tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 03

A Wife's Submissive Journey Ch. 03


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The next two weeks were the hardest of her life. Susan used every trick in the book to hide the newly acquired tattoos and especially the incriminating hickies. Ben understood when she told him that she got the two sketches on a whim yet he frowned when she indicated one was on her breast and the other was inked on her bare pelvis. Sue explained how the artist insisted she keep the tattoos completely covered with a sterile bandage for at least 10 days and possibly two weeks.

When her husband agreed to wait for the unveiling, Sue's quandary was only half resolved. Hiding the hickies was cleverly accomplished by ensuring their bedroom was dark enough so that Ben couldn't see intimate parts of her body during their regular lovemaking sessions. After a few days, the red blemishes disappeared and she felt a lot safer, but then she started dreaming about the future.

Sue was apprehensive and very nervous about meeting Nadine and especially her cousin. When the young woman described Susan as a grownup sex-toy for her young cousin, Sue was totally distraught and very worried. Nadine easily blackmailed her with threats of showing Ben and others the incriminating movie of the encounter with her boyfriend. There didn't seem to be any way out of the pressing dilemma and Sue couldn't think of a viable solution to overcome Nadine's demands.

The first time she exposed the tattoos to Ben, he almost had a heart attack. "Wha... what? Holy shit, honey, it's... it's so close," he said, staring at her newly inked pelvis. "Did he... did the man touch your... your pussy?"

Sue noted the puzzled expression on Ben's face and then her mind went crazy. Vivid images of lying naked on the parlor table and then brilliant scenes of a stranger ravaging her body filled her head. Despite being watched by her husband, her breathing quickened and her heart raced and Sue wondered if Ben noticed. She didn't want to lie, but it was the only way out. "Dear gawd, no. He covered me... made sure I was covered and then he did the tattoo," she replied.

Obviously her response was good enough. The mere thought of another man seeing his wife's sexy body turned Ben horny and uncontrolled. He jumped Sue and the resultant sexual encounter surprised both of them, as it was one of the hottest of their marriage. Following the intercourse, Ben never questioned her about the tattoos and he seemed infatuated by the drawings being on her most intimate zones.


Susan didn't know how to stop the blackmail. Nadine's orders were direct and straight to the point. 'Be at my place at 7 o'clock sharp. Wear exactly what you were instructed to wear and be here on time!' Sue shuddered with great anxiety, as she readied to depart for the Clarks. It had taken some smart manipulation and uncanny luck, but she managed to find time away from her husband so that the prearranged rendezvous could happen in relative safety. Ben made plans to attend a stag for one of his best friends from college who lived a hundred miles away. The party was anticipated to last all night or at least into the early morning so Ben decided to stay the night at his buddy's, which was a big relief to Sue.

Nadine was shrewd. She knew men found a scantily clad woman sexier than one who was completely nude and she used the devilish theory on Susan. Sue was in her bedroom when she opened the small bag of clothes sent to her by the young woman. Her heart skipped a few beats when she noticed the skimpy attire. What was very obvious was Nadine's desire for humiliation, as the outfit was something that would be worn by a young schoolgirl. The skirt was a colorful plaid and pleated. The blouse was white and so shear that anything underneath would be extremely visible.

Sue dropped the skirt and blouse on the bed and held up the rest. She breathed a big sigh of relief that a bra and panties were actually available, but when she looked closer, her heart skipped another beat. The bra was delicate lace and there were no ends in the cups, which meant her nipples would be clearly exposed. Then Sue noticed what she was hard pressed to call panties. There were two very small, heart-shaped pieces of cloth, one that would barely cover her pussy-slit and the other to decorate the upper portion of her buttocks.

She held the thong by the thin elastic waistband and stared in dismay, as she pictured herself wearing the skimpy garment. Getting dressed in the attire was harder than she imagined. Her fingers trembled like crazy when she slipped the thong on and noticed that she was virtually naked. Donning the bra was just as bad as the delicate lace made her large nipples appear overly stiff and obvious. Sue quickly slipped the blouse on and felt a little better once the skirt was covering her nudity.

Sue glanced into the mirror and her heart stopped. She looked exactly like the schoolgirl Nadine wanted her to be for the upcoming rendezvous. The skirt was fairly decent and long enough to reach almost down to her knees, but it was the blouse that captured her attention. The two erect buds pressed into the shear fabric and she realized that it was going to be impossible to hide her womanly assets. The thought of Nadine having her cousin and friend see her dressed like a cheap hussy made her afraid and very hesitant.

Walking out of the bedroom and to the front door was difficult because fear turned her legs unsteady and wobbly. The trip down the street was even harder and her heart was racing when she walked up to the Clark's house. Sue reached for the doorbell and her finger vibrated when she pushed on the little button. The door opened and Nadine's smiling face and welcoming hand greeted her. Sue stubbornly refused the young woman's hand and walked past her into the dimly lit and serene living room.

Nadine quickly joined her and didn't waste time, as she motioned Sue to follow her. They headed towards the large family room and Sue's stomach churned in a frantic fashion. She was very familiar with the home and shivers ran up and down her spine with the memory of what happened the last time she visited Nadine. Sue was thankful they were not going to the master bedroom where the last encounter occurred yet her heart quickened, as they entered the big family room.

The lights were off and Sue couldn't really see anything when they entered, but she was still hesitant because of what might happen. She stood near the doorway and allowed the young woman to walk over to a small table lamp, which was just inside the room. When the dim light came on, Sue's heart stopped. She stared at two shadowy figures sitting on a sofa that was on the far side of the room and jumped when a voice sounded in her ear. "The one on your right is Darren, my teenage cousin," Nadine whispered. "The stud on your left is Jeffery... his best friend."

"Da, I don't understand... what," Sue mumbled.

"You're in for the time of your life," Nadine said. "You get to have sex with teenagers and the best part... you get to teach them. Show two horny teens how to act like a real slut."

"Nadine, no... I can't be with boys. I'm married... older," Sue pleaded.

"Ha, ha, ha, don't worry. They're old enough... old enough to please a woman. I'm sure you know what I mean," Nadine said and laughed. Then she took her frightened slave by the elbow and ushered her over to a second sofa, which was adjacent to the teenagers. "I get to watch their horny faces when you climax all over their cocks."

Susan wanted to die or at least disappear. "Dear gawd, Nadine, no, no," she moaned.

"The first time you cream all over Darren's dick, I'm going to go mad fingering myself," Nadine said.

"Gawd, no, no, I won't."

Nadine snuggled as close as possible and put her arm around Sue's shoulders. "Our little schoolgirl is going to make the boys happy. I'm glad you obeyed and wore exactly what I ordered. You know how teenagers get all worked up when they see a sexy woman," she whispered in Sue's ear. "I get to watch you turn Darren and Jeffery into real men."

Sue tried to move away but Nadine was far too determined. "Oh geez... geez, no, please don't," Sue pleaded, but in a flash her blouse was fully unbuttoned. Then Nadine opened the garment despite Sue's best efforts to stop her.

Nadine's plan was simple. She was going to sit on the sofa with Susan and force the woman to seduce the teenagers. Sue's arms came up to hide her chest from the leering teenagers, but the young woman swiftly countered her intentions. Nadine grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head backwards so that it rested on the back of the sofa. Sue stared straight up at the ceiling and trembled when the young woman whispered in her ear. "Put your arms down... the boys want to see your tits. NOW! Show your tits!"

The order sent shivers up and down her spine yet her arms lowered. Sue sat motionless on the sofa and closed her eyes, as the ceiling grew fuzzy and blurred. "Please... no, please don't," she moaned.

"As you well know... I could merely ask Darren and Jeffery to take your clothes off and then screw you," Nadine whispered. "But I want my faithful slave to do everything... to seduce the teens. Strip... masturbate... then suck their big cocks and get them nice and hard. I want to watch the fantastic blowjobs and then Darren and Jeffery having sex with my sex-slave."

Sue tried to block everything out of her mind, which was swirling madly in a panic fashion. She felt Nadine's tongue stroke her ear and the hottest breath washed across the side of her face. Too traumatized to say anything, Sue didn't resist when Nadine jerked her head forward. "Look! Look what Darren has in his hand... what Jeffery has in his hand," Nadine said.

Her eyes filled with tears, but Sue still noticed the teenagers who masturbated in full view of the two women. She didn't intend on moving yet Nadine made sure she did. The young woman stood up and pulled Sue up with her so that they were standing in front of the two thoroughly aroused teenagers who yanked on their throbbing cocks. Sue fully expected them to blow their loads, but she wasn't that fortunate. "Here, let me take that blouse. You don't need it anymore... plus the boys want to see your tits," Nadine whispered, as she swiftly rolled the blouse off Sue's shoulders.

Sue tried to cover herself again, but her modesty wasn't appreciated. "Put your arms down," Nadine ordered. "Walk over to the door and back and make sure Darren and Jeffery can see your big boobs... or else!"

Sue stumbled when the young woman pushed her, but she managed to regain her balance. She walked slowly across the room and it took all of her resolve to keep her arms down at her sides, which enabled the teens to ogle her partial nudity. The distance was only ten feet yet it seemed like it took an eternity. When she returned to stand beside Nadine, the young woman promptly loosened the skirt and let the garment fall to the floor leaving a shivering woman scantily dressed in the sexiest underwear. Sue urgently wanted to adjust the bra and thong to ensure they covered her as much as possible, but she assumed another attempt at modesty would be severely punished so she bit her lip and remained still.

Nadine was overly excited, as she carried out her calculating plan. She practically jumped back on the sofa and pulled Sue back with her. "Let's take off the bra... bare your tits and show the boys what a real woman looks like," she whispered, as she snuggled up to Sue. "Every man dreams of watching a sexy woman masturbate... also have her give him a blowjob."

"No... gawd, no!"

"Darren was absolutely thrilled when I told him you'd do it... masturbate for him."

"But... but, no, I can't. Not in front of him... not like that."

Her bra was stripped before Sue could react and she shuddered watching the lacy garment fly across the room. "Oh you will. You'll finger yourself and cream for the boys. Now, get those pretty nipples nice and hard," Nadine demanded in a stern, steady voice. "NOW!"

Sue remained motionless until her head jerked backwards and Nadine used her hair to get all of her attention. Then the young woman nibbled on her ear, which sent severe tremors of doom up and down Sue's backbone. Suddenly her left hand was on top of her boob and her right hand covered her shivering pelvis. "Do it... or your husband will find out what a slut you've been," Nadine whispered. The warning was too much and her fingers moved in a caressing fashion, as she reasoned it was the only way to stay away from the horny teenagers.

Nadine jerked her head forward and ensured Sue faced the teens. "Look! Darren and Jeffery are getting their cocks nice and hard for you... so you can suck them and give them their first blowjob," she whispered. "First you'll masturbate... then you'll give Darren his first blowjob."

"Oh gawd, no, please not that... I can't," Sue pleaded.

Everything seemed out of control and Sue felt totally lost. She made a crafty decision, which she hoped would save her from Nadine's dire degradation. She thrust her hips up and down and made loud grunts and moans, hoping the efforts would persuade Nadine that she was really experiencing an orgasm. She closed her eyes and tried to block the world out, as she executed the performance of her life.

Sue didn't resist when the young woman spread her legs in a most brazen fashion and she knew her entire crotch was exposed to the teenagers. Without warning the sharp teeth closed on her ear and pain shot through her head. "Open your eyes! Watch them stroke their cocks, as they get ready for you," Nadine demanded, as she hissed through her teeth. "Don't fucking pretend... fake a fucking orgasm. Open those dirty cunt-lips and show Darren your clitty."

Suddenly her soaked pussy labia were spread, which fully exposed her clitoris to the leering teens. The throbbing clit was between her skilled fingers and a violent spasm rocketed through her loins. One, then two, then numerous spasms rocked her confidence and Sue was afraid her willpower might not last. Something was wrong. She glanced down at her boob and noticed her nipple was being squeezed very hard and Nadine's fingers rolled the pebble around vigorously.

"I didn't say you could look away," Nadine cried. "Watch Darren... and Jeffery. I want my little schoolgirl to see the cocks that will be inside her belly when she climaxes."

"No, never... I won't."

"Oh, you will! My schoolgirl will cream all over their cocks," Nadine whispered and jerked Sue's head back and forth. "Won't you?"

Her hips jerked wildly and Sue thrust her hips to the outer edge of the sofa. She ripped her eyes from the enlarged penis and stared down at her out of control torso. She tried to close her legs, but Nadine cunningly put her foot between her knees to prevent the shrewd cover-up. "Show them... show Darren your pussy. Let him see you masturbate," Nadine ordered.

Sue didn't resist when the young woman spread her legs again and made sure the wanton crotch was fully exposed. Tears filled her eyes when she noticed how her own fingers had a firm hold of the winged clitoris and were rolling the bud around in the slick oil. "Oh gawd... gawd... oh gawd," she moaned, as if her body belonged to the devil. Sue watched the clit swirl around and around and each time her fingers squeezed, her hips jumped in response.

Nadine leaned closer. "Good... good girl. I knew you'd cream for Darren... show him how a horny schoolgirl cums all over her fingers."

Sue's stomach heaved and churned with severe convulsions, as the hated orgasm controlled not only her body but also her confused mind. Strangely her fingers kept squeezing the delicate clitty until the spasms grew random and started to diminish.

Just when Sue thought her dilemma was over, Nadine forced her to her feet. It was hard standing because her legs were unsteady from the demoralizing orgasm and she almost fell when Nadine shoved her. Sue tried preventing the young woman from pushing her across the room to the other sofa, but in a matter of seconds the teenagers grabbed her arms. She virtually fell onto the sofa between the teens and each boy put his arm around her shoulders.

The last thing in the world Sue intended doing was moving her arms yet somehow her hands wound up on top of both cocks, much to the delight of the teenagers. Her fingers securely wrapped around each stellar shaft and she tried to keep her hands still. Added to her misery was the fact each teen groped a boob and freely fondled her without hesitation. Sue glanced up at Nadine, but the determined look on the young woman's face was overly daunting. She lost all hope and readily allowed Darren to shift her upper torso until her face was barely above his raging hardon.

In a fleeting instant, her mouth was completely full of cock and she stopped breathing. The head of Darren's cock thrust into her throat and Sue knew she was in trouble. She frantically grabbed for the extended shaft with both hands to control the amount of cock shoved into her mouth. Thankfully she could breathe again yet each gasp for air was uneven and ragged. Her fingers tightened around the thick shaft and she pumped her hand up and down while holding only the cock-head inside her mouth.

Sue would never understand why she fulfilled the teen's fantasy or Nadine's evil demands. She heard Darren moan loudly when she obediently sucked the stamina from his manhood and the taste of steamy semen filled her mouth. The teenager released a trickle of precum in an effort to prolong the wonderful sensations roaring through his loins, but the sneaky act didn't help. Suddenly his stomach tightened and then let go, as the biggest jets of cum erupted from his belly.

Darren heard desperate choking sounds yet the small hand pumped up and down in a furious manner milking all of the cum out of his vast reservoir. Sue reasoned that the faster she finished the blowjob the quicker she would regain her senses. Her head bounced up and down, as she tried hard to ride the out of control teenager, and she breathed a sigh of relief when his convulsions ended. Much to her dismay, she was promptly rolled across the sofa and into the lap of a waiting Jeffery.

There was one obvious factor about the teenager that Nadine wanted to stress. "You'll love Jeffery's cock... the way he's uncircumcised... uncut," she whispered. "Christ... look at the size of the thing."

The sudden shock of another penis in her face took her off guard, but then she resigned to fulfill Nadine's wishes. Sue started sucking the teenager's impressive cock and she wisely used both hands on the long shaft to control how much Jeffery rammed into her mouth. She knew the young woman demanded a response so she obediently nodded her head while trying to give the teen a worthy blowjob.

Nadine snuggled closer in an effort to torment her submissive slave. "Good girl... I love how you suck cock and make the boys happy," Nadine whispered. "Too bad it won't save you, as Darren's cock is throbbing again... for your sweet pussy. He's going to fuck the neighborhood slut. Darren and Jeffery are going to make you their honey and I'm going to count the number of times you cream all over their teenage cocks." Nadine laughed and her immense gratification sent shivers up and down Sue's back, as she squeezed the thick shaft trying to stop the inevitable.


Nadine didn't want to wait, but she wanted to ensure ultimate success in having Sue surrender to the most unfaithful temptation. She fully realized that all she had to do was give permission to her cousin for him to have intercourse with Susan. Instead, Nadine implemented a devious scheme to achieve another decisive goal. She had stressed to Darren before the session started that this part was crucial and that he must follow her directions to a 'T'. "Spread her out... do it. Eat her... do the cunnilingus just like we discussed," she whispered to her cousin.

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