tagBDSMA "Walk" in the Woods

A "Walk" in the Woods


We've decided to go for a walk in the woods. I drive us there in the Jeep and we stop deep in the forest on the edge of a field. All alone. I get out before you, and when you step out of the Jeep, you feel my arm encircle you from behind. My hand gripping your shirt, I tear it open, sending buttons flying. Now you know I'm not really interested in "walking".

My hand inside the remnants of your shirt, I squeeze your braless breasts HARD, and pinch your nipples, biting your neck. You hear the sound of my pocketknife opening. Then you feel the cold, sharp edge of the blade sliding up the side of your leg and under the extremely short skirt you wore to torture me. You feel your thong let loose as I cut through the thin strings holding it against your treasures. There's a slight pull. You feel it sliding enticingly across your pussy lips as I tug it free of your body. You moan at the pleasure. But it doesn't last. I grab your wrists, bringing your arms firmly behind your back. Using your shredded underwear, I bind your hands, putting you COMPLETELY in my control.

You're still facing the Jeep. I push you forward at the waist until your breasts flatten against the warm hood. I push my leg between yours forcing your knees apart. Gripping your wrists with one hand, I place my hard thick cock in your hands. Using my other hand, I push your skirt up over your tan, perfect ass. Then I grab your hair, pulling your head and body back until my cock touches your hot, wet pussy lips. You can feel the head as it nudges at your opening, getting slick with your juices. But I don't put it in you. Instead I make you TELL me you want it. Beg.

When you do, and I'm satisfied you mean it, I shove it in you HARD. ALL the way. RAMMING my hips against your ass, and my cock into your pussy. I fuck you HARD for several minutes, worrying only about my pleasure as I piston my dick in and out. With my hand around your waist, I am fingering your clit bringing you closer and closer to climax, but not really caring yet if you get there.

Then without warning, I withdraw from you, causing you to cry out, and begging me not to stop. Grabbing your wrists, I spin you around and force you to your knees. Looking down at you, I push my cock into your mouth, watching as you suck your juices from it, tasting your own pussy. With your red-lipsticked lips completely surrounding my cock, I pump it in and out of your mouth, feeling the suction as I build to orgasm. When I can't stand it any more, I tell you I'm going to cum, but my orgasm lets loose in your mouth before I can pull my cock out.

You swallow quickly gulping my cum, and then look up at me wanting more. But I step back letting jet after jet of my jizz hit your face, your chest, and your belly. As my orgasm ends, I look down at you, letting you know we're not done and bringing you to your feet.

Looking into your eyes, I TELL you, I'm going have your ass now. All you can do is whisper a quiet "yes..." as you turn your back to me, lean against the Jeep, and push your ass submissivley toward my cock. Using my cum and your spit as lubrication, I push the full of my cock into your ass until my balls rest against your swollen, well fucked pussy. After you've adjusted to the intrusion, I begin slowly easing my dick in and out of the tight confines of your ass. It's the tightest, most intense, and sensual feeling ever. You and I are both lost in the pleasure.

Like I did before, I reach my hand between your legs to finger your clit. I'm trying desperately now to see that you get your orgasm. Just as your climax hits, you feel my body tense up and I release my load deep inside your ass. We both shake, shivering with the intensity our pleasure. Completely exhausted now, and no longer able to stand, we fall slowly to the ground. My cock still inside you and our bodies touching, we lay in the warm sun thinking how much better that was than some stupid walk!! And just as we drift off for a short nap, I whisper, "See? I TOLD you I could 'take charge'!"

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