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"What time are you supposed to meet her?" You ask me looking at your watch. It is nearly 8:00 pm, the time I had set up to meet our guest, down in the lobby of the hotel that we were staying at. Before I could even answer your question, my cell phone rings.

"I am in the lobby bar and just ordered a drink" she says on the other end of the line. My heart is racing as I tell her I will be right down. You know me well enough to know that I am nervous and kiss me sweetly before I head out the door.

I head down in the elevator to the lobby bar. When I arrive, I see a single female at the bar among others. The single female is very attractive, long blonde hair with blonde highlights, very blue green eyes, a nice body and I am honestly a bit intimidated. I walk past her to the ladies room to take a minute to gain courage. Seems almost humorous to me that I am so nervous as I catch my breath in the restroom. This time I walk right out and directly up to her.

She smiles warmly at me and invites me to the seat next to her. We make small talk and share her drink in order to get back up to the room as quickly as possible. "We have things to do" she says and smiles an attractive evil grin that is quite sexy. The drink is gone in record time and off to the elevator we go. She has on a very nice outfit and carries herself very professionally yet fun.

As we enter the room, you stand to greet our guest. She bounds across the room into your arms and hugs you hello. Her greeting is very nice and I enjoy watching the look on your face as you look over her shoulder at me. She then crosses the room back to me to hug and kiss me hello for the first time. "Are we ready for the massage lesson?" she asks and we are both more than ready. She suggests we get 'comfortable' and excuses herself to the restroom.

When she returns, she is wearing a strapless bra and t back panties. She is an absolutely beautiful woman. She has you lay your naked body down on the bed, face down and begins to show me how to massage your body properly. She explains techniques and shows me how to do them. She then moves and has me copy her, giving me pointers as I do so. She playfully touches you a few times, but is very much down to business as she teaches me how to properly massage your body.

We move down your back to your ass, your legs and even your feet. To be honest, I am fairly certain that this is going to be strictly business but I know that you are enjoying a real massage. I know that you and I can make any situation fun, so am not worried. She asks you to turn over onto your back and continues with the lesson by focusing on your arms, your hands and your head. I know that you are enjoying the feel of four hands on your entire body.

All of a sudden she says "are we ready for the erotic part of this lesson?" which gets a resounding yes from us both. She gets out of the bed and removes her bra and panties. I have to admit, she has a very pretty shaved pussy, complete with a piercing that we can see. She has me help her touch you all over your body and then begins to stroke your cock. The look of her hands on you is very arousing. I absolutely love the look on your face as you watch her and I see your cock getting harder and harder in between her hands. She leans across your body and starts to kiss me. I swear it was one of the most erotic kisses I have ever received. I pull back slightly and she follows me to continue to connection. I can hear you moaning your approval at this sight and it turns me on like crazy.

She pulls back and smiles at me. She leans down to put her face next to yours and suggests a three way kiss as she does; she never stops stroking that hard cock of yours. WOW is the only way I can describe that kiss and that moment. You realize that I still have my tank top on and suggest I remove it. As I do so, she seems to approve of my bust and leans forward to lick my nipple. I grab the back of her head and run my fingers through her long, beautiful hair. I just love to hear your naughty whispers and this is no exception. You moan, and move your hips while talking about how beautiful the view is. I feel you sit up slightly and look down to see you running your finger across her clit. The best part is that I see her push her hips forward slightly to meet your touch.

She suggests that we suck your cock together and I love to look at her with your balls in her mouth and I slide your dick in and out of mine. I can imagine the view you have of two blondes between your legs. She periodically sits up and looks down at me approvingly while I suck your cock for you and for her. I do enjoy touching her, especially with you watching. Her touch is tender, her kisses are erotic, her body is sensual and my pussy is absolutely soaked.

With your cock in her hand, she asks you if you would like to fuck her tits and cum all over her face and tits. What a question and who could turn that down? She moves to lay flat on the bed as I kneel on the floor next to the bed to watch. Her head is perfectly lined up with mine as you pull your body over her. She pushes her breasts together and you slide your cock between them. I watch as she uses her hand to cover the top of her breasts and your cock, which has you covered on all sides by her skin.

You start to slowly move your hips which literally results in a drip down my own leg. Your hips moving, your cock sliding between her breasts, the whole thing is amazing to see. I don't really realize it at the time, but my gaze is fixated on your cock sliding in and out of her tits; I see absolutely nothing else at all. I don't realize that you are watching my face as your fuck her breasts and I definitely don't see her watch you as you watch me. What a fuck circle that was.

I hear her encourage you; telling you to cum for her, to cover her face with cum. I never say a word but also never take my eyes off of you both. I hear you ask "are you ready" and somehow know that question was for me. I sit up to get the best view just as your cock begins to erupt. She pushes her tits closer together and you don't stop. How erotic and hot is all I can think. She eventually grabs your cock and strokes it, squeezing your cum out. Just from watching, I can feel my pussy throb.

She gently lays you back and goes to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean you up. I climb onto you and kiss you, running my hands through your hair. That was absolutely erotic and I loved every minute of it. She returns to the room, and uses the washcloth to clean you up, very sensually, and very gently. I enjoy that also. She dresses as you and I snuggle up. She makes a comment about not wanting to interrupt us. I feel that I should be polite and walk our guest to the lobby. She insists it is not needed but I do anyway. As she climbs into the elevator, she hugs me, kisses me and thanks me for a wonderful time. She definitely deserves the thanks on this one. This has been a massage lesson that neither one of us is going to forget.

C K & L

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