tagLoving WivesA Wife in Venice California Pt. 1

A Wife in Venice California Pt. 1


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As the huge door of the moving van slammed closed, the sound of the empty truck boomed through the wealthy suburban neighborhood in Venice California. Randy Watson smiled in contentment at the fact that all of their household belongings had arrived safely. The move into their new house was now complete. He had decided to take the huge step and make the move from their Midwest home and start up a new business in California. His wife, Suzanne, had reluctantly gone along with his choice.

"It's where the business is, babe" he told her, as she tried to explain to him the huge costs of moving, housing and living in coastal California. During their seven years of marriage, Suzanne had always been the pragmatist, the voice of reason between the two of them. And her reason and restraint had served Randy well in life and in business. Suzanne had helped his small electronics business grow and prosper. She had always been there to throw parties for the prospective clients and single-handedly she created the company's entire client base. So Randy could understand why she got upset when he had decided to sell everything and relocate to California without even asking her. But he couldn't understand why she went so crazy when he told her about the house he'd just purchased. Never mind that he hadn't consulted her about it, never mind that he hadn't taken her around to look at homes and let her be a part of the decision. What she really went crazy about was the price of the house he'd chosen.

Randy had used all of the monies from the sale of the business, the sale of their previous house and the sale of Suzanne's car to put down on this house. But as the moving van pulled away, Randy knew it was the right decision. If he was going to do business with the kind of clients he wanted to attract, he had to be able to entertain in style. And this house would allow him to do it. It was a white stucco palace, a mix of old Mexican tiles and arches and a touch of contemporary California. The pool, spa, and spacious flagstone desk was just what he needed to seal those big deals which would soon come rolling his way.

Randy could feel his heart racing from the excitement of what lay ahead. Next week, he decided, he would visit the banks, secure several business loans and would soon be wealthy and successful. He had every confidence that he would make it happen. And he would certainly scope out the local gyms and see which one he should join.

"How about a little run," he thought to himself. Well, why not, he thought. He could do with a good run right now. At thirty, Randy was in great shape. He enjoyed the demands he put on his body in a great run or in the weight room. He thrilled at the rush of pushing his body to the edge, and enjoyed being well toned and in great shape. He took pride in his appearance and rarely missed his daily workout, to the point that Suzanne called him compulsive about it. But Randy knew that she really loved being married to an attractive hunk, even though she would never admit it. He knew how women felt about him. They had always fallen all over themselves to be with him. And his wife Suzanne was no exception.

His frequent indiscretions, including one with a former secretary, Denise, were behind him now. His cheating with Denise had gone on for the last three years. Suzanne didn't know about it, or any of his other affairs, for that matter. She certainly had no reason to even suspect. He felt rather smug about his skills of cheating on Suzanne. But he did make one mistake. His biggest mistake was in telling Denise about all of his other indiscretions. She was the only one who knew about all of the cheating he had done.

So, in many respects, the move allowed him to start afresh. Denise had turned into a big problem. She had once threatened to tell Suzanne about his cheating and ruined him. Sure Denise had a great body and big tits, with those great tall blonde Nordic features. She had a gorgeous face, and best of all, she looked a little cheap, a little sluttish. That's what had really turned Randy on about her. It was her cheapness. But all of that was past and over now. He was living the California lifestyle in a beautiful home, with a loving wife, and soon his business would be up and humming again. He hustled into the house, found some running shorts and took off for a brisk jog through the wealthy neighborhood streets.

2 Suzanne Watson fumed as she rummaged through the packing boxes in the bedroom and sorted her clothes into the empty dresser drawers. Randy had gone running when he should have been here helping her unpack. There was so much to do that she didn't even know where to start. So she just began pulling boxes open and sorting out her own clothes. Randy could live out of boxes until he pitched in and helped, she thought to herself.

Suzanne was wearing an old t-shirt and a pair of tattered cutoffs, as she plowed through the mess, her long brown hair fixed in two pigtails to keep it out of her face. At thirty, she felt that she was attractive enough, but she knew that she certainly didn't see herself as beautiful. Randy was the beautiful one of the two of them, she had often said to herself. There was no debating that. She was just content to be in the background and keep everything together.

While she felt she had a good body, it certainly didn't compare in sexual appeal to the rippled, sculpted physique of her husband. In a way, Suzanne felt both proud and lucky to be married to such an attractive man. A couple of years ago she had jumped into the gym scene, toned her body and converted herself to a "real knockout," as one of the men at the company had called her. She knew she had great legs, pretty good boobs and an attractive face, but Randy didn't appear to be thrilled by the new her. If anything, she thought, he actually had become jealous that others were talking about how attractive she was. The complements were not always about him and his tanned and ripped body. So she gave it up, stuck her aerobics and yoga, and felt pretty good about the shape she was in. She would go out jogging with Randy, but he always tried to turn it into a competition, so she just ran alone these days.

Their sex life was just as erratic. Randy had been particularly inattentive in the last three years, but she knew that his mind was on the new business and on keeping himself in shape. But as she unpacked, Suzanne felt more that a little uneasy with the giant leap that they had just made. Would he neglect her even more now that they were starting up a new business again?

She couldn't help but feel that Randy had, for the first time, really bitten off far more than he could chew with this move. And that she would be the one to suffer. She really loved Randy, but sometimes he was like a child, shirking his responsibilities and going off to do whatever felt good to him at the time. Like selling the business and moving out here with little thought and absolutely no consideration of her feelings. Or something impulsive and childish like buying this huge house – a house they couldn't afford in their wildest dreams. He swore to her that he could get the business started up out here. He had, after all, done it before, but with a lot of help from her. But now he went out and bought this huge house, just when she wanted to start a family and create some stability in their lives. It was just beyond belief. And what was he doing now? Off running his energy out somewhere, when it would be best spent here with her and the unpacking.

Suzanne jumped when a loud voice behind her startled her, catching her totally off guard.

"Honey, come here! I want you to meet some great folks I just bumped into while I was running. They're our neighbors," Randy said loudly, as he gasped to catch his breath, shirtless and sweating from his run.

"Oh, great!" Suzanne thought angrily. "I look like shit and he's introducing me to the neighbors."

"Sweetie, I want you to meet Arlene and Phil," Randy said.

Suzanne stepped through the packing debris and over to meet the couple just walking through the bedroom door.

"Sorry about the mess," Suzanne said, apologizing and offering her hand first to Arlene and then to Phil. "I'm Suzanne."

"We didn't mean to interrupt. We know what a pain in the ass unpacking can be," Arlene said smiling. "Listen, we really don't want to intrude, but why don't you knock off for the night, and come over to our place. We'll throw a little something on the grill. You certainly don't want to cook tonight. Besides, let us welcome you to the neighborhood. We'll break out a little champagne and celebrate your moving in."

"You've got a deal. Just let us shower and we'll be right over," Suzanne said smiling, so relieved that their neighbors were about their same age, and thank God, normal.

In fact, they were downright attractive, Suzanne thought. Arlene was certainly a looker, Suzanne said to herself, as she looked over at her neighbor. About the same height and weight as Suzanne, 5 foot seven and 120 pounds, Arlene was a striking red head with a short bob cut. Suzanne guessed that Arlene was a little bustier than she was, but couldn't be sure. It could just have been the little dress Arlene was wearing. But there was no doubt that Phil was a very attractive guy with bright, dark eyes and dark hair. And they couldn't have been any older than she and Randy. So it was a happy Suzanne that shouted after their retreating neighbors, "Just give us 30 minutes!"

After a quick shower, Suzanne threw on a little knit dress and since she couldn't find a bra that went with the open back of the dress, decided to go braless. What the hell, she thought, they're just our neighbors and my boobs are okay, as she pulled on the stretchy knit fabric over her head.

"Damn, we don't even have a mirror," she said aloud.

Sticking his head around the corner, Randy said, "Baby, you're beautiful. Now let's go!"

Within minutes they were sitting by the neighbor's pool, a glass of champagne in hand, toasting their arrival. Soon, the grill was blazing and a second bottle of champagne was opened.

Suzanne and Arlene were now laughing and chatting and the more she talked the more Suzanne realized that Arlene would prove a good friend as she and Randy tried to start a new life out her. And she had been right on with her guess that Arlene was "stacked" as Randy would say. Suzanne was a solid B cup, good and firm, she felt, but still a B cup. Arlene, on the other hand, was at least a C or perhaps a D cup. Suzanne had no doubts, as Arlene stood next to her in a low cut top and short skirt. No, there was no doubt about it, Suzanne thought, Arlene was beautiful.

And Arlene's attributes certainly didn't go unnoticed by Randy. Every time she looked at her husband, Suzanne would catch him staring at Arlene's cleavage, or gawking at her legs. At one point, upon returning from the kitchen, she even noticed Randy with his hand on Arlene's tight ass. Phil hadn't noticed and it was not a big deal, so Suzanne just let it go. No point starting a war with the new neighbors just because Randy was a little drunk and being a jerk.

Later on that night, the lights on the pool deck glistened as Suzanne and Arlene carried dirty dishes into the kitchen.

"Listen," Suzanne said, "I noticed that Randy was getting familiar with his hands. I'd just like to apologize. He gets a little full of himself sometimes."

"Don't worry about it," Arlene said, and kissed Suzanne lightly on the lips. "Besides, you're in California now. Everything's a little different out here."

They both laughed and walked back out to the pool, where the two men were standing by the hot tub, as the spa jets started up.

"Suzanne, your hot tub needs to be cleaned and filled, so I've offered you and Randy the use of ours until yours is ready. Anytime, just come over and jump in." Phil said.

"Thanks," Suzanne said, "I couldn't think of anything nicer right now than a good soak after a day of unpacking. But I couldn't find a bathing suit if my life depended on it."

"That's certainly not a problem," Arlene offered. "I'll lend you one of mine, if you want."

"Er…" Suzanne paused. "The bottoms will work, but there's no way I can wear your top."

"Oh, horseshit," Arlene laughed. "You're pretty close to me. I'll show you."

With that, Arlene pulled the snug top over her head and in one swift motion, reached behind and unclasped her bra. She stood next to Suzanne, her naked breasts shining white, illuminated by the moving prisms of the hot tub bubbles. She turned to Suzanne with an inviting look on her face.

"Well?" Arlene said.

"Honey, I don't think that's what they mean when they talk about a neighborhood welcoming committee," Phil said.

The four of them erupted in laughter and Suzanne said, "Well, you showed me yours, I guess I've gotta show you mine."

That said, Suzanne peeled her dress over her head, before she had even realized that she was only in her underwear. When she realized what she had done, Suzanne lifted her dress and held it in front of her hips.

"See, I'm only a little bigger, but your have a great shape," Arlene said, walking over and pressing her breasts against Suzanne's. "And don't worry about the bathing suit. We never wear them in the spa. The bleach just ruins them." Smiling, Arlene unzipped her short skirt and tugged the tight fabric down around her hips until it lay limp on the deck. In another swift motion, she hooked her flimsy panties with her thumbs and in another instant, stood naked next to Suzanne. She reached over and took the dress that was serving as a protective shield from Suzanne's hand and tossed it aside.

"All right!" hooted Randy, with a lecherous laugh that echoed across the deck. He began stripping off his clothes, followed by Phil. Soon, Suzanne was the only one out of the spa and with any clothes remaining on.

"Oh, what the hell, we're in California now," she said, smiling at Arlene. She peeled off her panties and slipped into the hot tub, settling in next to Randy. As she sat in the soothing waters, she could feel the strains and the kinks of the day melt away. She closed her eyes and relaxed as the group chatted away. Soon the talk had died away and Suzanne opened her eyes to see that Phil and Arlene were getting pretty amorous on the other side of the spa. Phil was rubbing Arlene's full breasts as they kissed, and Suzanne could tell that below the bubbling surface of the water, Arlene's hand was hard at work on Phil's cock. She and Randy looked at each other in silence and turned back to watch the show.

Arlene stood up and Suzanne could see Arlene's, large hard nipples responding to the cool night air, the water dripping from her tanned body. Suzanne wasn't sure if it was envy over Arlene's beauty or lust causing a lump in her throat. Arlene smiled back at her as if reading her thoughts and sat down on the edge of the spa, her round ass cheeks perched on the edge of the spa, her feet dangling in the churning water. She lay back and spread her legs wide. Suzanne could see clearly into Arlene's open sex, noting that the woman was shaved bald between her legs. Her swollen vaginal lips had parted and were open, as if in invitation. Based on what she could see, Suzanne was oddly thinking to herself that Arlene's vaginal slit was a rather generous one and when Phil stood up she could see why. Clearly Arlene did not suffer from a lack of steady marital attention. He had a sturdy eight-inch cock that wagged about in the cool night air as Phil leaned over and pressed his mouth onto Arlene's spread opening. Suzanne started to stand and announce their leaving, but Randy grabbed her arm, gesturing for her to remain seated and watch the show the neighbors were putting on.

Phil worked his tongue around into Arlene's slit and soon she was shaking and moaning on the deck surface. Phil straightened and in a swift lunge, drove his erect cock deep into Arlene's hot opening.

"Ahhhh," both Arlene and Suzanne simultaneously gasped, one in pleasure, the other in empathy.

Suzanne watched in awe as she saw Phil's hard member push aside the tender folds of Arlene's vaginal lips and disappear into the moist gash. Suzanne had never seen another couple have sex before. Oh, sure, she seen the occasional soft-core video, but here it was, live, five feet from her face. She could see Arlene gently lift her hips on each downward thrust to allow deeper penetration.

"Do it, baby, fuck my hot cunt. Yes, fuck me!" Suzanne heard Arlene moan.

Suzanne continued to watch in rapt attention as Phil pounded away, thrusting his glistening cock between his wife's legs and into her dripping cleft. Suzanne felt like she was going to die from embarrassment, yet at the same time couldn't take her eyes away from the fucking couple. She was struck by the uninhibited passion of the pair. There was a dazzling beauty to the erotic vision, the flashing lights and the steaming water. Suzanne had never thought of herself as a voyeur, but this had to be the sexiest thing she had ever witnessed.

Soon, both Arlene and Phil let out a pleasurable moan and Suzanne could tell by Phil's body twitching, his clenched ass cheeks and erratic jerks that he had just pumped the juices of his orgasm into Arlene's cunt. The red head had obviously also had one terrific orgasm, as she now lay limp on the deck, her husband pulling his semi-erect cock out of her pink folds. A long, spidery strand of cum clung from the head of his cock. Smiling, Phil slipped back into the spa.

"Damn, she's hot," Phil said, with a satisfied sigh. "Oh, say, listen, I'm sorry," Phil said, picking up on Suzanne's embarrassment. "We didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that sometimes Arlene and I get started and don't even think about stopping. And most of our friends here are so jaded, that this is pretty tame stuff."

"Oh, don't think a thing about it, we're into a lot of wild stuff" Randy lied, taking Suzanne by the hand and rising from the hot liquid of the tub.

"Well, I see someone wasn't too embarrassed by it," Arlene said smiling, now sitting up on the edge of the spa. She was looking at Randy's stiff cock, flopping wildly as he climbed up the small steps and onto the deck.

"Listen, we're going to head home," Suzanne said, bending down and kissing Arlene on the cheek. "We had a great time, really, it's just been a long day."

"Well, you guys have a good time tonight," Arlene called playfully after them, as they quickly tugged on their clothes over their wet bodies and hustled back to their house full of unpacked boxes.

And Arlene had been right. They had a great time that night. Suzanne could not recall a more passionate night of fucking at any time in their marriage. They started on the living room floor, had sex on the kitchen counter, and ended up spilling and tossing boxes off of the unmade bed, to fuck on the bare mattress. It was obvious that the neighbors act had stirred Randy as much as it had her. They were both on fire. She was so hot, she fucked like a wild woman. She had been unable to get enough pleasure it seemed, until they both fell asleep from exhaustion at four in the morning. Well, she thought just before she dropped off to sleep, this didn't make up for seven years of spousal neglect, but it was sure a good start. Maybe California would be great for them after all.

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