tagNonHumanA Vampire on the Prowl

A Vampire on the Prowl


The bobbing crowd momentarily obscured the tall blond man from my view. What I saw was enough to prick my interest. The tight fitting leather pants hugged his lower body and when he turned around at a long table that served as a bar, I could see the bulging outline of his cock. He planted his black boots a few feet apart and thrust his pelvis forward for all to admire his tool. His white satin shirt was open to the navel and I could see his naked flesh daring me to touch it. My pussy responded to this invitation.

It was another Halloween night and I was at an S&M Club looking for some sex and a bite afterwards. Dressed in a small dark red leather mini skirt, a tight fitting black chiffon blouse, knee-high boots, no bra or panties and a wicked smile, I was ready for anything. My skirt didn't fully cover my ass and if I lifted my arms higher that my breasts, my shaved pussy was clearly visible. I was on the prowl and I wanted to be seen by the right victim.

It worked. Across the crowd Blondie spotted me kissing my female companion. The black leather harness covered little of her pale naked flesh. The thongs between her legs pulled her vulva open like a ripe fig. I pushed my "slave", Cleo, onto her knees and rubbed her face in my pussy. No one seemed to mind. They were all busy with their own little sexual games. A man dressed in a black leather jumpsuit and a hood over his head was sucking another man's cock.

Cleo clasped her mouth over my vulva and stuck her tongue in my love canal. Her nose rubbed against my clit and I could feel my pussy getting wetter from her saliva and my own juices. I looked Blondie in the eyes and winked at him. His cock seemed to have grown.

A tall man stepped in front of Blondie, obscuring my view. I sensed that the man was busy with Blondie's cock but I didn't mind. Our gazes were still locked in a passionate embrace. The tall man got down on his knees and sucked Blondie's cock. My slave stuck two fingers in my cunt while still sucking on my clit. I imagined it was Blondie's cock inside me and he must have fantasized about being in me while being sucked off.

As we climaxed at the same time, my knees weakened. I pulled Cleo up and kissed her, licking my nectar from her mouth. Blondie did the same with his lover, swallowing his own cum. He was as depraved as I was.

Staring at Blondie, I slipped my fingers into my slave's cunt. It was wet and slippery. I wiggled my thumb over her clit and finger fucked her. Blondie pulled his companion's meat from his trousers and commenced sliding his hand over the helmet.

Locked in a pussy embrace, we glided over to Blondie. I kissed his lover and forced my tongue into his mouth. I pushed Cleo's naked behind against Blondie's cock and for a while we were locked in a strange chain. Then I felt Blondie's meat slip into my slave's cunt, trapping my fingers. Despite the tight fit, he continued thrusting into her. I could feel the ripples of his cock against my fingers.

Breaking our kiss, I looked at Blondie. His upper body was barely moving, while he fucked Cleo. I touched Blondie's hand still stroking his companion's shaft before I wormed my hand past his into our mutual lover's trousers and cupped his balls.

My slave moaned as Blondie increased his speed in her pussy. Her knees buckled as I pulled my fingers from her cunt and held it in front of Blondie's face. He sniffed at it and began to slowly lick it clean.

A throbbing urgency in my vulva demanded attention. I pulled Cleo from Blondie's pole and pushed her on her knees in front of our tall lover. She tasted his precum before swallowing his shaft. With them out of the way I turned my attention to Blondie. His dick glistened with Cleo's juice. Past care I dropped to my knees and swirled my tongue around his cockhead. I kissed my way to his balls and put one in my mouth while his erection rested on the side of my face.

Blondie pulled me up and set me on the table, spreading my legs. The S&M Club turned into a sea of leather, naked flesh, cocks and cunts, all moaning and groaning. No one looked at us, except the naked dancer on the table, who pushed her pierced cuntlips full of silver ornaments into my face. Working my tongue past the metallic obstructions, I reached the entrance of her love hole. I twirled the tip of my tongue at the door before I pushed it past the opening and commenced tongue fucking her. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled it towards her as if to gobbled me up with her cunt.

Blondie, in the meantime, was giving my aching slit the attention it craved. Using three fingers in my vagina as a pumping dildo, he sucked and pulled on my clit. Every fiber of my being felt alive, despite the contrary.

You see, God and I had a little disagreement. I liked sex and he didn't. I also wanted to create, to be an artist, but he forgot to give me the necessary talent to match my passion. The parting of our ways was thus agreeable to both parties. Now I can fuck whom I want, when I want and how many at a time I want. And those mortals he chose to burden with talent can honor him.

By the way, throughout my life I haven't seen many artists caring about God. So, honoring God is something for the untalented and sexless people. I may be untalented but I am creative in my love for fucking. I've been doing it now for more than eighty years and my passion is just as strong as that first day I discovered the pleasures of my groin.

By now, Blondie had his cock in my pussy and was pumping furiously. The dancer found a willing dick to further her pleasure and left me without something stuck to my face. I needed to be filled. Then Blondie's tall friend, Brian, decided he also wanted part of the action. He left Cleo on her knees and climbed on to the table. He kissed Blondie on the mouth before he bent down to lick my clit as Blondie fucked me. Then I felt Blondie remove his dick from my cunt and offer it to Brian who took it into his mouth without question. Now my fuck hole was also empty and I desperately wanted every orifice filled.

I grabbed Brian's cock protruding from his trousers and stuck his knob in my mouth. Blondie returned his shaft to my vagina and continued where he left off. With his dick still in my mouth, Brain straddled my face and started kissing Blondie.

This carried on for a while before I pushed the hunks off me and made Blondie lie on the floor. Facing him I lowered my spread pussy onto his waiting cock and indicated to Brian to enter me from behind. Brian first put his cock next to Blondie's in my overstretched pussy to lubricate it before he entered my ass. They fucked me in unison as if they've done it before.

A crowd gathered around to urge us on. A few men were beating their meat at the sight of two men fucking me. Every time a buxom woman smacked Brian on his naked ass cheeks with a leather strap, he doubled his efforts in my ass. Sandwiched between the two men I grabbed two other cocks and stroked them to a climax. Another naked man on his knees swung his dick between our faces. Blondie took the knob in his mouth and sucked it. It was sexy to see a man blowing another.

The naked Cleo then yanked the man's cock from Blondie's mouth, pushed him down and sat on his meatpole. They were so close to us that I could see Cleo's pussy lips sucking the man's shaft into her cunt. It was beautiful to see the juices flowing from their combined efforts.

Then everybody spurted their cum on us.

This was the way like my sex, hard and dirty. It increased the craving for blood and dulled my senses for what I was about to do.

The first time I killed for a drink I felt uncomfortably full afterwards. He was a lousy lover with a big cock. When I punctured his neck with my fangs to open a vein, he didn't even protest. He was coming as I started to feast on his blood. As I swallowed the last drop he pumped the remaining cum into my cunt with a final spasm. Drunk with passion and bloodlust I stumbled naked into the night, cum dripping from my pussy. Refreshed from the blood I saw the world aglow with colors and pulsing veins.

It was then that I realized that I drank too much blood and vowed to stop killing in order to live. Since then I never killed another human for blood or made a vampire. That set me free to fornicate with abandon. My life became an orgy of cunts, cocks, sucking and fucking. I even became a porn star and made close to a thousand videos. I enjoyed giving pleasure to my costars and to my fans. I've traveled the world and made love to all races and drank their blood.

As Cleo licked the cum from my body I had time to reflect on my reasons for becoming a vampire. It was during the Roaring Twenties that I enjoyed free sex with as many partners as possible. I was also religious and had a tough time to reconcile my sexual cravings and my commitment to God. Something had to give.

My other passion – not fucking – was writing. I wanted to be a world-renowned author people would enjoy reading. I thought that if I could be creative I would give up my free love. But I was never good enough for the critics or the public to take notice of my "art". It was then that I had the disagreement with God. If I can't write then I might as well fuck myself into the history books.

Then I met a beautiful vampire in Germany who gave me a way out. He allowed me a week to prepare myself for immortality. I joined a local nudist club to get an all over tan, shaved off all the hair on my legs, my pussy and body and cut my hair in a boyish crew cut style. It later became handy to keep up with fashion through the last eighty years. I could wear wigs over my short blond hair. When I was ready I met the vampire again. I wanted to know a few things: Will I be able to have sex? Will I have a wet pussy when I needed it? Will I enjoy sex? When he answered in the positive to all my questions, I gave myself to him.

He took me to his penthouse in Berlin and made love to me. He caressed every inch of my body with his tongue and his beautiful penis. The light purple head pointed proudly at my cunt. My inviting pussy lips were by now engorged with blood and lust. He then entered me like no other man has done before. My climax was so intense that I never knew when I died and became a vampire. All I knew was that I had a youthful immortality.

The tingling between my legs brought me back to that Halloween night. Cleo was sucking on my engorged sensitive clit. Her devotion to me was inspiring and disturbing. For a moment I thought that she might be a useful companion as a vampire, but I dismissed the idea. I wasn't looking for a slave but a companion. Cleo could never conduct intelligent after sex pillow talk. But I needed blood and she was conveniently close at hand. I left her alive in her apartment, still lusting after blood and sex.

That night I prowled around looking for both but it was he who found me, my maker. He took me from behind, stuffing his cock in my pussy and fucked me with abandon. His arm circled my body and played with my clit. We floated in the air and when I came with a shudder he stuck his fangs into my neck. Draining my blood he took me to the edge of death before he let go. My cunt muscles contracted and milked his cock from its juice, giving me new life.

When I turned around to face my maker after 80 years, I discovered that it was Blondie. He had clouded my mind not to recognize him at the Club. I was happy to see him again.

Afterwards he explained that Innana, the Goddess who made us, wasn't against fucking; it was the warped idea of a male God that made me believe that. She made us sexual beings to enjoy life and help others. I became a priestess the moment he made me into a vampire. The eighty years since my making I was under scrutiny to judge if I was worthy of my calling.

He continued to enlighten me deep into the night, talked about the role prostitutes play in the Goddess' temple and encouraged me to spread Innana's love to all people. Every time I or for that matter anybody else fuck, suck or lick a cock or a clit, we were worshipping the Goddess. My life had a definitive purpose now.

Since that night I am on a mission to set the record straight. So, dear Reader, get rid of your guilt and enjoy sex. And whenever you see a sex worker walking down the street, or meet her in a brothel, give her honor because she is the Goddess incarnate. And remember, sex is an act of worship. Enjoy your fucking.

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