tagBDSMA Wife's Deepest Desire for Control

A Wife's Deepest Desire for Control


This story is based in fact and fantasy, it is intended for adults only. This story cannot be reproduced in part or whole without permission from the author. The author may be contacted at the email at the end of the story. If you like the story, or have ideas of your own please email, I would love to hear from everyone, especially well hung black men who like this story. wink wink.

* * * * *

She didn't know what woke her up. It was quiet and dark in the bedroom. The only sound was the gentle whirring of the ceiling fan. But she sensed something wasn't right. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it was there. She laid there for a couple of minutes listening to the darkness wondering what it was that was playing across the back of her mind. She rose out of bed stretching. The muscles in the back of her legs and thighs felt pulled and stretched. The gentle soreness between her legs made her think back to last night, back to feeling her husbands cock stroking in and out of her pulsating hole. Just thinking about it made her wet. She could remember his scent, his taste. He knew how to please her, and she appreciated the effort he put into it. He was always ready and willing, if not a bit too willing and too ready.

Reaching over she pulled her nightgown off of the chair slipping it over her head and down her body in one flowing motion. She headed for the bathroom, and as she neared the door she noticed that the door was cracked open and a gentle light was streaming from the crack. There was a strange noise coming from the bathroom, it was a gentle rustling sound like cloth rubbing against itself.

For some unknown reason she decided to pause before going into the bathroom and look thru the crack. She saw something that made her catch her breath and almost gasp out loud. There sitting in the half filled tub was her husband with his cock held tightly in his hand, stroking it up and down with deft precision. It wasn't the first time she had seen him stroke his cock, but it was the first time she had caught him in the act, caught him pleasing himself without her.

Her eyes were locked on his cock, locked on the deepening purpling of the head. The cock head was growing, mushrooming. Looking closely she thought she could see the slightly whitish shine of his pre-cum. Unconsciously she licked her lips remembering the taste his cock in her mouth. How the head of his cock had felt sliding across her lips and down to the back of her throat, she had worked so hard to be able to deep throat him, she had finally for the first time swallowed his entire cock last night. Her pussy was throbbing, aching watching him play with his cock. She reached down and put her hand between her legs and started to gently run her finger along her slit, it was wet, very wet. As her hand moved up to her clit her eyes never left his hands and his cock. She couldn't have pulled her eyes away if she tried. Her hand started moving faster on her clit. His hand was becoming a blur as he stroked faster and faster. She watched in amazement as soon he was using both hands, one stroking his cock, the other gripping his balls pulling them down and away from his body.

She felt the pressure in her pussy was growing; she was getting close to an orgasm. Her knees felt weak, so weak in fact she had to lean against the wall to keep from crashing thru the door. Just as she was ready to cum, thrusting her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy he shot his load. She watched as the arches of cum shot from the head of his cock landing in white clumps like vanilla pudding on his chest and stomach. He was very careful to be quiet, but still a deep groan slipped from his lips as the last huge shot of cum ejected itself landing on his stomach. The groan startled even him. He quickly splashed water on himself washing his cum from his body while he quickly rose from the tub. His movement surprised her. She jerked her fingers from her pussy and moving as quickly as she could, without making any noise, she retreated from the bathroom door. Once by the bed she stripped off her gown and slid back into bed closing her eyes, pretending to sleep. Her head was spinning and the throbbing between her legs was like jackhammers. Her nipples ached; they were as hard as marbles. The bathroom door opened and he emerged as if nothing had happened. Sneaking a peak at him as he walked across the bedroom she could see his limp cock shriveled and small by the light coming from the bathroom door he had left open. He dressed quietly so he wouldn't disturb her. She wondered what he would think if he knew that just moments ago she was masturbating watching him stroke his dick. How would he feel knowing that it turned her on so much to see him playing with himself? She laid there feeling almost guilty wanting him to leave so that she could indulge in her own secret.

Finally, he left kissing her gently on the cheek; she didn't dare move, afraid he would know she was awake. She wanted him to leave. She wanted time to digest what she saw. More than that to she needed to relieve the pressure that was threatening to explode from her pussy. The orgasm he stole from her by cumming to soon, was begging to be released.

Reaching under the bed on her side she pulled a box from under the bed. Inside this box was her secret. One she had kept from her husband for fear of how he might take it. Opening the box, she reached in and pulled out a dildo. It was black and firm and felt solid in her hand. She had always felt guilty for this secret but it was a secret that she needed from time to time to scratch the itch that her husband could never reach.

The dildo was about 8" long and about 2" around. It was a "real" cock. It filled her up, made her whole body shiver when she pushed it into her pussy. It never failed to make her cum, almost as soon as it was buried into her pussy her body always started convulsing. The orgasms always left her limp. She loved the feeling of being completely full. Her husband's cock was perfect for sucking, it fit so well in her mouth, besides it made it much easier to deep throat, but honestly for fucking she needed something bigger. Oh yea he used his cock well but because of Gods sense of humor, his cock just couldn't scratch that itch that every woman has, the itch to feel her pussy full of cock.

Having relieved the stress, she finally got out of bed again. She didn't bother with her gown this time there was no need. Entering the bathroom she leaned over to start the tub and a glimpse of color caught her eye. There behind the toilet was a magazine. She pulled the magazine out noticing it was dog-eared and creased.

It was one of those dirty story magazines that you find on lots of newsstands. On the cover was a young woman about her age dressed all in leather from head to toe. In one hand she was holding a riding crop and in the other a dildo that looked a bit like her secret one only slight larger. She had never seen a magazine like this before. But she noticed it was wet, and it dawned on her. Like her, he had a secret. How long had it been there? How long had he had it? She looked at the date on the cover and found to her surprise that it was over 6 months old. How many times had he read it? How many times had he pulled on his cock reading these stories? How many mornings had she laid in bed while he was leisurely stroking his cock?

Once the tub was full she eased herself down into the hot water savoring its embrace on her body. The heat of the water soothed the remaining heat in her pussy. She leaned back and closed her eyes for a minute bringing to mind the sights of the morning. Reaching beside the tub she grabbed the magazine deciding to figure out what about this magazine would captivate her husband so, causing him to return to his teenage years and making him hide in the bathroom playing with his cock.

She read the magazine slowly, part of the time not believing what she was reading. There was story after story of women dominating men. And dominating them was the least of it. The stories were very graphic. There were several stories where the women actually told the men what bitches they were. They made fun of their tiny cocks, and called them all sorts of names. The power these women had seemed to stem from their ability to verbally control the men but physically as well. The more severe the language it seemed the more the men submitted. She had only imagined saying those things to her husband when her pussy was full of her secret cock. She had often fantasized about him seeing her pussy stretched to its limits but she was always afraid of his reaction. Concerned he would realize just how inadequate his cock was at scratching her itch

Probably what amazed her the most were the pictures that were scattered through out the magazines. Men tied in various poses. There were pictures of cocks and balls tied in tight bindings, obvious by the purple hue of their skin alongside the ropes. Clothespins attached to cock, balls and nipples.

One picture that caught her eye and made her stop dead and gape at it, was the one of a man tied up unable to move because of the lady from the cover behind him with a dildo strapped to her. The dildo was buried almost to the hilt in his ass. She marveled at the size of the strap on, it was bigger even than her dildo. It amazed her to think that people actually did all those things she had read about in the stories. Was it for real she wondered? Thinking about it stirred a familiar ache between her legs. It was an ache that was only intensified as the pictures continued to grow more intense. There were pictures of women with strap on dildos face fucking the men, making the men swallow these huge cocks. Men hogtied with ropes around their cocks and balls stretching them out to what seem almost painful extremes. She continued reading and before she knew it she had read the magazine from cover to cover. As she turned the last page she found on the inside of the back cover a picture that literally made her gasp out loud. There was a man, with his hands tied behind his back standing there with his cock still hard but obviously spent because of the long stream of cum hanging from the tip. In the picture was the same woman who was on the cover and in her hand was the load the man had just shot and she was feeding it to him. And as she flipped over the back cover there was the man with his load on his tongue and smeared all over his face.

From that very moment she knew that things were going to change. And she decided that if that is what he wanted then she was the woman to give it to him. She also had to admit to herself that there was some poetic justice in all this. How many times had he taken her in the ass? How many loads of cum had she swallowed? Didn't she learn to deep throat for his pleasure? Turn about is fair play, and play she would. Besides she was so turned on that she had to admit to herself that there just might be a part of her that had longed for this control.

She didn't let on what she had found or that anything had changed. She figured the only way that this would work was if she found a way to take control without giving him time to think about it. She didn't want his embarrassment or ego to stop her. It was no longer about what he wanted; now she wanted it. And as much as it amazed her the more she thought about it the more it turned her on.

She spent hours on the web while he was at work exploring the world of female Domination. She found pictures and stories of every kink imaginable. She wanted to learn all about this fantasy of his. She wanted to "learn the ropes" so to speak. In her research she found so many things that turned her on she became more and more convinced that she wanted to dominate him more than she ever realized. She masturbated to the pictures and stories she found, imagining that it was the two of them doing those things instead of the strangers in the story.

She ended up masturbating daily with her secret dildo dreaming of the things she would do to him. There were several mornings that she would sneak up to the bathroom while he was "supposedly" getting ready for work and watch him masturbate. One morning his routine changed. She was awakened one morning by soft gentle moaning coming from the bathroom. Excitedly she got out of bed and moved to the bathroom door. Even with all she had seen him do before nothing prepared her for the sight she saw as she looked into the bathroom. He was standing in the shower leaning heavily against the wall with his ass pointed toward her. And there in his hand was a dildo. She couldn't believe her eyes. It wasn't a large dildo, in fact she mused that it was about the size of his little prick.

She could see the head of the dildo was already disappearing into his little asshole. She couldn't take her eyes off of his ass as he worked his toy cock further up his ass. From the ease at which it disappeared, she knew that this wasn't the first time, nor the 50th, God knows how long he had been fucking himself. She didn't think anything could turn her on more than watching him jack off, but this did. She was so wet she could feel it running down the inside of her thighs. Fuck it was hot to see her man taking a cock in his ass like he was born to it. She knew she had to have his ass. She had to own it. She stood there watching him fucking himself and from the movement in his back she could tell that he was stroking his little cock for all it was worth. She was so mesmerized by what she saw she didn't even think of touching herself, in fact she hardly breathed she didn't want anything to interrupt this. She was as turned on as she had EVER been in her life, and for the first time she truly understood what the women in the stories found so exciting.

His rhythm picked up, he was driving that dildo in and out of his "pussy" quickly now. She could tell he was trying to be quiet but it was obvious he was enjoying himself. The noises he was making were coming from deep within his throat; nothing seemed to matter to him except getting more of that dildo up his ass. His body began to convulse he pushed the dildo deep and threw his head back as he came. His body shifted just enough for her to see his cock. God it was purple, and it was larger than she had ever seen it, the head of his cock was twice as big as it had ever been. She watched as he began to shoot his cum. He kept stroking his cock using his own cum for a lubricant making his cock shiny. He stroked himself until it was obvious his balls had dumped their entire load onto the shower floor. Then to her shock he brought one of his fingers to his mouth and she could see a drop of cum on it, which he licked off sucking his finger deeply into his mouth.

Where had he hidden that cock she wondered, until she saw the back lid was off the toilet. That sneaky little prick (and she meant that literally) no wonder she hadn't found it. She had looked for other magazines and had found a couple in his workbench in the garage, but she never thought to look in the tank of the fucking toilet. She marveled at his ingenuity, and also reveled in how embarrassed he would be when she told him she knew everything. She decided that Saturday would be the day that his "training" would begin. She just hoped that she could wait until then. It seemed so far away.

She took the opportunity Friday morning to go to the local adult bookstore and do her "shopping". She was amazed at the variety of toys that were available. Not knowing what all she wanted, she bought a huge variety of things. Butt plugs, ropes, handcuffs, a strap on dildo harness, several different sizes of dildos, ball gag's, and even one gag that had an insert for his mouth and a place to put one of the dildos in for her to ride his face. She also bought a black leather hood; she had special plans for it. The final thing she bought herself a black leather outfit. It was as close as she could find to the one the woman was wearing on the cover of his jerk off magazine.

Friday night she went to bed and they made love. She marveled that he didn't notice how loose her pussy was, she had masturbated with all the dildos she had purchased that day, and quite honestly his cock seem smaller than usual. Fuck he barely hit the sides she had to kegal hard to even feel that there was much of anything in her. She finally had to put her legs over his shoulders to get into a position where she could finally feel his cock.

Much to her surprise she liked the idea that tomorrow she would be not only telling him about not feeling him inside her, but also showing him how she reacted to a cock that could really fill her up. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he realized that she had been fucking herself since the day they were married to satisfy herself in ways his puny little dick couldn't hope to. She knew it would embarrass him, make him feel inadequate, but more importantly she would no longer have to wait for her pleasure she would be able to have what she wanted and needed anytime she wanted.

Saturday morning came early for her. She got out of bed took a leisurely bath and dressed in her new leather outfit putting on a bathrobe to hide it. She waited somewhat impatiently for him to wakeup. He woke as he usually did on a weekend morning first going to the bathroom and jumping into a shower. When he came out of the shower she told him she had surprise for him and that he needed to shut his eyes and put his hands behind his back. He did, and she knelt before him taking his cock into her mouth running her tongue up and down his shaft. She paused telling him not to move his hands from behind his back or she would quit. She sucked him for a few minutes more and then rose up kissing his body as she moved up to his face. She moved around behind him, all the time stroking and touching him. Telling him how turned on she was and how good he tasted. When she got behind him she told him not to move and she quietly pulled a pair of handcuffs from the pocket of her robe quickly fastening around his wrists locking them tight.

"What are you doing?" he asked with disbelief in his voice

"What ever I want," she said, chuckling to herself at her cleverness and feeling her pussy throb at what was about to happen.

"You see" she continued, "I found out about your little secret"

"What secret"

She looked him strait in they eyes and said "The fact that you can't keep your hands off your puny little cock, and that when you do it you are reading your dirty magazines"

He paled as she spoke, but she noticed that his cock, which had gone flaccid when she handcuffed him, was stirring between his legs.

"How did you find out?"

"I have been watching you for the last couple of weeks playing with yourself before you go to work when you think I am sleeping" she said flatly. She enjoyed watching his face go red as she spoke.

"But" he started to say

"Shut up bitch," she said to him with a look on her face that made him shut his mouth quickly with an apprehensive look on his face.

"Now the rules have changed. It is obvious you don't think you are getting enough sex, if you have to play with yourself all the time." While she talked she walked back around in front of him and grabbed him by the cock leading him over to the bed.

"Stand there, don't move and don't say a word" he nodded in response

She reached under the bed and pulled out several sacks. She dumped them all out on the bed in front of him. What he saw made him gasp. He saw all the toys she had purchased, amazed at the collection.

"Before this weekend is over you will be very familiar with all these things. Do you understand?'

"Yes" he replied.

"Yes what, what do the other pussy men call the women who own them, who use them, who fuck them?" she said grabbing his balls and squeezing

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