tagToys & MasturbationA Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale


It was a bitterly cold night, the kind of night where a freezing fog settles low beneath the hazy street lights and casts a grey-orange shadow over everything. The tops of hedges, the grass, the pavements were all coated in a thick white frost that sparkled harshly like broken glass whenever a car's headlights passed over it.

She was glad to be in her own warm living room. A fire burned in the hearth - its flickering glow both heating and lighting the room - and the thick, heavy curtains at her window blocked out the cold darkness. She was curled up before the fire on her dark red couch with a thick cream blanket pulled tightly around her.

She snuggled into its warmth and began to read an old horror story, eyes straining slightly in the firelight. As she travelled back in time to a London filled with Hansom cabs and caped men in top hats, only the crackling of the fire and the ticking of a clock, beating out the passing seconds, disturbed the silence of the room.

The tiny bell on the clock tinkled once to announce the arrival of another hour. This small noise woke her: she must have dozed off, lulled to sleep by the flickering light. Struggling to focus on the clock's hands, she saw that it was midnight. The fire was dying down and she felt a slight chill in the air now. She rose from the sofa and pulled the blanket around her shoulders for warmth; she checked that the front door was locked and the chain fastened before padding upstairs.

She kept the blanket in place as she prepared for bed: only once she had turned the little fan heater on in her bedroom did she throw it over her duvet and slip off her clothes. She was dressed warmly, but the layers did not hide her slim figure. As she removed her white woollen jumper, though, the swell of her firm breasts became evident; when she slipped off her trousers, her stockinged legs were long and lean. She pulled a t-shirt over her head and stood for a moment in her underwear: a simple white cotton bra and hipster-style panties and tan hold-ups. As the goosebumps started to creep over her flesh, she quickly unfastened the bra and let it fall to the floor before pulling on a long-sleeved man's t-shirt. It hung down to her mid-thighs; she slipped off her panties and stockings and climbed under the duvet and blanket, pulling them in tight to her body and high over her neck and ears.

Despite the layers of bed linen and the little heater, she could not warm up again. She curled up into as tight a little ball as possible and tried not to move, as the bed sheets around her felt like ice. Sleep was not forthcoming though, and she became stiff and uncomfortable in her fetal position.

She needed a way to warm up... Not having a partner to share her bed, she had nobody to cuddle up to, to exchange warmth with. Perhaps she could produce her own body heat though...

Uncurling her body, flinching as her skin touched the previously unoccupied areas of the bed, she stretched herself out and spread open her legs. She was shivering from the cold and her fingers felt like icicles, but she pulled off her t-shirt and ran them down her body nevertheless. As they reached between her legs, she felt the warmth that was always there. The bitter coldness of her fingers felt all the more painful against it, but she fought the urge to curl up again and pressed the middle finger of her right hand against her clit. She flinched, then began to slowly circle it in an anti-clockwise motion, barely moving the finger. Within minutes, she was accustomed to the coldness and felt able to move her left hand back up her stomach and let her fingers tickle the soft skin of her breasts.

Her middle finger began to move faster and she felt the warmth from her clit start to spread out into her thighs and up her back and belly. Her left hand cupped her breasts in turn, squeezing the firm flesh, pinching the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. The heat advanced further, reaching her ankles, kissing her throat. She began to move her body against her fingers, her hips rotating to match the direction of her finger as it teased her clit into creating more and more warmth.

As the sensation there became too great and she couldn't keep her rhythm any longer, she slid her middle finger down further, feeling the wetness that had formed there make it moist. Reaching the opening to her pussy, she could feel it responding to her touch. She pushed her finger inside, gasping as it entered and filled her, a wave of pleasure rippling over her body. She moved the digit round and round, in and out, opening her pussy to allow further stimulation. As she grew used to the feeling, she brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers, tasting herself and making the rest of her hand wet at the same time. Returning to her pussy, she slid two fingers inside, then a third, feeling every part of her stroked and teased. She raised her hips from the bed so that her fingers pushed further; she drew them back then pushed them in again, all the while stroking and squeezing and pinching her breasts with her other hand.

She was feeling very hot now so she kicked off the bedclothes. Her face was flushed and she could feel the blood pumping down to her toes and up to the tips of her ears. She needed more though. Reaching under the bed with her left hand, she grasped a long, smooth object and drew it to her. In the faint light, she could see the lengthy shaft, the curved head, the ridge that ran around the thick circumference between the two. Taking it in her mouth, she licked and sucked on the hard plastic until the end was covered in her own saliva. She then withdrew her three fingers and placed the end of her toy between her pussy lips. Slowly, so slowly, she began to push downwards and forwards, encouraging the plastic to enter her. The pleasure was intense: nothing can rival that first thrust. She pushed it deeper and deeper into her, until only the end that she grasped remained visible. Then, feeling the tip press against the back wall of her cunt, she stopped, held it there for a moment, and withdrew the cock until only the head remained inside. She pushed it in again, this time with more speed and force, feeling the friction as it forced apart the walls of her pussy. She moaned softly as ripples of heat and pleasure ran through her. Withdrawing the toy again, she slammed it back inside and this time cried out as the cock filled her. She gripped her right nipple tightly with her left hand and found a rhythm with her right, fucking her cunt with her plastic cock, deeper and deeper, harder and faster, her hips rising off the bed and pushing towards her toy to encourage it to enter her further, her mouth open and her cries becoming louder, her breath quicker, as she writhed in ecstasy.

As her pussy began to contract against the dildo, sucking it deeper into her, she felt the orgasm starting to form inside her. She wanted it to last: she slowed her rhythm and moved the fingers of her left hand up and down her body, tickling her unbearably sensitive clit then slipping her fingers into her mouth; running them over her lips and down her throat, then returning to her erect, aroused nipples. The dildo slowly moved in and out of her and she watched the shaft disappear into her pussy, then reappear, glistening with the delicious wetness of her juices. Just watching the massive cock entering her hungry cunt set her off again and she knew that she would cum soon. She decided to really enjoy herself, so she dropped her left hand to her clit again and, as she fucked her cunt hard and fast, developed a contrasting feeling in her clit by slowly circling it. The sensation was incredible - almost too much to handle - but she knew from the pleasure she was feeling that she would cum hard any minute.

As her muscles tightened, her back arched to push her hips high off the bed and her head was thrown back against her pillow. She was gasping for air now, her heart pounding in her ears; with every thrust of the cock into her she cried out so loudly that she felt sure the neighbours would hear her. But she didn't care: her body was racked with pleasure and all she wanted was to feel the final spasm. She rubbed her finger faster against her clit and felt her cunt tighten, ripples of contractions drawing the cock deeper into her. She screamed: the climax gripping her whole body for several seconds, every muscle tightening as wave after wave of pleasure crashed up and down from her pussy to her brain; then she collapsed onto the bed as the wetness rushed from her, the orgasm washing away as she came and came, flooding her cunt with her sweet juices, muscles and nerves surrendering to exhaustion after their uncontrollable peak of excitement.

She lay there, panting, unable to move, swimming in her own cum, until her body began to regain control. She was hot, sticky, exhausted, but - above all - utterly satisfied. Rolling back onto her side, she nuzzled her face into her pillow, pulled the covers back up over her neck and settled down to sleep.

Facing away from the door to her bedroom, she didn't notice the shape that filled the frame, blocking the light from the hall. Her hard breaths hid the heavy rasps that came from this intruder, this man who had entered her house through the unlocked back door and had crept upstairs to her room. He had been watching: watching as she fucked herself with a plastic cock and writhed on the bed in ecstasy. He knew that he could make her cum better than any toy could. It was time to show her what she had been missing...

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