tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Visit to a Fan Ch. 02

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 02


The next morning was a bleary one for Gale as he found himself face down on his bed, fully clothed and still wearing his shoes. It took him awhile to get himself together enough to get up and stumble into the other room and was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the mess was confined to the kitchen. Jenny had left a note that she'd made everyone clean up before they left and that she'd call him in the morning. He shook his head, hoping that she wouldn't call too early, shook out a cigarette and headed back into the bedroom.

He set the cig in the ashtray, stripped off his clothes and shoes and stepped into the shower, luxuriating in the red-hot water and finally, feeling himself awaken. Refreshed, he shook his head at his dead cigarette and sat at the desk, lifting the Apple's lid. The website met him and he clicked on the second story in the series. I was in love. The opening words caused his stomach to twist into knots and he continued reading, feeling as if he was secretly peering into his own life.

He read the next few chapters, falling in love with the story's character and the emotions that she had for him. He found himself angry at Gerry for speaking to her like he did and his stomach growled at each description of the delicious food the caterer made. He found himself wanting to be her friend, a completely strange emotion for him and after finishing the fifth chapter, he found himself wondering what the author was like.

By clicking on the name, he found the author page and was happy to find out that she was female and was around his age. He didn't know why he was glad about that but he didn't stop to question long, he read the information there and stared at the inviting swatch of her face. She was black and liked big, bald men. She was also attached. Again, a feeling of despair moved through him and he wondered why these facets of her life concerned him. After all, she was just a fan, writing porn stories about an encounter with him. Why should it affect him so deeply?

Jenny called minutes later and he went out to meet her for lunch. Once he'd returned to the loft, he found a message from his agent and called her back, excited to hear that he'd been offered another guest spot, this time in Vancouver and she had the script for him. He left immediately, dropping by her office and having drinks with her before returning home. Again, the site commanded his attention and he found himself reading more chapters, his interest piqued when he reached nine. The first kiss.

He read the chapter slowly, leapfrogging over the dialogue in search of the kiss description and he was not disappointed when he read it. The blood rose to his face and his cock plumped in his pants, making him uncomfortable. The description was so romantic and erotic that he almost felt her tongue in his mouth. He closed his eyes and imagined her hands in his hair and her lips moving softly against his. Would she whisper his name as she gave herself to him?

"Yes." He answered audibly, his hand rubbing his denim-clad cock. He found himself wanting to hear her voice, wanting to know that her cries were his and his alone. He eased his zipper down and pushed his hand inside, finding his hard prick and giving it long, loving strokes. He imagined her hands on him, light and teasing at first, her fingers curling around his balls and giving them a gentle tug before returning to his stalk and firmly stroking it from base to head.

His body jerked in reaction to his own touch and he groaned, his imagination once again taking over as she moved that lovely mouth over, the tip of her pink tongue delicately licking the pre-cum away as if it was melting ice cream. Her eyes would meet his as she took him into her mouth, her tongue swirling over his flesh and laving him lovingly. His rod swelled in his hand and he gasped as tingles ran down his legs. It wasn't just because he was imagining a blow job; it was because he was imagining that it was from her and that she really cared about him.

He exploded with such force that he was momentarily stunned, his mind filled with her imaginary voice as he dropped his load into her waiting mouth, his groans echoing in his room. When he came back to himself, he realized that the sound he was hearing was his own gasps and looked down to see white streaks of cum across his shirt. He let his head hang back, tears filling his dark eyes. He needed her. He had to figure out what to do now.

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