tagLoving WivesA Warrior's Revenge

A Warrior's Revenge

byGrey Eagle 286©

Travis Pennington Murphy watched at the crowd of people entering the gym at Central Florida Community College. It appeared to be a good turnout for the fifth reunion of the Class of 2002. He was going to wait a while before he entered. He was pretty sure that Faith was not going to be there. At least her note on face book said she would be busy with a Pre-school function with her twin 4 year old girls.

He thought he recognized several people but from this distance he couldn't be positive. Hey! People change in five years. Some of them change in a couple of weeks.

He finally got out of the car and walked slowly toward the gym. It had been five years since he had been in his old home town. He had spent the first twenty years of his life here in this lovely old southern town. Many memories flooded through his mind.

A voice startled him, "Hey, Trav, is that you Buddy?

"Damn, Jack Burns! How the hell are you doing?" The two friends grinned and shook hands. Travis looked at the young woman standing next to his friend, "Betty, Betty Owens, You look great, how have you been?"

"She is Betty Burns, now, Trav. We have two kids and another on the way. Let me look at you Trav, Oh my God! I'm so sorry man. What happened?"

"Hey don't worry about it, I'm getting it fixed in a couple of months. Betty, you look beautiful, congratulations, both of you are very lucky. Have you seen Tim or Frank lately?"

"We see both of them often, they should both be here with their wives. Frank married Grace Herndon, and Tim married Jane Stevenson. They will all be happy to see you again. Are you back for long?"

Travis smiled, "Yeah! I think I am back for good this time. I just stopped by for a few minutes, I haven't even been by to see my Mom yet."

"Hey, Damn boy, that is really great! Sorry about your Dad, he was a really great guy. He did everything with us when we were kids. Are you out of the Marines now?"

"Almost! I am on terminal leave. After three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan I needed to be where I can look out for my mother. She is lost without Dad."

By now they were entering the gym. People were calling his name. Cheering and clapping broke out. There was a sudden hush and Travis felt a hand grab his arm and yank him around. A hard slap caught him across the face, almost knocking him off his feet. He staggered and regained his balance, throwing up an arm to protect himself from another blow. There was another gasp when people got a better look at his once handsome face. The beautiful girl who had slapped him stared, open mouthed, in shock and disbelief. Her hands flew to her face, "Oh! Dear God, Trav, Please forgive me! I didn't know!"

His face was badly scarred on the left side, the skin was tight and an angry red color. The right side of his face frowned, he said, "Faith, I don't believe I earned that, after all, it hurt worse when you dumped me."

Her jaw dropped again, "What? WHAT? That's not true, you never called or wrote except for some crazy note congratulating me about something and wishing me a good and happy life."

Travis stared at her. "Hey, YOU sent ME the wedding invitation with the sweet little note that you were pregnant and were marrying Alan Freed. YOU sent ME the newspaper announcement of your return from your honeymoon. YOU sent ME the invitation to join your Face Book account. YOU posted the pictures of the twins once a month or so! YOU DUMPED ME, MRS.FREED!!!"

The lovely girl stood dumbfounded. "Are you crazy? I never did any of that. I'm not married and have no children. I see Alan around now and then, but I would never marry him. I was in love with you." Her mouth shut quickly, her eyes narrowed, She screamed, "ALAN FREED, WHERE ARE YOU?"

Someone yelled, "Alan just ran out the back door."

Faith stood looking at Travis. Her face softened and tears ran down both cheeks, she held her arms open and walked to the tall man who looked down as her arms slipped around his neck. She sobbed and lifted her head to look at him. She gently pressed her soft lips against his scarred cheek, then moved them tenderly to press against his lips.

His arms slipped hesitantly around her warm body, then held her tightly. She looked up into his eyes, "Trav, it is all lies, I never stopped loving you, not for one minute, I still love you, I think of you several times each and every day. God must have heard me because I always pray for him to bring you back to me every time I think of you."

They stood holding each other, then Travis looked around at the crowd surrounding them. He looked in her eyes, "Would you like to find a quiet spot where we can talk for a while?"

She grabbed his hand and led him back out the door. She pulled him to a car parked near the door. She pressed the key buttons to unlock the doors. He opened the front passenger door. She said, "No, get in back, we can talk more comfortably there. I need for you to tell me again what happened when you left home five years ago."

"Ok, in a nutshell. After I had been at Marine Corps schools in Quantico, Va. for a couple of weeks I received an invitation to a wedding between you and Alan Freed that was three days off. On the bottom was a note saying you were very sorry but that he had gotten you pregnant. That was all it said. Next, another month later I received an e-mail from www.mrsfaithfreed.com with a copy of a part of a page of the Ocala Daily News Society Pages. It announced the return of you and your husband Alan Freed from your month-long honeymoon to London, Paris and Rome. There was a picture of the two of you.

"Next, about 8 months later I got a copy of an announcement of the birth of your twin daughters. Next I got a notice that I was listed as a 'friend' on your Myface site. I signed on and have been able to see new pictures of you, your children and Alan when ever I want. I confess that I only look about once a year. It hurts too damn much! So what is the truth?"

"I can tell you that it is all false. The only person who had access to all that stuff was Alan. I will kill that S-O-B. I am going to kick the shit out of him. Marry HIM? I would die first. I have never been with him. I can prove it! I'm still a virgin and my name is still Faith Hall."

Travis smiled at her and then grimaced a little. "I am a virgin too! With this face I will probably always be one too."

"No, I don't believe that, there is such a wonderful person inside, that every girl would want you."


"Me most of all."

"Will you kiss me again?"

"Yes! Any time you . . NO, all the time." She quickly turned around beside Travis and moved in front of him, pressing her chest against him as her lips touched his. It was a very long sweet kiss that grew in intensity as it progressed to a loving and passionate kiss.

Faith heard Travis whisper the words she wanted to hear. He said, "Faith, I thought my life was destined to be very unhappy for the rest of my life. I have been dead inside for five years. I couldn't stand being near beautiful girls, they brought back memories I didn't want. I took no real pleasure in anything I did. I studied college extension courses constantly and earned four separate degrees. I got degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting and Criminology."

"Criminology?"faith giggled, "You?"

"They didn't offer too many courses. I could have taken Cosmetology I guess, I could have been the 'Masked Beautician'."

Faith kissed Travis again, "Trav, let's go to my place. I am not comfortable here in my car with the windows all steamed up."

"OK. I need to stop by and see my Mom, I tried to call but I got no answer."

"Honey, why don't you stay with me tonight and call your mother tomorrow?


"Honey, your mother is only forty nine and she looks thirty five. She is absolutely beautiful. She dates a lot."


"Please don't be upset with her. She is still a young woman."

"Upset with Momma? No way! I am very happy for her, I know she loved Dad with all her heart, but he has been gone for three years. It is time for her to live again, I KNOW it is what Dad would want for her."

Trav followed Faith to an apartment complex. He tried to tell her he would get a motel room for the night but she wouldn't hear of it. She said, "I want to hear more about your life, I need to look more closely at you and figure out what can be done for your face, and I will not be seen entering a Motel with any man unless I am married to him." She helped him carry his bags in her apartment.

He was not at all surprised to find her apartment was neat and attractive with not a thing out of place. He saw his picture in a prominent place. There was a picture beside it of a young woman with twin girls he recognized. He pointed at the little girls, "Hey, those are your daughters!"

Faith stared at him, "No Sweetie, those are my nieces, my sister Nancy's kids. That's Nancy with them." Faith stamped her foot, "I'm gonna kill that S.O.B.."

They put his things down and Faith pulled him over into the kitchen and turned on the bright lights. She led him under the brightest light. She pulled a chair over for him to set on. She looked very carefully at his face. She examined it carefully from all angles. She went to a drawer and took out a large magnifying glass. She spent a long time looking and gently touching his face. She smiled at him and pulled him to a couch in the living area. She tenderly kissed his forehead, "This is what I do for a living. I take photos and make the preliminary sketches, measurements, and diagrams from X-rays and CAT scans they use to plot out the procedures they need to perform to rebuild a face. Your face should be an easy one." Faith led him to the couch in the living room.

She sat close to him and kissed him again. "Travis Murphy, you do not take care of yourself at all. I'll just have to take over the job of keeping you out of trouble. Your face is repairable I think. We will find out in a day or so. I can't believe they haven't fixed it."

"They are planning to do it in a month when I am healed up a little better. I have to go back to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington to have it done."

"No, you are going to see the doctors I work for Monday. They are two of the best in the world at facial reconstruction. They are a man and wife team and they do a lot of work for the Department of Defense. I want you done right. I may have to look at you for the rest of my life."

"Really? Do you mean that?"

"I think so. We need to get to know each other again, but so far, you seem to be the same guy I loved so damned much I have never looked at another man seriously for a long term commitment."

"I feel the same about you Faith, I have never thought about another woman. That's the truth. I will admit that I have looked at a few but they were not who I was looking for."

"Travis, I must confess that I have been expecting you for a while now. Please don't tell your Momma I told you, but we talk almost every day and she hinted that she was sure you would be home before summer. She also told me she thought you still loved me. She says you refuse to say a single bad or angry word about me. You never would tell her what happened between us. We could never figure it out. I love your Momma Trav, I think of her as my best friend; both of us love you very much."

"I didn't know you knew each other that well."

"We both know one thing. We need you in our lives."

Travis pulled Faith to his chest and kissed her. She kissed him fervently in return as his hands caressed her shoulders. Faith pushed away and stood up, she smiled, "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable, why don't you put on some shorts or something?"

Trav opened his smaller bag and found a pair of gym shorts and a tight t-shirt. He changed and turned to find Faith leaning in the door smiling. He stared at her. The halter top she wore was rather revealing and the shorts were loose running shorts. He knew he was drooling at the sight of her and he could feel his erection growing rapidly. He hurried and sat on the couch, crossing his legs. She smiled to herself, she knew she was in full control of the situation and she knew she was not going to let him get away this time. She put a little extra sway in her hips as she walked over to sit beside him. She put her knees on the couch beside him, and then leaned toward him, her hands slipping up around his neck. She looked deep into his eyes, then moved her lips to meet his. She felt him tremble with desire and pressed her tongue between his lips. She sighed as his tongue met hers, his hands were roaming over her body, she pushed away and pulled her sports halter off over her head. She heard the low moan of pleasure as his hands found her breasts. That felt so delightful. It had been a long time since she had thrilled to the touch of his hands; she loved feeling it once more.

Travis pushed her back a little and looked at her breasts. They were simply beautiful; she smiled gently as he caressed her boobies. She saw him look up into her eyes and heard him whisper, "They are bigger than I remembered. I love them and all of the rest of you."

"Silly boy, of course they are bigger, I am older." She giggled, "And I do work for a pair of Plastic Surgeons, what better way to advertize?"

"You look fantastic, what else did they change?"

"I will never tell, only a few minor things that are impossible to find."

"All I know is that I want to kiss every speck of you, you are beautiful, OH! WAIT! I just remembered something." Travis jumped up and went to his shaving kit. He opened it and got something out, then put the kit back in his bag. He sat beside Faith and took her hand, holding it gently. He was looking into her eyes again. Then he softly said, "Girl, I love you with all my heart, I have carried this for five years, I have started to toss it away many times, I could never do it. I bought this little ring because I intended to ask you to marry me the next time I saw you. Would you accept it a little late?"

She stared at him, tears were running down her cheeks but she didn't hesitate a second. "YES! Yes my love I will accept this ring and I pledge unto you my troth. I will marry you Travis P. Murphy." She giggled a little and looked at him, "Oh dear! I have forgotten what the P. stands for."

"Pennington Sweetie, Pennington. That is Mom's maiden name."

"Oh! I know that name. The name is very familiar because I work in the Pennington building downtown. Mr. Pennington died a few months ago. Some young guy inherited it. He is supposed to be here soon. I know a lot of girls who work for them. Everyone who works for the Pennington Company is wondering what is going to happen now. Nobody knows anything about the guy."

"You do."


"Yep, you."

"I don't know anybo . ." Her eyes got big. "YOU?"

Trav nodded. "I inherited it from my uncle, Mom's brother. I came down to take over the business."

"Do you know that Alan works there?"

Trav smiled, it was not a pleasant smile. "No, I didn't know that. Does he have a good job?"

"Yes dear, he is always bragging about how great a job he has. He loves his job. Mmmmph. Ohhhh!" Faith found it difficult to talk with Trav's lips pressed against hers. She found it difficult to think with one of his hands caressing her bare breasts and the other squirming it's way into the front of her running shorts. She shook her body, "Wait, Sweetie, let's take this to my bed, OK?" She jumped up and ran for her bed. She glanced back and Travis Murphy was right behind her.

Faith stopped beside her bed and looked at him as she stripped off her shorts, "Honey, take your clothes off, NOW!" She grinned when she saw Travis totally nude for the first time. Her first thought was that she thanked god that he appeared to have only a few small scars on his arms and shoulders, his large thick cock was untouched. She thought, 'just what I expected, just like the rest of him, big, handsome and strong.'

They were on the bed in a second, she knew that they were both so aroused that this first time would only be a small sample of the pleasures that lay ahead of them. She felt him move between her legs. She put her hand down and grasped his cock. 'Wow', he was too big to get her hand around as she rubbed him up and down her pussy lips to lubricate him. She knew she was very wet and it was wonderful feeling his thickness begin to stretch her vaginal sheath to accommodate him. When his cock was hard against her hymen he stopped. She whispered, "Pull out a little, then hit it hard." He grunted and there was a sharp pain then a very sweet feeling of complete joy and fullness. Each strong thrust was even better. She moaned and sighed as she held him tightly.

She vaguely heard him ask if she were alright. "Please don't stop Trav, I love this." She was finding ways to improve the way it felt. She discovered moving against him was different than moving from side to side, circling was delightful too. How hard their pelvic areas hit together was different too. Fast and slow on his part too! There was nothing he did that didn't feel good.

Trav was in heaven, this beat the hell out of jacking off. He knew he couldn't last much longer and he was pretty sure that Faith hadn't cum yet. He didn't want to mess up on their first time. He had felt her shiver once and then her pussy seemed to be clinching on his cock in rapid succession, now it had quit doing it. He murmured "Honey, I am getting close, are you ready? Can I cum inside you?"

"Cum now baby, cum inside me, I need to feel that, I am cumming now too!!! OOoooh! God!!! I lovvve that cock inside me!

They dozed for a while cuddling and spooning. Travis woke up to Faith gently kissing his lips. She was grinning and bubbling over with happiness. She was talking to someone on the phone, "Yes I know he is in town. Yes Momma Murphy, I did see him. He is doing fine." Travis moved a few inches and sucked in a long pink nipple. Faith squealed and said "Yes, Ungh! Yes. Stop that, I can't think! Yes I am back now. Do you want to talk to him? . . .Yes he is in my bed. . . .Momma we were back in love in ten seconds. . . Yes we did. It was worth the wait. Do you want him to call you in the morning, . . . No, he will be staying with me. . . .I have no intentions of letting him out of my sight again. EVER! Wait, NO, I do not want you to see him until I can talk to you, there are some things you need to know first.. Momma Sandy, brace yourself. He is a little dinged up. He has spent the last three weeks in Hospitals. . . . Mostly the left side of his face. He needs plastic surgery. It is just ugly, he is in no danger." Faith looked at Travis and gently grasped his hand and lifted it to her lips. "Yes Sandy, I love him more than ever, and guess what? . . . He put a ring on my finger, we are going to get married." Trav could hear his mother scream with joy on the phone. He grinned at Faith, he loudly said, "Come here woman, I want your hot little body."

Faith giggled, "I have to go now Momma Murph, our boy needs some comforting. Call you tomorrow."

Travis said, "Good night Momma, I love you. Think about a quick wedding." Then he heard the phone click off.

He felt a small warm hand gently slide around his hard cock. Faith pulled the sheets off of his body then moved down and closely examined his erect penis. Travis held his breath when Faith held his cock and looked at it from all sides. She gently touched it all over and rubbed the crown over her cheeks while she looked into his eyes.

Faith softly whispered, "Trav, I want you to teach me how to give you a blow job the way you like them. I will never lie to you, I have done it before with other guys. That is how I stayed a virgin for you my love. I will admit I have done other things too but yours is the only cock I have had inside me, so help me God! Now I want to please you Darling, I want it to be the best blow job you have ever gotten from any one." Her eyes were wide as she said, "Lover I want to learn everything you like, I belong to you now and I want you to love everything about how we make love. I guess we have to teach each other what and how to please us. I want to learn every little (or big) pleasure point on your body. I want to be the best lover you have ever had or ever will have. I hear the girls talking about how they won't do something he wants to do, or how he won't do something she wants. I don't understand that, if you tell me you love to have your big toes sucked, lookout, here I come. I expect to hear you say that I am doing it right or hear you say, 'Softer and juicier please. Oh yes! Now you've got it right!' I love you and we need to tell each other what we like."

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