tagLoving WivesA Wife's Confession

A Wife's Confession


'You be Ok with the kids?' she said, pulling her dark blue, tight-fitting long sleeved lycra teddy on over nothing more than a lacy white bra.

'Yeah, I'll be fine. The young one's already asleep and Annetta's was up very early, so she'll crash when the light goes out. How long will you be?' I asked.

'Well, aerobics goes for an hour but I might stay and have a few drinks with the girls after so don't expect me too soon.'

By now, Annie was standing at the mirror in the bathroom putting on makeup.

'Won't you just sweat that off,' I asked. 'You don't usually put make up on for aerobics do you?'

'Well, the other girls always come looking a million dollars and they say it makes you feel good about yourself which is all part of the plan. So I thought I'd try it tonight.'

I had to admit she looked a million dollars; a flash of white bra lace peeping out above the tight leotard, her hair pulled up tight in a bun. The makeup really did set her off.

I left her in the bathroom, sat in front of the TV and browsed the program. Nothing much on. I might surf the Internet instead and cruise some of those sites Annie doesn't like me looking at. Put me in the mood for her return. Hope she wouldn't be too exhausted.

A couple of minutes later, she breezed into the TV room.

Standing before me with her back to me she looked to see what I was watching. As she did, she bent forward to pull on those puffy leg warmers they all wear. I never really understood whether they were function or fashion but they did look awfully sexy.

As she pulled on the second leg muff my eyes wandered longingly up her pretty legs until my gaze fell inevitably on her crotch, packed tightly into the leotard. Hmm, no panties.

'Don't you usually wear little panties under there?'

'Yes, but they always work their way out at the edges and it looks really daggy so I'm going knickerless. Don't worry, they're all girls and as far as I know none of them is a lesbian!'

'If those three press studs under there let go you'll find out I guess. Why aren't you wearing your sports leotard?'

'Er - it's still in the wash from last week.'

As she carefully arranged her leg warmers just so, I took one last longing look at her butt.

It was fantastic. It was one of the things that drew me to her that first night we met. As she had rushed across the road in her tight-fitting office uniform I was mesmerized by her sexy butt and the ghost of her panties outlined through her skirt.

Now, ten years and two kids later she looked as good as ever. She had trimmed up if anything and the aerobics exercise was sharpening her muscle tone.

Right now, I was staring unashamedly at her beautiful snatch as she stayed bent over. If it was a deliberate tease I loved it. With no panties underneath I could just make out the profile of her cunt, with just the faintest image of her pubic bush evident at the edges. No wonder they don't take fellas at the aerobics class.

I reached out and ran the tip of my middle finger along the stretched fabric covering her snatch.

'Uh, uh,' she laughed and stood up, pushing my hand away. 'Eight o'clock! Gotta fly!' she said, jingling the car keys. 'And stay off that computer!'

As she pecked me quickly on the cheek, I got a waft of some really nice perfume. Well, I guess that's part of feeling good about yourself thing too.

As she skipped down the steps to the garage below, I pondered following her and peeping through the club window. Out of the question. One of the other husbands had been sprung doing that when he arrived early to collect his wife and they'd dragged him inside and really shamed him as a pervert in front of everyone.

I wandered to the computer, switched it on and checked my emails before tabbing to my favorite sites -- the forbidden ones. By 10.45 I was all porned out and headed for bed.

Annie should have been home by now but she was out having a good time with the girls and I couldn't begrudge her that.

As I walked past the laundry on my way to the bathroom to clean my teeth, I noticed a pile of washing that had been brought in from the clothes line. There on top, neatly folded, was the sports leotard.

In the bathroom I noticed the shower had recently been run too. Annie's really going all out with this 'feel good' notion I thought.

Some days later, a letter for me marked 'Strictly Personal' arrived at work and I idly opened it, noticing there was no sender address on the back.

The short, hand-written note inside stunned me.

'You're a good guy and I don't want to hurt you but I thought you ought to know that your wife is having an affair with the man from the caterers.

Her car is parked for hours near his business most days while you're at work and your kids are at school. This is not a joke. Hope you can sort it out.

Signed -- a genuine friend.'

I pushed my office door shut and slumped into my chair. I read the letter again.

'Your wife is having an affair' ... 'your wife is having an affair' ... 'your wife is having an affair' ...

The phrase kept repeating in my head. It can't be right; someone's winding me up. Whose writing is this? Is it a bloke's or a female's? I couldn't tell.

I drove home that evening, my mind tumbling with anger and confusion. I found myself wondering about possible scenarios - was it happening at his office, was it happening at home? Was it really happening? I was away quite a lot and never once felt any pangs of doubt or suspicion. As my mind raced through the possibilities, I remember feeling a distinct tingle of excitement in my groin, which puzzled me.

I couldn't possibly behave normally at home until this had been aired. Annie would see me acting strangely and want to know why. If I didn't broach it quickly, the doubt and mistrust would fester and make life unbearable.

'I got this letter today at work,' I said bluntly, as I threw my briefcase on the computer desk.

She turned back from the kitchen sink, wiping her hands dry and took the letter. I watched her face as she read it, slowly and thoughtfully.

'Some prick is winding me up,' I said. "I'm not happy and I'm gonna find out who it is and front them.'

Annie turned back to the sink and kept preparing dinner. She didn't say anything, she just looked down at what she was doing.

'I'm gonna work out who it is and ask them why they're making up such crap.'

Still Annie looked silently down.

'What's this crap about your car near his office?'

Still no response.

I stood staring at the letter again, searching for clues about who might have written it.

'There's something I have to tell you,' said Annie in a soft hesitant tone. My heart sank.

'The note is right. I've been having an affair with Barney. I'm sorry; I hate to hurt you and I know it was wrong but I can't let you go off on a witch-hunt knowing I'm the witch.'

'Bitch!!' I screamed. 'You fucking bitch!'

Over the next few days, as emotions raged backwards and forwards in my head, I pondered what to do. Should I pack up and leave? Should I throw the bitch out? Why did she do this to me? How did it happen? When did it happen? Where did it happen?

Even though I was still angry and confused about the fact, I could feel another strange, unexpected emotion bubbling below the surface of my consciousness.

As I pondered where and when and how, I felt a strange tingling excitement teasing me, jangling the nerve ends in my groin. The questions racing through my mind both taunted and tantalised.

Did he seduce her with wine and charm?

Did he do the old 'Just let me touch you through you clothes. Just let me rub you. Just let me put a finger in. Just let me take off your panties.'

Did she resist at all?

Did she let him take her clothes off?

Did she lead the way?

Did she undo his belt and suck his dick?

Did he cum in her mouth?

Did she swallow?

Did she moan?

Did she get on top?

Did she kiss him passionately as he fucked her?

Did she cum ... twice ... three times ...?

Did he cum inside her?

Did they fuck on the floor?

Did they fuck in our bed?

Did they fuck in the car?

Did they fuck in his office?

... Did she let him fuck her arse?

... ... Why do I feel excited? I should be mad as Hell.

As much as it hurt me to think these things, it also excited me, keeping my cock constantly half-hard. That really confused me. I was angry, sad and excited all at the same time. Each emotion spilled over into the others, swamping all reason.

Then I remembered she had talked about helping him in his catering business. And I remembered a couple of weeks before Annie had said Barney has to go to Melbourne on business one weekend and had asked if she would like to go too.

'... What? No, of course not!' she had retorted to my obvious question. 'We'll have separate rooms!'

It then occurred to me that Barney's partner always stayed with her ailing mother on Wednesday nights -- aerobics night.

Yes, I'd noticed a certain amount of body language between them but obvious signs aren't always 'obvious' unless you're looking for them.

I cared about my kids too much to walk out or throw her out. And hurt though I was, I loved Annie and wasn't prepared to abandon all that we had done together since we met 12 years before. I had to find a way to put this in perspective and see what there was left of the relationship to work with. Yes, I was hurt. Yes, I was outraged. Yes, I was full of fears and doubts ... yet I was mentally and physically excited!

Once I'd established this was literally a 'fling' -- an exciting game for a woman whose busy and interesting life had been hobbled by motherhood, and was not a signal that she wished to leave me, I decided to look for a positive rather than dwell on the negatives.

The strange, groin tingling excitement at the imagined events had a powerful effect. What if I could let that override the pain? It certainly heightened my excitement to think how exciting it must have been for Annie; the innocence, the growing thrill of seduction, the warm sensual feelings that allow conscious sense to give way to animal instincts, and the surge of adrenalin as each taboo was crossed. I had to know more about the actual detail, focus on the sheer physical excitement of the moments and try to view it as lust and passion rather than love and devotion. It was a wild idea but it's all I had.

Annie was reluctant to talk about it. She agreed to stop seeing Barney and after the confession, she had wanted to shut it out rather than relive it. Once she realised I wasn't going to get angry again and really needed to know the detail, she gradually opened up.

She started hesitantly, wrestling with her own emotions as well as trying to shield mine. What began as a story told with shame and contrition slowly became a tale of building excitement about how a small but seemingly harmless spark lit a fire of passion that burnt across the borders of normal behaviour.


As social coordinator of our local club, Annie had met Barney while arranging catering for a function. He was no Sean Connery but he was an amusing guy and, as I later learnt, had a real talent for charming the pants off women.

Late one evening, after rushing around setting up for next day's function, Barney and Annie had decided they'd earnt themselves a drink and sat down with a few cans of beer.

They chatted as you do and when the beer ran out, agreed they should share another drink sometime soon -- to talk about catering and functions etc. That casual comment quickly became a promise as the predator in Barney took over. He knew I was away regularly and that I would be 400 kms away for most of the coming week.

The following Wednesday evening, as arranged, he duly arrived with two bottles of wine. Forgoing aerobics for the occasion and with the kids safely in bed, Annie and Barney sat on the stools at the breakfast bar and chatted happily.

Barney was a master of flattery and knew just how much to lay on without it sounding false. He picked up that Annie had done ballet as a young girl and said how it still showed all these years later in her body shape and tone and the way she moved. Annie blushed coyly but clearly loved the compliment.

'Do you still know any steps?' he asked, taking her hand and motioning her to do a pirouette. She swirled under his hand but the wine had taken effect and she almost fell, gripping his hand to save tumbling to the floor. She laughed, retreated to her stool and reached for her glass.

Barney held on to her hand. The crucial 'first touch' had been made. He told her again how attractive she was and how good she would still look in ballet costume. She blushed again and drank her wine. 'Oh you're being silly,' she said, lapping up the attention.

Still holding her hand, Barney refilled her glass, draining the second bottle as he did so, and drew his stool closer. Their knees were now touching and he caressed her fingers as he held her gaze more intently. He told her how beautiful her eyes were and she gazed back to soak up his admiration. Annie was succumbing to the flattery and enjoying the illicit pleasure of the moment.

Barney nudged one knee between hers and took her other hand. He stood, leant forward, kissed her lightly on the forehead, once, twice, and then looked down at her.

Annie's instinct to maintain the standards expected of a married woman was struggling against the pleasure of the moment. The wine had numbed her senses. Barney saw the hesitation and lifted her face to kiss her lightly on the lips.

Annie dreamily closed her eyes and allowed the pleasure to wash over her. At that moment, she promised herself it would not go past these pleasant but illicit exchanges. Barney was fun to be with and made her feel special but she had no intention of going any further than these innocent, teasing kisses.

Barney kissed her again, still lightly but a little longer. Then again, a little longer still. He was treading a well-worn path and he knew where it usually ended up. Very rarely did he have to turn back.

He teased her with his lips, building her desire until she 'chased' his lips with hers. Then he kissed her cheek and blew gently on her ear before half-licking, half-kissing it. Annie's breathing got heavier. Her eyelids fluttered shut, blocking out reality and allowing her to float in the warm, seductive fantasy of the moment.

This time Barney teased her lips with his tongue and she instinctively opened them, teasing back with her tongue. Their open mouths locked over each other and the kissing became more intense. He put his arms around her and drew her to the edge of the stool, cautiously pressing his groin hard against her thigh and his thigh hard against her mound. As she opened her legs wider he smiled to himself - an open mouth is usually a prelude to open legs.

But even he was surprised at her fervour. She put her hands behind his neck, kissed him hard and ground her cunt into his leg. She was amazingly passionate -- and so quickly. Usually they fight the desire until it overwhelms them and they offer token resistance -- 'No we shouldn't; no, I mustn't', as if that excuses what they're about to do.

He seized the moment and slipped one strap of her top down, sliding his kiss down her neck to lick, kiss and lightly chew her nipple. This was the first lust-driven skin to skin touch of taboo bare skin, crossing the line between friendly affection and sexual advance -- a critical point in her seduction where she might reasonably turn back.

To Barney's delight, Annie hastily pulled the other strap off her shoulder and hugged him close to her bare breast, thrusting her cunt hard against him again. With no need for more subtle caressing, he pushed a hand along her open thigh to her crotch and rubbed her cunt firmly through her moistening panties. As he did, he clamped his mouth firmly over hers. Signaling her desire, her tongue eagerly reached for his and she spread her thighs even further apart, as if willing him to enter her.

Barney held the passionate kiss -- a fucking kiss -- and pushed a finger past her panties and into her cunt. With her mouth still pressed hard against his, Annie snorted a grunt of ecstasy. He drew his finger back a little then thrust two back into her, almost lifting her off the stool as he began sawing at her hot cunt.

As she balanced on the edge of the stool, her legs spread wide, Barney worked hard and fast as Annie frantically humped his fingers. Within moments she clamped his leg with her thighs, squeezing hard as she came, and a flush of her hot sticky fluid filled the palm of his hand.

But Barney didn't let up. He gave her a moment then eased her legs apart again and began ramming his fingers back into her, thrusting quick and hard against the inside of her cunt. By now Annie was panting and shaking and within a minute she shivered again as another rush of her cum flooded his palm.

As the sensation subsided she stood, crooked one arm around his neck to aid her pelvic thrusting, and kept her knees wide to aid his fingering. With the other hand she tore at the buttons of his shirt, then pressed her bare breast against his bare chest and reached for his cock, pulling at his belt and zip.

As his clothes slid down, Annie lifted her skirt, ran her fingers over her hips and slipped them inside her panties. As she bent to draw them down her legs she kissed and sucked his cock. Then, wrapping her arms firmly around his neck, Annie fell back to the floor, dragging Barney with her.

Naked apart from her skirt and tank top both bunched around her waist, Annie spread her legs wide again, as if to beckon him in. But instead of fucking her straight away, he shoved his hand back in -- this time three fingers. She bucked and heaved as he groped roughly at her cunt, and within moments began gasping and squirming as another rush of her cum dribbled across his hand to form a dark spot on the carpet.

This time Barney allowed her to rest, tenderly kissing her neck and licking her ear. While her panting steadied, he whispered how beautiful she was, how passionate she was and what a good lover she was. Then, as she cupped his face and kissed his lips and neck with rapid, short pecks, he raised himself up on one elbow and arched over her to lower himself slowly between her still widespread legs.

Annie reached for his cock and guided it towards her cunt, but Barney was going to take his time and give her the fuck of her life. AS he had anticipated, cumming so quickly and so much had cooled her frantic passion and he wanted to build it back up slowly, to savour every second of the final conquest.

Annie drew his cock close to her and, sensing his plan, she gently caressed her cunt with his cock, circling it round and round, then back and forth along her moistened cunt lips. Very gently, Barney pushed just the tip against her and held it there to enjoy the sensation. Annie's hot cunt seemed to suck at him. Ever so slowly, a tiny bit at a time, he edged further and further inside her, lingering each time as the heat of her cunt slowly engulfed his cock.

Annie's anticipation was building again and she placed her hands around his backside, trying to draw him in. But Barney was delighting in every new sensation as his cock slid slowly inside her. She squirmed, trying to hasten the thrust but he knew exactly what he was doing and she was responding perfectly.

Once it was all the way in, he raised himself to arm's length above her and gazed into her eyes. Annie's gaze melted passionately into his and she craned her neck to reach his lips again. Barney held still for a moment then began to draw slowly back, slowly back, until his cock almost fell from her cunt. His second thrust was a little quicker and Annie stroked his back as he fucked her gently, her legs resting easily outside his, her feet touching the floor.

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