tagLoving WivesA Woman's Wishes

A Woman's Wishes

byOne Wounded Dragon©

Sex is a mind game. Regardless of appearances, the romantic settings or the sexy lingerie, ninety percent of sex is in the brain. It's the messages your lover gives you, the willingness to please and be pleased, meeting mutual needs and being loved and wanted. Men tend to be visual, enjoying their lovers expressions, their movements, the way they respond. While women tend to be sensual, closing their eyes to concentrate on a feeling, focusing on a deep, indescribable sensation. And so it was with us.

My wife and I were making love, well, actually, we were fucking like rabbits, we knew we loved each other and sometimes... we just fucked. I was deep inside of her and she pulled me deeper, rocking her hips until the tip of my cock rubbed against her cervix. Earlier, I'd watched her prepare for the evening and she'd applied a handful of K-Y to her pussy, pressing it deep and smiling at me with a lascivious grin, then lying back and opening her legs, not wanting foreplay. I grinned, knowing this would be sooo good. I rubbed the length of my cock against her hard clit and her swollen lips surrounded me.

"I stopped taking my pill last month..." she looked up at me coyly as she humped against me. "Wanna' fuck my used, cum filled pussy?" She lay back, demure, arms over her head.

"Oh god..." I loved that and she knew it. The K-Y made her so wet and slippery. I pulled back and aligned my cock, then slid deep inside of her. She arched and closed her eyes. My mind played with the fantasy and we fucked for several strokes. The thought of my lover's fantasy filled my head and we played with it. She teased us, full of cum and maybe pregnant. I held her, slowing my pace, my nose brushing hers, my voice soft in her ears.

"Did you really go off the pill?"

She slowly nodded, "Please, please don't pull out. I love fucking like this. I usually don't ovulate until late next week." She pulled me in, wrapping her legs around me. "I so, just want to fuck completely natural." Her eyes pleaded with me as her hips rhythmically fucked me.

"Oh god, this is sooo good." I slowly matched her movements, loving the reality, loving her. Now, we were making love.

"What about babies?"

"If it happens, it happens, naturally, lovingly." She kissed me, smiled and kissed me again, deeper. "But no pulling out... ever" She grinned.

"Can we still play with the fantasy? Can I watch men cum deep inside you?"

"Oh god yes," her eyes clamped shut and she humped hard against me. "Would you kiss me while they're cumming in me, getting me pregnant?" That did it.

We both exploded. She curled into me, humping me deep as I gushed cum into her. My cock nudged her cervix and gushed stream after stream into her swollen pussy and she held me deep, smiling as we subsided. I collapsed, panting.

"Oh lover, that was sooo good." She smiled at me and caressed my face. We still gently humped together as we caught our breath. Soon our breathing became regular and we drifted, two sleeping lovers, me soft, still inside of her.

I awoke as the sun warmed the room. It was early summer and Saturday, my favorite combination. I watched her sleep, then quietly slipped out of bed, snuggling my pillow up behind her and pulling the comforter around her shoulders. She smiled and stretched in her dream and I padded down the hall to the kitchen.

Quiet as I was, the soft kitchen sounds and smell of coffee awakened her. She hugged me from behind and I turned, pulling her to me, my hands roaming freely. She wore just a short cami, her usual nighttime attire. Mornings, she would often put on a pair of sexy panties and if it were warm, spend the day around the house like that. I lifted my T-shirt and pressed my growing erection against her. She lifted her hips and nestled her pussy against it and smiled, leaning back as she softly humped against me, a hotdog in a bun, she called it.

"Good morning," I grinned. She was warm and slippery. "if you're not careful I'm going to make a mess of your gorgeous bun."

"Ooo... I'd like that." She teased, "but I'd much rather you cum in me, rather than on me." She humped for another moment, then leaned in and kissed me, pulling away.

I glanced down, her cami stopped just below her navel and I'd left a spot of pre-cum on her clit. She looked and erotically pushed it in between her swollen lips and into her pussy, then licked her finger.

"After breakfast we can add to that." She smiled and turned, carrying her coffee out to the deck.

It was almost noon and we'd settled on the couch, reading erotic stories on her ipad. I was sitting behind her, petting her as she leaned back against me. She still wore just her cami and automatically opened her legs as I stroked her. I loved that about her. Beautiful, intelligent and erotic, in our three years of marriage, she has never said 'no'. If asked, she would say she slept without panties to always be accessible. It became a private challenge, that I, or 'someone' fuck her while she sleeps. Even sleeping, she would open her legs with an erotic touch, often mumbling and lifting her hips.

"Oh! I like this one." She softly humped against my hand as we read. "Oh!"

We read together. The woman's lover had retrieved a freshly used condom from a friend and emptied the cum into her pussy. "Oh! That is sooo hot..." She opened her legs wider and tipped her head back, closing her eyes with the image. I stroked her clit and she arched her back.

We read and teased for a while longer, then had to dress to feed and care for the horses. A thought occurred to me as we dressed.

"Oh! Let's not forget, Dave and Marie are coming for the weekend."

"Right. I'll pick up a few bottles of wine and some grilling food. Should probably rent a few movies, too."

I smiled. Erotic thoughts were brewing in my little head.

Dave and Marie were a black couple we'd been friends for years. He worked with me and often complained of the condoms his wife insisted they use. He hated condoms, but his wife wouldn't use birth control and refused sex without them. She was beautiful, but rather... difficult, to be polite.

That evening Dave called and explained that Marie had a last minute flight the Saturday of our planned get together. I thought a moment and suggested they could have a romantic evening and she could leave from here in the morning. He hesitated, then said that that sounded great, they'd see us next weekend.

I awoke in the early hours of the morning, listening to Dave and Marie fucking in the next room, their suppressed moans told me they'd managed mutual orgasms and I smiled, minutes later the guest bathroom door closed and I heard Dave clear his throat and the toilet flush. I waited. I'd mentioned to him earlier, not to dispose of his condoms in the toilet, as it caused problems with the septic system. An erotic thought was warming in my little head and I slipped from our bed as I heard him quietly close his bedroom door. I tiptoed into the bathroom. There it was, a large used condom lay in the wastebasket, filled with a huge amount of cum. My big head thought a moment and wrestled with my little head. The little head won and I quickly picked the condom off the pile of used tissues. It was still warm and I went back to my room.

I held the condom carefully, pinching the end closed so as not to spill it, then slid into bed with my gorgeous sleeping wife. I held the condom with one hand, concealing it from my wife, and cuddled up behind her, caressing her and pressing my now hard cock against her. She roused slightly and rolled onto her back, opening her legs. I smiled and caressed her pussy with my free hand. She moaned softly and slowly rocked her hips, then smiled up at me.

"Well good morning" She grinned and acknowledged my erection. I humped against her hip as I softly stroked her hardening clit. "I know where you can put that," She glanced toward my cock.

"In a minute," I licked my fingers and again stroked her clit, opening her now wet pussy in the process. "I have a surprise for us. Dave fucked Marie this morning..." I slowly held the half full condom up for her to see.

"Oh God..." Her eyes widened and she opened her legs wider, humping my fingers. She looked from me to the condom and back to me.

"Yeah...?" I smiled, raising one eyebrow.

Her mouth fell open and she slowly nodded, lifting her hips. I sat beside her and rubbed her now wet pussy, then held the condom with both hands. She raised her hips.

"Hold yourself open." I held the condom poised, just above her soft lips. Her eyes widened further and she held her pussy open until I could see her cervix, it looked swollen and red. I released the open end and a small stream of cum trailed into her pussy.

"Oh God... Yes..." Her hips rocked and I corrected my aim, then slowly squeezed the entire contents into her. "Ohhh...yes" She grinned at me. Her cervix was coated and David's cum filled her, running down her pussy and onto the sheets.

"Oh lover... Oh God... You filled my fertile pussy with David's cum." The condom emptied and she cupped her pussy, stopping the stream of leaking cum. I dropped the condom off the bed and knelt between her bent knees. My cock ached and she held my hips as I easily slid into her gorgeous cum filled cunt.

"Oh Love. Oh that's sooo good." Her pussy welcomed me, warm and sooo slick, so full of cum. I couldn't believe how good it felt. His cum coated my cock as we fucked.

"Oh God, I'm full of cum and you're fucking me... You're pushing David's cum deep into my pussy. Ohhh! Oh God, I'm going to have David's black baby." She held my hips and pulled me deeper, humping her clit against me. Her climax rushed through her. "Oh! Yes! Yes! Push his cum deeper... Oh God... Oh David..." She pulled me deep and curled into her orgasm.

I erupted, forcing the air from my lungs and gushed more cum into her. I felt it stream down my cock, three full streams followed by spasm after spasm. A mixture of cum pushed from her swollen cunt and we still rode soft waves, subsiding swells.

"Stay in me," She whispered. "grow soft and sleep awhile in me." Our hips still gently undulated and we softly fucked. I lay my head on the pillow beside hers.

"That was... still is, incredible. I've never cum like that before."

She smiled. "Can we do it... again, I mean, soon, with, David's cum..." She looked shy, uncertain.

"You want a black baby, don't you?" I lay beside her, softly caressing her used pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly.

"I'd love people thinking I fuck other men, lots of men." She humped against my hand.

I leaned closer and whispered, "Would you like to feel David's big cock cumming in you?"

"Ohhh..." She clasped my hand against her pussy and moaned, rubbing our hands on her cunt.

"Oh lover, I really am ovulating you know." She looked up at me.

David drove Marie to the airport to catch her flight, promising to return for bar-b-cue later that evening. I found my lover in the bedroom, showered and dressing. On warm weekends she often wore just a T-shirt and panties around the house. I watched as she slipped a very sheer cami on and tried to decide on which panties to wear. Finally she turned, her cami came down to just below her navel and her dark nipples resembled Hershey's kisses. Her gorgeous swollen pussy smiled up at me. She'd shaved and looked baby smooth, her swollen lips hot and bulging.

"Oh lover," she held up two pair of panties. "Which do you think?"

The one pair was little more than a frilly g-string and would barely cover her swollen clit. The other pair was frilly, soft pink, but completely transparent.

"Oh Lover! We'll be able to see your beautiful pussy."

"I know... I... I want that." She became shy. "You know how horny I get when I ovulate..."

"The sheer pair, I think." I stepped closer and caressed her. She closed her eyes and opened her legs for me. She rocked her hips and moaned softly, but collected herself and playfully pushed me away. Then, she squeezed a dab of K-Y onto her finger and pressed it into her pussy, stroking her clit briefly. She softly bit her lip and seductively pulled her panties up. Her swollen lips bulged erotically and her swollen clit seemed on display through the sheer material. She cupped her pussy and posed for a moment, until the sound of the door distracted her. She slipped a short robe on and flipped her hair, leaving the robe open as she walked to the door. I followed, curious but excited.

"Hi Dave, come in, come in." She stepped back, holding the door. I stood back, watching.

"Wow!" He scanned her up and down.

"You like?" She beamed and opened her robe, posing.

"Ohhh... Yes. Oh yes." He gazed at her breasts and finally focused on her pussy. "Ohhh yes." He grinned and politely stepped forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Dave." I stepped forward and shook his hand. How do you greet someone as they absorb your nearly naked wife. Dozens of emotions ran through me, strangely, none of them jealous. The situation just wasn't threatening, it was thrilling, erotic and my little head was in charge. I liked the way he lusted for my wife; after all, I had planted his baby in her womb... We followed her into the kitchen.

I opened a bottle of wine as we chatted. My wife leaned against the counter as Dave openly gazed at her. Her nipples were hard and poked against her sheer cami and she leaned back with her long legs crossed, forcing her swollen pussy lips to protrude even more.

"C'mon, let's go sit and relax." She turned toward the living room and her robe fanned open. David carried the bottle of wine and I took a moment to turn the ribs in the marinade. I glanced into the strategically placed mirror to watch them. David sat on the couch, his back to the dining room and my wife sat opposite him on a nearby chaise' lounge. He gazed at her pussy. Her panties were transparent and didn't quite cover her gorgeous swollen lips and she leaned back on her arms, demure.

"Come here," he smiled and beckoned.

She stood and strolled toward him, stopping as her knees straddled his outstretched leg. She stood, gently swaying beneath his gaze. He opened her robe, his hand grazing her nipple, but his focus settled on her panties and pussy, and he gently reached up, touching the frill on either side of her swollen lips. She chewed her bottom lip and lifted her cami slightly, giving permission, and he softly stroked her pussy with the back of his fingers.

"Isn't that nice." He caressed her and slid his hand between her thighs, stroking her clit with his thumb. She closed her eyes and her head tipped back, her hips automatically rocking against his caress. I stepped into the dining room, several feet behind Dave.

"I've got to run down and take care of the horses. I'll be back in forty five minutes or so."

"Ok," She gazed toward me, still holding her cami, her hips still rocking against Dave's caress.

I smiled and retreated to the kitchen door and noisily opened and closed it, then stood quietly, watching in the mirror. David slid his fingers beneath the edge of her panties and began stroking her pussy. She opened her legs and moaned softly, moving her hips more. David began moving and I heard the sound of his belt buckle. He glanced over his shoulder and gently urged my wife toward the chaise. She slowly stepped back until the chaise was behind her. Dave knelt before her, his back toward me, and his hands on her hips. I quietly stepped into the dimly lit dining room as Dave pushed his trousers to his knees. He held her ass and kissed my wife's pussy through her panties, then slowly slid them to her knees. She held her legs together, gazed toward me and stepped out of her panties as they reached the floor. Dave's fingers gently caressed her pussy and her hips still rocked against his touch. She sat at the edge of the chaise and opened her legs as Dave leaned forward and kissed her clit. I watched as another man kissed and admired my wife's pussy. He planted his tongue against her swollen clit and licked.

"Ohhh..." She moaned and held his head as she lay back, humping against his face as he licked her smooth, swollen pussy. "Ohhh god, Ohhh yessss." She climaxed and curled into him, holding his head with both hands. Waves washed over her, through her and she gazed over at me as she rubbed her cunt against David's tongue and smiled. I was rubbing my crotch.

David kissed his way up her torso, sucking on each nipple and kissing her deeply. He leaned up briefly and glanced at his hard cock. She followed his gaze and he fished a condom out of his trouser pocket. My wife blocked his hand before he could even open it and she slowly shook her head, 'no'. He understood and smiled broadly. A large drop of pre-cum seemed ready to drip from his cock and my wife lay back, her eyes dreamy. She opened her legs further and lifted her hips, beckoning. David held his cock and I watched as the pre-cum landed on my wife's clit. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit and she gazed toward me. I rubbed my cock and watched. A low moan escaped her and she rolled her head back, closing her eyes and humping into him as his cock slid into her.

'Oh God,' I thought. 'My wife is fucking David's black cock...' It was the single most erotic and beautiful sight I had ever seen. 'She's letting David get her pregnant, on purpose. She wants his cum, his black baby...' She gazed at me, as she humped him deeper, her arms relaxed above her head as he fucked her. Our eyes locked and I watched her move, her hips rocking against his. Her swollen cunt lips stretched around his big black cock with every stroke and she watched me and smiled. He was deep and she ground her clit against him. She was fucking him, holding his hips, cumming on his big cock. Her eyes closed and she curled into his embrace and kissing him deeply, cumming in spasms. David moaned. His mouth fell open and he fucked hard and deep, then curled into her, burying his face in her shoulder. He gushed cum into my wife's fertile womb, spasm after spasm. She held him, pulled him deep with her legs, watching me as she humped against his thrusts. They slowed, kissed lovingly and began to catch their breath. David leaned down and kissed her breast, then boldly gave her a lip shaped hicci next to her nipple. She offered her breast and watched him mark her, smiling as he returned and kissed her lips. He withdrew and she lay back for a moment, smiling at me. Her pussy still gaped open and David's cum coated her cunt and ran out of her in a thick stream.

Finally, she bent and pulled her panties up, cupping her pussy as she stood. I quietly withdrew and leaned against the counter, overwhelmed by the scene I'd just witnessed. My cock ached. Again I opened and closed the kitchen door. A glance in the mirror confirmed they were refilling their wine glasses and dressed, well, my wife was still nearly naked and gorgeous, her panties obviously cum soaked.

"Hi guys, sorry to abandon you like that. You ready to eat soon? Let me change and I'll be right with you." I was relieved when my wife followed me into the bedroom. I closed the door behind us and immediately grabbed her as I undid my belt.

"Oh my god! That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen!" I spoke softly as she wiggled back onto the bed. She grinned as she lay back and I lay beside her. Her panties and pussy were soaked and I cupped and caressed her pussy then pulled her panties down. She raised her hips as I knelt between her knees and my cock ached as I rubbed against her hard clit. We locked eyes as I slid into her.

"Ohhh my love. Ohhh my god that feels sooo good. Sooo much cum in your gorgeous cunt. Ohhh..." We held our gaze as I fucked her slow and deep. Her cunt was so warm and full. I bumped against her cervix and held my cock deep, scenes of David's black cock gushing cum into her warm cunt filled my head and I just erupted. My cum gushed into her and my vision tunneled in as spasm after spasm washed through me. She curled into me and moaned, pulling me deep, then lay back panting.

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