tagBDSMA Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 11

A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 11


[This story makes much more sense after you have read the earlier installments. Those offended by bodily functions or infibulation should proceed no further.]


Jackson, now in the middle of the three weeks' re-orientation at the Men's Camp, to which he had been sent by his wife Eleanor, was surprised not to see Graham, who had been responsible for Eleanor's original punishment, no longer a fellow inmate at the camp. He wondered what was going on, but realized he would have to await his release and return to his wife to find out, because the men at the camp were incommunicado for the duration of their stay.

After his initial punishment, two quick cane strokes from the red-haired and gorgeous Sergeant Denise, Jackson had adjusted well and had encountered no further disciplining. It even seemed that Sergeant Denise had taken a liking to him, probably, he thought, because she understood what his wife had gone through. She didn't know that all that had preceded their marriage.

In short, Eleanor had committed adultery with Graham, who was ostensibly married to Gail. It later turned out when Graham had been brought to justice that there never had been a marriage. Gail had been punished, although in no way comparably to what Eleanor had been subjected, and Eleanor now was a successful businesswoman and rapidly becoming the creative genius at the Goose Cookers Company, located in a city some distance from the capital of the Women's Republic.

Eleanor was clearly appreciated by Janet, the company's senior vice president and key executive, who had made sure Eleanor was admitted to the highly selective women's club in the city, the Victoria. The exclusive club was the scene of the highly unusual disciplining that the three lady judges who had sentenced Eleanor were given, as a result of Eleanor's learning that she had been technically innocent since she had interfered with a non-marriage. (See Ch. 9 for the disciplining.)

All concerned, including Eleanor, hoped that the secret session at the Victoria would conclude the matter. Eleanor had foresworn any civil suit against Gail, even though Eleanor despised her.

But now up popped the devil, in the person of Graham. After being severely disciplined by serving in the women staff toilet at the Men's Camp, Graham had been returned to the capital and jailed in response to the outstanding warrant for him. After the case against him had been dismissed, he had changed his identity but had been discovered when sent to the camp—by Jackson, who admitted knowing him to Sergeant Denise, who had advised Commandant Elizabeth.

Although they had indicated that the toilet punishment could obviate the need for him to be returned, Commandant Elizabeth realized she had to comply and send him back. She did feel unhappy because she had not been able to keep what admittedly was not a promise but which she felt she should not have said at all.

Graham was visited in jail by his counsel, Ashley, who had handled his case before and suggested to him to disappear immediately upon his earlier release. She did not say that in so many words to avoid being held to account for advising unlawful conduct. Nevertheless, Graham had been free to go at that time.

The warrant was issued for his going along with Gail in her original complaint against Eleanor for adultery, when he knew the charge was baseless since he had never been married to Gail. He did not know that Gail had managed to convince her counsel, Rose, after their severe punishment by the court in response to their trying to extend Eleanor's disciplining, to move the court to regard Gail's punishment as serving to wipe her record clean regarding her bringing the original charge in bad faith. So only Graham remained on the hook.


Jackson settled down at the Men's Camp and decided, especially since now Graham was gone, to play by the rules, especially since Sergeant Denise, after giving him his original punishment, had been very solicitous of him, probably, he figured, out of sympathy for Eleanor. The re-orientation program was just a hyped-up version of the kind of education now required for all boys growing up in the Women's Republic. Most men had also become well acquainted with the subject matter through required adult education classes.

Some of the sessions were designed to be humiliating to the men, most of whom were still wearing the t-shirt and panties uniform. On this day, there was a lengthy session for a group of about 30 men recently arrived, such as Jackson, in Toilet Behavior. The instructress was Sergeant Rhoda, who also served as mess sergeant and was a large but not unattractive woman.

She was covering Element One of the unit, which concerned posture.

"You understand that at this camp you will be required to use the toilet only in the sitting posture," Sergeant Rhoda said bluntly. "In other words, you will pee and poop like a lady. You will wipe yourself from front to back after you finish doing your business. I would like a volunteer to demonstrate and then you will all get a chance as we move next door to the toilet training room."

A middle-aged man of average build and height raised his hand and said he would volunteer.

"And what is your name?" Sgt. Rhoda asked coolly.

"My name is Kenneth, Sergeant," he responded, using the correct form.

"Come up here then Kenneth," Sgt. Rhoda ordered, "and stand in front of the toilet facing away, drop your panties, and do whatever business you need to do. I do hope you don't have a shy bladder."

Kenneth grinned but only to himself. He knew that the noncoms here had little sense of humor where the male trainees were concerned. He followed the orders and was sitting on the toilet with his panties down just at his knees.

"Notice that Kenneth lowered his panties to the proper level, just as any well-brought-up woman would do," Sgt. Rhoda commented approvingly.

"Now what business do you need to do?" she asked him.

"Sergeant, I need to pee and yes, I think I need to have a bowel movement," he said, with little showing of shame at having to discuss his toilet needs with this imposing woman.

"Well, go ahead and we will hear you pee," Sgt. Rhoda responded. "Tell us when you begin to shit."

Kenneth's face finally showed some red and he realized he had forgotten that noncoms of either sex were used to using the bluntest expressions.

He focused on releasing his sphincter in front and all in the room heard his strong pee stream hit the water, as he made sure his cock was aimed there and stayed pointed down.

"Notice too how he makes sure that prong of his stays aimed at the water in the bowl," Sgt. Rhoda went on. "All of you men tend to forget that you need to point your prick and keep it aimed down. Those who wet the seat—top or bottom—will find themselves wearing a special device that presses your cock and balls down between your legs. I'd try to avoid that if I were you," she said with a trace of a smile.

Jackson followed this demonstration and instruction carefully. He was beyond being embarrassed by what he was hearing. All he wanted was to finish this program and get home without suffering unduly. He still loved Eleanor and was starting to realize that her unfortunate experience had made her more prone than many women to losing her temper with any man, even one she likely still loved.

Now Kenneth uttered a little cry and said, "It's coming down now, Sergeant, my poop." The group heard a loud plop into the bowl.

"You may wipe yourself when you are finished, Kenneth," Sgt. Rhoda responded.

The now shame-faced man took some tissue from the roll on the wall and wiped carefully from the tip of his cock down and thoroughly around his smeared anus. Then he carefully showed the paper to Sgt. Rhoda, who nodded approval, and he threw it in the little trash bin next to the toilet.

"All of you, pay attention to what he did," Sgt. Rhoda said loudly. "If you are being monitored during your use of the toilet, you will always show the soiled tissue to your monitor so she can assess whether she thinks your wiping was satisfactory."

One man groaned at this final statement of subjugation and humiliation and Sgt. Rhoda said in a louder voice, "Who groaned? Tell me right now or I will punish everyone!"

A heavier-set man stood, shame-faced as well, said his name was Jordan and that he had groaned. He added quickly that he meant no insult and was deeply sorry for disturbing the class.

"Get up here right now!" Sgt. Rhoda exclaimed, and Jordan quickly complied and stood before her.

"Get over the stool!" she ordered.

He bent over the stool, while lowering his panties as was required of trainees when they were placed in punishment position.

Sgt. Rhoda took her duty cane from her handbag, stood, and laid the cane across Jordan's white bottom. Without further ado, she snapped the cane three times across his bottom, allowing three bright red stripes to appear gradually.

Then she told him to stand, pull up his panties, sit down in his seat, and pay attention.


Graham was brought to the District Court, where Eleanor's original trial and sentencing had been held. His previous counsel, Ashley, was there to greet him, having been notified by the assistant prosecutor, Doris, to appear. Ashley had just one moment to motion to him to keep his mouth shut unless asked directly to say anything.

This was clearly seen as an important proceeding, as Chief Judge Dianne was presiding, accompanied by the other two judges in the earlier trial, Judge Lesley and Judge Margaret. Doris was first recognized to open the proceeding.

"This is a matter, Your Honors," she began, "involving the co-respondent in the case of Eleanor, which I am sure you all recall."

All three judges were not at all pleased at being reminded of a case they wished would go away, since they could not turn the clock back.

"We certainly do," Chief Judge Dianne said snappily, "so please proceed with what we are faced with today."

Doris realized she was on shaky ground for all kinds of reasons and continued, "This defendant was the co-respondent in the original proceeding, gave perjured testimony in the pleadings as to the correct status of his relationship with Gail, and then fled the jurisdiction. We are charging him with fraud in the inducement, for having misled all concerned in this case, including the court, as to his status, which led to an improper conviction and a sentence, which having been imposed, could not be un-done."

"How does the defendant plead?" the Chief Judge inquired most formally.

Ashley rose, and said, "Defendant wishes to defer pleading at this time. We wish to raise the point that he was present when the case in question was last heard and was then told he was free to go. He suggests that therefore, this proceeding is improper as the matter at issue was resolved at that time by the court, even if sub silentio."

The Chief Judge turned to confer with her colleagues.

After a few minutes, she turned back to face the courtroom. Then she began speaking, "The Court hears with respect defendant's suggestion but rejects same. At the last hearing, we dismissed the proceeding against Eleanor and also expunged same. We took no further action but there was no indication that we were resolving any charges or complaints regarding the original complaint or co-respondent."

"Does defendant wish to plead now?" the Chief Judge said next.

Ashley had been sitting, and now turned to Graham and whispered to him. Then she motioned to Doris, the assistant prosecutor, who walked over to confer with her briefly.

Then Ashley rose again and said in a clear voice, "Defendant wishes both to preserve his rights on appeal but also is willing to throw himself on the mercy of the court at this time so as to conclude this matter, which I might add, would seem to be in the interests of all. The assistant prosecutor and I have discussed an agreed disposition which we are prepared to present to the court now."

"Counsel may approach the bench," Chief Judge Dianne intoned.

The two well-dressed young women, wearing very stylish business suits—Ashley's was pearl gray and Doris's beige—walked to the center of the bench and whispered to the three judges.

After it appeared that the sidebar conference resolved whatever they were discussing, Ashley returned to her defendant's counsel table, picked up a document, and began to read it aloud:

"May it please the court. The defendant has agreed to plead guilty to one count of fraud upon the court, which is a felony in this jurisdiction. The prosecution has agreed to recommend to the court, with the concurrence of the defendant, that in lieu of incarceration, the defendant shall be placed on supervised probation for a term of three years.

"During the initial six months of this term, the defendant may be placed in a designated medical facility for examination and analysis of his suitability for gender reclassification. Based upon the report to be provided by the facility no later than six months after defendant's entry to the facility, the court will be asked to effectuate the recommendation to be contained in that report.

"The report will either recommend that defendant's gender be reclassified and that he proceed to a vaginalization surgical procedure to render him female, and released from probation once that procedure is completed, or if the facility recommendation is to the contrary, he shall remain on probation for the remainder of the term."

Chief Judge Dianne accepted the document from Ashley who handed it up to her after reading it aloud. Doris nodded her assent. The chief judge questioned Graham and asked him if he understood he was waiving his right to trial. After he also indicated agreement, the chief judge accepted the agreement and declared it as the disposition by the court. She then signed the judgment, as did Judges Lesley and Margaret.

Graham's face was blank. He had agreed to the stipulated disposition because Ashley told him that neither the court nor the prosecutor wanted to deal with this case in full and that they were upon to his changing sexes as a way of dealing with his objectionable male behavior.

He seemed spaced out and only appreciated that save for being in the medical facility; he was free from going to jail. He realized that not knowing whether he would undergo The Operation would keep his mind in toil for the next half year but figured he could wangle his way out of that. Except when he thought back and remembered that Eleanor had actually been infibulated for a year. These women meant business.

"Oh well," Graham mused, trying not to smile on the one hand or on the other, not to think about the possibility that they literally might cut off his balls, "at least I'm out of that horrible camp and the commandant's toilet."

The next day, the Women's Republic Transcript contained a short report:

Technically Innocent of Adultery, Defendant May Change Sex

By Anne-Marie Criswell

Graham, the co-respondent in what turned out to be a case of non-adultery, because the aggrieved couple was never married, but which resulted in the year-long punitive infibulation of co-respondent Eleanor, pleaded guilty in District Court yesterday to one felony count. He will be committed for determination by a medical unit of his suitability for a sex-change operation.

The disposition had been agreed to by both prosecutor Doris and defense counsel Ashley. The defendant had been returned on a warrant from the Men's Re-orientation Camp to which he had been committed by another woman in an unrelated matter.

After a medical examination and analysis which may take up to six months, Graham will either undergo sex reassignment surgery, or vaginalization, or be released to complete a total of three years' supervised probation.

Neither the defendant nor counsel—for the state and for the defendant, would comment, nor would the judges, who adjourned the court for the day following this disposition.

Vaginalization, as the procedure shifting a man to become a woman sexually, is popularly known in the Republic, has been ordered as a disposition previously in criminal proceedings. It is not clear legally whether it qualifies as a punishment, or is more in the nature of a mental health action.

In what seems to be a marathon case in terms of its longevity, it has been learned that the punished co-respondent, Eleanor, despite having all charges dropped some months ago, albeit after she served her sentence of one year's infibulation, recently committed her spouse, Jackson, to the same Men's Re-orientation Camp where Graham was identified and returned to this court by warrant.


Eleanor read the report in the Transcript the next day and wondered whether Graham would be feminized. Janet called her into her office when Eleanor arrived at Goose Cookers.

"So I see that we cannot keep this matter out of the papers," Janet said with a smile, which made Eleanor relax.

"I don't know how they found that out about me," Eleanor said with a trace of annoyance. "I really want to get away from all this and you've been so helpful to me."

"Well, then," Janet answered somewhat crisply, "keep your anger under control a little longer, sweetie. I hope you haven't made this worse by sending your husband to the camp, although I'm sure he provoked you, the way only men can do."

Eleanor grimaced and said very quietly, "I was so angry at him but I should have kept my cool. Yes, he deserved it but I forgot that I will be watched for quite some time and had better keep a lower profile."

Janet now smiled and told Eleanor that that was the best approach and complimented her on realizing that. "As we know, wisdom oft comes late but at least we are grateful when it comes at all," she observed.


Jackson was getting close to completing the re-orientation program. He had now been permitted to return to his male clothing for the past week and had attended many classes on subjects aimed to focus his attitude toward full appreciation of the feminine superior role in the Republic. There had been a lengthy series of classes on all aspects of menstruation, as to which the men were expected to understand the physiology and also the mental attitudes women experienced before and after their periods and their menopause. The men were told how they should respond in all these situations.

Lieut. Donna, another lithe redhead somewhat resembling Sergeant Denise, conducted these classes. One session had all the thirty or so men strip from the waist, climb on their desk chairs, and hold their bottom cheeks apart. Lieut. Donna then passed behind each row and stopped behind each man first to apply some lube to each anal opening, and then to insert a Super Tampax in each anus.

"You will wear these until lunch time [about three hours] so you may understand what it is like to have a cotton plug inside you, as women have for almost a week every month," the lieutenant commented.

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