tagBDSMA Wife's Erotic Spanking

A Wife's Erotic Spanking


When we have time, my wife loves it when I tell her to come up to the bedroom, where I've put a straight-back chair in the middle of the room. I tell her to strip off her clothes, slowly, and fold them neatly and put them on the bed. Then I order her to lay over my lap. I caress her round ass, as I tell her that I'm going to spank her until she cries. I reach down between her legs, and find her pussy already dripping. "Spread your legs," I order, "And keep them spread." She does, her knees splayed as they dangle.

I rub her ass a bit more, then take my hand away. Although she can't see it, she knows my hand is poised above her ass, waiting. I make her wait, the anticipation building, torturing her, and then suddenly, >smack!<, the first smack on her right cheek. I take my hand away, and do the same thing with her left cheek, making her wait. Slowly, I increase the tempo, until I'm spanking all over her butt down to her thighs, stopping occasionally to rub between her legs. Her vagina is dripping, my fingers slip readily into her wetness as I give her hard clit a few quick strokes, then I take my hand away, and continue her spanking.

"Say you're a bad girl who needs to be spanked." I command.

"I'm a bad girl who needs to be spanked," she whispers.

"Ask me to spank you harder."

She whimpers. "No, I can't."

I reach my hand down into her hair and grab a handful of her dark hair, jerking her head back firmly as I speak in a deep firm voice, in a tone that can't be disobeyed, "Tell me to please spank you harder, because you're a dirty slut who needs to be punished." I give her head another jerk. "NOW."

With a near sob she exhales, surrenders, and moans, "Please... please spank me harder. I'm, I'm a dirty slut who needs to be spanked." This is what she wants, desires, to give up, and to be punished and made right, to pay penance.

I release her hair, and her head falls forward, and I gather her wrists in my left hand. I caress her ass cheeks again, and they're pink, warm from where they'd been gently spanked before. Sometimes I tell her to count down. Today, I'll spank her until I feel like stopping. My palm falls on one cheek, and then the other, faster, and harder. "Keep your legs spread," I order. Her ass starts to get hot and red, and she starts to wiggle on my lap beneath my blows, little sounds starting to peep out of her, as the pain increases as... and so does her arousal.

I stop suddenly, and dip my hand between her legs into her pussy. Her mound surges back, hungrily seeking pleasure and release. She moans as my fingers slip into her, and again I brush her clit. I lean forward towards her ear, still holding her wrists in my hand as I work her pussy, "You're a filthy, nasty slut, and when I'm done I'm going to use you like the fuckhole you are."

She moans, and with no hesitation responds, "Yes, please... please use me, fuck me, do whatever you want, I'm your dirty fuckhole." She's in the zone, where she secretly desires to be.

I pull back and pull my hand from her pussy, then start spanking her hard, first one cheek, then the other. She cries out as I spank her, but I know this is what she wants, and I still find myself amazed at how much it's me giving her what she wants, not the other way around.

"Please, stop..." she whispers, and I say, "When I'm ready I will." I know my words thrill her, my voice one of command over her, unlike our normal relationship of equalts. But I know I'm done, I'm just continuing the spanking for her sake. I spank her ass hard a dozen more times, then suddenly release her hands. She collapses over my lap, tension suddenly gone, and I tell her to stand up. With my help, she rises on wobbly legs, and I guide her to the edge of the bed, then push her back on her back. I grab her calves and pull her legs up and wide, and her pussy is gaping and soaked as I abruptly slam my rigid cock into her. "YES!" she screams as I pound into her, as she reaches for me and pulls herself and her greedy pussy onto my thrusting cock, the pleasure of my cock inside her heightened by the still ripping flames from her ass from the hard spanking she'd just received.

It's not more than a dozen strokes before she says, "Oh God, I'm going to cum..." and with the same note of command, I order her, "Wait. Not yet." Her eyes lock on mine, as I continue my thrusts and I feel the tingle in my balls as my own orgasm starts to crest. "I'll tell you when. Ten... nine... I love you... eight... seven... you're so sexy... six... you're my dirty slut, aren't you?" She nods desperately, animalistically, not breaking eye contact. "Five... I'm going to cum with you... four... I'm going to shoot my huge load into your dripping pussy... three... two... one... NOW!" And with that we're both cumming, and now her tears are streaming as she gasps and screams, and I surf through our own shared feedback and ecstacy... it's so good... such catharsis, such release...

I collapse on her, kissing her face, her cheeks, her eyelids, her neck, as she continues to sob and ripples of mini-orgasms continue as my thrusts abate... and eventually I roll off of her, gather her into my arms, cradling her warm body into mine as we both drift into contented, loving sleep.

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