tagNonHumanA Wolf's Unbridled Lust Ch. 01

A Wolf's Unbridled Lust Ch. 01


Hello Everyone,

So, this is my edited version of AWUL. I didn't like how the old one was turning out; it wasn't exactly going in the direction I wanted it to be in. So! I hope you all like this one better. It's the first chapter, and the second will be out right after. I'm sorry to you all for the wait; I'm going to try a lot harder to fit in time for writing. Plus I'm much more passionate about the story now that I know where it's going, so I'll have a couple more chapters out really soon.

Hugs and Kisses to you all for being so awesome and patient with me!

- Torrance Rose


Liesel DuBorque opened her striking violet eyes to the blinding light streaming in from the French windows directly opposite her bed. She blinked uncomfortably, groaning under her breath and throwing her ivory, pure silk covers over her head, snuggling back into the warmth.

She dreaded going to work that morning. Paul, her boss, had been riding her into frenzy with the mountain loads of chores he'd been giving her. And not just secretary type work, but the kind of work a maid or personal assistant would likely cover. Yet, she couldn't complain. The job gave her amazing opportunities, and she loved the fact that she'd gotten it without her fathers help. He'd let her have this small victory, but still insisted on paying for the Penthouse Suite she shared with her best and oldest friend Kerrington Summers, complete with exquisite vintage furniture, and the bills mysteriously never seemed to make it to her mail slot.

Liesel peeked her head above the covers, peering into the dazzling sunshine before mumbling incoherent obscenities under her breath. She pushed back the covers in one fluid movement, revealing her long slender legs, clad only in sheer white panties and an oversized Mickey Mouse T-shirt, which exposed her pale shoulder as it hung loosely from her form. She brushed her hand through her waist length, white-blonde hair that fell in loose waves down her back, and made her way over to the en suite. After a quick shower she blow dried her hair, twisting it up into an elegant coiffure and applying some kohl to her exotic, thickly lashed eyes. Still wrapped in her towel, she walked swiftly to her walk-in wardrobe, picking out a waist-high leather skirt, a corporate-looking white blouse and a pair of 4" Manolo Blahnik platforms. Liesel strode out to the living room, grabbing her purse and keys from the coffee table and her black trench coat from the hook by the door. She shouted a quick goodbye to Kerri, who was likely still fast asleep in her room, and made her way out into the hallway.


Liesel pulled up to the sophisticated glass sky scraper in her silver Aston Martin DBS, a gift from her father on her 25th birthday just a week ago, and looked up in awe at the towering construction. Paul had sent her to deliver some files to his newest client, a Mr. Biyen Black from Black Corporations. After watching Liesel's blank stare at the mention of the company, Paul exasperatedly informed her that Black Corporations was a family owned business possessing a chain of very exclusive hotels across the country, and were an extremely wealthy and powerful family. He'd also filled her in that Mr. Black's oldest son, Chaska Black, was soon to take over the business due to Mr. Black's looming old age.

Liesel had grudgingly done as she was told, driving into the depths of the city and receiving awe-struck stares from onlookers at her ostentatious ride, causing Liesel to blush crimson red all the way to her roots. She was going to murder her father.

Finally she approached a graceful glass building that seemed to reach to the heavens, where the letters BC were intertwined elegantly together at the entrance. She parked her car into one of the secluded 'Members Only' parking spaces, flashing Paul's member card at the valet.

She had an odd, slightly unnerving feeling of apprehension as she walked swiftly over to the tinted glass doors, a warm breeze ruffled her blouse and she shivered involuntary, looking around her but finding nothing but shadows in the darkness. Chastising herself for being so childish, she hurried on her way, only pausing to let the towering glass doors slide open automatically.

She was greeted by a refreshingly cool blast of cold air as she looked about the foyer, spying the receptionist's desk, she quickly made her way over to it, in a hurry to get home, have a nice relaxing bath and hop into bed.

"Hi," she greeted cheerfully, "Um, I'm Liesel DuBorque, I'm here to see Mr. Black. I have some important files from Paul Hastings for him."

The receptionist appraised her in a condescending way before nodding vaguely, pressing her finger on the intercom she said in an extremely annoying nasally voice, "Mr. Black, a Ms. DuBorque is here to see you."

The deep, gravelly voice was slightly tinny over the intercom as he answered, "Ah, yes... My son is here June, do you think Ms. DuBorque can wait a few moments?"

Her heart sank at that, guessing that this was going to take a lot longer than she originally thought. June raised her eyebrows expectantly at her, as if to say "Well...?"

Liesel nodded sullenly, raking her fingers through her hair, as was a habit of hers.

"Oh fuck!" She screeched under her breath, realising too late that she'd just messed up the elegant twist in her hair she'd spent half an hour on that morning. Patting her hair down in an attempt to fix the damage she'd just done, Liesel shot a glare at the receptionist who was watching her with a malicious glint in her eyes, grinning smugly.

"She'll wait, Mr. Black."

Grumbling under her breath she made her way over to one of the plush leather couches that were grouped around a glass coffee table, reluctantly taking a seat and grabbing the nearest magazine. She waited there for what seemed like hours, enduring the superficial glares the petty receptionist occasionally shot in her direction. Liesel sighed as the minutes ticked by, tapping her foot against the cream coloured carpet as she tried to pay attention to whatever new ways to please a man 'Cosmopolitan' had come up with that month. Not that she even cared. She didn't exactly have much experience in that area, preferring to keep her distance from the perverted stares of men then relish in them as most girls did. She'd only ever had one boyfriend, and that was in the tenth grade. It had only lasted a month until he dumped her for another girl because she wasn't 'putting out'. But truthfully, she'd never really had any huge sexual urges that she just couldn't resist.

June's irritating voice broke into her reverie, snapping her back to the present. She was hovering above her like a particularly annoying fly.

"Mr. Black will see you now," she said, gesturing her hand to the silver elevator against the far wall, "Top floor."

She smiled in relief, sharing a curt nod with the woman before crossing the large room and pressing down the button for the elevator. Liesel sighed gratefully as she slowly made her way up the monstrous building.

The elevator opened up directly into Mr. Black's office, giving her a clear view of the gorgeously furnished room and vast wall-length windows set behind a large mahogany desk. Liesel's eyes travelled over the burning fireplace, black leather couches complete with tiger skin rugs thrown over it, to the tall man standing in the shadows by the bar. She could only see the outline of him in the darkness, but she could tell he was well-built. Tall and muscled, with a wide chest and shoulders and a narrow waist, leading to long, lean legs. Trying to stop the growing heat from reaching her cheeks, she snapped her eyes back to the greying man behind the desk. He looked tired and weary, running his fingers through his snowy grey hair as his eyes settled upon hers.

"You must be Ms. DuBorque. Please, come in."

His voice was rich and gravelly, and he smiled welcomingly at her as she stepped into the room, hearing the shift of doors as the elevator closed behind her.

"Um..." she couldn't help it; her eyes kept drifting back to the tall man in the shadows almost as if she was being drawn by a magnet.

"Yes." She answered, pulling her eyes regrettably back to his, "I came to deliver some files from Mr. Hastings."

"Ah, yes. Wonderful."

He waved her over and she obeyed at once, placing the file directly into his large hands. Up close, Mr. Black seemed almost regal. His face was lined with wisdom, and his eyes, though old, showed many hidden secrets. He had his wiry grey hair pulled back into a pony tail, and his skin was a leathery russet colour. His Native American features were quite obviously prominent, and he seemed to have a very earthy quality about him.

Before Biyen Black could even look down at the document in his weathered hands, an interruptive cough broke from beside the bar.

Liesel's eyes were pulled back in that direction, trying to see past the gloom and at the person hidden inside.

"Oh, forgive me my dear, this is my youngest son, Raphael Black." Came Biyen Black's rumbling voice from somewhere to her left, but Liesel barely heard him. She was staring transfixed at the most beautiful man she'd ever seen, who had suddenly stepped into the light.

He was tall, very tall, standing proudly at about 6'5". He had deep chocolate brown hair that was cut in a very rakish manner, a bit too long as was fashionable but it only added to his roguish air. His skin was russet in colour, just like his fathers but his shimmered with beauty and youth. His shoulders were wide and muscled; sloping down into narrow hips and long, lean legs. The black t-shirt he wore clung to his body, outlining his obvious six-pack beneath. The sight made her mouth water.

"Pleasure to meet you," he murmured in a deliciously silky voice, his lips curling up into an arrogant half-smile, "Call me Rafe, and you are...?"

"Um," she stammered, her breath hitching as she realised she'd just been checking him out. She snapped her eyes angrily back up to his, embarrassment flooding her cheeks as she replied a little more forcefully then necessary, "Liesel DuBorque."

His dark eyes sparkled with mirth as she realised he was silently laughing at her. Crossing her arms angrily over her chest, she raised an eyebrow as if to ask, 'what of it?'.

He just smiled that knee-weakening smile of his as she tried to ignore the warmth gathering in her loins. Blushing again, and furious that any man could make her feel this way, she turned her back to him. Directing her statement to the man seated behind the desk she said, "It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. Black, but I really must leave."

"Of course, of course." He murmured, completely oblivious to what she'd just said as he stared engrossed down at the papers before him.

She whipped around, startled as she smacked right into a brick wall. Well, that's what it felt like anyway. She looked up to find Rafe grinning at her, his long fingers wrapped around her arms as he steadied her. How had he snuck up on her so silently?!

Immediately Liesel stepped back, her arms burning with electricity at where he'd touched her. Had he felt it too...? She doubted it.

Her senses frazzled, she nodded once in his direction and made her way swiftly towards the elevator, repeatedly pushing the button down with haste as she tried to get as far away from that man as possible.

Startled, she felt something brush against her arm and she looked up, shocked to find Rafe standing beside her and looking down into her eyes. He raised an eyebrow questioningly but she just shook her head, turning back to the elevator as it dinged open.

"It was a pleasure chatting with you father, as always." He called back to a distracted Biyen, his tone lightly laced with teasing sarcasm.

"Ladies first," Rafe murmured into her ear, his warm breath brushing her neck and making her shiver.

Just perfect. Stuck in a small secluded space with a man who made her heart beat into a frenzy by just looking at him. Not to mention the fact that he made her blood boil with rage every time he smirked at her with such arrogant confidence.

Liesel stepped silently into the elevator, standing stiffly at the far wall as she watched Rafe cross to the other side, leaning against the wall and looking so damn sexy it was all she could do not to rip his clothes off right then and there.

Grinding her teeth together, she closed her eyes, facing away from him as she tried to control herself.

This is ridiculous, she thought. There is no freaking way any man can make my body react this way.

She threw caution to the wind and against her better judgement, secretly peeked through her lashes at him; almost gasping at what she saw. His eyes were roving over her body hungrily, there was so much heat in them, she had no idea how he was keeping it reined in. Her hands clenched involuntarily, digging her nails into her palms as she tried to keep her breathing even, staring at anything but him.

"So you work for Paul?" he suddenly asked, his deep voice making every word sound incredibly sexy. Her knees almost buckled. Oh, god! What on earth was he doing to her?!

After steadying her breath, she replied "Yes, I do."

"His secretary?"

She nodded stiffly, still not looking at him.

"How old are you?"

The personal question startled her, and without thinking she replied "I'm 25, it was my birthday three days ago."

He nodded thoughtfully before replying, "Well happy birthday for three days ago. I'm 30, although not so recently." He added with a chuckle that confused her.

"What did you do for your birthday?"

She turned her eyes to his, curious at his motives but only found genuine interest written on his devilishly handsome face.

"My father lives back home in Paris with his new wife, so I rarely hear from him, but my mother and twin brother Edouard live right here in the city. He's taking me out next week to celebrate actually."

"Twins? Interesting. But why so late?"

"He's visiting his partner in Florida for the week. We'd decided to meet up afterwards."

Rafe nodded quietly to himself, deep in thought.

Liesel could've kicked herself at that point, how could she be so stupid to bore him with all that? As if he even cared about her unexciting life.

Rafe looked as if he wanted to ask her something, but just as he opened his lips, the door pinged opened, startling them both. "Well..." she murmured softly, "Goodbye." She turned on her heel and hurried towards the monstrous glass doors and as far away from him as possible. Frightened at her erotically agitated state, the man completely undid her.

She knew one thing was certain; never again was she going to see Raphael Black.


Rafe ran his hands through his hair, frustrated with himself. He was thinking about her again.

"Stop it." he growled to himself, "She's human. It's completely forbidden."

But he couldn't help it. The desperate need to see her, to touch her, to make love to her, was growing stronger by the second. He'd even tried distracting himself by calling Delani to his room almost every night. And still, nothing could satisfy him. Instead of taking his mind of the woman, Delani had only made his urge for her grow stronger. He'd only felt bored as he took her each night, instead imagining the woman, Liesel's, lush lips and sparkling amethyst eyes, her perfect body spread out before him like a feast...

He had never seen anyone, human or not, that came even close to her incredibly alluring beauty, not to mention her extremely provocative sex appeal. It was like she was the spawn of an angel and a demon, managing to combine innocence and purity with all things dirty and sinful.

He'd been surprised at his reaction to her, as she was not his usual type. He preferred much more solid women, with generous curves and a meek, compliant manner. She seemed to be the very opposite; fragile, with a tall, slender frame that seemed as if a strong wind would blow her over, coupled with a strong personality and a whip-like attitude.

Good God, and that accent... he knew he'd recognised it, but it wasn't until she'd mentioned that she was French did he really pinpoint its origin. He closed his eyes, thinking back on the first time he'd seen her. He remembered the white blonde hair pulled up atop her head, exposing the graceful ivory curve of her neck. The way that skirt had hugged her body, accentuating her slender curves in a way that made his body ache. Her long, willowy legs, toned from years of track running he guessed, or maybe even dancing. Her figure screamed desire as she walked gracefully into the room, swinging her hips and making his already tight pants feel even tighter. And those eyes... He'd never seen anything like them. Striking, and the purest violet in colour.

No woman had had such an intense, magnetic effect on him in all the seven centuries of his life. And even weirder still, he had felt this burning need to protect her, to cherish and love her the way she deserved to be treated.

And oh God, back in the elevator she had nearly undid his control! Mere inches away from him, with her mouth-watering scent filling his nostrils and clouding his senses, his inner-wolf had risen up inside of him, demanding to be let out. He'd wanted to grab her and press her roughly against the wall, rip off all those silly clothes and bury himself inside of her. Rafe gritted his teeth together, ignoring the aching throb of desire between his legs.


Atian, his nephew, jogged towards him, his feet and chest bare, exposing his well built muscles that were the envy of every human teen around. All he wore was a pair of dark denim cut of jeans, the ends frayed and worn.

Rafe couldn't help but grin back as his 16-year-old nephew bounced happily before him, smiling proudly as he stuck out his chest. "I finally out-ran Meli this morning!" he announced proudly, a wide grin settling over his face.

Rafe clapping his hand against Atian's shoulder, smiling proudly down at him as he replied, "That's wonderful Atian!"

Atian nodded enthusiastically as he tied back his dark ochre-brown hair in a half ponytail, reaching well past his shoulders.

"I bet she didn't like that too much, huh?" added Rafe with a wink.

Atian snorted.

"Nope, she's furious, demanded a rematch! Hah!" his buoyant laughter filled the common room but was almost immediately cut short by a hostile cough coming from the petite woman standing by the door.

Rafe sighed in barely concealed annoyance, hardly glancing at the exquisite flower as she tapped her dainty foot against the floorboards. Atian looked between the two of them; raising a dark brow questioningly. He began to back out of the room.

"I'll just... leave you guys to it." He murmured, winking slyly at the woman as she scowled back at him, pouting her perfect lush lips.

"Can I help you Denali?" he asked politely, turning to her as his nephew hastily left the room, reluctantly raising his dark eyes to her own; a vivid, brilliant green.

"Mmmm, well you see Raphael," she purred, walking slowly and sensually towards him, swinging her curvy hips as she peered up at him beneath her lashes, "I have this itch that needs to be scratched..."

A few days ago, a line like that would've brought him to his knees before her. But now, he felt nothing. His mind wandered to the left-over spaghetti bolognaise in the fridge and his stomach grumbled.

Denali's slender hands ran slowly up his chest, fingering one of the buttons of his black dress-shirt before whispering, "You haven't called me to your room for a few nights... I'm beginning to think you're avoiding me." She winked provocatively at him, wetting her lips with her tongue as she stepped closer to him, pressing her body against his.

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