tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Warm Balmy Night Ch. 06

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 06


Riddick swayed gently on the restraints. His eyes were closed and his hearing reached out, like radar, to pick up the tiniest sound from any movement in the ship.

So far he'd heard nothing. The silence stretched on, wrapping itself around him. The only noise that he could hear was the thump of his heart and his rough, excited breathing.

This was a delicate plan. He would have to get it exactly right.

He stopped swaying, he thought he could hear voices; distant, but definitely voices. He took several deep breaths to slow his heart rate and still his mind.

Now he could hear footsteps, pattering, more than one person. They were coming closer.

"Ahhh our little pet's asleep!" Clara's voice was strident and irritatingly female to Riddick's ears.

He didn't move, feigning sleep.

"I think we should go find Adam, I wonder where he is?" Lucy's voice was not as loud as she was still standing by the doorway.

Oh no you don't.

Riddick began to cough and gasp.

"Oh," said Clara, "Our little pet's sick."

Riddick couldn’t hear Lucy moving any closer and coughed and snuffled a little more. He really needed her to come and investigate what state he was in. She took her sweet time making her mind up. "Oh crap!" said Lucy finally walking across the room.

Riddick had replaced his bit, very loosely, so they would feel secure enough to come close up to inspect him.

Riddick could feel both of them getting close to him, just a little more would be good. Riddick snapped his arms out of the restraints and grabbed them both, each hand encircling a neck in front of him. His eyes flashed open, he spat the bit out and he grinned manically at them.

Both the women were wide eyed and frantically wriggling, their fingers tearing at his hand locked around their throats. Riddick tightened his grip, blocking their airways. He could see serious fear now replaced their initial fright. He wanted to kill them; he really wanted to kill them.

"Nothing to say to your 'pet' now?" Riddick voice was the deepest and harshest he could make it.

"Cat got your tongues?" Riddick grinned at his own joke. "You both wanted a 'puddy tat' as a pet! Well I'm not a 'pet' cat I'm a fucking panther, who's going to make you sorry you ever thought of messing with me."

He smashed the two women's head together before they could even begin to digest his words, forehead met forehead with a sickening crunch and they both slumped in his hands.


Riddick's chair creaked as he stretched his huge frame. In one hand he had a large glass of twenty year old malt whisky and in the other, neatly held between forefinger and thumb, a huge spliff. He lifted one leg and crossed the ankle over the knee of his other leg. He looked at the two bodies lying on the floor at his feet.

They were both still snoring lightly from the effects of the anesthetic. Riddick grinned this was going to be so much fun and highly profitable as well, he hoped.

He'd had to speculate to accumulate and spent a small fortune on the bitches. His eyes strayed to the bags on the floor of his ship. Pretty colored bags of pretty colored clothes made of scraps of lace and leather, velvet and PVC. Normally Riddick hated any sort of shopping but he'd had enormous fun choosing these items, sales girls falling over themselves to help him make his selections.

He hoped Clara and Lucy would be happy with their new outfits.

He had smoked a good part of the spliff, inhaling deeply, before the women began to stir. Looking through the nearly empty bottom of his whisky glass, Riddick saw that it was Lucy who was the first to open her eyes, licking her pink tender lips. She looked around and noticing Riddick she tried to quickly sit up but made it to only half way before she slumped backwards. She blinked rapidly and started to try to scramble away from him.

"You can't escape, just relax, I'm not going to hurt you," Riddick slurred as he put down his glass. Lucy eyed him warily. "If I wanted you dead....", Riddick spread

his hands in a conciliatory gesture and didn't finish the sentence, he assumed that Lucy would get the inference. Her attention shifted to Clara who moaned, blinked and opened her eyes. "Oh crap," she said in her breathy voice. "It must have been one hell of a party."

"No," said Riddick, he smirked, "but it will be."

Both women looked at him, puzzled.

Riddick knew he now had their full attention. He leaned forwards and rested his elbows on his knees. He picked up his drink and sipped it slowly allowing the tension to rise, allowing their minds to think the worst of him. He pursed his lips and said quietly, "I have had both of you 'chipped'. You are both now registered as my property." He sniffed, trying to remain relaxed but his muscles flexed in anticipation of their reactions.

Lucy gasped. "You can't do that, you have to be born into the slave classes. That’s illegal!"

Riddick found Lucy's response hilarious, "Oh and holding a person prisoner for nearly a week and sexually torturing him isn't illegal?"

He arched an eyebrow, "Lady, you have some strange ideas about what's right and wrong."

He took a mouthful of whisky, enjoying the burning sensation at the back of his throat and continued.

"Look at it this way--you can either be mine, or be dead. It's a real easy choice."

"I'll take dead," said Lucy.

"That can be arranged," Riddick's voice had dropped to nothing more than a hoarse whisper. He stared at Lucy, if she wanted dead then he would do it and be rid of her. He'd regret the money he'd spent fixing her but she was a fucking pain and he couldn't wait to see the back of her. She held his gaze for a few moments but her eyes were fogged and her jaw slack, she hadn't shrugged of the effects of the meds yet.

"I'd try being a little more awake before you make your choice or you might regret it." Riddick said.

He turned his attention to Clara, "What about you?"

She turned to look at Lucy, who looked bewildered by the situation and didn't reply. Her blonde mane was still sleep laden and she absent-mindedly rubbed at the back of her neck where her chip had been inserted. Riddick snorted, she was cute but not that bright, he'd have no trouble with her. Maybe he would keep her after all, he stood up chewing his bottom lip thoughtfully. He picked up the bags of clothes and tossed then towards the women.

"These are for you."

They looked in the bags and the items that had spilled out of them.

"I'm not wearing any of this, for you." Lucy spat.

Riddick reached into his pocket and pulled out a small square box. On it were two small bright red buttons. Riddick was tired of her smart mouth. Looking directly at her he pressed the one on the right.

Lucy's hands flew to her neck and she fell backwards onto the floor her back arching convulsively. Riddick took his finger off the button. He walked over so he could stand directly over Lucy. She lay panting still clutching at her neck.

"Put them on," Riddick said. " I wanna see you dressed in them."

Clara was trying to comfort Lucy, understanding that she was in pain but not knowing why.

"What did you do?" she asked finally discovering her voice.

"Oh, did I forget to say?" Riddick's voice dripped with sarcasm," I had you both fitted with restraint chips as well and ownership tags. You piss me off and you can look forwards to a little correcting shock. It works a bit like the tamers...you remember the tamers don't you?"

He raised his eyebrows waiting for a response to his question. They both nodded, Lucy more slowly and with a look of distinct pain on her face.

"So get dressed." Riddick sat back down signaling the end of the first lesson. He was sure there would be more to come.

The women began to sort through the clothing a little more seriously. Riddick just settled back and watched, sipping his drink. They kept glancing at him every few moments, uncomfortable with his presence and the fact that they were now his slaves, in the very real sense of the word.

They fumbled their way through the clothes, Riddick enjoying every moment of their nakedness. Clara had settled for the leather all in one body suit with matching studded collar and wrist and ankle restraints and Lucy had chosen black crushed velvet, bra and panties, accessorized with a matching choker, leash and permanent. Both of them had on incredibly high heels that pushed out their chests and gave a wiggle to their walks. Both sets of clothing were crotchless and nippleless. Riddick was usually more subtle but on this, he needed to be a bit more creative.

They stood before him nicely adorned. He tossed them a bag with some new make up in it and they applied it to each other.

Riddick stood up. "I suppose you want a show now?" said Lucy.

Riddick walked slowly across to her, taking in the flesh of her breasts pushed up high and tight over the top of her bra. He licked his lips. He pushed back her hair and holding her chin, tilted her face up towards him.

"Oh I want a show alright," he said, an evil glint in his eye. "Come with me."

He reached the doorway of the room and then stopped. This would be his last chance, he turned and looked to them both, what did he fancy? Cute or hard?

Decisions, decisions!

He returned to his chair holding Clara by the hand, he wasn't in the mood for fire and ice tonight. He felt mellow and relaxed.

"Sit down," looking at Lucy he pointed to the floor.

He sat back down on his chair unfastening his pants. He pulled out his already erect cock, tugging Clara towards him. She sat astride his lap, her breasts just under his nose. His tongue almost automatically reached out to taste a nipple, while using the easy access of her panties he teased and flicked her clit. She began to moisten almost immediately, which was just as well as he didn't have all night. He pushed a finger inside her, feeling her flinch away for just a second.

She was hot and tight and Riddick wanted her now. He pulled his finger from her and lifted her bodily up and straight down onto his rigid cock. He released her and let her own weight drive down onto him. He thrust up gently once, twice, up to his hilt. He stopped tonguing her breasts and she laid her head against his stubbly head gasping. Riddick groaned, talk about 'the one minute man' she was squeezing him for all she was worth. He couldn't control himself even if he wanted too.

He began to thrust up into her holding her under the arms and wrapping his hands over the top of her shoulders for maximum grip. Then he began to seriously fuck her. He didn't much care if Clara came or not. These bitches had kept him tied up for five days. He hated them....

He ripped up into Clara, all she could do was cry out and hang on. Riddick stood up and took two steps to the bulkhead wall and pressed her up against it. He loved to fuck standing, the muscles in his thighs getting that much more leverage than lying or sitting.

He knew he was close and didn't delay. He dug deep into her,feeling his cock bumping her inside. He thrust once more feeling the warm tight sensation creeping up his sacs and cock. Tightening, tightening, he gasped and bit down as he pumped into her, his strokes becoming short and frenzied as he came. He slowed rapidly and stood still catching his breath. Clara fingers were almost welded to his upper arms. Riddick became aware of the pain from the welts created by her nails.


He let her slide her off him and she slumped to the floor. He hoped she'd regain control of her legs quickly he didn't want to have to carry her. He teased the last of his cum from his cock and then, wiping his hands on Clara's discarded shirt, he zipped himself up. Clara's breathing had almost returned to normal, and he hauled her to her feet and then shepherded them out of the room and through his ship to the cargo bay.

As they approached it the noise grew. Voices, lots of them, talking, laughing, shouting and there was music too. Riddick noticed the women clutching at each other's hands. They turned the corner to the cargo bay and were met by dozens of men, all in various states of drunkenness and undress. There were empty bottles rolling around on the deck and several half dressed girls attached to men in one way or another. The party looked like it had been in full flow for a while.

"Riddick!!" a man yelled. Riddick acknowledged the shout with a wave of his hand and pushed the now terrified girls across the floor to a makeshift stage. He helped them climb up onto the raised platform, teetering neatly on their incredibly high shoes. Riddick took a moment to admire the calves in front of him and leaned forwards to run his tongue up Clara's shin before stepping up to their height.

Holding each girl by the arm he stepped forwards to the edge of the dais and grinned at the assembled crowd who magnetically walked towards him.

"Gentlemen," he called in a loud voice, "I promised you two beauties, and here they are!!"

The crowd roared its approval of Clara and Lucy.

"Take a good look at them." Riddick released Clara and pushed her gently to one side where a large blonde man who was salivating and caught her. Riddick twirled Lucy around on her tiny heeled shoes to the crowd's obvious delight. Her dark hair fanning out around her shoulders and her heaving chest making her ample breasts poke out all the more over the top of her bra.

He stopped her in mid spin and wrapped his arms around her. Holding her tightly he whispered in her ear, " You did not know who you were fucking with, bitch!"

Still holding her wrists he moved away from her and shouted to the assembled crowd.

"Now you have all seen the merchandise, I'll start the bidding at one hundred gold credits."

A groan went up from the crowd. "I thought you said you were selling them Riddick, not trying to wind us up?" Came a comment from a large man with long grey hair.

Riddick shrugged," Quality, Pieter, quality!"

Lucy had started to struggle, she had suddenly realized the sort of show that Riddick had meant, a 'show' for a new owner. Riddick wrapped his large hand around her thin wrist a little tighter. It wouldn't do for his prize to run away. He pulled Lucy to his body again, still smiling and eyeing up the crowd.

"If you don't want one who arse fucks you everyday, or one who flogs you to a brothel when he's done breaking you I suggest you smile sweetly and play along. Other wise I will ignore bids from 'nice' owners and only takes bids from men I know will treat you badly." He spun Lucy around and kissed her hard on the lips.

"Why don't you just kill me?" she hissed.

"Oh no that would be way too easy, " Riddick replied, " As I said earlier", he bent over her in a loving embrace, nuzzling her neck, and the crowd whooped wildly, " You had no idea who you were fucking with!"

He turned his attention to the crowd, "Now who's going to give me the first bid of the night on this minx of a girl."

The End.

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