A Whole Lotta Woman Ch. 04

byDreams of Desire©

"G'morning m'love" I said & grinned.

"It feels like it too" she replied, "What time is it?"

"It's just gone six-thirty"

She groaned & rolled over to grab a glass of water, gulping thirstily as I stood up.

"Fancy some breakfast?"

She wrinkled her nose with distaste at the thought; "God no! Some coffee would be good though" she muttered, pouring another glass of water.

"I'll take a shower & then go make some"

Hearing her gasp "Oh my God!", I turned to ask what the matter was, but got nothing but muffled giggles through the hand over her mouth, so with a shrug I strolled into the bathroom where I switched on the shower & looked in the mirror with dread.

Her passion had left its mark in several places; most prominently on my shoulder, but in turning to look at my back I saw exactly why Tracy had giggled so much. A network of scratches criss-crossed the skin & welts of dried blood showed how deeply scored it was in places.

"Holy fuck!" I shouted & her answering cackles of mirth drifted down the hall in reply. "It looks like I've been run over by a runaway tiger!" She growled mockingly & broke into fresh laughter that followed me under the steaming spray where I closed my eyes to let it wash over me until I felt refreshed. Opening them, I saw her sat on the edge of the bath smoking a cigarette. Looking at the livid bruises on her neck I grinned & pointed out that "you've got a few mementoes of the night yourself love."

"I have" she agreed thoughtfully with a secretive smile, "leave the water running for me & I'll be out in a bit."

I stepped out & shook the water off to let the cooler morning air wake me up a bit, made my way downstairs to fill the coffee pot while she freshened up. As the coffee perked up, I decided to make a plate of pancakes on impulse & heard her walking back down the landing while tipping the last onto a syrupy pile. Making my way back up to find her sat at the table wearing one of my bath-robes, smoking another cigarette.

"You'd make someone a lovely wife" she quipped, watching me place the tray on the table & sit opposite her.

I stuck my tongue out at her impudence & smiled, "fancy something to eat?"

She shook her head & took a cup of steaming black coffee to drink it 'raw', while I stirred three sugars into mine. We drank & I ate while talking further on her situation before I skinned up a small 'eye-opener' to cap the perfect Sunday breakfast.

"I'm still undecided about what to do about him" she said finally, watching me light up. I blew a bluish cloud of fragrant smoke in the air & sighed, "Then do nothing, think about your next step before taking it - have something to eat." I advised, pushing the plate of pancakes across the table towards her.

"I'd rather have something with more protein" she alluded, pushing the plate back to lean onto the table which made her tits bulge provocatively within the robe as her eyes roamed over my body; "hot, fresh, juicy protein - got any handy?"

I pushed back my chair & stood up, "there may be a few drops left in the tank" I murmured, walking round to stand before her as she looked up, "see what you can find."

I stood with a hand on her head, smoking & savouring the feel of her warm, wet mouth sucking my flesh back to life as our eyes held each other, feeling her tongue raptly stroking all over the thickening meat until it filled her mouth.

"Giving an 'mmmmmm' of approval as she slapped it onto her dripping tongue before standing to push me back onto the bed where she proceeded to blow my body, mind & soul until I was writhing helplessly in the grip of an orgasm that totally drained me.

Feeling totally relaxed from head to toe I heard her whisper; "that's for making me feel beautiful again", before I slipped into an irresistible sleep...


...slowly I opened my eyes & looked around the empty room, wondering if I'd had an incredibly vivid dream as there was nothing to suggest she'd ever been here. Rising from the bed, I pulled on a pair of shorts & an old T-shirt before making my way downstairs where the odour of weed greeted me warmly. I followed it into the living room where the source sat in my favourite chair - Tracy looked up & smiled in welcome, as I gaped in astonishment to find her not only still here, but also to find that the clutter of ages had been tidied away - even the floor shone! "I thought the place needed a woman's touch" she said matter-of-factly & toked deep before offering it to me, "I reckon I deserve a man who appreciates me" she went on as I took it while sitting beside her on the sofa, "know anyone who'd be interested?"

I looked her in the eye & replied, "I reckon I might...."


'That's pretty much where she decided to tell her old man to keep his "bag o' bones" & moved in with me! We never married, though we never stopped loving each other - even during the hair raising fights that always seemed to lead into ferocious bouts of make-up sex. Maybe I'll write more about that 'Whole Lotta Woman' some other time:)

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