tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Wife's Submissive Journey

A Wife's Submissive Journey


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Susan and her family moved to the city and instantly fell in love with the friendly neighborhood. She was liked by anyone who met her and in particular the men found her overly attractive and sexy. Sue married young and virtually had no sexual experiences other than those with her childhood sweetheart, Ben, who she married. They didn't have any children and anyone who met Ben and Susan considered her a trophy wife, as she was extremely beautiful and sexy. She dressed in a very conservative manner, but always in rich and elegant clothes, which were trendy and very fashionable.

Every fall about the end of September, one of their neighbors hosted a block party barbeque, which was designed to welcome newcomers and also to rekindle friendships. The function was always well attended, as it was the one time a year that everyone could socialize with neighbors. The Clarks who lived only a couple doors down the block from Susan were the hosts. The family was well known for their gracious parties and Sue looked forward to meeting all of her neighbors, some of them for the first time.

Nadine Clark had just turned 21 and she was an only child, which was most likely the reason for her being spoiled rotten. No one could argue the fact that Nadine was overly dominating. She loved being the one in control of everything and considered herself the leader in almost every endeavor. The fact Nadine was a little shorter than average and a little smaller might have been a determining factor of her having a inferior attitude. When her friends assumed Nadine was not capable of being powerful and in control, she always proved them wrong by being the strongest and most feared.

Her parents thought Nadine could do no wrong and they were happy to still have her living at home. They were extremely proud of their daughter and ignored any warning signs that she might be overly domineering. When Nadine set her sights on something, she didn't let anything get in her way of achieving a goal or winning a competition. Her smaller stature deceived most people and she was in complete control before anyone knew what happened. Most of her personal relationships were with people about her own age, but she secretly vowed to some day have an intimate relationship with an older woman.

Nadine would look back on the planned neighborhood gathering with great fondness even though at first she wanted nothing to do with the party. She thought her parents were silly for volunteering to be hosts for the annual social event and she refused to help in any way. What made her change her mind might have been a fluke, but Nadine would always consider it one of her luckiest changes of heart. After her mother pestered her for the whole month of July, Nadine finally agreed to help with the September party.

The two were having coffee together one morning before Nadine went to college or her mother went to work. "Mother, I'll help with the damn party... just get off my back," Nadine complained. "You shouldn't have volunteered to host the bloody thing. It's a lot of goddamn work and you know how much I hate work."

"You know your dad... how he thinks he's the best Barbequer in the world," her mother replied. "It will be nice having all of the neighbors around."

"I'll help with arrangements... with everything until the actual party," Nadine said. "But I'm not socializing with a bunch of old farts."

"It will do you good to be nice to the neighbors. Pay some of them back for being nice to the spoiled princess," her mother teased Nadine. "You just have to help with all of the arrangements and setup... not with the actual day of the party."

When her mother mentioned that the lady who moved in recently was going to also help, Nadine knew she had made a smart decision. She remembered the first time she saw Susan. The woman was visiting her mother and the two were having coffee together when Nadine found out that Susan had moved into the neighborhood. Nadine's first impression of the woman was that Susan was the most seductive woman in the world and she vowed at the time to become the woman's mistress.

Nadine had several very close girlfriends and she actually preferred them to the various males she called boyfriends. There was one young man, Kenny, she considered a soulmate, but all of the others were simply friends. Nadine's desire for sex was only surpassed by her desire for power and control. She loved nothing more than demonstrating her dominance over others. One thing Nadine realized early on was that it was much easier gaining control over a girl so most of her relationships were with girlfriends.

Maybe it was a sign of her growing up and maturing, but Nadine decided weeks earlier that she wanted to take her sexuality to another level. After her first meeting with Susan, she immediately set her sights on gaining control over the woman who was a few years older than her. Nadine observed how Susan dressed very conservatively and she rightly assumed the woman was a little self-conscious of her luscious womanly charms. Sue was similar to many gorgeous women in that she never realized just how attractive and sexy others viewed her.

Nadine often tried to visualize her beautiful neighbor. The woman was about 5'10", which Nadine found truly alluring. She loved nothing more than establishing control over a taller woman, as most people assumed she was too small to be the dominating person in any relationship. Susan had tits that most women would die for and men found them titillating when she walked, as the boobs swayed slightly with each step. Sue had a very slim waist and her hips flared in a truly lithe fashion, which most men found sexy and Nadine found truly seductive. Her butt was well rounded and more supple than Sue cared for, but she reasoned it was better than having a flat ass.

Her legs were long and shapely, but it was her chest that garnered the most attention. That was likely because Susan's boobs were not only big, but the nipples seemed to be enlarged and erect most of the time, which seemed to show through any top she wore. Whenever Susan caught men staring at her, she always gave them a dirty look and cursed their brazen ogling even though she felt a sense of pride because she was well endowed.

What made Nadine really pleased with her new neighbor was how cordial and willing to please Susan seemed even with complete strangers. Nadine readily agreed to meet with her mom and Susan to do the initial planning on the upcoming party. Her mother found Nadine's insistence on preparing drinks and snacks for the meeting a little strange, but easily shrugged off her daughter's cooperation. She thought Nadine was just being a good daughter for once and never considered there might be an ulterior motive for Nadine's assistance.

Susan came over early that August morning. "Please sit. I have coffee on and we can have a nice chat. Mother had to run an errand downtown. She'll be back in about an hour, but we can get started," Nadine said, as she leaned over and set the cups on the table. "I've wanted to meet you since the first day you moved into our wonderful neighborhood."

"You must be Nadine. Your mother has told me all about you and how you're doing so well in university," Susan said, as she stared at the bare boobs. The young woman's top hung down leaving her perky tits exposed and Sue could even see the nipples, which were extremely enlarged and erect. She found the brazen exhibition very intimidating and her temperature seemed to rise about ten degrees a second until she was totally flushed.

Nadine didn't always go without a bra, but she decided to go for broke this time. She had selected the loosest top in her wardrobe and even practiced bending over in front of mirror to make sure her voyeurism was blatant and revealing. The biggest smile covered her face when Nadine noticed Susan's eyes riveted on her exposed chest.

Sue was so focused on the voyeurism that she didn't hear the woman's next words. "Do you like ogling my tits? Your tongue is hanging out of our mouth," Nadine said.

Not normally dumbfounded or overcome by someone, Susan merely sat motionless and allowed the young woman to take over. There was no need for Nadine to remain bent over in front of Sue yet she wanted the woman to see her boobs. "I'm sorry... so sorry. I didn't mean to... to stare," Susan whispered.

Nadine grinned with the utmost confidence and straightened up. "Do you have a girlfriend? Are you having sex with anyone other than your husband," she asked.

Susan felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. "No, gawd no. I... I'm not that way," she replied. "No girlfriend... never."

"The first time I saw you... I knew you were different. Knew I wanted to make love to you and be your mistress," Nadine whispered.

The setting was profound and right out of a love story. Nadine stood in front of her and there was a light surrounding her body, which appeared to be a premonition. The smile on Nadine's pretty face was adorable and Susan couldn't take her eyes off the young woman. "No... but... but?" Sue spoke, but she didn't know if she was trying to convince Nadine or herself.

Nadine completely ignored the woman's indecision and took charge. "You look tense... your muscles are all knotted and tense," she said, as she swiftly rotated around the woman. "Let me massage your neck... that always helps me and I'm an expert at relaxing massages."

Abruptly a conversation ensued and the two chatted like they were longtime friends. "Yes, I've been stressed lately... since the move. Meeting new friends and trying to fit in is never easy."

"You'll love it here."

"Yes, I'm sure I will... everyone is so nice."

"I knew you were special the first moment I saw you."

"Thank you... but I'm not sure..."

"Can I see you later... after our meeting with my mother and when you are free."

"I guess... I'd like that."

"Are you free this evening?"

"Well... I think so."

"I'd love to see you!"

"Well... I guess."

"Have you ever had a mistress?"

"No, oh no, gawd no." Susan had no idea what to do, as she felt totally overwhelmed by Nadine. She had never acted so foolishly in her life and couldn't understand why she seemed to be under the control of such a young woman. Because Susan was physically bigger than Nadine, she didn't feel very threatened and felt she could handle any situation.

Nadine stood behind the shivering woman and used her expertise to put Sue at ease. "I'm taking Kinesiology and would like to specialize in massage therapy. Here... let me massage those neck muscles and you'll feel better," she said, as her skilled fingers went to work. "I don't want mother seeing you stressed... acting like a little schoolgirl."

'Dear gawd, she's right. What's wrong with me? I'm acting so strange... not like myself,' Susan thought. 'Oh my, that feels so goooood. Her hands... her fingers are touching me. Oh gawd, what's wrong with me?'

Nadine purposely opened the neck of Sue's blouse, as much as possible, so that her fingers massaged all of the woman's bare shoulders. She glanced down the front of Sue's torso and imagined being able to feel the adorable boobs, which were heaving because of the woman's frantic breathing. 'You're so beautiful... sexy. I can't hardly wait,' Nadine thought, as she stared down at the rich rewards.

'Dear gawd, what's wrong with me? I should stop her... oh gawd, what would I do if she touches me,' Sue wondered? The relief was instantaneous, as Nadine massaged her neck and shoulders. Then the sound of a car entering the driveway interrupted their private session. One second she was completely relaxed and the next her heart raced a mile a minute. Nadine swiftly rotated around the seated woman and the two faced each other. Then the young woman leaned in and kissed the mature, married woman hard on the lips.

Their lips met and Sue tried to keep hers closed, but the pithy resistance lasted a brief moment. Nadine entwined her tongue with Sue's and she confirmed her superior control. She bent the older woman backwards in the chair and relished the intimate contact when the kiss heated up. Sue was smitten. There was something about the young woman that she couldn't resist and just the thought of being under Nadine's control was hypnotic. For the first time in her life, Susan felt totally submissive.

The front door opened and Nadine abruptly ended the kiss. "I'll be at your place tonight... at seven. I'm going to be your mistress... your lover," Nadine whispered. "You'll do everything I say... or else!"

Susan had never been obsessed with any kind of role-playing, but suddenly she felt fixated on letting the young woman be her mistress. It was too late to protest to the Nadine right now, but Sue vowed to set her straight when they met later. Sue rationalized she would meet with the girl and explain how mistaken it was for Nadine to think she was submissive and willing to submit to the young woman's dominating manner. Luckily by the time Nadine's mother came into the room, Sue had somehow regained control of herself and all of her rampant emotions.


Susan had a difficult time trying to think straight and make rational decisions, as 7 o'clock approached. She wondered what the hell came over her when she willingly set up another rendezvous with her young neighbor? Feeling more apprehensive with each passing hour, her heart pounded as if she were going on a date. The grandfather clock in the living room chimed and Sue's heart skipped a beat with the announcement of the dreaded hour. She realized it was time for Nadine to arrive and she had a hard time breathing, as she expected the doorbell to ring at any second.

Sue had pondered long and hard over her dilemma. Knowing she had reached a decision to put an immediate stop to Nadine's seduction and dominance gave her at least a little temporary relief. She was determined to tell the young woman that she had no interest in advancing a relationship with anyone, especially another woman. When the knock sounded at the front door, Sue almost collapsed, as her legs went wobbly and weak.

Susan couldn't believe how quickly her courage disappeared and she found it almost impossible to walk the few steps to the door. Her hand closed on the knob and Sue thought the door was locked because the knob wouldn't turn. Suddenly the door opened and she came face to face with destiny. Susan stared at the young woman who had a devilish grin on her face and there was a deafening silence that sapped any remaining courage.

It was funny how fleeting seconds in a person's life can last an eternity. Susan stared into the dark, paralyzing eyes and she was powerless to move even one step. There was an evil grin on the young woman's pretty face and Sue could tell Nadine was on a mission. She felt like a coward and found it almost impossible to speak. "I... I... you look good. Please, come in... I'll show you around," Susan mumbled and realized that she was under a spell.

Still staring into Nadine's eyes, Sue raised her left arm and grabbed the young woman's hand, which was offered to her. She was speechless as her feet started moving and soon she was standing in the middle of the living room. Almost in a trance, she started giving the young woman a tour of her home. Sue explained how she loved decorating in an antique fashion and then they moved into the kitchen. She pointed out some of the finer points of the room before she urged her friend towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms and the rest of the house.

Susan managed to find her voice during the tour and even grew more relaxed, as they moved from room to room. She wasn't sure if saving the master bedroom till last was the smartest decision, but that was how things worked out. The mood seemed to change once they were both standing beside the big bed and Sue was afraid to look at the young woman. She literally stood facing the bed and didn't move when Nadine quickly rotated behind her motionless body. Soft, caring hands reached up to her tense shoulders and started massaging all of the apprehension out of her torso.

Sue wondered how many times her mouth opened, as if she was going to protest or say something? No words, only low moans of passion seemed to come out of her chest, as her head sort of balanced on top of her stiff neck. Sue felt the neck of her blouse being stretched and rolled down her shoulders after nimble fingers managed to unbutton the top few buttons. Her bare shoulders felt flushed and warm and then wet lips rained kisses all over the burning flesh. It seemed her heartbeat increased with each peck and each kiss until the blood was racing through her entire body.

Susan wasn't sure how long she could remain standing. She felt the bottom of her blouse being pulled out of her pants and without any hesitation the garment was stripped from her body. Sue desperately yearned to turn around and face the She-Devil, but knew it wasn't the smartest reaction to the young woman's seduction. Suddenly a dainty hand rolled the bra out of the way and cupped one of her tits. The nipple was precariously pinched between the strong fingertips and the precious bud was stretched and elongated to almost twice the normal size. Sue merely moaned and gasped for more air, as she stood absolutely still.

It was time to act and not react; yet her brain refused to work, as her body willingly cooperated. Susan didn't even know how the rest of her clothes were removed. There were no words spoken, merely motions and signals from the powerful young woman to indicate what she wanted. All of a sudden Sue was standing on wobbly legs and a brazen hand was between her velvety thighs. The skilled fingers slithered through the vast wetness and instantly seized her spirit.

Susan had heard that it was possible to become overly aroused even if a woman was standing and in the right situation, an orgasm was possible. Suddenly soft lips nibbled at her ear and the hottest breath washed across the side of her face. "No, no, Sue! Please, not yet," Nadine whispered, as she squeezed hard. Then she yanked the tiny pearl out of the puffy hideaway and twirled the bud around vigorously between her fingers. "I knew the first time I saw you... knew you were a slut. You're cumming like a slut!"

The last thing in the world Susan wanted was an orgasm, but her stomach was already convulsing wildly and out of control. She couldn't stop her hips from thrusting madly at the young woman's fingers and she gasped out loud, as the womanly juices flowed freely out of her belly. "No, no, please Nadine, please stop," she pleaded. "I beg you."

Nadine used her teeth to get the woman's complete attention. "I love hearing you beg," she hissed.

"No... no, I'm not."

Nadine twirled the clit around and around as fast as she could. "You're cumming... like a slut."

"Please, gawd no... please stop."

"Keep begging... I love hearing my slut beg."

"No, no... no."

"Dear lord, my sexy, gorgeous slut is cumming... creaming all over my fingers," Nadine whispered. "Keep that pretty ass moving... squirming all over. Cum for Mistress... cum for Mistress!"

Susan couldn't remember being so out of control. She desperately wanted to prolong the wonderful sensations yet her body refused to listen. Her legs were pressed tightly together, but the crafty young woman still found enough space to royally molest the throbbing clitoris. Each time her clitty slipped between the skilled fingertips, Susan secreted more womanly juices until lewd slurping sounds filled the room.

Her head rolled backwards and rested on the shorter woman's shoulder. Susan couldn't imagine a more shameless scene, as she experienced the most explosive orgasm of her life. She didn't think it was possible to climax while in a standing position, but the assumption was swiftly dispelled, as severe convulsions roared through her stomach. Much to Sue's horror, the sly young woman rotated her body and pushed her head forward so that she stared straight into a large mirror, which displayed the wicked lust. Sue was powerless. She stared at the blatant fingertips, as they rolled the slippery clitty around, and noticed her feet were apart enough to expose her crotch to the world.

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