tagGroup SexA Wedding Gift for Everyone

A Wedding Gift for Everyone


Recently my wife Anna and I attended an informal party in honor of her friend Sue, who had recently become married to a gentleman named James. Although I am not much of a partygoer, I had been acquainted with Sue for a few years through her friendship with my wife Anna, so I did not mind attending the gathering. Besides, I have always found my wife's friends to be amicable and rather interesting, since many of them are typically a few years older than me and have had more life experiences to share. (For the record, I'm twenty-four, my wife is thirty-eight, and most of her friends are between thirty-five and forty-five.) We had also missed the actual wedding the previous month, so this allowed us an opportunity to give Sue and James a gift to congratulate them on their union.

"Well, it is nice to see you two! I'm so glad you two love birds could make it," exclaimed Sue, greeting us with her typically courteous warmth as we walked to the door of her beautiful condominium.

Sue, as always, looked wonderful in her long, loosely fitting dress that was embossed with a dark crimson African motif. For someone who is slightly heavy and in her mid-forties, she still knew how to accentuate her natural, radiant beauty. Her short reddish-brown hair and her soft, clear complexion easily made her look ten years younger than her actual age. She also had large, firm breasts that looked great on her proportionate frame.

"We are just pleased to be here to congratulate you on this very special day," I replied, as we entered her home.

After putting our salad onto the table, I wandered around the house and introduced myself to the other eighteen people who were at the party. For my wife Anna, it was more of a matter of becoming reacquainted with the other guests, since she had at one time or another worked with most of the people there. Luckily, there were some people at the party of whom I had at least heard.

I especially liked chatting with a mutual friend of Anna's and Sue's named Kathy. I had heard many stories about her, but I had never met her before. She too was a little older than I was (she was 38), but she was an extremely attractive woman. She had sandy-blonde hair, and a long, shapely body that was really eye-catching. She had an athlete's body and easily could have passed for being 24 years old.

As the evening wore on, I spent most of my time chatting with Anna and Kathy. While there were many other conversations going on throughout the evening, we made a pretty strong connection and felt comfortable engaging in a deeper level of conversation than if we had conversed with mere acquaintances or strangers. A few hours later, when most of the people were leaving, Sue and James invited the remaining few at the party to have a few drinks and chat pretty much about anything and everything.

Pretty soon one drink became a few, and before we knew it, nearly everyone had left. As we sat in the living room enjoying yet another round of cocktails, I noticed that it was getting rather late and the crowd had dwindled to include just two couples (Sue and James; Anna and I) and Kathy. Kathy was recently divorced and did not have any children, so she didn't need to adhere to a curfew and stayed for another cocktail. While we were on the topic of Sue and James' wedding, Kathy asked James about what they did right afterwards:

"Did you two have a romantic getaway somewhere or do anything particularly interesting?" she asked.

"Oh yes," said James, "We went to the beach that evening and, believe it or not, consummated our marriage in the moonlight right on the cool, sandy beach."

"Oh, that sounds so perfect," Kathy replied, "as long as sand doesn't get into places where it shouldn't!"

"It was perfect," Sue added, "but little did we know at the time that we also had an audience! As we collected our things, we saw three people about sixty yards away clapping! We didn't even see them!" Sue's cheeks began to flush after she said this, so she obviously was a little embarrassed by either what happened that night or by disclosing such personal information to us. Seeing her discomfort, I tried to put her at ease.

"That actually sounds very erotic and nice, don't you think honey?" I said to my wife Anna, who quietly seemed to be reflecting on the imagery of that evening. "I think making love in front of an audience is beautiful, if the company around you is respectful."

"Well, that does like a incredible turn-on, doesn't it?" Anna added. "I have always fantasized about something like that, though it has always been just that--a fantasy."

"I think most people have fantasies like that," Kathy offered, "sex is such a fundamental desire that one cannot help but be extremely aroused either as a participant or as a voyeur."

"I guess there is nothing to be ashamed of, then, James. It seems as though our kinky behaviors are understood and accepted by at least a few of our friends!" giggled Sue, as she carefully and methodically brushed her palm up James's thigh before settling it on his cock.

James looked down at her palm and immediately had to shift his hips to adjust what was obviously a rapidly stiffening cock. "Oh, Sue, if you keep your hand there, I might be performing in front of another audience tonight, because you are really exciting me."

The room fell silent. Sue, her consternation only buffered by the margaritas in her system, slapped James on the arm, exclaiming, "Oh, honey, don't be crude—there will be plenty of time to play later." She then directed her eyes towards Anna, Kathy, and I, and apologized for his crude comment. "It must be the drinks getting to his head—both of them," she said apologetically with a tinge of humor and sarcasm.

"Don't worry about it," I added jokingly, "sometimes a man just needs to express his animal desires. Besides, I'm always willing to be a receptive audience." I looked over at Anna and, to my surprise, she didn't seem to be upset at my comment, though she did give me her deadpan stare. "It is really no big deal," I said, "we are all adults and sometimes a man just needs to get things taken care of physically so he can get the relief he needs so he can think about something other than sex."

While talking, I noticed James and Sue had their eyes locked onto each other in a telepathic gaze. They were obviously communicating information to which the rest of us were not privy. Kathy, rubbing the tip of her finger around the rim of the glass of her half-filled Long Island Ice Tea, sat in quiet contemplation, staring at Sue and James, while showing neither approval nor disapproval about anything that was being spoken. Her reticence was by default a demeanor of acceptance.

Anna leaned over and, without saying anything, took my hand in hers and kissed me on the cheek. Not more than a few seconds later James leaned over to Sue, put his arm around her, and softly French-kissed her rose-colored lips. Gradually succumbing to the moment, Sue kept her eyes closed and returned his affection, stroking his thigh with her hand and kissing him deeply. At that moment time seemed to stop. From merely ten feet away, Kathy, Anna and I quietly watched our newlywed friends making out on the couch with escalating passion and boldness.

It was as beautiful as it was erotic, and I could not help but feel my cock stiffen as I watched Sue and James fondle each other through their clothes. From the gazes of both Anna and Kathy that were fixed directly on the activity in from of them, I assumed they too were becoming aroused. To our surprise, James then skillfully unfastened the top three buttons of Sue's dress and began to fondle her sizeable breasts through her bra.

"Oh, you can't do that here," Sue cooed with short, rapid breaths. "Not when there are people here," she said in protest, turning her head toward Anna and I. Sue's eyes were clouded by desire, and though she knew carrying on further would inevitably lead to behavior she might regret, she also seemed to be begging for approval to continue.

Kathy, from the other side of the room, must have sensed this as well. "Go ahead, sweetheart, you are among friends," she whispered quietly, her eyes also filling with desire.

At those words, James continued to fondle Sue, and Anna tightened her grip on my hand as we stared intently at the couple in front of us. James unfastened a few more of Sue's buttons on her dress, and we could now see her ample breasts that were barely contained in her bra. Sue hiked up her long dress just a little, revealing only her beautiful, milky white calves as she straddled James, who was still sitting on the couch. For several minutes they kissed and stroked each other, and then Sue helped James remove his shirt; thereafter she got off him and knelt to the ground between his legs.

Without even looking back at any of us, Sue began to unbutton James's pants. Slowly and deliberately, she gently slid his pants down his muscular legs as he lifted his ass off the couch to facilitate the extrication of the garment. As she pulled them off, she kissed the inside of his legs down to his feet. As James sat on the couch in nothing but his underwear, Sue, still kneeling between his legs, placed her hand on his hard eight-inch cock that was bulging through his underwear.

"Oh, please take it," James whispered.

As Sue stroked his cock through his underwear with her left hand, she used her right hand to reach into her partially unbuttoned dress and knead her swollen breasts. After continuing in this manner for a minute or so, James could no longer stand it and took off his underwear, revealing his thick cock to everyone in the room. We all watched in amazement at what was transpiring before our eyes. Sue, with her back to us, reached inside her dress and finally unfastened her bra, liberating her full, white breasts. She let the top of her loose, unbuttoned dress fall over her shoulders. Her dress was now only covering the lower half of her body.

James stared at her breasts while slowly stroking his hard cock rhythmically. Touching the top of his hand as he touched his cock, Sue eventually bent down and with the grace of a butterfly kissed the top of his member. Her kisses became longer and deeper until they became deep, lustful sucks that engulfed his entire shaft. "Ooh, honey, your mouth feels so good," he said, after which she let out a moan in acknowledgement.

I could not believe what I was seeing, and I'm pretty sure Anna and Kathy felt similarly. After watching Sue suck James's cock for only a couple minutes, I was so hot that I could no longer stand it. I turned to Anna and began kissing her passionately, and our moans filled the air with Sue's and James's.

If things weren't escalating enough, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that across the room Kathy was leaning back in her chair with her legs lifted slightly off the ground. She had her beige sundress hiked up and was rubbing her moist pussy while she watched Sue devour James's cock. Her pantyhose were rolled down to her knees, exposing her thin, tanned, athletic thighs. Just watching Kathy masturbate across the room almost made me cream my pants. Her pussy was so hot.

As I kissed Anna passionately, I placed my hand underneath her shirt, running my fingertips around her small, supple breasts from underneath her bra. It was not long before her nipples tightened in my fingertips, aching to be sucked. I removed her shirt and bra and slowly ran my tongue in circles around her areolas, as she began to reach under her skirt to finger her pussy. Not one to waste time, Anna quickly took off her panties, leaned back on the couch, and furiously began rubbing her clit as she directed her attention to the blow-job Sue was giving James. As Anna watched Sue and James, I sucked on her breasts while simultaneously trying freeing myself from my pants. Everyone else had practically shed their clothes, so it was with little shame that I began to shed mine as well. I was sliding them off and stepping out of them when the breathing in the room intensified.

"Oohh, you are going to make me cum, baby," said James, as Sue stroked him manually with her hand while sucking him. "Oh, I'm going to give you my cream, honey. Suck me hard, baby. Suck me."

"Mmmm, give me your cum, sweetie," Sue quickly replied. She continued to stroke and suck him with deep intensity, and James's breathing gradually began to quicken.

"Oh, Ohh, Ohhh, I'm going to cum . . ." exclaimed James, as he took his cock out of Sue's mouth and, in tandem with her hand, began stroking his cock maniacally until four thick, heavy streams of cum spurted out of his cock and onto Sue's face and breasts. "Oohh, Oh, that feels so good," James stated in exhaustion, as Sue milked the rest of the cum out of his cock by placing her mouth back onto his glistening rod and slowly taking each inch back into her creamy mouth. As both of them continued to moan, our attention was suddenly directed to the far side of the room.

It was Kathy, rubbing her clit furiously, turning a beautifully flushed red as she started to cum. "Hmmm, Oooo, I'm cumming, Oh God, that is so hot, fuck, Oh! Oh! Hmmmm!"

She was in pure ecstasy as her body writhed like that of a serpent. Her eyes were glassy and her fragile body shuddered with the force of an earthquake as she came in a torrent of waves, the muscle fibers in her legs and loins tightening with the strength of a boa constrictor. "Oh my God that was so hot," she huffed, trying to catch her breath, as a bead of perspiration fell from her forehead and down her flushed cheek. As her orgasm subsided, the circular motions of her right hand on her clit became less furious until they came to a stop altogether, with her hand guarding her hot and satisfied pussy. Leaning back in pure exhaustion, she looked over at Anna, who was also beginning to cum.

Anna worked her pussy furiously, with her eyes focused on Kathy across the room. I continued to suck Anna's left breast as she masturbated until she could no longer hold back. With a series of short, subdued breaths, Anna began to tighten, her mouth parted, and she moaned "Aaahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh" repeatedly as I sucked harder on her left breast. Her fingers worked her pussy with intense precision. Although I have seen her cum for many years now (since we have been married for some time), I could tell that the added stimuli of having a roomful of sexual activity made this orgasm particularly strong. "Ahh, Yes, Yes," she repeated, rubbing herself to satisfaction in front of an appreciative audience.

Kathy and James, having came only moments earlier, recuperated while feasting on the sight of Anna bringing herself off. Sue, who had just brought her husband James to orgasm, gently sucked on the fingertip of her left hand as she watched Anna and I. There was something special indeed about having such a close friend cum right before your lustful eyes for the very first time. I noticed that Sue's gaze was not solely fixed on Anna but on me also, as I was lightly rubbing myself through my underwear as I was assisting Anna. At the least, I could tell that Sue really wanted to see my cock.

After Anna came, there was a moment of rationality, despite the fact that we had already had too much to drink and behaved in a manner that even we would typically deem to be inappropriate. Even though my cock was like steel, my mind was buzzing with what just happened: three people right in front of my eyes just had orgasms within the last two minutes! Here we were, among friends and acquaintances, showing each other not only our bodies, but also the passion with which we used them. As much as I wanted things to continue to the same effect that they had already just occurred, I knew that there might be some misgivings in that regard. After all, maybe what just happened was a mere "moment in time" to be kept confidential. As I anticipated, what had just proceeded merited some discussion.

"Oh my God, everyone here is so beautiful," Kathy said, reeling in her post-orgasmic haze as her heart rate returned to normal. "I'm not sure what just happened or why it happened, but it was too nice to be wrong."

"I agree," replied Sue, as she held out her hand lovingly to her husband James. She paused for a moment in the near silent room and, staring towards the ceiling, appeared to be deep in thought. "You know," she said in an inquisitive tone, "watching Anna and Kathy, two of my dearest friends in the world, have orgasms in my living room is the greatest wedding present I can think of. I mean, please don't think that it is too strange, even though it probably is. I'm just thinking that . . . well, I would so like to return the favor by having all of you watch me cum. And believe me, after watching all of you, I really need to cum really badly—it is as much for my sake as it will be for yours."

"That sounds okay to me," James replied.

"Oh, Sue, that would be wonderful," Kathy nodded in agreement.

I looked over at Anna, who was still recovering from her orgasm. She was strangely quiet and her demeanor was one of neutrality. I was hoping that she was okay with what had just happened. At that moment her expression was pretty difficult to read. Leaning over to her, I whispered in her ear, "If you want to go, or if things are getting to be a little much, we can leave. Just let me know."

"No, that's okay," she whispered back. Then, in a louder tone which could be head by the others in the room, she stated, "I'm just wondering if I can live with myself tomorrow morning if we end up engaging in a full-blown orgy. Right now I'm honest enough with my conscience to realize that I need a stiff cock or two before we go home."

The last line particularly took me aback: a "cock or two?" Sue looked over at James and whispered something the rest of us could not quite hear. As they continued to deliberate amongst each other, each passing second felt like an hour.

"Okay," Sue said firmly, "James and I just had a little discussion. I don't mean to offend anyone, but we have decided that tonight, if any of you are interested in sharing, it is also okay with us. Just for tonight and just between us."

I looked over at Anna and noticed she was slightly uncomfortable. "If you are okay with it, honey, so am I," I told her quietly. Immediately, her posture began to relax.

"I'm okay with it," she replied, "but you have to remember that I'm yours permanently. If we go ahead with this, we are doing so without forging deep emotional connections with the others afterwards, right?"

"You will always be mine, Anna. I love you and only you," I replied. "If we experiment a little and live out our fantasies, we will always do it together. Okay?"

"Okay," she said, still feeling a little unsure.

Turning towards the others in the room, Anna addressed the crowd. "We have decided that sharing is fine with us too, though if we are going to do it, we need to make sure that no one gets left out and what happens tonight remains confidential."

"That's fine, Anna," Sue stated with a naughty giggle, "and don't worry about being left out. I realize that I'm the host here, so it will be my duty to make the arrangements and accommodations for everyone, at least at first."

With those words, Sue told us to sit back, because she needed to get a few pillows. While she was out of the room briefly, I moved the coffee table to create a little more room on the floor. Curiously, Anna, James, and Kathy were pretty quiet, almost uncomfortably so. They, like I, probably wondered what exactly was in store for us in the coming minutes (and that is a pun quite well intended).

It was with some relief that James offered to mix us a few more drinks and to turn on some classical music by Boccherini. It helped to ease the tensions in the room and make us relax a little more. After just a minute or two, Sue returned with the pillows and carefully laid them out on the carpet. She also brought a couple blankets to soften the surface of the ground a little. Then she continued her duties as our hostess. As I sat on the couch next to Anna, Sue walked up to me, crouched down so that we were at eye level, and put her hands in mine.

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