tagBDSMA Visit to Dr. Kinesvogul

A Visit to Dr. Kinesvogul


*** WARNING! This story is a work of fiction and contains graphic depictions of medical procedures that may not be safe. The author is not a medical professional and assumes no responsibility for injuries sustained by persons attempting to act out this story in whole or in part.***

Jennifer was just getting home from work and was frustrated from a long week full of small annoyances. I heard her keys crash onto the counter and the click of her heels on the flagstone in the kitchen.

"Hey babe, I see you're home," I yelled from upstairs but got no response. "I thought you had a Dr.'s appointment today."

The clicking heels stopped. I could tell by the pause that she was now standing with her right fist balled up on her hip and cursing under her breath. She always forgets mundane things like this and I always have to remind her.

Jennifer is my lovely wife, but she has a high-pressure job that makes her a total bitch to live with by the time Friday rolls around. It's worth it to me though because she has also been my submissive sex slave virtually every weekend of our marriage. After giving orders and putting up with incompetence all week, she wants to let go and have someone else make the decisions. That is where I come in.

She checked her watch. "Shit!" she said, irritated by the need to rush. "Fucking perfect, a perfect fucking end to a perfect fucking week!" I heard her say to herself. Louder and directed at me, "I've only got forty-five minutes to shower, change and get over there."

I padded down the stairs in sock feet and approached her from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist, trying to settle her down by nuzzling and kissing her neck. "I know baby, sorry I didn't remind you earlier. You'll feel better once you get it out of the way and besides, I'll treat you to dinner at Mike's after."

"Oh, a cheap steak and a glass of wine from a box is supposed to make it better?" she said in her most sarcastic tone. I slapped her right ass-cheek hard with my open hand. I like to joke around as much as the next Master but she crossed the line and she knew it.


We entered the lobby and were greeted by a very efficient looking receptionist. Jennifer dutifully signed in, was handed a clipboard and took a seat. She filled out the customary forms while I went to find the restroom. Meanwhile, a tall, thin, handsome young man in a lab coat appeared in a doorway at the end of the waiting area.

"Ms. Murphy?" he said, as if calling to a room full of people. "I'm the only one here, so that must be me." she said with a smirk. The young man escorted her into the hall and took her blood pressure, height, weight, and asked a series of medical history questions.

"We'll need a urine sample," he said flatly. Jennifer looked at him as if to say, "So, why are you telling me?"

He produced a bottle of water that looked to be about 16oz. "Here, drink this." She opened the bottle and drank about half the contents without breaking eye contact with the young man. Unimpressed, he led her to an exam room and gestured toward the table.

"If you would please disrobe and get up on the table for me" he said in his best Dr.'s voice. "Don't I get some kind of drape?" she asked.

"It would just get in the way," he said in a dismissive tone. The young man left the room and Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief. She quickly took off everything except her bra and panties and sat up on the table. Jennifer was finishing the water just as the young man returned. He looked annoyed and motioned with his finger, "those too".

She flushed with embarrassment but added the thin undergarments to the pile of clothes on the chair while the young man busied himself washing his hands and laying out equipment trays. "Lay back, turn onto your left side and bring your right knee up so that I can take your temperature."

"Is that really necessary?" Jennifer asked incredulously. "I'm afraid so, now up you go." The young man expertly lifted her legs, upsetting her balance and forcing her onto her back. She reluctantly rolled onto her side and drew up her knee.

After lubing a small rectal thermometer with K-Y, he spread her cheeks with his thumb and forefinger, paused a moment to admire her clean-shaven sex, and inserted the cold glass object into her rectum. "The doctor will be with you shortly, just hold it in until he gets here," he said as he guided her right hand to hold the offending object in place.

Jennifer was mortified and pissed off at the same time. "I'm lying her buck-fucking-naked with a thermometer up my ass and this guy isn't even a goddamn doctor!" I heard her say through clenched teeth as I opened the door and entered the exam room.

She did not realize who it was because she was facing the wall. I washed my hands and donned a pair of surgical gloves without acknowledging her little outburst. She moved her hand as soon as she felt me approach. I removed the thermometer and pretended to look at it and then scribbled something on her chart.

"Yes, everyting zeems to be in order." I said in a bad German accent.

She flipped over to see me looking down at her from behind wire-rimmed reading glasses. My outfit was complete with lab coat, shirt and tie, slacks and black dress shoes. Waves of tension seemed to melt from her body as she realized that this was all an elaborate set-up. A normal woman would have been pissed off, but not Jennifer. She was relieved that I would be the one doing the exam and was also excited by all the evil things I could do to her in a doctor's office. She was speechless.

"I think we will start with the breast exam. Please sit up and vie vill begin."

I uncovered one of the trays and her eyes widened when she saw the contents. I retrieved the leather cuffs and placed them on her wrists, clipping them together in the middle of her back. I started the exam by kneading her breasts with my large, powerful hands, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers until she cried out in pain and pleasure.

She knew that this was a mistake and that I would only make things worse because of it. I found our ball-gag among the paraphernalia and presented it for her mouth. Obediently, she opened up and I buckled it tightly. Since her ability to speak had been taken away, another means had to be provided to ensure her safety.

"If things get to be too much, open your hand and drop this ball," I said as I pressed the small round object into her hand. She nodded that she understood and grasped it tightly. Next, I had her get up on the table on her hands and knees. I noticed that she had her legs as far apart as she could get them on the narrow table with her back arched and her ass stuck out. "That's my little slut," I thought to myself.

I then took a length of surgical tubing and wound it tightly around each pendulous breast, causing them to stick out obscenely. I pinched and pulled on her extra-sensitive nipples and thumped each mound with my fingers as if I was testing a melon for ripeness. Tears welled up in her eyes but she didn't make a sound. After I had her tits bound tightly, I had Jennifer turn around and present her ass to me. I selected a medium-sized butt-plug from one of the trays on the counter, lubed it and inserted it into her upturned rectum.

Next, I had her sit back on the table, forcing the plug deep within her ass, and produced a tray with two large syringes. Each was filled with 300mL of sterile saline solution. Although Jennifer has beautiful breasts that sit up high and firm, she has always wished they were bigger and more full looking. Tonight she would get her wish.

I grabbed her right breast and held it roughly. After swabbing the nipple with alcohol, I inserted the needle into it as far as it would go. She screwed her eyes shut and whimpered and cried into her gag but held her talisman tightly. I pushed the plunger, depositing about 75mL deep within her breast. Slowly, I pulled the needle out and reinserted it at a different angle, adding fluid to her increasingly heavy tit.

I repeated the procedure until the syringe was empty and turned my attention to her other breast. When I was finished, Jennifer was sweating profusely and her tits looked like they might pop. The skin of her nipples was stretched tight and small droplets of blood marked the places where the needle went in. I lovingly swabbed them with alcohol again and taped gauze pads in place to stop the bleeding.

Before repositioning my victim for a continuation of the torture, I unclipped her hands and removed her gag to ask how she was doing. The snotty bitch from earlier had melted away and now her voice was soft and meek. "I'm fine, I just need to pee."

"I'll take care of that for you, just lay back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups." With that, she laid back and I secured her hands to rings on each side of the table. Next, I had her scoot down until her butt was almost hanging off the edge. Once there, I secured her feet by wrapping yards of surgical tape around them and the cold metal they rested on. This position left her pussy vulnerable and hanging open from the added pressure of the butt plug. On one of the trays, I found a foley catheter about 3mm in diameter. After unwrapping it, I lubed it, clamped the open end and separated her labia with my thumb and forefinger.

"You will feel a little pressure, a burning sensation and then a sharp pinch." She closed her eyes and bit her lip as I began pushing the latex tube into her urethra. About five inches had gone in when I felt it slip past the muscle at the neck of her bladder. I then inflated the balloon at the tip. Jennifer's eyes bulged because this added to her need to urinate. Once I had the catheter in place, I found a graduated cylinder and released the clamp so that the yellow fluid flowed into it.

"400 milliliters, plus ten percent is 440," I said as I wrote the amount on her chart. I then filled a large syringe with sterile saline solution and screwed the tip onto the open end of the catheter. All 440 milliliters disappeared into her bladder when I pushed the plunger, creating an extreme need-to-pee sensation.

Before I began the pelvic exam, I removed the butt plug so that I would have more room inside to work. Next, I got a large speculum and inserted it until I felt the jaws hit her cervix. At that point, I spread them slightly to allow them to penetrate further. Once I had them all the way in, I slid the jaws as far apart as they would go and tightened the tension screw. Next, I pried the jaws (and her cunt) open and locked them in place with the other screw.

On one of the trays, I found a neuro wheel and began to roll it over her bulging breasts, rib cage, stomach, mons pubis and finally around her stretched open vagina. Since it was spread to the max, there was plenty of room to roll the wheel along the insides of her pink tunnel where the flesh folded around the sides of the jaws. Cries, shrieks, moans and wails accompanied all of this. Thank God we were the only ones left in the building!

Once I was satisfied with the level of pain I had caused her cunt, I removed the speculum, drained her bladder and removed the catheter. Hanging next to the head of the table was an enema apparatus that Jennifer had eyed suspiciously when she had first entered the room. The end was unlike any she had ever seen. It had two uninflated bulbs near the tip and she could not figure out why. Ultimately, she had decided that it must not be for her. How wrong she was!

"You're not going to use that on me are you?" she asked as I reached for the enema bag and bardex nozzle. "Of course I am, you need a thorough cleaning before I can see up into your ass like I did your cunt." I thought she might faint at the thought so I quickly lubed the nozzle and inserted it into her rectum. When her sphincter closed on the gap between the bulbs, I inflated the inner one and then the outer one, locking the whole thing in place.

With my left hand, I reached up and undid the clamp holding the water back. I heard it gurgle as it began filling her bowels. With my right hand I massaged her abdomen in an effort to ease the cramping that I knew was inevitable. Several times, I stopped the flow when she said she couldn't take anymore. Each time I opened the clamp when the cramps had passed. Overall, she took it very well. When the full two liters of warm, sudsy water had drained from the bag, I clamped off the tube and disconnected the nozzle.

Deciding that she needed a reward for being such a trooper, I released her hands, unwound the tubing around her breasts, cut the tape off her feet and let her go to the bathroom to void in private. While she was gone, I cleaned up the toys and put them in my gear bag. (Some of the medical equipment 'accidentally' got thrown in as well.)

When she returned, she was all cleaned up and I helped her back up onto the table. Just as I had promised, I lubed an anal speculum that was only slightly smaller than the vaginal one I had used on her earlier. I inserted it all the way into her rectum and opened the jaws as before, securing them in place with the tension screws.

This time when I reached for the neuro wheel, there was nothing in the way to keep me from rolling it across her labia and clit. She did not appreciate the added sensation and groaned and whimpered her disapproval. This was bad enough, but the ultimate indignity was when I rolled it into her wide-open asshole and along the sides like I had done with her cunt. Feeling that she had survived enough fun for one evening, I collapsed and removed the anal speculum.

Before I let her up, I sat down on the stool at the end of the table and began softly licking her ravaged slit. Jennifer's pink flesh was hot and wet even before my tongue touched it. Slowly, I began licking up and down the full length from her hood to her perineum. Her hips began to writhe and she was running her fingers through my hair, messing up my doctor's coif.

As she began to buck against my tongue, I began to concentrate on her clit, alternately sucking it into my mouth and flicking it back and forth with my tongue. I pulled off my gloves, wet two fingers in my mouth and easily slid them into Jennifer's stretched-open vagina. That was all it took. I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers as I applied more suction to her clit. She came with a loud groan and then collapsed back on the table, exhausted.

"Let's just go home," I said once her breathing had returned to normal.

"Fuck that! You owe me a cheap steak and some boxed wine" she chided. Perhaps I hadn't been hard enough on her. Oh well, there's always next time.

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