tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Voyeur's Dream

A Voyeur's Dream


I was mesmerised. She sat opposite me in the café in the huge new shopping mall. Her crotch which was exposed to me in all it's bare-naked glory had dissipated the drained pissed off mood I was in and had turned it into elation at the sighting. Frustrated at the lack of upskirt opportunities in this admittedly early day in the year, but it was a spring sunshiny day at last I had reasoned with myself before embarking on a test day with my new camera, I had retreated to the café for a blast of caffeine.

I wanted to try its technical gadgetry before going out on the serious missions later in the year and not too far ahead, to capture the delights of what the modern lass, woman and girlie was wearing or not under her skirt. Only once in the one year previous where I had been hooked on upskirting - had I captured a no panties sequence and in my ignorance with the then old second hand camcorder linked to my VCR I had wiped it.

Today they were all wearing tights, but I anticipated that when I started. Maybe, just maybe there would be stockings, hold-ups or suspended, but those would allow sights of their knickers and thongs and maybe nothing. I hoped for the sight of a hairy beaver winking down at my lens as my target fidgeted at the checkout or on the escalator.

Playing the tape back in the safety and security of a cubicle of a toilet, there was nothing but nylon coated undies and no nice undies too. All seemed to be buttock swathing big white cottons, not a bikini panty or thong in sight. Hence my drained mood and the coffee stop.

Now opposite me and she knew what she was doing, was a fortyish well turned out woman, wearing hold-ups, well certainly stockings as there were fleshy thighs and a bare pussy completely exposed every time she shifted in her chair. This was with exaggerated movements, clearly meant to show her crotch to me. She was smiling fuck it!

At me.

I thought when her male companion returned, his strained limping walk causing him some distress, with a tray of drinks and sandwiches, that she would cease her flashing and concentrate on his groomed sophisticated persona. He looked younger than she did. She was bleached blonde, but carefully groomed and busty, but not plump and when he arrived, she slung her light jacket away from her shoulders letting it drape carelessly over the back of her chair.

But no - she made a great fussy play of gathering it up and smoothing out the collar and pulling the belt ends off the floor and all the time, I was treated to glorious vistas up wide open legs as she shifted and wriggled. Shit! She was only about fifteen feet away. I could see dark hair round her slit and above it, but her funolips were clearly visible. Her stockings were natural coloured. Her flesh was pale contrasting with the dense black of her flared skirt and highly polished four-inch heeled shoes.

I thought about getting my cam out and capturing the performance, but there were people about and it would have been too obvious so I relaxed happily watching, in fact staring as she glanced almost continuously at me whilst sipping her drink.

An involved conversation between them was carried on with little whispers, gestures and intimacies such as close mouth to ear contact, gentle touches of hands, smoothing of each other's hair and nudging of knees and never did the man look my way. He must have known because she kept glancing at me and smiling, flashing her cunt, with which I was becoming quite intimately knowledgeable, such was the duration of her flashing. No man, especially one so good looking, groomed and probably well educated - yes I was guessing, would ignore attitudes, but he knew. He just did.

I took time out to glance around behind me to see if other guys were enjoying the naughty views. Two mums with pushchairs had their backs turned. An old couple were watching what would be their grandchildren playing in the kid's area. Two guys were deep in conversation immediately behind me and side on and would not have seen the views from their position. That was the extent of the table area, there were no others behind.

It was for me and as if to prove it having seen me checking, she turned full on grinning widely and cocked her right leg up as if to examine her stockings for a snag or ladder near the ankle. Her right knee splayed wide, her left knee fell away and her pussy pouch posed provocatively. It was plump and the gash looked slightly red. Had he given her a good fucking that day before they ventured out? My mind whirled.

The woman leaned back and stretched luxuriously and I got the full extent of not only her crotch but also the bounteous curves of her upper torso, straining against the lace blouse. I was guessing her bra and cup size when suddenly he looked sharply at me. Full on, stern, eyebrows lowered, glaring then a smile crept slowly over his handsome features. I looked away and gathered my bag.

Time to leave old chum. He had finally clocked me. I couldn't resist a last glance and the pair of them were jiggling with laughter.

Their heads were rocking, their laughter was loud and not forced and they both focussed their mirth on me as I got up rather shamefully and moved my chair to make a shuffling ridiculed exit. One or two people near them glanced at the mirthful pair, wanting to be in on the joke but to my amazement they were both beckoning me. A temptingly crooked finger from her and a friendly wave from him joined forces to stop me in my tracks and again check behind to see if they were sharing a joke with an accomplice.

The two guys had gone, the old couple were stuffing burgers into the kid s mouths and the two mums just kept jawing. I pointed disbelievingly at myself and they nodded and giggled at my hesitant gesture. Were they plain-clothes security having a joke before apprehending me having watched me aim my cam up females skirts earlier? Fuck - these new malls had so many cameras and staff. Had I been careless because I had gone against my golden rule of only uppying in outdoors markets and other gatherings? The escalators in this new place had been well documented in the press as very long and very crowded and I'd only ever got one good escalator shot all last year. Thus the temptation.

I played straight. swallowed, took a deep breath and approached my mockers. She patted a chair next to her and I got a delicious waft of exotic perfume as she moved it close to her.

'Would you like a drink?'' She asked. "Darling – you'll get him one won't you?" She breathed huskily.

"Of course. Another coffee?" He added pleasantly.

I refused a repeated offer and waited my fate.

"Shopping?" He asked. "We re out having fun."

"Er yeah - shopping," I lied. "Er - fun?"

"We play games," she told me. "Sexy games and I think you d like to join in."

"She s so naughty don t you think?" He said.

I nodded.

"Very attractive too if I may say so," I responded gaining confidence as they were so at ease and made me feel so.

The vibes were incredible and I was drawn into leaning my elbows on the table and closing the space around us. They grinned at each other over my response.

"You liked the view," she whispered knowingly.

I grinned stupidly.

"We'll be straight with you...er! What s your name? I m Rex and this is my

wife Connie," he told me.

"Rupe. Short for Rupert which I hate," I advised. "Your wife?"

My incredulity made them giggle and he placed his hand over her heavily ringed hand. I noticed the deformity of his fingers in his grip.

"Well Rupe. Yes we are married and Rex has this thing where he likes to see me fuck other guys," she astounded me. "I pick the guy - like you for instance and you fuck me and he watches. Easy eh?"

I glanced around, wondering where the candid TV camera was.

"You don t fuck me here Rupe," Connie chuckled. "You looking for a bed?"

They tittered in unison and I shook my head.

"This is a windup yeah?" I asked firmly. "I mean - couples don t go into shopping malls and just pick up any old guy they see and take him home and fuck him. I mean it's not on. Come on what s the catch?"

"But Rupe, you re not any old guy," Connie breathed.

She took my hand and placed it on her thigh. Her skirt was silky and thin and I felt the top of her stockings, realising she was wearing suspenders.

"You re certainly not old. You are good looking, fit, well dressed, nice clean hair, and like sex. You wouldn't have ogled my pussy as long and so achingly otherwise would you?"

"Connie, any guy would have looked up your skirt the way you were showing," I responded, smiling for the first time as she pushed my hand down her leg and then under her skirt.

"See! He has got a nice smile too. I told you so darling," she squeaked.

Rex nodded and spoke.

"You see I can t fuck Connie any more. I mean I can play with her and excite her but I can't actually fuck her and she loves to be fucked."

"It's too terrible and details are not important Rupe, but Rex is right in everything he says," she told me, smoothing his hair and patting his clean-cut face. "I've never failed to pick the right guy and I picked you Rupe. Are you free today? No pressure we can make it another time - tonight, tomorrow?"

I felt over the smooth skin above her stockings and considered the outrageous proposition. Rex watched my hand and grinned knowingly and encouragingly as I roamed higher and felt pubic hair tickle my fingers. Connie gasped as I gave them my response, whilst daring to slide my finger up over her damp cunt slit. Shit! In for a penny - in for a pound as they say.

I followed their Range Rover in my Ford Galaxy to a hotel and waited until they booked a room and beckoned me in. I joined them in the bar where we chatted and drank a bottle of Chardonnay until we retired to a spacious and not cheap bright airy and well-furnished room. The curtains were left open letting the sun stream through.

Connie took over the bathroom as Rex and I chatted. He opened a small case and fiddled with a digital camcorder. while he asked if I minded about being filmed fucking his wife. I gulped at the coincidence knowing what I d left in my bag in the car and wondered if he would mind operating my cam too, but refrained from querying.

She appeared at the bathroom door wearing a brassiere, sussie belt and those stockings, posing provocatively against the frame teetering on her high heels. I told Rex that filming was OK and could he make me a copy, which he said he'd think about.

"Er... no offence Rupe but do you mind showering?" Connie asked sweetly. "I've scrubbed up a bit if you know what I mean?"

I didn't mind showering and would not have minded if she had raging body odour, she looked so eminently shaggable. As I scrubbed up too, under the hard hot spray, I dwelt on her voluptuous body. The slightest ripples of fat round her waist, over the tops of her stockings, a little loose under her upper arms and below the elastic of her bra. There was a suggestion of lower belly fat in a gentle arc over her pubic mound, which was lightly, but widely covered in brown fluffy hair, which could not hide the dark slit into which I was going to stick my cock into very shortly. Her tits bulged over the fine lacy garment that holstered them admirably in high curvaceous mounds.

I entered the bedroom to find Connie lying on the bed, with Rex sat beside her feeling her cunt and leaning over her, kissing her lips tenderly. He had removed his jacket and tie but still wore a shirt and trousers. I had a towel wrapped round my midriff thinking it might be too obvious to walk in naked. There was a pause as they carried on with their loving gestures, until they broke and gazed at me.

"Oh Rupe get rid of that towel, You can t hide that thing under it," Connie giggled and pointed at me.

I was half-hard from my shower thoughts on her, in anticipation of the afternoon delights and at the deeply loving but openly sexy way he was fondling her fanny. My dick tented the towel out ridiculously. I flung the towel away and walked towards the bed as she wriggled across to meet me. Rex slid away and picked up his camera as Connie's hands closed round my shaft.

Seconds later her lips were wrapped round it and I was fully up and running as I fondled her tits, popping them out over her bra and finally unleashing them by loosening the undergarment. Her nipples were hard and protruding about an inch and the surrounding aureoles were dark and nuggety. Warm and huge, her knockers rolled over my hands as she slurped hard on my six-inch erection. I know I m not big although the thickness is quite considerable, but adequate and I'd never had problems getting it up or satisfying my girl friends.

Connie rolled my foreskin back and forth with her pursed lips and pressurised under my balls with a sharply prodding finger. It was fabulous. I glanced over at Rex who was smiling into the screen of his cam as he focussed on us. I was pulled over her and we rolled naturally into a 69 position. Connie spread her legs and I stared into her crotch, feeling the steamy heat from her moist cunt waft up at me. I took time out just to study the beauty of this mature sexy woman s love box noting that she was indeed quite hairy. The thatch grew wild but thin although she had shaved the extreme areas nearest to her funolips.

These were rugged in a way I can only describe as looking well lived in but succulent. Dark to a point of being purple brown tinted and with a feathery edge to them, they hung open before I even touched them revealing the pearly pink membranes within. Rex had got her wet making her dribble her juices, which filtered their way down to the dark wrinkled knot of her arsehole.

I dipped and greedily sucked on the tasty feast and heard Connie sigh and thrust her cunt up at my searching lips. I drew her labia out until it slipped from my lips and slapped back to curl away and reveal even more of the delicate crevasse between them. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Rex aiming the small state of the art cam on it's tripod at us as he fondled his crotch. which remained concealed. I went for Connie's clitty, pulling her sheath back with my fingers and up it popped - heart shaped, pink and bursting to be licked.

Her whole body rocked as my tongue flicked over it and soon she was twisting under me, letting my cock slap hard up against my belly as we manoeuvred. Her sumptuous torso now lay under me in missionary position and she grabbed my cock and pulled me on to her. My knob end hit the hot wet spot and I dropped my body weight onto her willingness, thrusting hard and penetrating totally, up to my balls. That surprised me and I gasped. She moaned and pushed my head away and I peered down at her.

"You re not cumming yet are you Rupe?"

"No but it will be a blast when I do, you're fantastic, I mean to take me full ahead first time...shit!" I answered; thrusting hard again and watching her boobs roll over her chest and settle wobbling to her sides.

She didn't reply apart from a knowing little smile at me and a grin over at Rex.

"No condom conditions then?" I added.

"I think you re clean and I'm sterilised Rupe, don t worry. Now fuck me hard," she whined like a spoilt little girl.

We fucked hard and fast, for maybe fifteen twenty minutes, our saturated bodies slapping grotesquely in the insulated calm of the hotel room. Now and then, I sensed movement and saw Rex moving round us to focus on detail. Twice he asked me to raise my butt so that he could zoom in on my dick crashing full length in and out of Connie s wide open and very sloppy snatch, I hoped I would get a chance to see that particular angle also.

He particularly liked it on film when I pulled out completely and thrust hard into her crumpled cunt lips. Connie's sex sounds were genuine and captured and when I did that to her, she would gasp with pleasure.

Her butt rolling on the sheets, her stockings wrinkling, suspenders not taut any longer, cunt lips dragging in and out with my shaft and what I guessed would be a pulsing cluster of pink sphincter muscle in a considerable pool of our combined cocktail. The idea made my jism boil and I decided to let it go. I quickened the pace and the power and she responded. Our voices melded as we urged each other to orgasm. Groans, utterances, little shouts - coincided with her fingers gripping my buttocks and slowly dragging over them in a tight clutch as she ground her pussy up at me.

I blasted as I thought I would, just catching Connie right and she gasped and sighed, then drummed her hands on my back as waves of ecstasy rolled through her. My cum fountained deep into her, the amount making our sex organs slurp obscene splashes and gurgles until I died on her falling heavily, lost for breath into her cosseting sweat running body. She cooed at me, Rex tapped my butt and I managed to do his bidding and move to let him catch shots of her overflowing beaver release what would be a thick creamy discharge of our love juices.

We rested for a while until I rolled off. Connie laboured up and trotted to the bathroom and Rex surprised me by continuing to film me as I lay back panting, my cock dripping cum as it curled, gradually softening over my thigh.

"She likes the after shots as much as I do Rupe," he said softly. "That was very good."

"Shit! I'll say so", I chuckled. "She is amazing - something else."

"Mmm!" He agreed finally stopping the recording.

"So you can't..... " I started.

"No questions Rupe please," Rex interrupted. "Ah there you are darling."

Connie appeared wrapped in a towel. I noticed her stockings had been left in the bathroom.

"Can you shower and leave us Rupe please?" She asked pleasantly.

"Bbbut III... " I stammered levering up on my elbow.

"Leave it that. Believe me, that was excellent and you have pleased us both immensely, but would you leave us now if you don t mind," she continued, going to Rex's side and curling her arm round his shoulder.

"We made you a proposition and it s been carried through and that is it, isn't it darling?"

Rex nodded calmly and pleasantly and my surprise and disappointment somehow drained away realising the final aspect of the encounter had been reached. It was odd, in fact it was fucking weird, but as I showered and dressed, I mused on the short time from seeing them in the mall, her obvious baiting me, the catch and the meal so to speak.

I left them, agreeing not to follow them or try to contact them apart from giving them my mobile phone number, not getting theirs. They promised to contact me and send me a copy of the tape.

It never arrived and they never rang. I visited the mall regularly and never saw them again, but since then in that place I have caught one no panties upskirt on the escalator, a front uppy of a preggers bird in the lift and many uppies of delectable thonged arses in the mall and it's surrounds.

Maybe Rex and Connie were lucky omens after all.

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