tagLoving WivesA Well Laid Plan Ch. 02

A Well Laid Plan Ch. 02

byArt Martin©

This is Part 2 of a Well Laid Plan-for your better enjoyment, please first read Part 1.


I felt twenty years younger. Not like a teenager, mind you, but like the virile stud I was back in college. It wasn't just the newness of taking a new lover, it was that ego inflating knowledge that I could still get it up repeatedly throughout the night and give my new lover the best screwing she'd had in many years. I certainly hadn't done that with Janet since before our last child was born. We had sex, often, but rarely did we go at it twice in a single night anymore. Last night with Lisa, I almost lost count. The first fuck was quick, in the kitchen, too quick for either of us, but immensely satisfying nonetheless, as it relived the sexual tension that had built up during Lisa's protracted tease.

Almost immediately after I came in her cunt, she had her lips around my organ and had me up again. That coupling was less frenetic and I gave her what she had so recently given me, a tumultuous climax. Half hour or so later, we were in the guest bedroom, as it just didn't seem right to me to take Lisa to Janet's bed. My soldier was up, but I wasn't anywhere near cumming anytime soon. That coupling turned in a very protracted, marathon-type screw, changing positions every five minutes or so until I fucked myself to exhaustion.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night, a little disoriented. Quickly I discovered the relatively strange woman sleeping beside me, and realized that I somehow had a nocturnal hard-on. A hard-on I wasn't about to waste. Rolling on top and waking Lisa in the process, I entered her again. It was well over an hour later that I dozed off again. Jokingly she accused me of trying to kill her.

The telephone rang in the dead of the night. It woke me, but I certainly didn't answer it. I groggily remembered something that Lisa had said earlier, that in all probability this would be a one-time thing. According to Lisa, in the morning, when she went home, it would be over. Not wanting to waste precious, valuable time sleeping, I began feasting on those big tits of hers again. Soon Lisa straddled me and we were illicitly joined again.

Dawn had broken. Lisa nudged me awake, saying that she'd have to go soon. "Sam, do you feel up to playing anymore?"

"I honestly don't know if I could get it up again, Lisa," I groaned.

"Hmmm, well sit up, lover. That's it. Put your feet on the floor." Lisa slid off the bed and kneeled before me. In the soft morning light, it was almost surrealistic to watch my flaccid cock disappear between her lips. I had watched many early morning blowjobs, but was different. This wasn't my darling Janet, it was Bill's wife doing me the honors. Leaning back on my arms, I watched the show, enjoying every moment of being engulfed in her warm wet mouth. It took several minutes, but by and by, blood began to engorge my cock.

Lost in the moment, I didn't hear a thing except for the wonderfully lewd slurping noises that filled the air. My total attention was on the pretty woman, my best friend's wife, as she eagerly laved over my cock. My head snapped up at the sound of, "Oh! Excuse me!" There in the doorway was my wife, dressed in a very small yellow bikini, blushing furiously. She looked a mess. Quickly she disappeared, pulling the door to.

In a reaction of being caught in the act, I pushed Lisa off my cock. My stomach churned momentarily, before I realized that... hell, it was okay. Janet knew that Lisa was with me. She just wasn't expecting to find us in the guest room. I suppose she also wasn't expecting to find us actively engaged. The knowledge that she had been with Bill all night, doing the same things as Lisa and I had done, helped sooth my conscious. Still, pangs of guilt, lanced through me. The fact that she was home early was both reassuring yet...

"You've got to go?"

"Yes, Sam. It's time. Mmmmm, you were wonderful last night. Very wonderful. Janet is so lucky to have a guy like you."

"You were wonderful too, Lisa. Nothing against Jan, but that was the best sex I've had in years."

"Me too... Now, I've got to go. Love you." Without further ceremony, Lisa kissed my pecker and went home, leaving me with a stiff one and a feeling of awkwardness.

I heard the water running and deduced that Jan was taking a shower. Lying back on the bed, I wondered what we going to say to each other. More specifically, I wondered what I was going to say to her. "Have a nice time? Did you have fun? Who's better, Bill or me?" None of those seemed to be appropriate openings. "Love the bikini," popped into mind, except that I was certain that she wasn't wearing it in the shower.

I took a deep breath. The heady scent of Lisa's cunt filled my nostrils, a reminder of wallowing my face between her legs, exploring and discovering every crease and fold of her sex. I knew I reeked, but I was quite content to relish the lingering odors.

Slowly I realized that I didn't need to say anything, at least at first. What I needed to do was just go in there and fuck my wife. We could talk later.

Fortunately while I had been lying there, savoring Lisa's scent, I had been diddling my dong. It was still up and ready. Rising from the bed, doing my best to maintain my erection, I walked towards the master bedroom. In my mind's eye, I coxed Janet to bend forward, bracing herself against the wall of the shower as the spray beat down upon us. In one swift motion, I would penetrate her fully. I briefly wondered what it would feel like, plowing into her cunt greased with another man's cum.

Then I heard silence before I got to the door. The shower had stopped running. The moment was gone, and so apparently was my erection. For a moment, I stood at the bedroom doorway, trying my best to revive my flagging cock. I could still smell Lisa. In my present state, I couldn't go in there and just fuck her. I also knew that covered as I was with the scent of her best friend's cunt, it would be impolitic to even kiss Janet now.

Staving off the inevitable, I turned and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. There scattered on the kitchen floor was Lisa's bikini, the pieces lying where they had fallen last night. There too were my swim trunks. As far as I knew, Lisa hadn't brought any other clothing with her last night. With a smile I pictured her brazenly cutting through our backyards, buck-naked.

The coffee made, I poured two cups and returned to the master suite. Janet was now in bed, on her side, facing away from the door with the covers pulled over her shoulders and neck.

"Jan? You want some coffee?" I said softly. There was no reply. "Jan?" She was asleep, or at least I thought she was asleep. A sudden wave of fatigue hit me. Setting the coffee down on the dresser, I trudged off to the shower to rinse away the lingering residue of a hedonistic night.

The shower felt great, however, I didn't loiter. I did what I thought was a good job and was quickly through. After drying off, I crawled into bed, expecting to snuggle into some soft bare skin. To my chagrin, I felt the warmth of pajamas. As any man who has been married for long can tell you, pajamas are a signal that something is wrong. And as any married man can tell you, the signal meant either that she was sick or that I was in the doghouse.

'What did I do?' I pondered with exasperation. 'I came home. I played her game, and now I'm in shit?' I must have vexed over this for maybe thirty seconds before the fatigue over took me, transporting me to dreamland.

It was early afternoon before I awoke alone in our bed. I dozed off and on for another half hour or so, before dragging my ass out of bed. One thing was for certain; I was famished. I slipped on some gym shorts and made my way to the kitchen. Lisa's bikini and my swim trunks had found their way off the floor and onto the kitchen counter. I looked about for Janet, but she wasn't to be found in or around the house. My anger rose momentarily as I envisioned her next door, being drilled by Bill. That feeling quickly dissipated when I found her car gone from the garage. She had merely gone off on some errand.

I found something to ease my hunger pangs and slake my thirst. Then I went out to the pool, sucked the shorts and dove in. The water felt great. I was in no mood to do laps, but forced myself to do them anyway.

I had finished my exercise and was just floating about when the house phone rang. There was no use scrambling around in a futile attempt to pick up before the answering machine kicked in, so I let it be. In due course, I checked the answering machine. "Sam. Bill. Give me a shout." I checked the garage again to see if Janet had somehow slipped in undetected, but her car was still gone. I had no idea what Bill wanted, but decided it might be best to make the call now and not wait until Jan returned.

"Sam! How's it going? Stupid question," he began. "I think I have a pretty good idea. Last night... it was fantastic! I don't know what you did last night... actually I do," he chuckled, "but when Lisa got home, she woke me up and jumped my bones! Damn, she was like a wild woman! After all the fun we had, you know, well...damn! You know, sometime I'm gonna have to send Lisa over to get primed again! I don't know about you, but I feel like Tarzan!"

"Uh, yeah," I answered.

"Look, how about if we all go down to the lake house this evening. We can do a little fishing in the morning. Maybe, perhaps, we can have a little more...uh, fun too!"

"Well, I'll have to check with Jan. She's off on some errand. I'm not sure when she'll get back. I tried her cell, but the voicemail picked up right away. I'll have to get back with you."

"Oh. Okay. Fair enough. Look, we've got beer, wine, steaks and stuff here, so if you want to go, we can just go!"

"Sure, Bill. I'll let you know as soon as I can."


As I hung up the phone I heard the garage door opening. A minute or so later, Janet comes in, smiles meekly at me and then scurries off into the back of the house with a very small package. Cornering her in the bath, I arrived just in time to see her pop a pill from a prescription bottle.

"Hey, babe. Are you okay?"

"Fine, fine. I'm fine."

"Uh, where've you been?"

"I, I needed a this prescription filled so I was down at CVS."

"Took you that long? You went to see a doctor?" Picking up the bottle, I saw that it's Xanax, an antidepressant. "What's this all about?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just don't feel well, that's all."

"You saw a doctor?"

"It's Saturday, so I dropped in at the Doc-in-a-box."

"What's wrong?"

"Will you stop with the inquisition?!"

"Sorry, Jan. I'm just concerned."

"Well, you weren't..."

"Weren't what?"

"Never mind. Look I'm sorry. I just don't feel well. You know how it is."

"Hmmm, period?"

"No... Look, I'll be fine."

"Okay," I replied skeptically. "By the way. Bill called. Wants to know if we want to go to the lake house tonight."

"No!" She paused then added, "I'm really not up for that. How about if we just stay home? I haven't seen you all week."

"Want me to invite..."

"No! Not tonight! God! You want do that again tonight?! You want to see me spread my legs for him?!"

"Hey! Easy! Easy! It wasn't my idea, remember."

"Well, you didn't try to stop it either!" she snapped.

"What?" To my surprise, she stormed out of the bathroom. "Hey! What's the problem?" I called out after her.

"I don't want to talk about it! Men!"

"Wait a minute, Jan. That wasn't my idea! It wasn't Bill's idea either."

"That's right, take up for Bill!"


"Look, leave me alone for a while. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about anything! Just leave me alone for a little while!" With that she breaks out in a flood of tears.

Now I'm no genius when it comes to over wrought women, but I learned long time ago that it's just best not to say anything at all, because that will probably only make things worse. Best thing is just a firm hug and let her cry it out. I did just that and was told, "Leave me alone, will you! Just leave me alone!"

That in turn pissed me off, so I left. No sooner had I cleared the bedroom door than she slammed it shut. I turned and shouted, "This is bullshit!" Then I headed off to get a drink and try and figure out what in the hell was going on.

I was on my second stiff scotch, slowly stewing on the seemingly irrational nature of women when Bill called again.

"Well, you wanna go this evening?"

"No. Not today."

"You coming over here?"

"No. Not tonight. Uh, we're just gonna lie in for the night."

"Oh yeah!!... Say, I know, how about we go fishing in the morning? We'll leave at four."

At that moment, going fishing sounded great... anything to get out of the house.

"You're on! And Bill, don't make me roust your sorry ass out of the bed at four AM! I'll be ready, you be ready!"


An hour later, I was really snockered. I ate some trash and went into the guest room. Lying on the bed, I could smell the sex that still permeated the room. Was that it? Was Jan pissed off because Lisa was giving me a blowjob? On any other day, that would make perfectly good sense, but today? It just didn't make any sense at all. Then I realized that in my anger with Janet's irrationality, I had overlooked the obvious. What in the hell did Bill do?

I thought back to the events that had led up to last night's little stunt. The girls, topless in the hot tub certainly, but no, before that. Like when we would go dancing, either at the Embers, the club, or at someone's house. We mostly danced with our own wives, but Jan liked to dance with Bill and I loved to dance with Lisa. Occasionally, a wandering hand would caress a butt cheek or a hard cock got rubbed into a belly, but that was all. No one ever got upset, except for the time that I told Bill to lay off my wife's butt. He calmly pointed out that I had been a bit fresh with Lisa and perhaps we should all call it a night. He was right. I just didn't think that he'd notice. I felt pretty stupid, but not stupid enough to ruin our evening. The rest of the night, both Bill and I kept our hands a little higher on the hip than normal. Neither of us ever said anything again about what happened on the dance floor.

Then there were the evenings when the girls would "swap" husbands. That naturally had certain sexual overtones, but what the girls had in mind was just dinner, some conversation and perhaps a back rub. At the designated time, they'd return home. Other than the back rub, the only thing sexual was a smoldering tongue dance at the front door on their way out.

More immediately, I thought back to the trip to Martinique that we took last spring. Just the adults. We farmed out Denise to another friend. Our other kids were away at college.

The girls were shocked at the topless bathers at the beach. Bill and I were in heaven. They didn't want to go to the beach. We told them to grow up. The French simply weren't as prudish as we Americans, and when in Rome.... Well, the Rome-bit was out of the question, but we did manage to get in some good long beach hours to gawk.

When we returned home, the girls' attitudes had changed. I noticed that Jan's tits weren't snow white anymore. Bill noticed the same about Lisa's tits. Unannounced, they had taken up sunning topless, by the pool when we were at work and Denise was in school or somewhere safely out of the way.

The newly bronzed boobs inspired Bill and I to take certain liberties in the hot tub. There were squeals of protest, but alcohol had smoothed the way for some risqué fun. Immediately there were rules... Jan loved rules. It was strictly look but no touch. We couldn't even feel up our own wives much less get into anything really adventurous. Still, sexually, it was very stimulating. After a night of glimpsing Lisa's tits just a few feet from me, Jan and I would have a rambunctious time in bed that night. Jan's tits had a similar effect on Bill's libido.

That got us to talking, at least Bill and I. I mean really talking. Bill and I discussed more adventurous themes, such as a soft swing and having sex with our partners in the presence of the other couple. By and by Bill and I got into talking dirty about the other's wife. I made it clear that I found Lisa highly desirable. Bill openly fantasized about doing Jan. If it had been anyone but Bill, there never would have been any of this talk, but it was just great guy talk, two middle aged guys talking nasty sexual fantasies. Then we'd go home and fuck the hell out of our own wives.

But with all the talk of swapping wives, we both agreed that it would never happen. We opted instead to work toward a more obtainable goal, a soft swing.

Jan and Lisa talked too. The soft swing was discussed, but Jan was adamant, at least with me, that a show of tit was a far as anything would ever go, and then only in the hot tub. We stuck with that rule, but the play area eventually included the swimming pool.

Once after a round of golf, Bill and I found them out by the pool sunning topless. Hands immediately covered the areas of interest. We offered to oil them down, but were soundly rebuked. Bill and I decided to skinny dip. Rather than join in, the girls got up and went inside.

What never happened was any real discussion that included all four of us at the same time. That was odd, because we certainly talked about everything thing else including Bill's hemorrhoids and Janet's yeast infection. It was always Bill and me, Lisa and Jan, Jan and me, Bill and Lisa, but never the four of us and certainly never Lisa and me or Bill and Jan. Thus what we related to each other often had a certain hearsay quality to it.

Not surprisingly, when Lisa sprang their plan on me, I wasn't all that convinced that it was on the up and up. I was reasonably certain that Jan would never go through with it. I suspected that it all a ploy, a test of fidelity or a devious scheme for Jan to get that turquoise T-bird she coveted. I never really thought, not until the last minute that she would actually do a real swap. Lisa, yeah, I thought Lisa would be game, Bill had so much as told me that. But Jan? Then when the hour passed and there was no call from next door, I knew it was for real. By that time, I was so horny for Lisa I never considered any other alternative.

If Janet didn't want to go through with it, she would have called and stopped it. It was that simple. Did she make that decision, then wake up this morning with regrets? That's certainly what it looked like. Then why is she mad at me? Because I didn't make the call and stop it? That too was a real possibility. She seemed angry with Bill too. Why would she be angry with Bill?

Then I remembered the duck hunt. That was five, six years ago. I had met a guy who told me about this duck hunting camp down around Gueydan, Louisiana. Sounded great. Bill and I went one year and it was great! The next year we returned.

The camp was out in the middle of nowhere, down in the marshes, at the end of a very long and lonely gravel road, about twenty miles from the nearest gas station. In fact, except for several oil wells, the camp was the only thing on the road. The camp itself wasn't anything to brag about. It wasn't exactly picturesque, but it sat right on a pristine bayou. Basically, it was a tin roofed shack, consisting of one large room, with tables, chairs, and couple of sofas, plus a kitchen. There were four small rooms down a hall on one side, with two bunk beds and a gun rack in each. At the end of the hall was the community bath, with two toilets, two sinks and open shower. Other than the two doors leading outside from the main room, there weren't any doors. It was Spartan. A hunting camp. A place to eat, sleep and get out of bad weather.

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