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A Vampire Story


There had been a soft ever glow of light peering though the large window of the house. Into the abyss that lit up only with each light pass of thunder. The girl sat alone in the room, waiting with her body pressed against a large couch, the image of light peering though the window only brought the dark out within her. She had on a collar around her neck, spikes jutting out. A black vest hung from her shoulders, surrounding her upper body with a shroud. Her dark eyes were closed as softly breaths came from her lips. Her head softly lolling about on her shoulders, pressed against her neck and the back of the sofa. Her arms were exposed, lying lazily on the warmth of the material behind her and her hands clasped softly together on her lap. They lay on a black skirt, extending past her thighs and stopping before her knees the soft cloth stay surrounding her legs. The white silkiness of her skin was softly lightened with each flare of illumination. Her black silky hair went down her body, slowly filling in the perfect curves that her body left off. The vest's zipper was pulled down to allow her breast to breath, stopping a few inches above her areola and nipples.

Her soft breathing slowly began to rise, along with her chest. Each passing second she seemed to be having more and more life return to her body and shows her presence. Minutes passed like hours in that small room, the rains splatters against the windows and ceiling left a calm melody ringing though the ears of any listeners. Her breathing seemed to become choked within her throat. After seconds her eyes opened and she let out a very heavily felt sigh throughout the room. Her eyes peered into the punctured dark. The light from the window casting a shadow upon the ground that made her quickly shift her head from the position it had been in to watch it. Before she could see it, the image had disappeared.

"Who's there?" She said softly into the night, looking around the room, seeing glimpses of white colored blurs. She stood up slowly and began to walk out of the room towards her bedroom to get something to defend herself with.

She walked into the master bedroom after her trip down the long dark hallway where she continued to see images of a perfect face... something unheard of by man. The face was that of a man, with black eyes that seemed to lead into a black hole that were hidden behind circular glasses that showed no gleam of hope for her. She had seen that only, but by the time she had reached her bedroom she was feeling something... Her knees were weak under her body and her heard was pounding hard against her chest.

As she entered her room she pressed the door closed quickly and pressed her back to it, turning the lock on it to stop the pursuer to continue into her most sacred ground.

"What the bloody hell is going on..." She whispered to herself, expecting an answer to appear from thin air. She shivered with each breath she took, looking towards her large bed, the canopy hanging high above the sheets, showering the mattress in red silky instruments of covering. The bed itself was laid out black, giving the room a semi-medieval looking appearance. The room itself was swept with the same look; the walls were painted the piercing look of the air. The darkness quickly had overtaken from the light as another bolt of lightening flares itself, letting the shadows of the black dresser leave its crevice on the floor, a crack in the dark red carpeting into the void which she loved so much, now haunting her soul.

She began to walk towards the bed, the small black end table next to it holding her salvation as the light switch on her wall didn't work because of the power out from the storm. She was able to get to the dresser, but looked behind her to be faced with a mans stare. She instantly went to hit him but he was gone and by her side the second after. She fell back onto her bed and looked up at the man, "WH... who are you?" She said, trying to make a demand yet shivered from his appeal and it sounded like a minimized sound of help.

He smiled at her and started to move down on her body, her eyes able to see his frame and his look as the lightening once again roared around the home. His eyes were transfixed onto her own, her body almost petrified as the black cloak that surrounded his body formed backwards after pressing against the bed, his silvery hair was pulled back into a pony-tail that seemed to show his true age, though his eyes and face seemed that of a young man. His features looked so soft, yet devishly sexy. She couldn't believe she was thinking all these things about him, this man that had broken into her house was starting to make her feel, aroused. "Te... Tell me who you are!" She yelled out at the figure, able to gain some stance of who she was back.

She saw his mouth form a small smile and her eyes seemed to drift off, this mysterious person that was in her home... His eyes so alluring and his body so taunting. She felt something in her face... heat was burning behind her cheeks. She started to see images in his eyes, images of her panting in pleasure able exhaustion, moaning as he played with her, and even screaming in ecstasy as he made her his final lover.

"What do you want...?" She asked, in an almost dazed haze, her eyes seeming glossed as her pink lips were. She whispered the words, as if not needing to know the answer. She felt his leg press against her own as he lowered his body onto hers, half of it. She felt as though her own body was lead, she didn't want to fight back now and actually found herself pressing back against his own.

"You," He whispered in a soft yet sexy tone, into her ear.

She shivered against his body, having no need for words for what he meant, her eyes closing as his lips captured her earlobe, kissing down the side of her neck with such soft and gentle movements. His lips caressing her jaw and throat, then softly over her neck. His lips grazed her shoulders with such feeling that she could only feel the essence of his breath. His tongue padded his way with a soft trail down her neck, letting his lips graze it softly as his mouth parts, his teeth grazing her neck softly for a second before he closes his mouth and moves his head away from her neck, looking down at her and taking his hands, placing them on her breast and pressing down on them, letting his hands move over the soft mounds as though he had done it many times before.

She let out a soft breath his lips teased her ear and neck, gasping silently when she felt his teeth against her neck then moaning out with a very soft breath as his hands played with her breast as though toys that were mastered. Her arms remained at her sides; her head leant back as soft moans uttered from her lips. Her mind trying to process what was going on... She was being raped in her own home... by the most handsome and possibly the only man that had ever made her wet just by his presence... and she was letting him.

His fingers pried open the vest that held her breast and body enclosed, and he let the zipper move down to her waist, snapping off and allowing it to part to open the sea of white flesh to appear before his eyes, his lips being licked by himself as his face moves down and places a soft kiss on her stomach. He slowly let his lips glide up her goddess-like body and appear above her breast, leaving soft kisses on her nipples that sent shivers down her spine and made her moan out louder. His hands started to run up her legs slowly, treading his nails against her thighs as they went under her skirt.

Her eyes quickly opened when she felt his lips on her nipples and she looked down at him, watching his hands as they moved towards her sanctuary of femininity. She started to squirm a bit against her body but once he looked into her eyes she was lost once again and absorbed into him as though this male was her master and she could do nothing to ever stop him. She lied her head back down, closing her eyes and allowing herself to be taken by this strange being of a man that could so easily make her tremble in... Pleasure.

She felt his lips feeding hungrily upon her own nipple, her chest heaving as her breath quickened with each of his simple little suckles. His thumb found her foundation first and pressed against it, finding the string of her thong running along the crack of her pussy and ass. He smirked.

Her breast slowly began to press back against the bed. Her brow was sweating already... how this man was doing this so perfectly to her... She slowly opened her eyes when she realized that his lips had left her breast and looked for him in the shadows. She blinked a couple of times and slowly began to sit up. She looked around before slowly standing up, her knees almost buckling from her own weight. She sighed softly as she held herself up, looking around the dark room, not a sign of the man there. She started walking towards the door slowly and pressed her hand against the knob when she thought she could leave. "Must have been... a dream," she said to herself.

She breathed out quickly as she felt a force press against her back and shove her into the door, luckily her side moving out of the way of the doorknob, right in time. Her cheek pressed against it as she felt the ridges of a mans chest pressed against her back, face too harshly pressed against the door to see what was happening but she felt something. She felt a hand, a strong hand, running down the front of her body, taking the waist of her skirt and popping it open, making her entire skirt fall down and make a small pile around her legs. She felt something, something hard, against her bosom and immediately she tried to look behind her and to even move her head for that matter. But she felt the brush of lips over her ear and she almost moaned again. 'He only kissed my ear...' She thought to herself as she heard whisperings, "What you want, is what you will get."

She immediately froze up but gasped when feeling the mans fingers pressed against her pussy, his thumb and forefinger going around her thong but going a bit farther in then needed. Then slowly pulling it out... along with a string of the woman's cum. He lowered it to her thighs and let the slenderness of her legs let the rest of it drop down.

She moaned out almost instantly when his fingers touched her bare pussy. Her knees buckled and her back arched, pressing her bare breast against the door, her nipples touching the cold wood which instantly made them turn into hard nubs. The man smirks as he touches her body, running his fingers over the smooth movements of her soft skin, perspiration already gathering on this sexual and sensually intimidating woman.

He presses his member against her, making it slip past her ass cheeks and pussy, moving though the middle of her legs, under her sweet holes. Her juices were literally dripping off of her now, and some of them happened to lather his dick in the essence of her sweetness. He smirked a bit but let it fade as he pulled his body back and then forward, his thrust being moved inside of her body. She moaned loudly with, Cumming with the thrust of his cock into her pussy. She came softly at first but then she felt something so strange... so bizarre that she screamed out.

A flame burst from her neck, tearing though her persona, the warmth of it was almost too much for her as her eyes tore up with tears. She felt a searing pain jolt though her body a second afterwards, bubbles of pain following the veins of her blood that he sucked from her body. The pain rippled though her body like a messenger delivering news of a plague, spreading it himself and going throughout her entire body.

After the initial scream of pain she started to moan a bit louder... she loved it, the pain was her pleasure. A few seconds after that ecstasy started to shoot from his fangs, breaking the arteries of her body and pulsing pure pleasure though her body. When it hit her heart her nipples stiffened and when it hit her pussy she felt her clit grow hard and start pulsing fast, the nubs pulsing was rubbing against his intruding dick and ended up making her scream out once again in ecstasy. Her hands were pressed against the door above her head, flat.

He moaned out himself, against her neck, which sent shivers down her spine. She felt some sort of sweeping sensation on her body, the heat of pain was still in her body but she enjoyed the pain, she cherished and welcomed its intrusion on her body. She felt the even hotter pleasure from his lips and teeth as they sucked on her blood, her mind was in a mix of pain and pleasure, but she loved every last second of it. The man started to move faster then before, thrusting his dick deep into her. She started grunting and moaning with each thrust, her nipples moving up and down, poking out from against the wood before being thrust back into it and scraped against the hard furnish.

She pushed back against him, making her moan louder but making him bite down on her neck harder, some incentive for her to do it again. They continued their play for what seemed like hours upon hours. The storm from the outside world had yet to give up and was tearing though the night like a knife though butter. After many hours of screaming, moaning, fucking, they were finally both tired but they continued to fuck as though it was meant to always happen like this. After many hours of hard and thrash fucking she had almost given up on the orgasm that had yet to come, even though his bite made her want to cum on the spot she was unable and needed badly to share her warmth with the world. Her cum almost seeming to have filled her body with the ecstasy his teeth did.

Finally she could feel his dick start to move faster, and she could feel his balls slap against her clit as he thrust his final time and sent his own seed deep inside of her. His body lay in hers, his teeth still tearing though her flesh giving her a well deserved feeling of pleasure as the cum splashed against her g-spot, once again her orgasm not coming from her body. He slowly retracted his dick from her and moves away a bit, keeping his teeth in her he finally retracts them and lets splatters of blood fall limp on her neck.

At that moment she felt something in her brain send a signal to every part of her body, the nerves in her neck started to work again and she screamed out a bit in pain when it came to her, then pleasure started to rack her body from the head down, her breast feeling like that had been being played with for hours then the pleasure kept going, farther and farther down to her pussy... she felt the most powerful thing hit her at that moment as though, something that scared her so much... Pleasure. There was pleasure surging though her body and it carried each particle of pleasure and brought it to her pussy. She felt cum, all of her cum boiling up inside of her as though it were waiting to burst free from her.

Then she snapped. Her knees bucked and she fell back onto the ground, her legs spread as she felt it, her brain turn to mush and a fiery unknown pleasure flew from her. She felt warmth leaving her body as coldness took over, though it didn't last for long. The pleasure had made her scream like she would have if she had initially been scared of him. A scream that filled the whole house with terror and fright. Cum seemed to leave her body as though it were an endless river, streaming out of her body as though liquid that were not meant to be there. Her eyes shut with the ecstasy that poured though her, and she soon found herself fainting once the pleasure had subsided and the puddle of cum had accumulated under her well slick, and wet body.

After many hours of sleeping the girl slowly began to regain consciousness and looked around her room, her muscles being too tired to allow her to stand or to even move. She saw no signs of what had happened and her cloths lay next to her as though she had just lied down to finger herself, and her fingers were even covered in her own juices. "What... Happened..." She whispered to herself, looking out into the strange void of darkness of her room, panting. She pressed her fingers on her neck and found to holes. "God..." She whispered.

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