tagIncest/TabooA Weird One Ch. 03

A Weird One Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

Prom was a blast. My mom, God bless her, had made me take dance lessons when I was in the seventh and eighth grades and I spent the evening dancing with the three best looking and sexiest women there. If you had told me that a month earlier that Tasha and Pauline would someday sit at the same table and smile and talk to each other I would have laughed at you and suggested that you be committed. But it did happen.

When Tasha and I arrived Gail and Tom were sitting with Pauline and her guy who had flown in from Tulsa so he could be her prom date. Even though I fully intended to sit there with them I was surprised when Tasha pulled me toward the table.

"You behave" she said. "I know she is no threat to me. All she did was fill in for me until I got my head out of my butt. Make sure you dance with her. You hear me?"

"Yes dear."

Between Tasha, Gail and Pauline I was kept on the floor almost all night. I was having such a good time and was in such a good mood that when Eddie came over and asked if he could have a dance with Tasha I just smiled and said:

"Just make sure you bring her back."

As Tasha and Eddie moved out onto the floor I saw Gail, Pauline and Tom looking at me with disbelief on their faces and I just smiled at them. When Eddie brought her back he thanked me for allowing her to dance with him and as he walked away Tasha mouthed "I love you" and then even though it was against the rules she leaned over and kissed me. Luckily none of the chaperones were looking our way.

There were a couple of after prom parties, but the one we went to was the one at Tom's house. Mary had sprung for a keg and a lot of snacks and then had gone off somewhere after warning Tom not to destroy the house or allow anything that would bring the police to visit.

We partied and danced to CDs until the party started to break up around one thirty. It had already been set up with Tom so it was no surprise to him when I led Tasha to Mary's king size bed.

I'd seen all of Tasha's parts at one time or another. I'd had her breasts out and I had licked and sucked them and I'd had her pants down or her skirt up when I had fingered her or gone down on her and of course I had seen her in a bikini around the pool, but I had never seen the entire package naked all at once. It was breathtaking!

There of course was the initial pain and when I tried to pull back Tasha grabbed my ass and wouldn't let me do it. I took it slow and easy and after about ten minutes she had her first orgasm and mine came shortly after.

"I had no idea" Tasha said when it was over. "I'll be kicking myself for years to come for waiting. Again? How soon before we can do it again?"

I shocked her when I went down on her. I know she was thinking "How can he do that on a dirty pussy" but it didn't take long for her to be grabbing my head with her hands and pushing herself up at me. I got hand and moved her into position for some doggie and in only minutes she was slamming herself back at me. That time was a first for me. In all that I had done with Mary, Gail and Pauline I had never cum at the same time they came, but it happened with Tasha. She cried out "I'm cumming" and I felt her start to orgasm just as I let my load loose into her.

We laid there cuddled up to each other and suddenly I felt tears on my shoulder. I looked at Tasha and she said:

"I'm sorry baby; I'm so sorry that I deprived us of this."

I wiped her tears away with a corner of the sheet and then I pulled her to me and kissed her.

"Not to worry my love. We have a lifetime of this to look forward to."

I wanted to keep going, but the problem I had was that I had to have Tasha home by three. Her father had wanted her home by one, but Tasha and her mom had worked on him to get her a little more time to hit some of the after prom parties that were considered part of the prom night experience. Tasha was trying for six in the morning, but even her mom wouldn't go for that so Tasha had to settle for three.

I had her home at five to and I got a very steamy goodnight kiss. It lasted a bit because no porch light flashing took place.

"Tonight?" she asked when we broke the kiss.

"No" I said and she frowned until I said, "This afternoon. Say about two?"

She smiled and kissed me again.


After that first time Tasha wanted to make love all the time and she was frustrated when we couldn't always do it. She had a mom and two younger sisters at home so her place was out. My mom was a stay at home mom for the most part. She did occasionally go into work with my dad and fill in when some one in the office called in sick or went on vacation and she did do some volunteer work so we were able to use my house at times, but it was sporadic.

There was snow on the ground at Stevens Point so the blankets in the trunk were not practical and lastly, my weekly allowance while not small was not enough to allow me to rent a room. Tasha was occasionally able to borrow her mom's car and it had a big backseat and being able to use it helped some, but Tasha wasn't getting as much as she wanted. The worst part was that I didn't have a clue as to how to fix the problem.

The solution came from an unexpected source. As close as I was to Tom and Gail Tasha being with me made her the Fourth Musketeer. Tasha knew that Gail and Tom were sexually active and as she and Gail grew closer and closer Tasha opened up more to Gail. One day when she was with Gail she was in a cranky and bitchy mood and Gail asked her why. Tasha told her that it was a lack of sex and she ran the problem down with Gail. Gail got with Tom and the two of them talked about it and then the together the two of them went and talked with Mary.

I didn't know any of that at the time so it came as a complete surprise one Saturday morning when Mary offered the use of her place for me and Tasha to use. There was a price of course. Regardless of what Tasha might want to do or where she would like to go Saturday's were Mary's until four in the afternoon or until she released me whichever came first. Also I had to give her two times during the week. She would prefer four and she didn't much care if I came to her before or after being with Tasha.

"How you do it or how you manage it is up to you. Now hurry up and make love to me before I change my mind."

Tom, Gail and I discussed it and it was decided that the way to handle it would be to have Gail sound Tasha out on how she would feel making love with someone else around. Depending on what Tasha said Gail would tell her that she and Tom made love at Tom's house on the days Mary was out of the house attending committee meetings of the various charities she volunteered to work for. If Tasha didn't mind that she and Tom were also going to be in the house making love she thought she could talk Tom into letting Tasha and me also use the house when Mary was gone.

Gail ran it by Tasha and Tasha jumped on it. When she mentioned it to me I acted hesitant and then let her drag me into it. Tasha never saw Tom and Gail making love, but she sure did hear them and I'm pretty sure that there were times when they heard us. The arrangement worked although there were times when Mary grumbled and complained that she was being neglected.


The period between prom and graduation was a fun time, at least from a sexual perspective, but hard times were coming and I knew it. I would be staying at home and going to State for my degree in Business Management, but Tasha was going to be going to Western which was a four hour drive away. I'd only be able to see her on the weekends when she came home. Add to that my easy life style was going to come to an end.

Every year from my fourteenth birthday until the summer at the end of my junior year I worked part time at my father's business and that included some Saturday's. Mom talked dad into giving me the summer before my senior year and my senior year to be nothing more that a footloose and free teenager. The price was that following graduation I would work full time until I started college and then part time as my class schedule allowed. All breaks would be worked full time and of course after I had my degree I would be full time as I prepared to take over from my dad when he decided to retire.

In short, all the free time I'd had for fucking would be gone. I'd still have evenings and Sunday's and all holidays when the plant would be closed, but that was all. I would be going from a kid's life and schedule to an adults. Tasha was not happy about it.

"It is my last summer before I go off to college. I want to go places and do things, but you will be working."

Yes indeed, my lady was not at all happy. If that wasn't bad enough more got dumped on me. Tom was informed that his dream had come true. He had wanted to go to West Point since the eighth grade and one of our state senators had gotten him an appointment. It was his dream, but Gail's nightmare. She'd had her heart set on becoming Mrs. Thomas Bagley within the next year or so, but now that couldn't happen until he graduated and became an officer. To make it worse she was as needy when it came to sex as Mary was and Tom was going to be over fifteen hundred miles away.

"You have to take care of her for me bro" he told me over coffee. We were sitting on the patio by the pool watching Gail and Tasha in the water.

"She is highly sexed and you and I both know she won't be able to go without and I'm afraid of what might happen to us if she goes to other guys to get what she needs. I trust her with you Bobby; you have to have my back on this."

"What does she say about it?"

"I haven't brought it up yet."

"I don't know Tom. I don't know that I can do what you want. I mean I know I can make it with Gail, but I don't know that I can keep her away from other guys."

"Why couldn't you?"

"Jesus Tom; I'm only human. You had to bring me in to help you take care of your mom and Gail. If you needed help in taking care of the two of them how am I going to manage the two of them and Tasha all by myself?"

"You may have to give up mom. We both know she can get someone if she needs too. Of course we both know that Gail could too, but that is what I'm hoping that you can keep from happening."

"For four years? Get serious Tom."

"It won't be that bad. During the week Nat will be up at school and we both know that there will be weekends when she won't come home. I'll talk to mom. She knows how I feel about Gail and she will understand my fears. I'll get her to back off a little. Please Bob, you have to help me on this."

"All I can promise is that I will try, but you need to something for me first."


"You have to get Gail to agree and then the two of you will have to sit down with Tasha and me and get Tasha to agree."

"What!!! Are you nuts?"

"Hear me out on this bud. If I do what you are asking people are going to see me with Gail and you know as well as I do that someone will tell Tasha about it. Just remember what we recently went through with Eddie. I do not need Tasha raining down on me for running around on her so she needs to know what it is that we are doing. She doesn't need to know about the sex, but she does need to know why Gail and I are spending time together. Besides, we don't even know that Gail will go along with it."

Gail did agree so she, Tom and I sat down and talked about how best to approach Tasha about it. It was decided to go straight at it. The four of us were sitting in a booth at Harry's and had just finished our burgers and fries. I wiped my mouth with a napkin and then said to Tasha:

"Tom has asked me for a favor and I need your input on it. I was going to talk to you alone, but Gail thought it would be best if she and Tom were part of the conversation. Simply put, Tom has asked me to go steady with Gail while you and he are gone."

Before Tasha could say anything Tom explained what he wanted. Gail said she was good with it and I explained that it would only be while Tasha was at college and not when she was home. Tasha looked from me to Tom, then at Gail and then back at me.

"I don't know what to say" she said.

"Would you at least think on it" Gail asked. "We have some time yet before Tom has to leave. It would help us Nat; it would really help us."

As we drove away from Harry's Tasha said, "I need a better idea of what this going steady means and why you needed to bring me in on it."

"To be bluntly honest about it Tom is afraid that he will lose Gail while he is gone. He knows that she isn't going to stay at home and watch TV while he is off learning how to be an Army officer. She will eventually date and he is scared shitless that she will hook up with some one and that the some one she hooks up with will steal her away. He figured that with you gone during the week I would be free to take her to movies and things like that and it would keep her away from other guys.

"The reason I had to bring you in on it was that I know that if I do it someone who sees me keeping company with Gail will take pleasure in seeing to it that you find out I'm cheating on you. I won't be, but that is what it will look like and I can't have that. That's why I have to have you on board before I agree to it. You say no way and I won't do it."

"It won't work you know."

"Why not?"

"The prime date nights are Friday and Saturday and I'll be home on those nights so on those nights she will be available for other guys. She might be able to hold off for a month or two, but she will get tired of staying home and eventually say yes to some guy who asks for a weekend date. Tom said it himself. She isn't going to sit home and watch TV."

She was silent for a minute or so and then she said, "Even though I know it isn't going to work it is okay with me. It probably won't even happen. It will probably be over before it can even start."

"Why do you say that?"

"One of my older sisters dated a guy who was going to go to West Point. They have a thing called Beast Barracks. What it is is basic training and it takes place the summer before they start their first year. Tom will have to report in near the end of June or the first part of July. That means that Gail is looking at most of the summer vacation with Tom gone. You already know what you will be doing during the days this summer and I'm damned sure not going to share what little time I'm going to have with you with some one else. The odds are pretty damned good that Gail will already be dating before I even come close to leaving for college."

I did not share Tasha's sentiments. I thought that she was flat out wrong. Even if it did eventually happen I figured that Gail would at least try to be good and figured that even if she did give in she would go six or seven months or so. Tasha was partly right. Tom did get notice that he had to report in by July 9th.


Graduation came and with it came the big change in my life. I had to be at the plant by seven and I'd be there until five-thirty or thereabouts. The plan that my dad had set up for me was that I had to learn every job in the place from the janitor all the way up to dad's job. I learned the janitor and mailroom parts from when I was fourteen up until I was given my year off.

Now that I was back to working I was starting on the shipping and receiving end of the business. I learned to use a pallet jack and drive a forklift. I learned how to pack stuff and arrange for shipping it out. I learned to make damned sure that when I received something that I made sure that it was all there and undamaged and I learned how to break the received goods down and get them to the appropriate departments.

The plant closed at five-thirty if no overtime was worked. I worked shipping and receiving until three and then I went into the offices and Marge, my dad's personal assistant and Stella, the office manager, worked on teaching me office procedures. Things like how our computer system was set up and how the filing system was set up to handle the documents that had to be saved.

The plant ran six days a week and the work force was set up to work ten hour days with some working Monday through Thursday and the rest working Tuesday through Saturday, but I was lucky. I got to work all six days. Whoopie! But I only had to work half a day on Saturday.

The good thing about it was that I was getting a paycheck and I could afford to get us a motel room now and then. Tasha liked that part, but she wasn't all that happy about the amount of time I was able to spend with her. On the average of two nights a week I had to tell her I was working overtime and on those nights I had to call Mary and make sure that Tasha wasn't there lounging around the pool with Tom and Gail and then I'd stop by.

Mary was not a happy camper. Tom was spending all of his remaining time with Gail and she was only getting me a couple of times a week. I was the only one not unhappy. I was getting more pussy than I had any right to expect. Quality pussy at that!


July 8th arrived and after tearful farewells Tom was off to West Point. Then things got really complicated for me. Apparently Tom, Gail and Mary sat down and talked things over. It was agreed that until Tasha went off to school that Mary would share some of the time she normally spent with me with Gail.

I found this out on the first night I stopped to see Mary after Tom left. Mary and Gail were both there and between the two of them they flat wore me out. I know that it is the dream of most guys to have two sexy women to play with, but I'm here to tell you that no man -- unless he has a perpetual hard on -- can adequately take care of two sex hungry females. Can't be done. I tried. I tried like hell, but it can not be done.

Unfortunately for Tasha (but fortunately for me) Tasha's mom and dad had a lot of family plans for Tasha's last summer before she went off to college and entered adulthood. This eased the strain on me somewhat, but had the downside (or upside -- depending on your view) of Tasha doing her absolute best to fuck my brains out when were able to get together. There were actually times during that summer when my dick hurt.

In addition to my three ladies I still (and I don't know why) felt that I had to occasionally leave soiled panties on my bedroom floor for my mom to find, pick up and wash. It was weird, but I kept on doing it and my mom never said a word to me about it or the night she walked in on me.


I was one very confused puppy. On the one hand I didn't want Tasha to leave me and go off to school. I knew she was meant to be my life partner -- the yin to my yang -- and I wanted her to be with me and close enough to touch at all times, but on the other hand I couldn't wait for her to go just so my cock could have some relief.

I could have gotten that relief by simply telling Mary and Gail that I was sorry, but I needed to give all my time to Tasha. Yeah! Right! Get serious! An eighteen year old (coming up on nineteen in three weeks) giving up pussy? I loved Tasha. I truly did, but I just couldn't give up my mini-harem especially knowing that Tasha was going off to college.

I did have some backbone though. It didn't make me any points with Tasha's parents, but I'd like to think it would have made me points with Tasha is she would have ever found out what happened.

It was the week before Tasha was to leave for school. I got a phone call at work from Tasha's dad. He wanted to talk to me and he asked me if I would meet him after work for a cup of coffee. Being naturally curious I said sure and he asked me to meet him at the Hilton when I got off work. I called Mary and told her that I had to take a pass on the evening because I had to work overtime. She told me that if I got off early enough I should stop by if only for a quickie.

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