tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Woman of Direction

A Woman of Direction


I looked up from my desk to see Sue, the owner of Sue's Flying Service talking with a lady at the front lobby. The lady was an attractive 50 something, short, slim, fit, and energetically engaged in explaining something to Sue.

The next thing I knew, two hands slapped down on either side of my desk and as I looked up I looked into an open blouse with two perky "B" cups, unhaltered and pointing proudly at me from the silk blouse that had fallen indecently open. I looked for a moment to long, and then looked up into the lady's eyes.

"You like?"

"Very nice." I flushed, feeling the heat in my cheeks.

"I'm Thea Whiteside and I want to start flying again.

Whiteside was a name plastered all over town. A car dealership, an implement dealership, a department store, and several of the local gas stations were adorned with that name. I had never met any of the Whitesides but Thea had a reputation of being a reclusive and a nudist. Our mailman related a time when he was greeted by the nude lady as he attempted to deliver a registered letter. The mailman was flustered. Thea simply explained 'she was a nudist and to get over it'. No matter what she was, in a Midwest Baptist community, she was the talk of the "respectable" women.

"I learned to fly in 1980 and flew for years. Motherhood put a damper on my flying and I left it to my husband then and now the company pilots. Now, I want to fly again. I will need some dual instruction and a flight review. The airspace requirements and regulations have changed so I will review those. I would like you to be my instructor."

"I am a pilot examiner and give the FAA check rides to the students in the school here. I don't instruct anymore."

"Oh..... Sue said you would be glad to."

I looked past Thea and saw Sue nodding her head vigorously. I took that as a plead.

"Ohooo Kaaay....I will work with you but one of the regular instructors would be better at instructing."

"I don't want a boy, I want a man!"


Thea showed up at the appointed hour with a company A-36 Bonanza emblazoned with their company logo. It was a single engine, low wing, six passenger bird that had a $700,000 dollar price tag. She demonstrated a thorough pre-flight inspection, and it was obvious she was in complete control of the airplane. In two hours time she had regained her proficiency and was demonstrating excellent piloting skills and ability. We discussed rules and regulations for two hours, and it was obvious that she had mastered those as well. I signed her log book and she was cleared to go.

I congratulated her and bid her good flying.

"I'm not done with you yet."

"I'm sorry?"

"I want you to teach me to fly that." She pointed at a small red and white Aviat Huskey. It was a small fabric covered high wing airplane built to be used as a utility and sportsman's airplane. The Husky would take off and land in 400 feet. It could be a tricky little beast to fly.

"We don't have one of those to fly." I thought that would be the end of that.

"That one is mine. I just bought it and now I need to learn to fly it."

Thea had it mastered in two days. The lady had a gift with an airplane.

"I understand you flew airplanes like this in Viet Nam."

"Actually, I wasn't in Laos for a year."

"I want to learn to use this machine for what it was built for; short fields. Know any?"

Archie Hightower was a former student of mine and he had a beautiful ranch an hour West by air. There was a grass runway beside a lake and it was one the most beautiful spots in the world. Archie put tables and chairs on a manicured lawn next to the shore of a spring fed lake in the shade of huge oak trees. It was always beautiful there this time of year.

"Here's the deal. If you pack the lunch, I will take you to a strip that you can hone your flying skills on. We can have a nice picnic before returning home."

"Deal" Thea turned and hustled off toward her Mustang. Here was a lady that could drive anything she wanted and she drove a beautiful little yellow Mustang convertible.


Thea's first landing at Archie's was near perfect. She stopped in 400 feet and did it three more times to prove the first one wasn't an accident. After the fourth landing I told her to taxi down to the other end of the strip by the lake.

Thea's reaction to the picnic site was childlike. She was truly thrilled and impressed. I was not ready for what was to follow. Thea doffed her clothes and ran naked into the water. She chided me to do the same. With a little coaxing, I took my clothes off and headed into the water. I was aware of Thea's eyes fixed on my body but especially my cock.

We splashed and played like kids for a while then went to eat. Thea was a nudist. She had no intention of getting dressed and she had a body to be proud of. Her short frame was all woman. She was slim and fit with a beautiful ass and a cute little set of tits that had a slight up-turn that inspired my cock to do the same.

"Chicken salad or me?" she said. "If you choose me you have to eat me on the table like I was......desert."

"I'll take what is behind door two!"

Thea boosted herself onto the table and scooted backwards enough to get her feet planted, and then she let her knees open until they almost touched the table, exposing her wet pussy.

"Do me, big boy."

I slowly lowered my face to her crotch until I could smell the sweet muskiness of her cunt. I blew softly on her clit and began to softly kiss the outer folds of her labia. As her wetness increased, I would take an occasional lick then go back to blowing and kissing until I knew it was driving her wild. Next, I buried my face in her pussy and inserted my tongue as far in as it would go. I drank her. I flicked her clit, blew softly, and drank again. My finger found her "G" spot and I slowly and softly caressed it. Thea soon spasmed, orgasmed and squirted. Again, I drank.

"You don't mind?

" I love the taste of your pussy." I was absolutely truthful. I use to think that fucking a pussy should be a violation of the Pure Food Act.

"You'll get your turn." I gave her a nasty smile.

"I can't wait."

She scooted down to the end of the table so her head tilted back over the end of the table. I stuck my dripping cock in her mouth and had a wonderful view and access to her body. I started with those delightful little tits. They were perky and sensitive as well. In a matter of minutes her body shuddered in orgasm from my squeezing her engorged nipples. She curled her body so I could lick her cunt while she sucked me. I pulled her

ass to me and buried my face in her dripping crotch. That was when I shot my load. I seemed to be discharging years of stored cum. We were both squirting together and neither of us was wasting a drop. We were panting like dogs in heat. We began to laugh joyously.

We swam again. We lay in each others arms and napped. We fucked long and slowly and enjoyed every sensation our bodies gave us. Thea and I discovered that neither of us had to be home so we notified the airport lest they send out a search party. Lunch was dinner and desert was a long slow evening of love making under the stars.

I am now one of the highest paid gigolos in the world. I fly a large corporate jet all over the world. The President of the company is my co-captain. The CEO is busy screwing his secretary and seems happy that I have relieved him of some of the obligations of matrimony. In the mean time, I am enjoying the company of a bright, witty, beautiful, competent woman who is so amazing in bed, and everywhere else, that I am afraid one day the CEO may realize it.

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