tagLoving WivesA Wife Awoken Ch. 03

A Wife Awoken Ch. 03


Months had passed since Sam opened herself to her inner 'slut' -- a term which would have shocked her to be called before our first threesome, but now, and especially since she gave her virgin arse to a muscle-bound bodybuilder as I watched, she relished the term. I have since whispered and growled it into her ear while fucking her arse over and over... looked into her eyes while she's sucked me dry dressed like a whore, and fucked ourselves silly while watching porn... again something we'd never dreamed have doing before her awakening.

My pride in her ability to 'let go' only matches how horny it gets me, and if anything we are now more in love than ever, our sex lives like two teenagers... perverted teenagers though, ha!

After we got back from the gym that first time, we spent the rest of the evening talking... and fucking! Easing my cock into Sam's sore but now stretched and cum filled arse was a feeling that blew both our minds. I'm not ashamed to say I'm more than happy to experience 'sloppy seconds' - just knowing what Sam has been up to when I feel that extra wet cunt or arse, knowing she's got another man's cum already in her, gets me so hot, and makes her feel dirty, in a way that drives her extra wild. She's learnt that dirty is good, dirty is exciting, and it's also an addiction. Like her new addiction to cock.

Oh yes our chats were open and honest, and I admitted what I liked, and Sam admitted she's always fantasised about fucking other guys, but always thought that girls should be 'good' so kept it hidden and secret. It was like lighting the blue touch paper when we both realised we could have our cake and eat it. Or more to the point, that she could have her cock and eat it; all the cock until she had her fill. Our rules were limited; 1) no messing around without telling me about it, which could be after the event if there was an opportunity where Sam couldn't let me know beforehand, and 2) try and keep it quiet from our families. Sam's workplace though -- well I left that up to her... and it wasn't long until she let slip that she was starting to get a bit of a reputation with the guys.

"What do you think of this outfit, do you think it will give the guys at the office a thrill?" Sam asked me one morning, as she gave me a twirl, stocking clad legs obvious under a business-like skirt and blouse. I say business like, as the skirt had a long split revealing a fair bit of leg, and the white blouse was TIGHT.. with a button or two undone, showing off her fantastic tits, pushed up with an edge of lacy bra showing. Dark ruby lipstick drew my eyes to her pouting lips, which made me think of her fantastic blow jobs. It was the typical office outfit you see porn-stars wearing in the films, just before they strip off again.

"Fuck yes Sam, you'll have the guys queuing to buy you lunch or help you with your computer". I spotted a gleam in her eye which meant she had something to tell; "Come on, out with it, have you already have some offers my sexy wife?".

"Well... let's just say I haven't been lonely at my desk since I started dressing like this"

"Oh you bad little slut, are you just teasing them all, or...?" I let the question hang, making it obvious that I was eager to hear she had been bad.

Sam looked away coyly, then stepping up close to me, she put her lips close to my neck and whispered; "I may not just be teasing."

I needed to know more, feeling my cock already start to stiffen. "Oh I want to know more than that! You know our rules, tell me all!"

Taking a deep breath, and putting a hand on my growing bulge, Sam continued, knowing it was driving me crazy. "Well you know I sit in a small office with the three guys? Well Mike especially has been coming over to chat much more than usually recently, and well, he's nice and tall, so I may learn over a little to allow him to see down my blouse.. and it may have an extra button undone by the end of the day." Sam was blushing a little, from the excitement of remembering and telling me.

Mind racing, I decide I better push a little harder. "Is that as far as you've gone?"

"Well... I may have started to let my skirt ride up a little"

"How far?"

"Well... don't be angry, but the reason I have stockings on right now is so I can show these lacy tops off." Sam giggles, hitching her black business skirt up higher so the split shows me exactly what she plans to show off later that day at work, the black lace tops showing off the white skin of her soft thighs so well.

That's exactly what I wanted to hear, and I playfully slide my hand up her leg, up to her lace covered pussy. "Oh god, that's so fucking hot. You really growing into this of my slut wife, and I have to admit, I do love it!"

Sam slapped my hand away in a playful manner, twirling out of my reach, secretly enjoying the compliment, a jolt of excitement through her body as she hears me use the word 'slut'. Sam may not be admitting it yet, but she was starting to love nasty talk, it just seems to spark a fire at the core of her being.

"So I shouldn't stop teasing the guys?"

I had a feeling Sam was asking something more than the simple question she put to me, so I took the chance I was right. "Yes you should stop teasing my dear.", her face was a picture of hidden disappointment, "I want you to stop teasing, and start pleasing! You go into work today and give one of your workmates a day to remember." Sam's face flushed again, but she tried to hide her pleasure.

"I'm not sure I could do that.... unless you're sure?"

"Never been surer. I want my nasty loving wife to enjoy herself, and the easiest way to ensure you have lots of fun is to become known as the office slut. Just be warned the girls may not appreciate it if you hog all the guys."

"Oh don't worry by darling husband; I think I can cope with that. I just want to be sure that, well, you know, you'll be OK with this. It's a step further than we've gone before, and hard to back out of."

That's why I love my wife so much, she's so sweet. She needed have worried though, as I'd run everything through my head many many times over the last few years, while all this was just fantasy, and I knew it was what I .. and now Sam, wanted.

"Don't worry my love, go for it! Let's step on this rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. Oh and if things do get interesting, remember I'm just an e-mail away. Now you better get going, you don't want to be late; you've got a lot to do today."


Sitting at my desk later that day, I found it very hard to concentrate on my work, and I jumped to open my e-mail every time something new came in. It was nearly lunchtime, by which time I'd given up hope of anything happening, when that little envelope icon brought me something interesting.

'Hi darling

Mike loves the view today, as somehow two buttons seem to have come undone on my blouse.. and I really should be more careful, as I think he can see my stocking tops. He's started standing very close, and I can definitely notice a bulge. Should I accidentally rub against it?

Your slut wife Sam'

Wow well that certainly had the blood pumping; my cock was twitching at every word as I read. I didn't' want to waste a second, as I really wanted something, anything, to happen today.

'My wicked slutty wife,

I think that you should do whatever it takes to be asked to lunch... or be lunch'

I pressed the send button with a slightly trembling finger, mind in overdrive already. I knew that Sam would have about an hour to work her charms -- and wondered how far she'd go to comply with my 'order'.

Fifty tense and distracted minutes passed by, before her reply arrived, the contents proving that she was true to her word;

'Just off out to lunch with Mike, so I won't be meeting up, hope that's OK, speak later.'

I was hoping for a little more detail, but Sam later filled me in. It turns out she wrote that last e-mail with Mike standing slightly to her side and leaning over her, his hand inside her brazenly unbuttoned blouse, caressing her breasts over her straining bra.

It turns out, that after my last e-mail, Sam had unbuttoned her blouse one more daring button, and was sucking her pen with her ruby lips when Mike returned for some banter. She looked up at him into his eyes as he tried to find some off-hand chat, then let her toes trace up his calf, making it very obvious that she was up for more than chat. Sam told me she could see him gulp in surprise, and worried he wouldn't take the initiative, knowing she was a married woman, she leaned forward and took hold of his large strong hand and pulled it to her breast, turning slightly away so it wasn't quite so obvious what was going on. Mike had enjoyed himself groping her tits while she opened up her e-mail to send me her message, feeling extremely wicked as she wrote to her hubby, while another man sending sparks through her body as he roughly man-handled her.


The next time I heard anything, sitting in the pub with a nerve calming pint, was when my phone pinged to tell me a text message had arrived. It was from Sam, but there were no words, just a dark and blurred photo. It took me a while to realise that it showed her upper thighs, legs spread on a dark leather seat, skirt hitched obscenely high, with a man's hand obviously touching and rubbing her pussy, and I wondered if I imagined that the fingers we already wet from delving inside her depths?

If you're like me, and get turned on thinking of your wife or girlfriend getting fingers in a pub by a bloke you don't even know, then you'll know that heart-tightening moment of excitement and a little jealousy, which gives way to the pure turn-on of the situation. I just texted back a smiley face, as I doubt Sam would want long essays at that moment in time!

That afternoon dragged... I impatiently e-mailed Sam about 3pm, but all I got back was a short 'wait till we get home!' answer a few minutes later. 'Well they made it back to work at least' I thought to myself, as I didn't want my wife getting into trouble with her boss. Although I had a feeling she would be able to squirm her way out of it.

The end of day couldn't come early enough -- and my balls felt like they were going to explode, the state of excitement and anticipation I'd gone through all day. I hadn't been home more than five minutes before Sam came rushing through the door, looking damn sexy if a little flustered. She threw her arms around me and we kissed, hard, deep, and passionately, grinding our bodies together.

We finally broke apart long enough to speak, as I had a thousand questions, but condensed it down to the simple; "So?"

"Did you enjoy the photo?"

"Of course, it nearly made me cum in my pants right there in the pub when I got it!" I laughed, my hands cupping Sam's bum to pull her close against me.

"Oh I hope you've still got some cum left for me lover, especially when you see what Mike did to me." So saying Sam pulled back out of my grip and started unbuttoning her top, while going on, "after he fingered me in the pub, we had a quick drive to somewhere quieter, and he sucked on my tits like he was starving. Mmmm and he was he was rough... rougher than you. He was like a man possessed, and did this..."

My eyes went wide with surprise, as her usually pale white breasts where marked with red love bites, where he'd sucked her hard, they also continued up her lower neck.

"He did this before I sucked his big cock, and my god it was thick. He made me gag on it, and called me lots of names, saying that he'd tell the others at the office what a slut I am. I... hope you're not upset, with... well this..."

I stood stock still, taking it all in, then smiled and pulled her back to me, resuming our kiss. Oh god, I don't know why, but seeing my pretty wife come home with her skin marked with those love bites (hickeys to my American friends?), made it so real, so damn nasty, it made it almost as hot as being able to be there and watch.

I made it clear she can or maybe even should encourage her guys to suck her hard, not to worry about leaving marks... "In fact, I love to see you marked like that - like a slutty teen girl giving out to her boyfriends."

"Oh god I'm so relieved... it made me feel so naughty, I gasped every time he did it, knowing you'd see what a bad girl I'd been. I just had to taste his cum to thank him, I think I impressed him with my talents, I forced him deep... and sucked him until he cum so hard, calling me his nasty office slut."

I don't think I could take much more of this, my balls were aching full of cum... "Now get on your knees and relieve me, my little fuck toy wife!"

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