tagLoving WivesA Willing Cuckold Ch. 03

A Willing Cuckold Ch. 03


Julie stood in front of the mirror, applying light make-up and primping herself. Earlier that day she had made her husband John go to the local department store and buy some sexy lingerie, which she was wearing now. A lacy bra and panty set, along with some fishnet stockings which she thought made her curvaceous legs look all the more enticing. The cell phone on the bathroom counter started buzzing just as Julie was starting to push a brush through her long blonde hair.


"Hi baby, it's Mike. I just wanted to know what time I should come over."

"Mmm, hi lover." Julie smiled. "Does eight o'clock work? I don't want to be too late tonight, John and I have work in the morning."

"I'll be there at eight. So is hubby going to be watching us again tonight?"

Julie replied, "Yes, but I need to make sure you're okay with something before you come over. Your internet ad said you were bisexual, and I want to...include John a little more tonight. You'd be okay with that, right?"

She heard Mike chuckle on the other end. "Sure baby, as long as I get to fuck you I'll do anything you want."

"Good. See you at eight, lover." Julie hung up the phone. She smiled at her own image in the mirror, excited over the power she was developing over her two men. Going back to brushing her hair, Julie knew that after tonight her husband would fall fully into his new lifestyle as her cuckold. She would have the best of both worlds; a loving husband that would do whatever she wanted, and a hot lover with a monster cock.

While Julie was in the bathroom preparing herself, John was readying the bedroom. He made sure the bed had clean sheets, that a chair was in the corner of the room for him to watch Mike fuck his wife, and that everything was neat and tidy. After returning home from the department store Julie told John she thought he should be fully naked for the rest of the day, though he wasn't sure why. 'Probably to degrade me.' he thought, though he complied. His new position of submission aroused John more than he was ready to admit even to himself.

When Julie came into the bedroom wearing her new lingerie, John's penis started to grow erect. She looked so beautiful and sexy to him. He wanted to make love to her right then and there. He knew she wouldn't let him though, after she looked down at his penis and giggled a little. "The bedroom looks nice, John." Julie said. "Mike called, he'll be over at eight."

John swallowed. "Julie...I don't know if I can keep doing this. I-I mean last night was really hot and everything, and I know I told you I wanted to see you with another man, but at the time I thought it was going to be a one-time thing. You know?"

"John...I know things are changing quickly for us since last night, and it's understandable that you're having second thoughts, but I think you're just as turned on by this all as I am." Julie said, speaking in a soft tone. "I think deep down you want to be my cuckold."

"Y-you're what?" John asked.

"My cuckold, sweetie." Julie replied. "A submissive husband that likes to watch his wife have sex with other men. Listen, I know that you're scared about not having sex anymore, but that's really not the case. I just won't let you fuck me anymore, it's a symbol of your submission. But I promise you that there will be plenty of pleasures to come."

John looked downwards, somewhat defeated by the fact that his four inch cock was now fully erect by the sexy sight of his wife in her new lingerie, and at thoughts of being submissive.

"I'll make you a deal, John. Go through with this tonight and do everything I tell you to when Mike is here. Afterwards, if you don't want to continue, I'll call it off with Mike. Okay?"

Nodding, John smiled at his wife. "Okay." He was relieved that he had a way out, that their marriage could go back to the way it was if things got too intense. But he couldn't deny that deep inside the thought of being a cuckold truly excited him like nothing else before ever had.

When the doorbell rang at eight o'clock John answered the door, still fully nude.

Stepping in, Mike acted as though nothing were out of the ordinary. "Hey John. Nice night, huh?

"Yeah, uh, Julie's downstairs in the bedroom. She's waiting for you. I mean, for us."

The two men were greeted by the sight of Julie sitting on the edge of the bed, one fishnet-clad leg crossed over the other.

"Damn baby, you're looking sexy as hell." Mike said as he started taking off his clothing.

Julie smiled. "Thank you Mike, John picked out some new lingerie for you to fuck me in." She watched Mike undress, licking her lips at how good he looked with his dark curly hair and handsome blue eyes. Mike was taller than John, and more fit, not to mention the fact that his cock was over twice the size of her husband's.

When Mike was fully naked, Julie said "John and I talked about this earlier today, and I want him to get you ready for me, Mike. With his mouth."

Mike glanced over at John, who was blushing and looked entirely unsure of himself. "Sure. Come on over here John. I could use some prepping."

Glancing over at his wife, then back at Mike's flaccid penis, John hesitated. He had never touched another mans penis, much less give a blowjob.

Prodding him gently, Julie said "Go ahead honey. It would turn me on so much to watch you handle Mike's big cock." She emphasized her words by slipping one hand down into her panties.

John licked his lips, still unsure, but he had agreed to go through with tonight. He moved over before Mike, knelt down, and took Mike's soft penis into his hand.

"That's it." Mike guided, "Stroke it a little, suck on the head of it. It won't bite you."

Stroking like he would do to himself while masturbating, John felt Mike's penis begin to firm in his hand. He leaned forward and took the head of it between his lips, suckling on it tentatively. The cock grew in his hand and lips, and John heard Julie moan softly as she watched him. Growing bolder, he started stroking the full length of the shaft while sucking on Mike's crowning mushroom head.

"Oh god...that's so hot." Julie groaned as she rubbed her pussy beneath the lacy underpants John had bought her. "Suck his dick, baby, get it good and hard for me."

John closed his eyes, drawing more of Mike's cock into his mouth. It was turning him on, he realized, having this big penis growing erect due to his attentions. John liked the feel of it between his lips and fingers. The fact that Julie was watching him, was turned on enough to masturbate, made it all the more exciting for John. He realized at that moment that he wasn't gay; he wasn't aroused by Mike, just by his cock, and he was doing this for Julie.

Leaning his head back a little, Mike commented "He's pretty good at this, baby. I think hubby is natural-born cocksucker. "

Julie's fingers were dancing over her clit, her eyes glued to the scene before her. "You like that big cock, don't you sweetie. You like having that big piece of meat get hard between your lips. Oh shit...suck his cock, John...keep sucking his cock."

Her words were urging John on and he took yet more of Mike's length into his mouth, several inches, until the head of it was hitting the back of his throat. John's full erection was betraying him, proving that Julie was absolutely correct. He loved it, he wanted this cock...he wanted to pleasure this specimen of man-meat for his wife.

That's when Mike pushed John away, "Good job, buddy. I'm good and ready to fuck your wife now."

John licked his lips. He didn't want to stop, he wanted to finish what he started and make Mike cum, but then Julie said "Go to your corner, John. Go sit in your chair and watch. And don't touch your little penis until I tell you to, do you understand?" John nodded, and did what he was told.

As Mike approached Julie on the bed, pulling her lacy panties off down her legs, she said "You're so nice and big, lover. I couldn't wait for you to come back and get that big thing inside me. Fuck me. Don't waste any time, I need you inside me. I'm wet and ready."

Mike also did what he was told, sliding Julie further up onto the bed and positioning himself over her. He lifted her stocking-clad legs, spreading them, and started pushing the head of his penis into her slick cunt. His hands caressed her flat stomach and hips, then squeezed Julie's breasts through the lacy new bra.

The satisfaction of having that big dick start to enter her once again made Julie close her eyes and moan, "Oh baby, it's only been a day but I missed you...missed your cock. Deeper. Push it in deeper..."

It was hard for John not to take his cock in hand right then and there, as he watched Mike's humungous erection penetrate his wife. He felt a twinge of jealousy that he couldn't pleasure Julie with his small penis, the way Mike could, but at the same time he was happy to see her get so much enjoyment from her new lover. And he couldn't deny how horny he was, how erect he was, at being able to watch.

Julie's pussy was so wet from her arousal that Mike had no problem working nearly his entire length into her, and he began fucking her in earnest. He ripped open the bra and mauled Julie's tits, squeezing them and rubbing his thumbs over the nipples.

""Uhn..uh...yes, squeeze my tits!" Julie moaned, "Fuck me harder, uh...god your cock is so big. It was never like this with my husband...fuck me...fuck me..." She glanced over at John, sitting in his chair with his small penis standing erect between his legs. "Do you like watching?" she asked with a throaty breath. "Do you like watching a real man fuck your wife?"

With a twitching erection betraying him, John nodded helplessly. He couldn't deny it.

"Say it." Julie demanded, "Say it out loud, I want to hear it."

"I love it, honey. I love watching you get fucked by your lover. It turns me on so much."

Julie moaned at her husband's submission and writhed at the sensation of being filled so fully by Mike.

John added, "I love watching you get pleasured, honey. I know my small cock could never give you what Mike can. Are you happy? I want you to be happy."

Julie continued to look at John, her eyes glazed with arousal at the things Mike's big penis was doing to her. "Yes, baby, I'm so happy. I love you. Jerk off your little cock for me. Jerk off while you watch me get fucked. Show me how much this turns you on by cumming for me."

In an instant, John's hand had surrounded his penis and he began pumping. He watched Mike's cock thrust and disappear into Julie, stretching the lips of her pussy. As she started screaming in orgasm, Mike came, pumping his own orgasm deep into Julie's cunt, burying the length of his shaft within her. John had only been masturbating for about fifteen seconds when his own cock began to spurt out ropes of cum all over his stomach and hand. He grunted from the dirty pleasure of it all.

Julie stretched out her body across the bed, completely pleasured, and watched Mike withdraw his long cock from her insides. "Shit baby." Mike said. "That was so fucking hot."

"Come over here, John." Julie ordered. "I want you to eat my pussy."

Approaching the bed, John was in a horny daze. He looked between his wife's legs and saw the red puffy lips of her pussy. He saw the slick aftermath of her orgasm mixing with the pearly wetness of Mike's cum. He did not hesitate, kneeling at the foot of the bed to begin lapping at Julie's sex.

With her hand tugging at John's head, Julie pulled his mouth against her. He licked and licked, tasting the aftermath of both Julie's and Mike's orgasm. He could taste Mike's cum and wanted it all, wanted to please his wife by eating every drop of it out of her. She mewed and purred, "That's it honey, clean me up real good. Eat up that sticky mess of man-cum."

"When you're done, why don't you clean me up as well." Mike said.

Again, John did as he was told. Julie had grown aroused by her husband's oral attentions, and began masturbating while John moved over to Mike. She fingered and rubbed her clit as John licked up Mike's shaft, cleaning it of the recent coupling, and brought herself to another shuddering orgasm.

Before Mike left that night, he had fucked Julie three times. Each time, John jerked himself off to orgasm at Julie's command. And each time, he licked her lover's cum out of his wife's pussy. John knew that there was no going back after this. He was a cuckold now. He was a cuckold, a cocksucker, and a willing spectator to his wife and her new lover.

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