tagLoving WivesA Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 05

A Wife and Stepmother's Love Ch. 05


When Bruce awakened the next morning, Angela was sleeping next to him. He woke her up since it was Friday and they both had to work. She looked over at him through sleepy eyes and reached down between his legs, discovering a soupy mess of still wet semen and caked on dried semen. "My oh my," she laughed. "We came alot last night, didn't we, my little man? How many times?"

"Twice," he replied weakly. "Once when I heard Brett spanking you and once when you had a very loud orgasm."

"You enjoyed yourself then?"

"Very much, Angela. "And you did too?"

"Mmmmm.....I think I died and went to heaven, my understanding cuckold."

"I really expected you to spend the night with Brett," Bruce offered. "I was surprised to see you back here in bed with me."

"Well, I've never woken up in another man's bed since we started dating. I wasn't sure how you would take that." She kissed him and jumped up to get ready for work.

That night they started happy hour out back and polished off several bottles of wine. Bruce and Michael were talking together while Brett and Angela were enjoying the pool. The two lovers got out of the pool and came over dripping wet to where Bruce and Michael were sitting. Angela had on her regular bikini. "Bruce, Brett has something to ask you," she said, slightly slurring her words

"Dad," his son started. "I'd like to ask your permission to take Angela out on a date tomorrow night."

"A date?" Bruce asked

"Yes, you know, dinner and a movie. I figured since we've progressed to fucking, we should at least have a date," Brett said with a slight grin on his face.

Bruce replied, "I don't know...the two of you out in public. People we know could see you..."

"And assume I'm out for dinner with my stepson," Angela countered.

"Well, I suppose that's okay," Bruce conceded.

"And, Dad," Brett went on, showing that alpha confidence again. "Since we both could have too much to drink at dinner to drive, I'd like you to drive us to dinner, and then pick us up after the movie."

Bruce looked at his wife who had a pleading look in her eyes. "Okay, it's a deal," Bruce replied, noticing the look of satisfaction in his son's eyes.

When Bruce and Angela went to bed that night, he got into bed and watched her taking off her bikini. He just couldn't get enough of that naked body. It was one of those bodies that was just meant to be fucked as often as possible. She brushed her teeth, came over to the bed naked, and leaned down to kiss him goodnight.

"Going somewhere?" Bruce asked, his voice shaking.

"Yes, darling. Michael invited me to spend the night with him."

"Nice," Bruce replied, his penis stiffening slightly. He watched his wife wiggle her sexy ass as she walked from the bedroom.

"Shall I leave the door open again, my love?" Angela cooed.

"No, you can close it," Bruce smiled. "I'm a little worn out from last night still."

She turned to him as she was closing the door and said, ""Oh, and I won't be in your bed when you wake up tomorrow." She blew him a kiss and closed the door.

Saturday was a normal day with shopping, chores, then pool time. By Saturday evening, the two boys and Angela were feeling no pain. Bruce stayed sober since he needed to drive his wife and son on their date. Brett came down dressed for his date and he waited with Bruce. When Angela finally descended the stairs, Bruce was shocked. She was dressed like a 21-year old going on a date with her 21-year old boyfriend. She had on a bare-midriff hot pink top with no bra. Her nipples were very evident through the material. She also wore a pair of low-rider designer jeans and a pair of 4-inch spiked heels to complete the ensemble. Standing next to her, Bruce could see the top of her butt crack. Her hair looked like a million bucks as did her perfectly made up face. She sure didn't look 36.

Bruce dropped the couple off for dinner and they were going to walk to the movie afterwards, then call him for a ride home. Bruce drove his van home to find Michael still drinking. He joined him and asked him how his night with Angela went.

"Unbelievable, Dad," Michael grinned. "She is the hottest woman I've ever known. It's like she just can't get enough sex.

"How many times did you get to fuck her?" his dad asked.

Michael couldn't stop grinning and replied, "Two times last night and then once again when we woke up this morning. And, Dad, she came on my dick every single time," he said, as if he were talking to a fraternity brother.

"So you and Brett have had your cocks in her six times in the past two days. That's six times more than I've been inside her in the past two weeks," Bruce said.

Michael shook his head and then laughed. "Guess she only likes big cocks, Dad."

At the restaurant, Brett was asking Angela about a couple of men she knew. "There were three guys I met at your wedding. I got to talk to all of them at length and thought they were really nice guys. One was an investment banker named Rob. He was about 30. Another was a friend of Dad's named Bill, maybe 40. And the third one was Dad's boss, Ron. I think he was about 50 or 55."

"I don't remember Rob or Bill. I have met Ron. He's really a hot guy. So why are you asking me about these guys?"

"Well, I learned some things from talking to all three of them. All are single-well, Rob's divorced. None of them had a girlfriend at the wedding. All three had large hands like me, and, all three were clearly alpha males."

"Oh...my...God!" Angela exclaimed, almost giddy. "You're working on fall for when you and Brettleave for school. You know, you're more like your dad than you think. You both are so concerned about your woman's pleasure."

Brett smiled at that compliment. "Anyway, sweetheart, I'd like to throw a pool party for Dad's birthday next month and only invite those three men. Plus, the four of us, of course. so you'd be the only woman."

"Sounds like fun, honey," she smiled.

"Well, I don't think you'd get to have an orgy," he laughed. "But I do want to convey some things to them that night. I want it to be obvious to them that you and I are lovers, and maybe that you've also been fucking Michael. They need to be aware that Dad's wife is a slut and that they can get in on the action sometime."

"You really think I'm a slut?" Angela asked, doe-eyed.

"In a very good way, baby. And you love when I call you a slut when I'm spanking you."

"Well, yeah, I do," she giggled.

"Now, if we pull off the pool party the way I'd like to, it could be really humiliating for Dad. For his boss and two freinds to even suspect that his wife is sleeping with her stepsons is going to be tough on him. so we really need to strategize how to deal with that if he catches us giving off signals."

"What can I do? Angela asked eagerly.

"Just get me phone numbers for each of those three and I'll do the rest."

After the movie where they held hands and kissed a little, they stopped off for a nightcap. Angela had a strong martini and Brett two whiskey sours. Bruce picked them up in front of the bar and they climbed in the back seat rather than the far back of the van. As he pulled away from the curb, they were already all over each other. By the time Buce adjusted his mirror, both pairs of pants were around their ankles and Brett had pulled her top up revelaing her spectacular tits. Brett's face was all over them as he sucked hard on her nipples. His fingers were busy on her cunt and clit and Bruce smelled her cunt from where he sat. He was driving with a hard-on now and gently playing with it.

He looked in the mirror just as his wife's mouth went onto Brett's big cockhead. She slid her lips up and down at least half the length of his nine inches. Brett was nearly reclined on the seat and looking up towards the mirror. He made eye contact with is dad. He knew they were getting close to home.

"Dad, drive around the block a time or two. Angela's mouth is full of my cock and she wants to swallow my load."

Bruce's penis twitched in his pants, getting even stiffer. "Yes, sir," he said weakly. He drove slowly around the block, then around a second time till Brett shouted,"Oh God! I'm cumming yu hot-assed bitch! Take my cum you cock-hungry slut!" His rod was pumping furiously into Angela's mouth and she gulped seven times to swallow all of his seed. Bruce, who almost came but didn't, finally pulled into the driveway as the couple rearranged their clothes. All three walked in quietly, sasorbed in their own thoughts. Michael aparently had already gone to bed.

Angela thanked Brett for a very nice date, then reached for her hubby's crotch. She gently rubbed his little erection through his pants. "Poor baby, did you not get to cum in the van?"

"No, but I really enjoyed myself," Bruce said to his wife.

She leaned towards his ear and whispered, "Baby, why don't you watch us tonight? Would you like that? Would you like to play with yourself while you watch your wife getting fucked by a real cock?" The look of excitement in his eyes quickly answered her questions. Then she went over to Brett and said, "Knock on our bedroom door in ten minutes," and she took Bruce by the hand, leading him upstairs.

Ten minutes later, Brett knocked and he heard Angela call, "Come in." He opened the door and saw his naked dad sitting on a chair next to the bed. Angela was on the bed, also nude, and she had several pillows strewn about the bed. "C'mon lover," she beckoned to Brett. Let's show your dad how a real man fucks his wife." Brett dropped his boxers to reveal his naked body. Bruce couldn't help but think what a beautiful, sexy couple she and Brett made. He looked down at his own belly, then at Brett's 6-pack abs, tight ass, muscular arms, and semi-erect nine-inch, thick cock. His body next to Angela's was perfect. Bruce had to admit to himself that, yes, big-dicked men and big-titted women were truly made for one another.

The two lovers fell into a naked embrace and began exploring every inch of each other's body. Bruce watched as his son's hands mauled every inch of his wife's bare tits. He watched as Brett sucked and bit on those taut nipples, making Angela cry out in pleasure. He watched Brett exploring his wife's beautiful ass, first with his hands, then his fingers, then his tongue, causing her to squirm, trying to pull Brett's tongue deeper into her bare butt. Bruce watched his wife kiss all over her lover's upper body, then as she kissed and licked his balls, then ran her tongue and mouth all over his huge fully erect dick. Then he watched Brett use his finger, then a second finger, then his tongue on Angela's very wet pussy and clit. Bruce's wife was giving herself completely to this stud, his young son, and it couldn't have made the cuckold husband any happier or any hornier. Brett ate Angela's cunt to two explosive orgasms.

Bruce squeezed his little penis so many times to keep from cumming too soon. And the lovers were watching him, too. They saw his penis stiffen and twitch in response to their lovemaking. They saw his hands playing with his little balls and weenie. They saw him look away numerous times to help delay his orgasm.

Angela looked into her husband's eyes. "Hey baby, what else do you want to see?"

"You know," Bruce replied in almost a whisper.

She smiled. "No baby, you have to tell us, hon. Tell your son what you want to see. Tell him what you want him to do." Angela had gotten onto her hands and knees sideways to her husband. He could see her big breasts, the nipples swollen and red, hanging down almost to the bed. Her ass was turned up towards Brett, her swollen cunt lips gaping open, her clit engorged with blood. Brett had his huge cock in his hand and was slowly rubbing it along her slit. At that point Angela's beautiful ass just looked so spankable.

Bruce whispered, "Brett, please spank that slut's ass for me." Brett grinned and delived a smack to her right cheek making Angela jump a little. "Again," Bruce pleaded, almost breathless. Brett's hand slapped her left butt cheek a little harder. "Harder..." Bruce again whispered. Brett's hand slapped her ass really hard and she cried out. He left a red hand print on her white butt.

"What are you, Angela?" Brett asked through clenched teeth. "Tell your husband what you are. Say it now!"

Angela was whimpering now. "I'm a slut, Bruce darling. I'm a whore for big cock!" Brett's hand connected with her fantastic ass again, almost too hard and she went sprawling on the bed.

Bruce got up to help her and Brett said sternly,"No, she'll do it on her own." Angela raised herself to her knees again. Her ass was beet red while Brett's cock was red and swollen. She looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. Bruce looked from her eyes to her cunt and saw that it was nearly dripping from excitement.

Brett looked at his dad, his cock aligned with Angela's open cunt, his huge dickhead pressing against her hole. "What now, Dad? What do you want me to do now? Tell me," he commanded his father.

"Oh, God! Fuck her Brett, please fuck her. Fuck the slut's cunt! Fuck that bitch's pussy!" Bruce said, his voice rising to a new level of excitement. Angela now smiled at her husband. All the tears were gone as Brett slowly slid his cock, inch by inch, into his stepmother's wet, horny cunt. Brett's balls were snug up against Angela's ass and then he slowly pulled all the way out. Bruce focused on how wet Brett's shaft was compared to when he first inserted it. That told Bruce just how wet his wife was for this big dick. In and out Brett shoved his cock, all the way in, then almost all the way out. Angela pushed her ass back against that cock on each stroke and it became a thing of beauty. Bruce had to admit to himself he had never seen anything as beautiful or sexy as his son fucking his wife.

After nearly ten minutes of stroking, Angela called out, "Oh, god, Brett , your huge dick is rubbing against my clit.....so good...so big...so hard...keep fucking me....oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I AM CUMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNGGGGGGG," and she shuddered all over, nearly disengaging Brett from her cunt. While Angela orgasmed , Brett just continued his steady fuck strokes in and out, in and out. Occasionally he would go a little faster. Bruce thought to himself, I would have lost my load so long ago. As Angela built up to a second orgasm, Brett decided that he wanted to cum in the blonde's cunt.

"Dad, my juices are building up. I'm gonna need to cum very soon. Tell me what you want."

Angela looked over at her husband and made eye contact. "Yes, my darling, tell your wonderful son what you want to have happen."

Bruce swallowed hard, never taking his hand from his little boner. "I want you to cum in her cunt, son. I want you to cum deep in my wife's cunt. FUCK THAT WHORE! FUCK HER HARDER! CUM IN THAT SLUT'S CUNT! FILL HER SLUT CUNT WITH ALL YOUR JISM, BRETT!" Brett's pumping was like the piston on an engine, he was thrusting in and out so fast. Angela reached a second orgasm just as Brett's balls contracted and he flooded her cunt with his semen.

After they all came down from their highs, Brett slid out of Angela's cunt and she turned over as they began some passionate kissing. "I love you, Angela," Brett said.

"I love you too, darling." They kissed some more, then looked over at Bruce. "Oh my god, Bruce, your little penis hasn't cum yet." Bruce had been so mesmerized from watching what he thought was the best fuck he would ever see, that he forgot to cum.

"That's okay," he laughed. "I can cum later."

"Nonsense," Angela said. "Come over here and lie next to me." Bruce thought he was going to get at least a hand job. Angela was whispering something to Brett and he whispered back to her. They both smiled and then Angela said, "Brett and I are going to retire to his room and do some more fucking tonight. But we want to leave a little present for you to put your little penis in."

With that Brett took his big dick with all kinds of cum still on it and began rubbing it around on the sheet beneath where the two of them had fucked. Then Angela squatted over the same spot and began contracting her cunt muscles. Large gobs of Brett's cum began dripping out until there was a nice sized puddle on the sheet. "There," Angela said. "That should do the trick for you. Now roll over here." Brett took Bruce's body and helped position it so Bruce's little stiffy was right over the puddle.

Angela began laughing as did Brett while Bruce blushed ten shades of crimson. "Now put your little weenie down there, darling, that's it, right into the puddle of cum. See, that's exactly like fucking my pussy after Brett has dumped his load in there." The naked lovers watched closely as Bruce's penis became drenched in the mixture of Angela's cunt juices and Brett's semen. "How does that feel, baby?" Angela was giggling again. "Does it feel just like a well-fucked cunt to you, darling?"

To Angela's and Brett's astonishment, the naked husband began to slowly lift his naked butt off the bed, then pushed his penis back into the cum puddle, then he lifted it again, then back into the puddle. "Dad, you're fucking a puddle of cum with your little penis, you know that don't you?"

"Y...Y...Yes....yes....I do," Bruce replied. "It feels sooo....so.......sticky.....gooey.....cummy......good.....all over my penis."

Angela leaned down and whispered in his ear, loud enough for her stepson to hear, "That could be as close as your inadequate penis gets to my cunt, darling," and she and Brett began laughing again as Bruce cried out, "I'm cummmminnnngggg," and he blasted his small load of semen into the puddle already on the bed.

Angela looked into Brett's eyes, smiling confidently like she'd won a major victory. Then she took her hand and slapped her husband's ass as hard as she could, and he spurted the rest of his cum out. "Hope you enjoyed cumming that way," she giggled as she and Brett left the room together hand in hand for a night of fucking. Bruce slowly got up from the bed and began cleaning all of the semen mess up off the sheets, then he fell asleep on the wet sheets.

The next week was pretty normal for the couple. Bruce and Angela went out for a couple of romantic dinners together as Brett and Michael had to work late on several evenings. Friday night the boys went out with friends and didn't get in till very late. Bruce and Angela were in bed together naked discussing the events of the last weekend. Angela was playing gently with Bruce's penis as she assured him that Brett never hurt her when he was spanking her. "He just loves doing that and the pain makes my orgasms more intense." Bruce reassured her that the comments she made to him during the height of his orgasm did not hurt his feelings. He knew she was just trying to make everything more pleasurable for him. Bruce also assured her that he had very much enjoyed watching how well Brett fucked her and that he would welcome more opportunities to watch her being satisfied by either brother. Angela told her husband that it made the sex so much hotter for her when he was watching her.

As they were about to turn over and go to sleep, they heard the boys come in. Brett opened their door naked and saw the two of them naked in bed. He looked pretty drunk. "C'mon bitch, get your ass out of that bed and get in my room. We've got some fucking to do."

"Hey, you can't talk to your stepmother and my wife like that,"Bruce scolded him.

Brett moved over to the bed and picked his dad off the bed. He held him close and said, "Don't ever talk to me that way, Dad. I own your wife's cunt now and I won't have you ever denying it to me. Now get in the other room Angela." Bruce shrunk down from his much more muscular and powerful son. Angela watched as she moved toward the door. Her husband was not going to stand up to his son. She went to Brett's room and lay on the bed. Bruce followed Brett down the hall to be sure his wife would be okay. When he got to the door he saw Angela throwing her arms around Brett. "Oh my god, Brett, you were so good in there, so powerful, so strong. You made my pussy so wet for you."

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