tagLoving WivesA Visit To The Shrink

A Visit To The Shrink

byparts guy©

"Suck my dick!" I commanded. She dropped to her knees in an instant. It was one of our sex games we played. I wasn't very comfortable ordering her around, but she loved to be submissive, and the way she used her mouth, well, who was I to argue.

In our late twenties, we knew each other well enough to be open about our feelings, and even discussed some of our fantasies...one of hers was being very submissive. She said it was an immense turn on to be forced to perform different sex acts.

* * * * *

One month later...

"Hi Greg, how are doing today?"

"I'm O.K., Doc"

"This is a little backwards, usually it's the husband that has a problem going to therapy, not the wife"

"Yeah, but after some pleading she agreed to come in later this week."

"Great, so what seems to be your concern in this relationship?"

"Our sex life...it seems to have dried up."

"Well sometimes married life can become a bit routine, sometimes you have to try to spice things up a little."

"No, I don't think thats it. We had a ...a special relationship going, you know, lots of sex, but then it just stopped instantly, and says she's not ready to talk about it."

"You mean she just cut you off one night, and that was it?"


"Well, we need to think back and see if you might have said something to upset her."

"The last thing we talked about was a fantasy of mine, but she seemed okay with it."

"Would you like to talk about the details of your fantasy?"

"I guess. A lot of guys have the same fantasy, you know, to watch their wife with another guy."

"But you said you thought she was okay with the idea?"

"Yeah, but we both had a different approach on the execution. I wanted to plan it all out, you know, interview some guys, make sure they were clean, and weren't serial killers or anything. Then set up a hotel room where the three of us would go."

"That seems like a very logical approach, but I take it she had other thoughts?"

"Yeah, she thought that would be too "clinical" and "scripted" and she wouldn't be turned on. I reasoned that we had to be sure the guy or guys didn't have any diseases, but she said she could tell by just being around them. Also she thought the guy or guys would be uncomfortable with me sitting there watching. I told her I didn't have a problem with her video taping it, and she said the thought of being recorded really turned her on. I thought we were finally getting somewhere."

"But she still had a problem with the interview stage."

"Yeah, it seems she would rather be caught off guard, and sort of forced into doing something."

"I see, more spontaneous than planned."


"Interesting Greg, let me spend the next few days going over what we just discussed, and let me see if I can get something out of your wife later this week. Would you happen to have a picture of her? That way I won't feel like I'm talking to a stranger."

"Uh...how's this?" Greg asked as he fished a snapshot out of his wallet.

"This will be fine," he said matter of factly. He told himself he had to have her- she was that gorgeous.

"Thanks doc, I'll talk to you later."

* * * * *

That Thursday...

"Hi Dr. Labray, thanks for seeing me so late, I just couldn't get out of work."

"That's okay, Melissa, and please call me Dave. Your job must be very important. I appreciate you even coming in, Greg said your were a bit of a workoholic."

"Yes, we do video clips and editing for commercials. Sometimes I'll spend all day taking shots of a can of cat food just to get it right. Personally, I don't think I have a problem that merits counseling, but if it helps Greg, I'm all for it."

"Greg loves you a lot, and is concerned about your love life."

"Yeah, we're just in a bit of a slump at the moment, nothing to worry about though."

"That's not how he feels, and he thinks he might have something to do with it."

"Like what?"

"His fantasies."

"No, that can't be it, and if you need to answer that phone, go ahead."

"Excuse me one moment, I need to see if my receptionist is still here." Dave stood up and walked to the door, and peeked into the waiting room. He knew his receptionist had left earlier, since it was after six. Melissa didn't seem to notice he had locked the door, or touched the the button on the video camera set up in the corner. By the the time he had sat back down, the phone had stopped ringing.

"You know, I think I can help both of you, when it comes to the topic of the fantasy."

"How's that?" Melissa was puzzled.

"Well, we could take care of your husbands fantasy right here, right now."

Melissa knew exactly what fantasy he was referring to.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you know, you're husband wanting to see you with another man..."

"But he's not here, and I don't think this would be appropriate." The thought did send a tingle up her thighs, but she knew this wasn't the right time.

"It was all his idea...see..he even set up a video camera in the corner," Dave lied as he nodded towards the bookcase. Melissa nervously rubbed her thighs together, knowing she couldn't do this right now, no matter what the temptation. They both knew he was pushing all the right buttons, but one had a secret, and the other had a secret agenda.

"No Doc...er..Dave, I really don't think.."

"Get over here and suck me off!" Dave demanded, hoping what Greg had told him was true. It was. As if in a trance, Melissa got up and walked around the desk to find he had already placed a pillow on the floor at his feet. Her pussy was dripping as he pushed her down before him, and she wasted no time running her hands up his legs. Bits of reality kept hitting her as she squeezed his cock through his pants.

"But aren't you married?" she half whispered.

"This is about you guys, not her...what she doesn't know won't hurt her" he said, as he struggled to get his pants off.

The excitement of it all overwhelmed her, and she gave him head like he never had experienced before. Looking down at her beautiful face, and seeing those baby blues riveted to his eyes put him over the edge. He came harder than he could ever remember, and she swallowed without so much as a grimace. he gripped her arm and lifted. In one fluid motion, he slipped her panties down, and pulled her skirt up as she stood. A little hop up, and her tight little butt was perched on the edge of his desk. As she lay back, he placed her feet on the arms of his chair, givivng him a perfect view between her well toned legs. Now he was the one in a trance, as he was drawn to her shaved pussy. He licked and lapped, taking in as much of her tasty drippings as he could, not stopping until her bucking hips told him she had orgasmed. He stood up and began rubbing the head of his cock around her very wet opening.

"I don't think you should do that." she said, not very convincingly.

"I don't care what you think!" he growled as he pushed himself into her.

"No, I really think you better stop!"

"Or what? You'll cum again? No, I think you want this...in fact, you need this...you'll thank me later!" She wrapped her long legs around him, pulling him in deeper. He pounded away for several minutes before pulling out.

"Flip over!" he demanded. She didn't have to do much as he had already twisted her around. He grabbed her hips, lifting her butt high. He spread her legs apart a bit, so he could fuck her pussy. She grunted with each stroke, while he groped her tiny butt cheeks. He then pushed her legs even further apart, until her pussy was almost touching the desk. With one hand, he gently spread her cute cheeks apart, and with the other, he aimed his slippery cock towards her chocolate starfish.

"Oh. please don't! I've never taken it in my rear before!" she lied as she struggled. For a nanosecond he thought about stopping, but before that nanosecond was up, the head of his cock had already forced its way inside. The sight, warmth, and tightness was too much for him, and in less than a minute he filled her rectum with cum. He slumped back in his chair, as Melissa rolled over and lifted herself on her elbows.

"Can you at least get me a warm washcloth to clean up with?" she panted as her legs dangled off the edge of the desk. He noticed the river of cum leaking onto his desk, and jumped up.

"Yeah, just a sec." He walked over, turned off the camera, stepped out the door, and down the hall. His office used to be a house, but he kept the master bedroom private, in case he had to work late. As he rinsed the towel, waiting for the water to warm up, he smiled at himself in the mirror.

"You dog! I knew you could get between her legs!" he said to himself with a smirk.

He swaggered back into the office, but froze with panic. She was gone. He walked over to the desk and her clothes were gone. Oh shit. He sprinted over to the camera, and was relieved to find the disc still inside. He popped it out and slipped it into a book on the shelf behind the camera. He then popped in a blank disc, and left the camera there. After things blow over, he will sit down and enjoy the show he taped.

He was very nervous that Tuesday when Greg entered his office.

"So...how are we doing today?" he asked apprehensively.

"Not bad...How'd it go with Melissa?"

"Uh...didn't she tell you?"

"No..why, what's up?"

"Oh nothing, uh...she doesn't think she has the problem, so...uh... I didn't get too far with her." She didn't tell her husband, so maybe everything's cool, he thought.

"Well maybe you'll get more out of her on Saturday." The puzzled look on Daves face was apparent.

"She said she scheduled a follow up for Saturday morning, because that was the only day she had free. I think it's awesome you would come down here just for her!"

"Uh...yeah!, anything to help a patient, besides, I only live a few minutes away." Dave did his best to recover, but was still baffled,,,what was she planning?

"I guess I'll let you know next week how our Saturday session goes." he said as he rose out of his seat and extended his hand.

"Thanks doc, looking forward to hearing from you!"

Dave was on pins and needles all week as he never heard a word from Melissa. Saturday morning came, and after giving his wife the "golfing with buddies" story, he headed for the office. He had only been there for a few minutes, when he heard the front door open and gently close. Looking up from his cum stained desk, he was speechless. There was Melissa in a very short pleated skirt and a sheer white blouse with, obviously, no bra.

"Are you ready for me, doc?" she whispered.

"Uh...ready for what?" he asked, still trying to figure out what she was up to.

"Well, I figured we could go over what we "discussed" last time, then maybe "discuss" something new." she said as she hung her purse up near the video camera and sauntered up to the desk. Think, think, think...only problem was, it wasn't his big head that was thinking.

"What part of our discussion were you thinking about?"

"How about your demanding ways?"

"Like how I made you suck my cock?" he said with a little more boldness.

"Yes, but do you have anything to drink first?"

"Yeah, in the fridge...you're not going to run away when I leave the room, are you?"

"Oh...sorry about that...no, I'm not leaving till I get some satisfaction." she cooed.

When he returned, he found her sitting in the big lounger by the window.

"All I could find was some white wine."

"That's fine," she said as she accepted the glass. He sat his glass down and immediately began touching her legs. He picked up her ankle, and began kissing his way up her thigh. He loved her long legs.

"Wait a sec." She pushed him away and stood. "The camera really turns me on!" she said as she walked over and touched the camera. Sitting back down and offering her leg to him, she said, "That's better, now where were we?" He didn't miss a beat as his tongue glided up to her moist lips. He ate her through three strong orgasms before standing up.

"I thnk it's my turn now," he whispered to her. She just looked at him.

"I really need your mouth!" he said somewhat urgently. She still didn't respond. He walked over to his desk, dropping his pants on the way. He finally remembered.

"Dammit, get over here and suck my cock, NOW!" That was the magic phrase. She rose and obeyed. She licked and slobbered all over him.

"And you WILL swallow all of my cum!" He yelled. They both knew she would before she ever knelt down.

"Oh, what would you're wife think about all this?" she teased, between licks.

"Fuck her...the stupid bitch thinks I'm golfing!...wonder how many holes I'll play today!" he laughed. "Oh gawd, that feels good!" he ran his fingers through her soft hair. Once again, she looked him right in the eye when he came. This time it was more than she could swallow, and streams of cum ran down his cock onto his balls and tops of his thighs, her eyes never left his, as she worked her way down, lapping up all the stray cum. He never softened as he hoisted her onto the desk, and plunged deep inside her. He took her in many positions. He had cum so many times, he was raw, but she seemed insatiable, switiching from one hole to the next. He actually was bleeding a little, but she made his owies feel better with her wild tongue. She would then jump on him, straddling his cock. The mix of pleasure and pain were incredible. They had been at it all morning and part of the afternoon, before she told him she better leave. He agreed, remembering the cleaning service would be there in an hour or so to vacuum and empty the trash. After she left, he went into the bathroom to clean up. He washed the sweat from his face, then grimaced as he tenderly washed his painful member. :Boy, we won't forget today, will we!" he said to his little buddy. That would be an understatement.

* * * *

"Honey, we need to talk," Melissa said to her husband as she walked into her livingroom. They talked, they cried, he fumed, but quickly recovered.

"So now what?" he asked.

"Well, here's what I had planned..." she went into detail about what she already done so far.

* * * *

...Sunday morning Dave pulled into the empty parking lot and entered his office. closing the door behind him, he walked by the receptionist desk and into his private office. He left the doors unlocked, hoping maybe Melissa will stroll in while he jacked off to the movies they made. He stripped naked, grabbed the bottle of corn huskers lotion he kept in his desk, and squirted some onto the palm of his hand. The cool slimy lotion felt so good as he gently rubbed his sore cock. After walking around and closing the curtains, he reached for dictionary on the bookshelf where he hid the first dvd. He sat down at his desk after loading the shiny disc into the player, and grabbed the remote with his dry hand. The screen flickered for a second, but the image caught him off guard. It was a can of "Little Friskies" cat food. After about fifteen seconds, the camera moved slowly around capturing the can from different angles.

"What the hell..." he hit fast forward, but it was all the same thing. He jumped up and hit the eject button on the player and examined the disc. He had no idea what he was hoping to find. He pulled the second disc out of the camera, knowing it had never left his sight since she hit "Record". He placed that disc in the player and sat back down. Grabbing another dollop of corn huskers lotion, he hit play. It was Melissa, but she wasn't naked, just sitting there talking.

"Hi doc, bet this is a suprise! By now, you probably realized you were jerking off to a can of cat food. It was a coincidence that you have the exact same model camcorder that I use for work, so when you went to get me the washcloth, it was simple to swap the dvd. Unfortunately, the only disc I had with me, was the cat food one. It took me four hours to recreate that one, but it will soon be so worth it. So why did I take your, or should I say our, disc? Because it was proof that you basically raped me, not that, as a video editor, I would try to alter anything (Snicker). This disc I put in when you went for the wine, which I found out later was enhanced. No proof you say? Well after our first encounter, I went straight to my sister...oh yeah, she's an obgyn, and has lots of rape kits at work. she did a full exam, took lots of samples from ALL of my holes, including the drug altered wine and filled out a full report. This second encounter I only pretended to turn on your camera, but I did turn on the one in my purse hanging next to it."

"Oh you fuckin bitch!" Dave yelled, forgeting all about his slime covered limp dick.

"Are you still confused as to why I would spend all day being forced to have sex with you? Simple, I told you the first time, that this wasn't a good idea, and that you shouldn't do it, but you wouldn't listen. Maybe you'll listen now...the whole reason I stopped having sex with my husband is a whole story in itself. I thought it would be a cool gift to him if I had sex with a stranger (on tape of course), and share it with him. But before I gave him the dvd, I had developed a slight rash, so I visited my sister, and she confirmed that I had tested positive for Herpes. I didn't know how I was going to tell him, but knew I couldn't risk passing it on to him. That is why I cut him off so abruptly. He got this crazy notion we needed help, and well, you know the rest. Since you lied to me...he had no idea what you were up to, and you forced yourself onto me under false pretenses...that's rape. So I did everything I could to share my gift of Herpes with you. It was dumb luck that I rubbed you raw, that made it easier to mix our juices. I had a feeling you would be here this morning, so I waited across the street until you showed. Nice that you live so close, I will have been at your house about ten minutes ago, and by now your wife...or should I say your soon to be ex wife will know all the details, because, after all, she deserves to know...don't ya think? I also hope you put your pants on because by now the police should be showing up at your door. And because my hubby's brother is one of the local sheriffs, I'll have no problem recovering this disc. Oh and Dave... you didn't have to drug the wine, I enjoyed being your cock sucking slave, too bad you didn't have my husbands permission first.

* * * *

Dave was arrested with his pants around his ankles and had to be put on suicide watch until his trial. After he gets out in six years, he will regret having sex with his HIV positive cell mate, because Melissa found out after a second test she was actually negative for Herpes. Her and Greg worked things out, but that story will be for another time!


If feedback is favorable I will submit the follow up story, if not, tough titties, I'll submit it anyway ;)

Thanks for reading!

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