A Walk In The Park


Each day I spend my lunch down at the park in town. It is down by the lake. I sit and eat my lunch and watch the people walk by. I watch them and they watch me. Then when I’m done I go for a long walk. Each day that I go I start my walk about the same time. At 12:30 pm I start my walk. I like to walk the same way each day. On the 6th or 7th day I spotted a nice looking black lady walking the other way. I said hi and keep on walking. The next day I saw her once more. She gave me a nice smile and said hi and on walking. This went on for 2 weeks. I thought, what the hell I’ll time it so she is walking past me and I’ll walk the other way. She never came. So I started my walk. As luck would have it she was walking the same direction as I was. I saw her and smiled. She must have thought of the same thing I did. As she came up to me I stopped and asked if I could walk with her.

“Sure you can, you never know when someone might jump out and get me”. Her skin was light brown. Just like a tan. She stood about 5’6”, about 130 lbs. Had light black hair. As for her shape. Not bad. I could not tell to much more about her. We talk some and then I had to go back to work.

“Could I walk with you again”? Her smile told me that I should say yes. “Sure you can, never know when someone will jump out at me”. Her smile told me that she must have found that funny.

At lunch the next day she was sitting on the bench. I sat, we talked and then started our walk. At the end of it I asked her if she would like to go to dinner that Friday night. “Sure, but just dinner. We still have a lot to talk about”. I felt funny. Did she think I was just going to take her out and fuck her. I would have if she didn’t say anything. “Sure, just dinner, then home”.

Friday came and we walked. That night I picked her up and we went to dinner. She had on a dress with a slit up the side. As Mary (that is her name) got into the car I got a view of her legs. I could see she had on stockings and garter belt. The top was made of lace. As Mary sat I looked down at her breast. That was the first time I got to see them. Damn, did they look great. Two light brown globs. Inside a black lace bra. My eyes must have burnt a hole in her bra.

“Our you going to close the door or stand and look down my top all night”. What could I say. She knew that I was looking and the smile told me that it was okay.

“No, No I was thinking. No I was looking. This is the first time I have ever. What can I say, I’m sorry”. I have always loved the way black woman say what they think. Like most white men, we do not do that. But I must have still been looking when she told me to.

“Honey, close the door and your mouth. People are looking at you. Haven’t you ever seen black tits”? “Yes I have but not like yours”. I closed the car door and we drove to dinner. As we ate we talked more about each other. I told her that I was 35. My wife had walked out on me. I never told her why. She was 28 never married and did not think she would. I had no girl friends and she was not seeing anyone at this time. After dinner we danced and had a few drinks. It was getting on to 1 am and I said I thought it was time to get her home. In the car on the way to her place she sat right next to me. I had kissed her a few times on the dance floor and now with her breasts showing more and her dress high on her thighs I kissed her once more. This time I put more feeling into it. Her mouth open and she sucked my in. Her hand went to my cock and I felt her squeeze it. Her tongue was now dancing with my tongue. She was sucking it like it was a cock. I knew that black woman could suck cock. But the way Mary was working my tongue. I knew she would suck me dry.

I was the first to pull back. “Mary. I know that I said just dinner. So with that said I should drop you off. If I don’t stop, I think you understand”. I pull back and just looked at her. “ I think I should go”.

“Bob, I know what I said and I think we should go up to my place and talk”. “Talk. if I come up to your place I’m going to take you to bed. I’m a nice guy but my cock is hard my head is spinning and I’m so horny right now I could fuck a duck”. Mary smiled and told me to come up. “Are you horny, could you fuck a duck as you say. I think that you better be careful on what you wish for, and what you are looking for”. With that Mary started to strip. First came her dress. She stood in a black lace bra. I think it was a 34b. She had on a pair of black lace panties. Under then a garter belt and black stocking with a lace top.

“Now my dear, would you like to see more”? With that she took a step towards me and started to unbutton my shirt. She pulled it open and started to suck my nipples. As her lips suck me I felt her fingers on my zipper. down it came. Then Mary open my belt and unbutton my pants.

“No...... No. I’ll do that”. To late. My pants started to come down and I knew from the look on her face she could see I was wearing panties. I had forgot all about them. I was so horny. “That is why my wife walked out. I have a thing for panties”. I was bending over to pull them up. “I’ll leave. I hope that we still can take our walks”?

I felt her hand under my chin. Pull me back up. Then I felt her hand on my cock. “No just stand and let Mary do what she does best”.

Mary was looking me in the face as she knelt. Her fingers now pull my lace panties down. Then my cock came out. Her eyes never left my eyes , her mouth open and I felt her pull my cock in. Her wet lips pulling my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Then I felt the heat from her mouth. She had about 5” of me in when she took it all. I’m only 6.5”. Not to big around. About two fingers around. I could feel the back of her mouth. Her eyes still looking at me. Then she started. Up and down. In and out. Her hand was jacking me off as she used her mouth to fuck me with. Faster and faster. I could not talk my eyes off her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and I could tell she was off in her own world. I put my hands on the side of her face and just let her do her thing. I was going to cum, and soon.

“Mary. I think that I’m going to...... cum”. I felt her slow down and her eyes came back to the right spot. “Bob, I think that it is time for you to know what I have been trying to tell you all night. Let me show you. We both have secret. You wear panties and I well I wear it all”.

Mary was standing and as she did she pulled her panties down. I saw a small cock.

“What the fuck is that”? I just looked. I had seen a few in books and thought about them but never thought I would see one this way.

“If you would like you can leave now. Or stay and see what else this black girl can do”.

With her panties down all I could do was look. “Take your bra off so I can se all of you”.

Her hand went behind her and her bra fell. Now standing in front of me was a woman with a cock. A woman on top and a man on the bottom. Her breast looked about 34b. A nice nipple on the end. They did look real. Her waist must have been 24 or 26. With her garter belt on it made it look all that mush better. And now for her hips. 36 I would say. But her cock was making my. how can I say HORNY. It was sticking out from her garter belt. I put my hand on it and felt it. Hard, but soft. It was about 5” long.

I have never felt any ones cock before. But I knew what I liked. I pulled it some. And then I looked at her.

“Mary. I have never done anything like this. But I think that it is the next step for me. So if you could help me and tell me what to do”. As I was talking I was kneeling down. I was now looking right at her cock. I looked up and she pushed forward. I felt it touch my lips. I open my mouth and I felt it go in. My eyes still locked on hers. My lips felt in going in and then coming back out. In and out. As it went back in it went deeper each time. I could see the underside of her breast. I have never saw tits like that. I could see them bounce as she pushed in and out. I put my hands on her hips and Mary fucked my mouth. The first time I had felt this and I knew now why woman love to suck cock. It is so personal. So private. It is like jacking-off. Something that you would not do in front of anyone. But this was different. With her in a garter belt it made it okay.

“Bob. If you do not stop I’m going to cum in your mouth. And as you said this is your first time. I would like to do it on your face. If you would let me”?

Let her. Fuck I would let her do anything she liked. “Okay, on my face it is. As long as I can do the same”?

Mary’s hips went faster and faster. Her hands held my face as she fuck my mouth. I could hear her talking to me.

“That’s it suck my cock and make me cum. Make Mary cum on your face. Your suck cock so go. It is hard to tell that you have never done this. Now.....Suck it now. I’m going to cum. Let me cum on your face. Open you mouth and open your eyes so you can see it. NOW”.

I felt the heat from her cum. It hit my face and ran down my cheek. It was on my chin. I looked on as Mary jacked-off onto my face. I have seen this in movies but now I knew how it felt. Now I knew why woman let men do it. The last few drops ran down my face and Mary knelt and started to lick it off. This was something new to me. I have never done that. But I have never sucked a “woman’s cock” before.

Now I was sitting and Mary was on the floor. Her face near my cock. My panties still pulled down but this time I could hear her saying.

“Do it. Jack off for me. Let me watch you jack-off in front of me. That’s it pull your cock. Rub it. Let me see you cum as I pull your panties up. Let me see you cum and on face. Then I’m going to make you lick me clean. Your going to lick your com off my face and tits. Please cum for me”. As Mary talked she was jacking off with me. I have only seen one other guy jack off but this was so different.

Mary’s hand now started to pull my panties up. I knew I was going to cum. I jacked -off faster and looking right at her face I started to cum.

“Now take it now. Let me watch it land on your face. My dear sweet Mary. Let me cum all over you”. I felt myself coming. I have not cum that much in years. It was running down her face and cheeks It was on her chin. The last of it went right into her mouth and she smiled and licked her lips.

“Now you. Lick it and you will know why we love to suck cock and drink cum”.

I did. For the first time I tasted my own cum and loved it. I licked her face and tits. I lick off the cum that had dropped onto her cock and she started to get hard all over.

I did spend the night and I have been seeing her for about 1 year now. I’ll have to tell you about some of the other things we have done.

Drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think of me and Mary

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