tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Voyeur's Love Ch. 01

A Voyeur's Love Ch. 01


Albert felt his body begin to relax as he rested his head on his wife's shoulders. He could feel his cock just beginning to shrink within the damp warmth of her. They had made love much like they did most every Saturday evening, however tonight it had been much quicker, with Albert moving over her with an ardent urgency neither had experienced before.

Pushing his hips to her trying to keep his cock firmly embedded in her incredible softness he whispered softly, "You felt so good tonight."

She smiled, sighed slightly and then asked, "You seemed so, ah you seemed so driven, so turned on tonight. What got into you?"

"I don't know, it seemed different," he lied. It wasn't different, it was just the same as it had been for them since they got married. She would undress, lay back on the bed, open her legs and he would kneel before her and then push his cock inside.

"Different how?"

"It was just different, I don't know."

"Look something must have been different, you were so quick and it hasn't been that long."

"I... I saw something today."

"And it made you come home like you did."

"On the way home from work, I had the carriage stop in the park. I wanted to take a walk. You see, someone told me of a place there, a path that... ah well, went to a part of the park few people know about," he said, feeling his cock finally slide out of his wife.

Albert slid off of her and moved over onto the bed beside her. Resting his head on his hand he continued, "I walked down a narrow path, so narrow I would never had seen it off the main pathway if I had not been told where to look."

Albert's wife demurely crossed her legs and pulled a sheet over her to cover her breasts as she listened to him. Her long hair cascaded over her milky white shoulders and she noticed him running his fingers through the curls nervously.

"At the end of the pathway there was a spot I could sit and look onto a small clearing. It was surrounded by tall trees and heavy undergrowth and I couldn't imagine how anyone could have made their way there, but I saw two people."

He paused then, looking directly into his wife's eyes in a way she could see he was unsure if he should be telling her this and yet he took a deep breath and continued. "They were naked, by the time I got there. They were making love."

"Just like that?" Albert's wife asked.

"Well much in the way we just did Dorethia, but they only did so for a short time and then stopped. When he withdrew from her it was obvious they hadn't finished."

"How was that obvious?" Dorethia asked.

"He remained firm as if he had just started. Instead of consummating as we just did, he rolled over onto his back and although he was wet and glistening from her she immediately moved over and took her in his hand. Without cleaning him or anything she opened her mouth and moved it onto him, closing and sucking wildly. While she sucked him, she moved and straddled his face, lowering herself onto his face.

"I wanted to turn away and although I felt myself gagging I had to watch, they moved so wantonly and moaned so unchastely I found myself short of breath. Feeling my firmness arise I thought of you and wanted to make love... I suddenly wanted to make love to you.

"I continued watching as the man pushed himself into her mouth as I pushed myself into you until he filled her mouth with his essence. She swallowed without a thought and then she began moving her hips and moaning much like he had. She finally collapsed upon him and when she rolled off him, his face was wet with her juices.

"Instead of cleaning themselves, they immediately embraced and kissed, running their tongues over their wet faces as if lapping their emissions. I... I... I wanted to get up and run but I remained, my firmness taut in my pants."

"So when did you leave?"

"I remained silently as they dressed and then slipped down through an almost invisible opening in the foliage. After a few minutes I got up to leave and rushed back to the carriage and came home."

"So it was what you saw that encouraged you to, ah, to take me so?"

"I meant you no harm."

"No, no, I know your love Albert. To be honest, I enjoyed your excitement."

"But you are not a slut, I will not treat you so."

Dorethia reached out her hands and pulled Albert to her, gently embracing him as they remained together in the bed for some time. Only after nearly an hour did she get up, get dressed and begin to finish preparing their dinner. When Albert came to dinner he seemed quiet, much quieter than normal and immediately after dinner he retired to the bedroom.

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