tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Wonderful Surprise

A Wonderful Surprise


David stood smiling in the doorway as Sarah invited him in with a swing of her arm. He offered her a shy smile and followed through to the living room.

"Make yourself at home," she said, standing in the middle of the carpet, one hand trembling against her hip as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

David sat himself down, his eyes locked on the young woman in front of him, and his nerve -- or lack thereof -- tightening the muscles of his throat and tickling the depths of his stomach.

"You want a drink, or something?"

David shook his head. He pointed to the empty cushion beside him. "You not gonna sit with me?"

She smiled. With a bemused chuckle, she plonked herself down next to him.

"That's better," David said, twisting his hips a little to face her better. He stared into those gorgeous blue eyes that attracted him to her in the first place. And lost himself.

She fidgeted, squirmed, and her lips twitched but found no words to speak.

"Your eyes are even more beautiful in real life." David made his move. He glided a hand over the top of hers, stroked at her soft, smooth skin, and grinned at her.

"Nice line." She giggled. But she didn't push him away. Her eyes sparkled, unable to hide the glee that flushed her cheeks and stretched her lips across her face.

"I can't believe we've actually done this."

"I know." Sarah lurched forward, lost her bottle, and froze.

David completed the move for her. He leaned in, pressed his lips to hers, and kissed her with a gentle pressure.

She moved her lips, parted them, and sneaked her tongue through the gap.

David licked at it, reaching one arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him. He ran the palm of his hand down over her back, found no bra strap, and sighed into the wet heat of her mouth. Jesus, she's so hot. He moved his fingers back up to the nape of her neck, and kissed harder, his breath rasping through his nostrils.

They pulled back at the same exact moment. As if planned. Both panting for air. Gazing into the other's eyes, and longing for more.

David, inspired by the now semi-hard penis in his trousers, picked things up again. He kissed at her soft, moist lips, and moved his hand down over the strap of her top. Under it. His heartbeat quickened behind his ribs, tapping out Morse code in his chest. He made it to the little rise of her right breast. So small. Cute. Wonderful. He squeezed it, pressed the pad of his thumb to her nipple and rolled it. His senses swirled as the bud hardened to his touch, poking against his flesh.

"Don't stop," Sarah whimpered, pulling her lips from his.

He used his wrist to pull the strap out of his way, worked at the other, and exposed her breasts to his hungry eyes. He pinched at her tiny nipples in turn, from the base to the tip, delighted as they reacted to his every movement.

Sarah sighed, moaned, groaned to his manipulations. She laid herself against the back of the sofa, inviting him to follow with the sheer lust in her gleaming eyes.

David pulled her top right down, under her breasts, over the swell of her belly. He used both hands to squeeze the little mounds together, leaned in and licked at one nipple. She cried out, and the sound penetrated his ears and sent a shiver up his spine. His cock twitched, getting harder.

She pulled one foot up, planted it on the cushion, and parted her thighs. The white cotton of her panties called him in.

He didn't resist. His fingers crept up over the soft, fleshy curves of her thighs. He paused just before they touched the material. Teasing himself. His breathing grew louder, faster, more uneven. Almost ragged. He touched her underwear. The experience dizzied him for a split second, but he recovered, and stroked her through the flimsy fabric.

"Oh, God," she whispered, spreading her legs further apart.

He froze. That's not right. He pulled away, blinked hard, and tried again. His fingers ran along the softness beneath her panties, down, lower and lower, until he found it again. That's definitely not right. He gasped for air. His heart pounded in his ears and adrenaline pumped through his veins.

She watched him. Her features twitched, the sparkle in her eyes faltering. A sudden glimpse of an overwhelming shyness. Or fear.

He pressed against it again. Part of him reeled back in horror. But he didn't give himself over to it. Another part, a more important part, that thickened and throbbed, prodding against the front of his trousers, liked it. He knew he shouldn't. Wrong. So wrong. But he loved it. So taboo. Dirty. Downright fucking horny.

He gave into it. With a lusty growl, he pulled down the front of her panties to reveal it. A good six, maybe seven inches of stiff cock. He grabbed at it. Stroked it. Massaged it. Loved the hardness of it in his hand, pulsing to his efforts.

Sarah exhaled long and hard, as if releasing herself from her doubts. She pushed her hips toward him, and her balls brushed against his wrist.

He reached under her glorious erection, and kneaded them. Grateful for their shaven state. Smooth. He continued to masturbate her, his own cock painful behind his trousers and desperate for release.

"Suck it," Sarah moaned. She ran her fingers through his short hair. "Suck it for me."

I can't. He stared at it. From the wet, purple tip, down over the thickish, veined shaft. His tongue darted over his lips without his say so. I just can't. God, I want to. But-

"Suck it for me." She gave him the full glory of those gorgeous, blue eyes. Pleaded with them. She caressed the palm of one hand down over her bare breasts, her belly, and over the waistband of her skirt. She wrapped her fingers around the base of her cock, pinched it, and worked it back and forth. "Suck my cock."

He couldn't say no. He twisted his neck to the right and left, as if checking for a secret audience, found none, and stole a deep breath.

"Put my cock in your mouth, and suck on it." She grinned.

He bent over, hesitated in front of the heat of her erection, and breathed in the heady scent. I have to. He opened his mouth, rolled his lips over the hot, sticky head, and pushed half of the shaft inside him. Oh, my God. His whole body tingled. He struggled to feed the raging of his lungs.

"That's it," she cooed, stroking his hair down to the back of his neck. She tightened her grip on him.

He sucked it deeper. The whole thing tasted, smelled, and felt great. He couldn't stop himself. His own erection hurt so bad. He reached down and flipped the button of his trousers, tugged at the zipper, and released it to the cooler air of the room. It sprang out to full attention. Desperate.

Sarah lunged at it. She gripped it in her small hand, and hissed through her teeth.

David kept sucking. He flickered his tongue along the shaft as he bobbed up and down on the cock inside his mouth. The head nudged closer and closer to his throat. He stopped it as it got too near. Nervous. Afraid.

She pulled on the back of his neck, thrust her hips, and grunted.

David gagged, his eyes watered, but it didn't feel as bad as he expected. He regained his composure, and licked and sucked his saliva from her cock. Inside, a battle to understand wormed its way around his brain. Why do I love this so much? Does it matter? I want more. But it's not right.

The muscles of his throat contracted again, but this time he swallowed against it, and carried on pleasing her. Her moans and whines lingered in his ears and urged him on. Like a heartfelt round of applause. He wanted to satisfy her. To make her come. He stiffened at the idea. Her sticky, hot cum. He slowed down. In my mouth. Her spunk.

She didn't give him time to finish the train of thought. She pulled herself out of his mouth, rubbed the bulbous, wet head over his cheeks, and smiled at him. "Your turn."

He wrestled his way out of his trousers, kicked off his shoes, and stood up, towering over her.

"Not my mouth."

David sighed. What a bitch. I just sucked-

"Not yet, anyway." She winked at him. The sofa creaked as her petite body twisted and heaved on the cushions. She turned away from him, leaned over the back of the furniture, and pushed her bum in the air. Her smooth, heavy balls hung down between her thighs.

David swallowed his breath. He gulped for another one. His cock raged thick and hard, as he grasped it and lined it up with her pale, smooth bottom. She reached behind her to peel the cheeks apart, and he pressed the tip of his erection into the parting.

"Be gentle." Her voice weakened, serious, and pleading.

David eased the head of his cock against the puckered hole. He pressed down on the shaft with his thumb, and stepped forward a little.

She held her breath. Her hips tightened, and her legs froze still.

David applied some pressure. He watched in awe, his cock throbbing to the frenzied hammering of his heartbeat. The tip vanished. The ridge followed. She mewled, but didn't ask him to stop. He kept pushing. A little of the shaft entered her, ever so slow.

"Fuck me," she said, her voice a deep, throaty command.

He pulled out a little, and eased it back in. God. So fucking tight. He loved it. Beads of sweat trickled from his hairline and lingered in his eyelashes. He wiped them free. His hand trembled as he moved it back to the fleshy pad of her bottom. He squeezed at it, his knuckles brushing against her wrist as she continued to open herself up to him.

He gritted his teeth. His cock tingled all over, ready to explode. He didn't want it to end. Slow down. He pushed deeper. Little by little.

"Come in me," she growled. Come in my arse."

David had to use every ounce of willpower he possessed not to blow his load right there.

"Spunk in my arse. I want to feel it. Please."

He caved in. Or, rather, his cock did. He couldn't control it. He thrust into her bottom one more time. His balls tingled, and exploded. His cock rippled with ecstasy, and he let out a cry as the first spurt of semen ejected from the tip.

She squealed and pushed herself back onto him.

David's entire body stuck to the spot. He couldn't budge himself. His cock continued to spasm, unleashing stream after stream of spunk. He groaned, moaned, grunted, and gripped her hips against him. "Oh, Christ." He struggled to get his breath, but he didn't care. He'd never felt immense pleasure like this before. Not just the orgasm, but the whole dirty event. Fucking another man. Is she even a man? He hadn't considered that yet. I don't care. His shoulders shuddered as his balls drained, and his cock remained semi-hard inside her. But he didn't move it.

"Let me taste it." She threw herself around to face him before he had a chance to take the words in. Her eyes gazed up at him, so young and willing. She wrapped her mouth around his softening cock. Sucked at it, licked it.

Oh fuck. He reached out to hold the back of her head, for his own balance more than anything. His knees wavered beneath him, and his vision blurred. He blinked it off, and fucked her mouth. His erection came back with more ease than he expected.

"Mmm. I can taste my arse on your cock."

He staggered, teetered. "Yeah," he said, not quite able to concentrate enough to come up with anything better.

"Tell me I'm a dirty little slut. Tell me, as I suck my arse juices off your big cock." She fastened her lips around his shaft again, and bobbed up and down as if realising her single vocation in life.

"Slut." David struggled to breath, never mind talk. But he pushed himself. "Dirty. Little. Slut." He prodded the end of his cock toward her throat, wriggling his fingertips into her long, blond hair. "Suck your arse... Juices off my... Cock."

She worked faster, harder. Kneading at his balls with her little hands.

"I want... You to come, too." The words surprised him, more than anyone else. He paused his efforts and glanced off to the left, as if searching for his own thought process.

"I will. I will." She clamped her mouth back around his cock and sucked with all of her ability.

"I'm-" He broke off into a long, high-pitched yowl. His lower body buckled. He almost dropped to his knees, his cock twitching and spurting. Semen leapt from the bulbous purple head of his erection. Some of it splashed against her throat, another jettison made it to her small breasts, a little of it clinging to her pink nipple and hanging from it like a liquid icicle. His legs gave out. He landed on the floor, flailing at the front of the sofa to control the drop.

"Now it's my turn." Sarah leapt up off the furniture, stood over him, and guided her swollen shaft to his lips. She held it there for long, long seconds. Teasing him. Making him want it more. And he did. He wanted it more than anything else in his life.

He opened his mouth and sucked it inside.

"Not yet," she said. She reached down between his legs, gathered up some of the still dribbling spunk from his cock and balls, and rubbed it over her own erection. The whole thing glistened, like glazed meat. She pushed it back to his mouth, and inside.

He couldn't believe it. He half-expected to wake up. On his knees, sucking another man's cock, covered in his own sperm. It was too much to take in. He just sucked, licked, enjoyed.

Sarah held his head in place, and doubled her efforts. She fucked his mouth. Fucked his face.

He tried to breathe around it. Tried to keep his lungs inflating.

Sarah froze. Her jaws clamped shut, and her eyes closed. She held his head tight, hard. And came.

David moaned. His mouth filled fast. He gulped at the sticky cream, but failed to get it fast enough. Some of it dripped from the corners of his lips, and oozed over his chin. But he kept going. His throat worked fast.

"That's it, swallow it all up." She kept pushing herself into his mouth. Fucking him. Her taut nipples pointed out from her body like bullets. Her cock remained fat and solid.

The streams ebbed. David caught his breath, almost. He gulped down the last of the fluid, savouring the salty liquid that lingered on his taste buds. Elated. Invigorated.

He peered up into her gorgeous eyes, smiled at her around her delicious cock, and closed his eyes to bask in the moment.

The End

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