tagGay MaleA Welcome Intruder

A Welcome Intruder


Being at university, you'd probably expect me to be knee-deep in sexual activity, but in my case things are pretty hard going. I am 18, and living in halls of residence with 7 other lads, all around about my age. The problem is I am gay, and am trying to keep it a secret from my flatmates for 2 very good reasons. Firstly, a couple of the lads are what you might call "jocks", that is they are the sporty type, always down the gym or playing rugby or something like that and I get the impression that they wouldn't take to well to the fact I am homosexual as they are total meat-heads.

The other reason is sort of related to the first. As we are all guys together in the flat, we have a communal bathroom, which although we have individual shower cubicles, means that we all walk round naked in front of each other. If I were to reveal my sexuality, some of them might feel uncomfortable with it and there would go the lovely eyeful of lovely thick cock I get every morning. One of the "jocks", although something of a Neanderthal in attitude is absolutely gorgeous, with an amazing muscular body and a massive dick, I am fortunate enough to live next door to him and love to masturbate whilst listening to him fucking the life of some poor girl, imagining his manly torso glistening with sweat as he pumps that big fat throbbing cock meat into some lucky bitch!

Anyway, this means that if I do pick up a guy I invariably have to fuck them at their place, or outside somewhere, to avoid my secret being discovered. However, this story took place in my halls one evening after dark. It was about half 3 in the morning and the rest of the guys had crashed out in their rooms, after another night out on the beer, I had heard a couple of them throwing-up in the bathroom as I was still up, pulling an all-night revision session for my exams the following week. As I studied the chemistry textbook, I could hear a faint creaking coming from the room next door. It was a sound I was all too familiar with, as I had taken pleasure from it many times before. Tim, the guy next door had obviously got lucky at the club and had taken a girl back. I pressed my ear against the wall to listen in, as the couple got busy in the room next door.

I could hear her moaning as Tim pumped that beautiful big dick of his in an out of her obviously well-filled vagina, grunting like a wild animal with each of his powerful thrusts. I closed my eyes and slipped my hand down my jogging bottoms and inside my boxers. I could feel my cock starting to swell as I listened to Tim slide his monster erection in and out of some young slut's pussy. I slipped my Pants down and off, and pulled my boxers aside, revealing my now fully erect member. I gripped the shaft firmly in my right hand and began to slowly wank it as I listened, thinking of the naked Adonis fucking next door.

As I closed my eyes and pictured his naked body, I heard him say to his latest conquest "Turn round, I'm gonna fuck your pretty little ass!" I gasped sharply as I heard her scream with delight as he fed his long thick willy into her unprepared anus, wishing to god it was my quivering asshole he was viciously fucking, I could almost feel his big balls slapping against my ass cheeks as he forced inch after inch into me. My cock was throbbing as I began to quicken my masturbation, hoping to bring myself to a climax at the same time as Tim, as it would be the nearest I got to fucking him for real. Then, as I reached over to grab some tissue to catch my ejaculation, I heard something smash in the kitchen. I knew it couldn't have been one of the guys as they would be virtually unconscious by know after downing several pints of god-knows-what in the student bar, and the sounds still coming from Tim's room told me he was more than adequately occupied. I began to feel a bit scared as I slowly unlocked my room door and stepped out into the corridor to investigate.

As I neared the kitchen door my breath began to quicken as I anticipated what I would be faced with inside. I swallowed hard and pushed open the door, flicking on the light switch as I did so. I was confronted with just what I had feared. We were in the process of being robbed. The perpetrator was dressed all in black with a black balaclava and was about 6ft in height, in his hand he held a large brown sack, which he was in the process of filling with the house stereo we had in there. He was just as shocked as me, and tried to fumble some semblance of an explanation or apology or something, his words becoming muffled by his fear at getting caught. Although his mask covered his appearance, I would have guessed from the slight rap in his voice that he was around 35-40 years old, and I could just make out the edge of a tattoo of a snake between the cuff of his jersey and the edge of his black leather glove. I was so scared I didn't even realise my state of dress, until I noticed his gaze had become fixed on my groin.

"Please don't tell the cops" were his first understandable words as he replaced the stereo on the worktop where he had taken it from. I was so scared still, that I hadn't really thought about what I was going to do and stood frozen to the spot as he began to slowly walk towards me. "Don't call the police", he repeated nervously "I'll make it worth your while". I was given the briefest second to contemplate his reply before I felt his hot breath against my face and a cool leather hand stroke the length of my still exposed hardon. I was absolutely terrified as this burly intruder pushed the door shut behind me, and my cock began to soften as my body quivered with fright. "Don't be scared" he reassured, noticing the state of my cock in his gloved-hand "I want you to relax, after all I have to convince you not to shop me to the police don't I?" I hadn't thought of it from that point of view, I actually held the power in this situation, and he was therefore somewhat under my control.

I began to feel a little surge of confidence and I put a hand on top of he burglar's wool covered head, staring at his piercing blue eyes, peeping out through the eyeholes in his black balaclava. Pushing his head gently down, I whispered "Well, if you want me to let you go you need to make me hard again", directing his head down towards my now semi-aroused penis. The burglar took my cue and sank to his knees, grabbing the base of my cock between the first two fingers and the thumb of his right hand and stroking my balls with his left. As I looked down at him massaging my immediately responding dick, I thrust my hips towards his face and commanded, "Now suck it!"

As I ordered, his long tongue emerged from the mouth hole of his helmet and flicked along the shaft of my fully re-stiffened cock, before he took the entire 7 inches of my meat right down his throat, gobbling and sucking for all he was worth as I closed my eyes and rode the wave of pleasure I derived from having my dick sucked skilfully by a total stranger in my kitchen. As he sucked I forced his head down hard against my groin, so I could feel the itchy wool of his mask rubbing against my stomach, which was really turning me on even more. "Oh yeah that's real fucking good" I hissed as I felt my climax approach. As a punishment I thought I wouldn't warn him of my intense orgasm, and as I felt my balls begin to tighten I grabbed the back of his head firmly in both hands, clamping his face against my abdomen, with a little jolt, my rigid shaft pumped several spurts of hot creamy spunk straight down the burglar's throat.

As he choked and spluttered at the surprise of such a powerful ejaculation, some of my cum began to leak from around his mouth and as he coughed, little flecks of my jism sprayed my thighs and scrotum. After I had finished filling the intruder's mouth with my seed I glanced down at my cock and was pleased to see he had cleaned it off nicely and had eventually managed to swallow the gallons of jism I had deposited into his mouth and throat. As he knelt before me trying to get his breath back, I tapped him on the shoulder and lifted my flaccid cock revealing the soiled scrotum and egs beneath. "Look at the mess you've left here, any good burglar should know not to leave no trace, now get there and clean it up!" Again the guy did exactly as he was told and was soon licking the last traces of my climax from my thin pale legs and scrotum. "That's better", I said slyly as he got backup to his feet. I could see that through the tight black jeans he was wearing his own cock was beginning to grow, and as he had so expertly sucked my dick, I felt it was only fair to offer him some relief too.

As I placed my hand over the bulge in his jeans, the straining material told me it was crying out to be freed, so I obliged by unzipping his fly and pulling out his 6-inch stiff cock. "Are you going to suck my cock for me?" he enquired hopefully as my fingers played lovingly with the throbbing dick of the burglar. "No", I replied, "If you were any kind of decent burglar, you'd know to always use the back entrance!" slipping down the damp thin cotton of my boxers. Although I had taken longer cocks up my ass with no problems, the head of his cock was abnormally large and looked like it could dome some serious damage if I was unprepared to take such an angry looking beast, so I leaned over to the counter and took a big handful of butter. I reached over and took some of the soft cool butter on my fingers before rubbing it along the shaft of his hard cock paying special attention to that throbbing purple head at the end. Then with the remaining butter on my fingertips I began to grease my asshole liberally, smearing the soft fat right along the crack of my ass and up inside my anus. I bent over the big dining table and presented my buttery bottom to the burly figure behind me ordering him to fuck my ass.

Gripping his slimy pole firmly he strode over to me and pressed his bloated head against my greasy opening. As I felt the tip of his penis prise open my tight little bottom I grabbed hold of the table firmly, bracing myself for his second violent intrusion that evening. Feeling his strong gloved hands against my slim bony hips he grunted as he pushed his huge cock end inside my warm ass, spreading it like never before. Although initially painful, once inside me I could feel it pulsing in my colon as he slid the rest of his beautiful erection inside.

"Fuck me good and hard, or I'll call the police on you, you fucking bastard!" I yelled as my asshole begged to be pumped by his angrily tipped member. He immediately responded by hammering forcefully into me, making my ass quiver with each powerful thrust. My own erection was building steadily as his purple helmet rubbed greasily against the smooth sides of my rectum. "Reach round here and toss me off", I asked as I held firmly onto the table gritting my teeth as his fat cock continued to force its way deeper into my body. Soon his hand was around my rigid shaft and his hand was pumping in time to match his cock, sending me wild with ecstasy as we both neared a powerful climax.

Mine was the first to arrive as he pumped his fist quickly along my pulsing dick, shooting a long stream of watery cum across the deep mahogany dining table, the white gooey fluid standing out noticeably against the deep rich tone of the timber. Before I had finished my own ejaculation, my ass was filled with the jism of the intruder who was banging his twitching cock into me as his cum splashed around the walls of my slippery anus. After he withdrew his cock I quickly pulled up my pants to catch the cum as it trickled from my hole before grabbing the burglar's cloth sack to clean up the traces of my own salty spunk from the table. By the time I had turned round to give the guy his sack back, he had disappeared out the window again and was running across the soccer field opposite our halls.

When I turned back, Tim was stood in the doorway his pubes encrusted with a mixture of his own cum and the pussy juices of the lucky young girl he had been fucking earlier on, he had a towel slung over his shoulder and a bar of soap in his hand. Fortunately my own lust had been recently satisfied as well, so I was able to take my eyes away from his fantastic cock to look at him as he spoke, saying, "What's been going on here?" I explained that I had been up studying and had heard a noise in the kitchen, but when I went to investigate I must have disturbed him and he had ran off. Tim looked at the bag I was holding in my hand and placed a large strong hand on my shoulder, causing his flaccid dirty cock to brush against my naked thigh, "Good one" he said smiling, "Looks like you stopped him just in time, judging by empty sack!" I grinned as he headed off to the shower room to clean off his wonderful body, thinking to myself, how we had both been left with empty sack in more ways than one!

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