A Winter Hike with Mom



"I'm sorry, Mom."

"I know you can't help it. But David, I don't want a big mess in the sleeping bag again. We just went through all that cleanup. Let me think."

Mom was a great thinker.

"OK I have a plan."

"What is it Mom?"

"I'm not going to tell you, it's only for an emergency. In the meantime can you think about something else. I don't know, sport or something. I'm going to reposition your penis because it's becoming very uncomfortable. I have to do it. Try your best not to come, OK?"

"I'll try." And I meant it. Below my waist I wanted another go at Mom. Above the waist I wanted to get back to the car and return to the hotel. Mom's hand snaked down once more and gently grasped my cock, moving it around so that once again it was pressed against Mom's belly facing up towards her face. I tried to keep still and think about the Superbowl. No good. My cock was hard as steel again. Ridiculous, really. The thing was, just like Mom could feel me, I could feel her. Moistness in the crotch. Dampness on my thigh. To cap it all, precum was starting to dribble out of my cock between our bellies. It could make quite a mess on its own.

"Oh, for heavens sake," said Mom in resignation. "We really are just slaves to our bodies."

As she said that one hand reached up behind my back onto my shoulder, while the other slipped back down and grasped the base of my cock. With one fluid motion she pulled herself up my body just high enough and guided my ecstatic cock into her sopping wet pussy. Then she let go my shoulder and wriggled down so that I was all the way inside her. It felt marvelous. Unbelievable. I was like a statue, not moving, trying not to come like she had asked. I wanted the moment to last as long as I could make it. Mom sighed in pleasure with me inside her and shivered a little.

"Davy, your penis is so large its tip is pushing up against my cervix and rearranging my internal organs"

That was not helping. Just dirty talk in doctor language.

"What happens now, Mom?" although I knew the answer to that one.

"The only solution is to come inside me. I will hold your semen inside my vagina until we can get out of the bag. Then we put our warm but wet clothes on and go back to the car."

I just lay there with my cock deep inside my Mom. She was slippery, warm, soft and my brain was exploding in erotic ecstasy. Her pussy was so wet, whether from my precum or her own juices. I so wanted it to last.

"I though you'd ejaculate as soon as I put you in me. What's wrong Davy? We can't stay here all day."

"You told me not to come."

"That was plan A. This is Plan B. If you really can't come just withdraw from me and get out of the bag. But don't come as you withdraw or you'll make a big mess. OK?"

"Can you help me come?"

"Davy! Oh, all right." With a moan of abandoned pleasure Mom started to move and wriggle around on my cock. I was on fire.

"Thrust inside me, Davy. It should get the job done." So I did. Starting gently, then rapidly building up I pounded my poor Mother inside that bag. Thrusting, thrusting while she moaned and moaned. I think I lasted a minute tops when I felt the white lava rising up my shaft.

"I'm coming Mom." She shook and moaned so I knew for sure she was having an orgasm. As she did a blast of hot semen shot out of my cock deep into mom's pussy. Over and over again I shuddered as the spasms of ejaculation took over all of my body. Mom was gripping me tightly with her arms clasped around my back and her legs locked around mine. She was pushing with them. I don't know how long it went on, but I kept on thrusting over and over until I gradually lost my erection. I was done. We lay there entwined and I could feel Mom's pussy clipping the base of my cock.

"I don't want it leaking out. Davy, thank you. It's been a while and I'm human too. I lost myself in it completely. It was wrong, really, but we didn't plan it. What's done is done. Now, let's get out and go home. I'm going to get out first and you hand me out some clothes."

Mom's ass moved upwards and my dick reappeared with a squelchy plop. Mom quickly cupped her pussy with a hand and moved out of the bag. It was till bright, mid-afternoon and she crawled out standing up in just her socks, with one hand still covering her pussy.

"Just hand me out some tops, Davy." I retrieved some vests and a fleece from the bag and handed them to her.

"Thank you" She put them on immediately, leaving her naked from the waist down. I crawled out with some of my own clothes and started to put them on. They were wet but warm. Not too bad.

Mom was standing, looking around. Her hand was gone from her pussy.

"Look at this you naughty boy," she said in amused surprise. Now her hand was gone, thick rivers of gooey sperm were dribbling down her leg, both legs actually, from her pussy. I watched it descend lazily down her lovely thighs and calves.

"Can you fetch me some tissues from my bag. Try the zipped pocket on the left." I found them quickly. Enough had remained dry, and I handed them to her.

"Thank you. I just don't want to hike for two hours with this in my pants."

She bent down, dabbing the tissues at her legs, and washing off with snow. I was sorry to see her cleaned up. I liked her covered in my sperm.

We finished getting dressed, packed up our bags and set off back to the car. We barely spoke, each deep in our own thoughts. I think the whole experience had dented even my Mom's scientific detachment. When we got back to the car, she turned to me with a soft affectionate look on her face.

"Davy, no-one must ever know what happed today. Promise?"

"I promise. But, one thing Mom. I can't quite think of you in the same way ever again. It's impossible.'

"I know. Same for me. Let's go get some dinner. I expect you are very hungry. I am" She kissed me lightly on the lips and we got in the car. As Mom reversed out of our space and head for the car-park exit she spoke.

"You know Davy, I wonder what would have happened if you had been with your father on the hike? You know, with him in the bag."

"It doesn't bear thinking about, Mom"

Mom sang all the way back to the hotel.

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