, so he mischievously slid the card in wrong. He pretended to struggle with it for a moment before she took it from him.

"Let me try." She offered. He stepped back and watched as this beautiful, exotic woman bent just a little bit and slid the card through. Her beautiful ass shook with her movement. He noticed that her bikini bottom slid a little bit more up the crack of her ass. He got his cheap thrill!

She led the way inside and he shut the door behind them. He watched slip her small, pretty feet out of her sandals. He was already in bare feet. He stepped up to her, placing his big hands on the sides of her slender waist. Her heart beat madly, all thoughts of her far away boyfriend long gone from her mind. When he bent to kiss her she closed her eyes, lips parting. Their lips smacked loudly as he kissed her softly. He kissed her again, pressing his lips hard against hers. She opened her mouth and his tongue shot inside as he ran his hands around behind her. Angelo's hands slid straight into the back of her skimpy little bikini bottoms, sliding over the smooth skin of her ass. He squeezed her soft cheeks as her tongue darted far into his mouth. She pressed her lithe body against him, and when she felt his hardness pressing against her stomach she couldn't help the bolts of desire that shot through her. He was moving forward and it was forcing her to take steps backward, but she was able to continue their kiss.

She felt something hit her legs, and she realized that they were at the side of one of the beds. He forced her back, and they broke the kiss. Shanti got on the bed, and he lay down beside her, his eyes locked on hers. They were lying on their sides, facing one another. Both of them were breathing laboriously, clearly needing each other.

He kissed her, and she kissed him back just as hard. She swung her leg over his, her foot caressing the back of his legs. Angelo reached around her small body and grabbed her soft, beautiful ass over her bikini bottoms. He ran his tongue along hers as his hand squeezed her soft cheek. As her tongue darted deep into his mouth, he slipped his hand into the side of her bikini bottoms. His big hand was able to hold most of her naked ass cheek, his fingers resting comfortably along the crack of her bum. He pulled her closer to him, pressing her crotch against his. Tingles shot up her body and she sighed into his mouth when she felt his big, thick manhood press against her crotch through their bathing suits.

She had a flashback to the night before. An image of his giant penis flashed across her mind...an image of that massive tool forcing its way inside her tight little pussy...memories of how good that felt when it was inside her...

The buzzing in her pussy increased tenfold, and she instinctively pulled him towards her with her leg as her tongue shot deep into his mouth. He slid his strong hand up her back to her shoulder. He began to kiss her neck as he pulled the strap of her bathing suit down off her shoulder. Her left breast popped out of her top and he was quick to suck her black nipple into his mouth. She sighed above him, pussy buzzing. She placed one hand on the back of his head while the other one reached down in between them. She grabbed his rigid cock through his bathing suit in her small hand, and squeezed it lustfully. It took her less than two seconds to realize that she needed to feel his skin. Releasing his manhood, she quickly slipped her hand into his suit and grabbed the massive member that was ready to burst out of it. She felt his breath on her tit as he sighed at her touch. His tongue was licking up and down over her erect nipple, as she began to stroke him up and down passionately.

Angelo's hand went back around to her back, and his fingers fumbled with the strings on her top. She knew that he got it untied when she felt it loosen around her. He threw the tiny garment on the floor, and his lips again found hers. His tongue shot into her mouth as her tiny hand continued to stroke his mammoth cock. She was dying to have that inside her!

She felt his warm hand slide down her back to her ass, and she felt him squeeze her soft ass cheek. He slipped his hand into the side of her bikini bottoms, running his fingers down the crack of her ass. She raised her leg further up his, granting him more access to her treasure. His fingers slowly made their way down the crack of her bum until they felt the hot moisture of her pussy.

"Mmmph!" She sighed into his mouth at just the lightest of touches on her naked slit. He dipped a finger into Shanti's horny vagina, and it gripped his digit snugly. She groaned again in his mouth as she felt his finger enter her pussy an inch or so. His big hand gripped her entire ass cheek as he ran his finger up and down her wet slit, his finger still slightly penetrating her. She was forced to release his manhood as their passion pulled their bodies close together. She was kissing him loudly, sloppily as she began instinctively grinding her crotch in his direction. He knew that she wanted him badly.

He grabbed the side of her skimpy bottoms, his hand leaving the general area of her pussy as he did so. He pulled downward, sliding the dainty things down off her ass and to her knees. Breathing heavily, Shanti bent her knees, pulling her feet one by one out of the last remaining piece of material that she was wearing. Her brown pussy was now exposed to the air, and this giant man's giant cock was sticking up at her out of his bathing suit. She looked at him helplessly with her dark eyes as he dropped her bikini bottoms on the floor while bending to kiss her. He kissed her so hard that she found herself being rolled onto her back with the force. She felt him squeeze a leg in between hers and she opened them wider so that he could get on top of her.

His cock was still sticking out of his bathing suit, but it was still containing his balls. Without breaking the kiss, Angelo reached down and pushed his suit down a few more inches, fully freeing his member. When he lay back down on top of her, Shanti could feel the length of his fat, naked cock pressing against the wet lips of her treasure. She gasped into his mouth as her little tongue darted deep inside. Her small, brown hands caressed down his back to his ass, and he felt her pull him towards her. Her pussy was so fucking hot against him that the instinct of putting his penis into that heat was overwhelming! He broke the kiss and raised his body up. Before he could grab his cock, Shanti eagerly reached down in between them and wrapped her brown fingers around it. She was such a small girl holding such a massive tool – it looked almost unnatural!

She aimed his cock downwards, running the mushroom head against the sensitive lips of her cunt as she did so. Her heart skipped a beat at the sensation in her crotch when he touched her. Her hand stopped at the entrance, and she released him, preparing herself for absolute heaven. Angelo didn't have to tell his body to push forward, it just did. His fat penis forced open the brown lips of her vagina and he was able to squeeze inside her a little bit.

"Ohhhhhhh!" She moaned, arching her head back and closing her eyes as she felt him penetrate her. Her tight pussy was gripping the top three inches of his fat rod like a vice, and he knew he would have to fight to get the rest of his organ inside her. She had her head turned, and he began kissing her ear, cheek and neck as he withdrew his manhood just an inch or two. He thrust forward again slowly, this time pushing hard and making her little cunt take six inches of his cock.

"Ohh Gawd..." she gasped. He was so wide! She rested her bare feet on the back of his thighs, completely giving herself to him, but she could help but place her hands on his hips as a safety measure in case he hurt her with that big tool.

Angelo couldn't believe the contrast between the cool air that was hitting the three inches at the base of his penis, and the hot tightness that surrounded the six inches that was inside this West Indian woman's body! He continued kissing her cheek as he began fucking her with just the six inches that were already inside her. Shanti was thrashing about underneath him, and her feet and hands were all over him. He was feeling so incredible inside her, and she could feel her vagina stretch around his wide girth. She had no idea that he still had three inches to give – he already felt so huge!

He tried to hold as long as he could, but eventually, he had to feed her his entire manhood. Her pussy was just to hot and tight to resist! Just as she was getting used to taking six inches of his pole, he suddenly continued pushing his member further and further inside her. She arched her back, wincing. She gasped for breath as she felt herself get penetrated deeper and deeper. It's like it wouldn't end! Finally, she felt his groin press against her.

"Ohhhhhh..." she sighed again, clearly feeling the pressure on the back of her pussy as his long cock poked against it. He didn't give her a chance to get used to his size. He was far too turned on for that. He just began to fuck her as hard and as fast as he could, drilling the poor girl into the bed. His tanned ass was bouncing up and down between her sexy brown legs; her feet were flailing helplessly above him.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh yeah! Ohh! Oh yeah! Unh! Unh!" Her moans were high pitched as she took his lightening quick thrusts deep inside her welcoming cunt over and over. He was holding himself up on his arms as he screwed her, watching the expression on her face as she took his entire monster. Her small, brown tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust. He suddenly realized that he was about to lose it and he couldn't control himself. He hadn't even been fucking this goddess for ten minutes and she was already getting him off!

Shanti's tiny feet were stretched high above him and her hands were on his lower back, urging him onward. The sheer size of his cock, and the speed of his thrusts were pushing her rapidly towards the edge. She closed her eyes, turning her head as she rushed to embrace her orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt his giant penis slip out of her tight vagina. Damn! She was almost there!

Angelo watched his white cock slide out from between the dark lips of her pussy. It jerked wildly, firing a thick wad of his hot fluid across her taut stomach. He moaned, another load shooting high into the air and splashing neatly on the brown skin between her breasts. Shanti's pussy was still buzzing like crazy, but she still loved the feel of his hot fluid hitting her skin. She watched as more of his semen poured out of his cock and pooled between her belly button and her pussy. He squeezed his dick, forcing more of his cum to drip out of him and add to the small puddle that had formed on her belly. He collapsed beside her, gasping for breath. Shanti reached for the box of Kleenex beside the bed, grabbed a few, and wiped the cum off her body.

After a few minutes, the big Italian man rolled off the bed and went to the washroom.

When he emerged, Shanti's eyes drifted down between his legs. Even though she did have an orgasm, she was still incredibly horny since she was so very close to another one. Seeing his washboard stomach, not to mention just how low his manhood hung between his legs had her pussy buzzing like crazy. Unable to help herself, the West Indian woman rolled to the edge of the bed as he approached.

Noticing where her eyes were targeting, Angelo stepped up to the side of the bed, just to see what she would do. His soft penis, even in its current state, was pretty much as large as Danny's. She reached up with her small brown hand and wrapped her fingers around it, raising herself up on one arm. Her soft lips gently kissed his mushroom head, and his dick began to respond. Shanti opened her mouth and slowly slid her lips over his helmet, continuing on down the length of his hardening pole. When she felt his dick hit the back of her mouth, she began to withdraw. She pulled him out of her mouth with a 'slurp'. His penis was coated with her saliva, and he watched as she again took him into her mouth. She could feel him growing rapidly to full hardness as she sucked up and down the top of his manhood.

He caressed down the side of her body, running his hand over her warm skin until he held her ass cheek. Still watching her suck on his dick, he gave her cheek a little squeeze.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' Her sucking grew louder as he ran his hand from her ass to the front of her body. She rolled the bottom half of her body onto her back a little, parting her legs so that he could have access to her buzzing treasure. His large hand cupped her pussy, and his finger gently tickled her swollen lips.

"Mmmmph..." she moaned around his manhood as tingles of pleasure shot up her body. He dipped a finger inside her sopping wet pussy. He couldn't get over how wet she was! She was definitely ready for more!

Using both hands, he slid them down her smooth, sexy leg – raising it in the air as he did so. Still sucking on his penis, albeit awkwardly now, Shanti raised her leg straight up, feeling him grab her tiny foot. He kissed over the top of it, and lightly kissed her big toe. His eyes locked onto her bald, brown pussy, as he sucked her big toe into his mouth. He suddenly had a huge craving to taste her. He had to eat that pussy. Releasing her foot, he roughly pushed her onto her back, popping his dick out of her mouth in the process.

Shanti passively watched as he swung a leg over her head, her eyes still locked on the biggest cock that she had ever seen. She had no doubt that her pussy was sopping wet, but the usual embarrassment that she felt had melted completely away due to her lust for that dick. She eagerly grabbed the fat pole and bent it down towards her mouth, gobbling it up. At the same time, Angelo bent his head between her thighs, wrapping his mouth around her delicious pussy. She moaned around his organ as she felt his tongue tickle her sensitive slit.

He slipped his tongue in between the folds of her hot, wet vagina, gathering her juices as he licked the inner walls. She groaned again, her small hands reaching down between her thighs and holding his head there. He began fucking her mouth, instinctively thrusting his hips up and down. Too engrossed in the feelings in her crotch, she lay there passively as he shoved three or four inches of his cock into her mouth with each thrust. He slid his hands underneath her bare ass, holding her in place as buried his face between her sexy brown thighs. He wiggled his tongue as fast as he could up and down the sensitive lips of her needy vagina. She continued moaning as he fed his penis to her mouth.

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