tagInterracial LoveA Work Party For One

A Work Party For One


Toni called being very apologetic, asking if I minded watching our little girl while she attended a party thrown by a friend of Gingers. I told her it was no problem, not to worry, and to have a good time. Wanting to make sure she would be safe, I asked if she or someone else was going to drive. Though Toni was very conservative with her actions, she didn't drink very often and when she did, it always made her tipsy. She informed me that Ginger was driving and she was riding with her. She also promised if she got too bad she'd stay the night at Gingers instead of trying to drive home.

Ginger and I didn't really care for each other. She felt Toni needed someone worthy of her unbelievable looks and body. Though I didn't say anything to Toni, Ginger would smile and tease me saying, someday she was going to get my wife laid by a real man. Then she'd know what it was like to be really fucked.

Ginger doing this wouldn't be anything out of the norm. She was always taking some guy home just for her own pleasure. Usually married, she enjoyed taking another woman's property and adding him to her list of conquests. She'd tell Toni, married men are the best lays. You get fucked really well and they go home to their wives when you're done with them. No messy relationships. Ginger asked Toni,

"Would you like me to get you one? You can use him as an exercise toy or just for the fun of it."

Toni would always tell her, "I'm very happy with who and what I have. I don't need anyone else to satisfy me. Besides if I want a workout, I'll go to the gym."

Ginger knew that Toni was a virgin when she married. The only man she'd ever had, was her husband and hadn't touched or seen any others. Unlike Ginger, who experienced the full range of men and their varied sizes.

Toni would always hear about the size and stamina of her latest conquest. Though Toni acted as if she was disgusted at what she heard, she would tell me all about it in detail. This always seemed to follow with very hot sex.

To look at Toni, one would never have guessed, she'd had a baby, just three months earlier. Her body was a picture of perfection. Working very hard to make sure she took good care of her body during and after her pregnancy. She exercised daily to keep her incredible figure. Even when she was at her full term pregnancy, she looked awesome. After the baby was born, it only took her a month to get her former figure back. Using creams and lotions, she made sure she wouldn't have any stretch marks from the baby. Her skin was soft and flawless.

Ginger, though I didn't care for her actions, had a very nice body. Though not in Toni's class, she still had no problem getting her man. She was only five foot tall and had a well toned body. She had nice round C cup breasts, a flat tummy and great hips and ass. Her legs though not very tall, had a wonderful curve to them which she always displayed in very high heels. With her short skirts and tight tops, you could see her package displayed very well.

Ginger was the total opposite of Toni, knowing she looked hot and taking advantage of her incredible body. Toni didn't think of herself as having a sexy body. Though firm and well toned, she felt her body was, no better than any other woman's. Ginger however, constantly told her she was looking hot, which embarrassed Toni. When not with Toni, Ginger was always the center of the men's attention.

Toni was very tall, five feet eleven in her bare feet. Her legs were incredible. Very shapely, curving, with toned calves and firm thighs. She always had men looking at them, when she dressed in her short skirts, silky nylons, and three to four inch high heels. I'd watched many a man run into fixed objects while staring at those wonders.

Those hot legs lead to her curvaceous, 37 inch hips that support her tight, nicely rounded heart shaped ass. She has a small 27 inch waist that presents a toned flat tummy. Her back is a mirror of the rest of her body, tapering nicely to her tiny waist. Hiding, though not very well, under her blouse, are two of the most firm, round set of 39DD breasts I've ever seen. Though large, there is no sag at all making it possible for her to go braless, not needing one for support. These babies know how to show off... Her long, thick nipples, are set high surrounded with dark, cat eyed shaped areolas. If you watched very long at all, you would be rewarded to the sight of her erect nipples, poking through her bra and blouse giving you an incredible show. Extremely sensitive since having the baby, they would get very hard from the slightest of caresses caused by her lacy bra rubbing against them when she moved.

Though her body was one of God's best works of art, her face was easily equal to the challenge. Her long neck led up to the beautiful slender face, set by her high cheek bones and flawless skin. Her full, red lips encased her incredible smile with a touch of suttle sexiness. She had a perfectly shaped, upturned nose she was self conscience about. The crowning feature of her pretty face had to be those large, green eyes. They were mesmerizing with the ability to talk you into anything with just a look. Toni's long, dark brown hair cascaded down to the middle of her back. Always in place, it outlined her incredible face being the perfect frame to accent her features. I'm telling you that this woman is beautiful.

I was blessed, to be one of only two people, to know about her awesome tan. She may show off the bronzed body with the clothes she chose to wear, but under the lacy bras and panties only Ginger and I, had seen, the very white, creamy skin that had been protected by her bikini. These areas were so sexy contrasting a creamy white against the dark tan covering the rest of her body. I always thought of these areas, as the forbidden zones made just for my pleasure.

Ginger, seeing her naked while dressing after working out and taking a shower, would always tell her, she had way too sexy a body to waist on just her husband. She'd tell Toni, she could have anything she wanted, by just using that heavenly body properly.

Toni would laugh and tell her, she had all she needed and wasn't missing out on anything. She'd tell Ginger, she was exaggerating about the size of the men she'd had and that, men didn't get that large except in her fantasies and porn movies. Ginger would answer, telling her,

"You've already seen one in the movie I showed you at my house. Anyways, any time you're willing to make a serious wager, I'll be happy to produce the proof. Why don't you put that body of yours up as the winnings for him when you lose if you're so sure of yourself?"

Toni just laughed a nervous laugh wondering if maybe Ginger did have these huge men.

"You need to put that incredible body to good use, getting off on some well hung stud," Ginger said. "If you'd just get fucked once by a large cock, you'd never be happy with a little one again."

There's no way it's gonna happen," Toni told Ginger. "I don't fool around and never will."

Ginger laughed telling her, "Someday I'm gonna get you really wasted, and by the time you realize what is happening, you'll be getting fucked by a real man. Once he mounts you with his huge cock, it will be too late to do anything other than enjoy it."

Toni had no idea that Gingers ultimate goal was to get Toni on her back with a man other than her husband lying between her legs. She didn't care what she had to do to make it happen. If she was able to screw up Toni's marriage in the process, it would be an additional bonus, fucking over her husband.

Ginger and Toni arrived at the party around seven, coming strait from work. There were about ten of Gingers friends there, with only one of them Toni recognized as a mutual friend from the gym.

Toni being a sales secretary, always looked great. She was dressed in a red skirt that stopped, about six inches above her knee, giving everyone a great look at her sexy legs. Her thin, white silk blouse was low cut in the front, exposing a fair amount of her wonderful cleavage. Her nipples stood erect, both from the rubbing of her bra and the cold temperature of the room. Clearly visible, casting a slight shadow under them due to their size, they stuck out proudly. Toni was wearing four inch white heels, tanned colored thigh high stockings supported by a lacy garter, matching her bra and panties. The panties? They were a thin, lacy g-string resting high on her hips barely covering her nicely trimmed pussy hair and letting that perfect, round ass show off its shape. Looking at her from behind, there were definably no panty lines on this gorgeous ass. When Toni bent over, the edge of her thigh high stockings would show through the split in the back of her skirt, giving the viewer a pleasant, sexy surprise.

This type of dress was Toni's normal attire. She enjoyed feeling sexy under her clothes. Never wearing pantyhose, Toni would say, "They just aren't made for tall women."

Toni didn't have an air to her attitude. Though told all the time by me and Ginger, she really didn't think of herself as sexy. Ginger did and tried to get her to use this sexuality to her advantage. Toni would just blush and brush her off. Ginger however, didn't mind using her incredible body to get what she wanted.

Ginger knew Toni always dressed this way, and decided to use it against her tonight. Ginger had invited Jeff, one of the guy's they knew from the gym to the party. She had told him about her plan to seduce the married friend of hers and felt tonight could be a great time to try and pull it off. She even had an excuse not to take Toni home. With her husband saying, it was ok to spend the night at Ginger's if she was going to drink, Ginger felt like she had his blessing in her sick, distorted mind. If she played the cards right, everything would go as planned.

Ginger and Toni danced with all the men that asked them. There were only three women at the party and Toni didn't want to seem rude by not accepting. Toni didn't realize what the men were all looking at. The movement of the dancing, along with the drinks, was causing her, already hard nipples to, put on an awesome show. Ginger just made sure to keep a drink in Toni's hand at all times. Remembering Toni's promise, not to drive if drinking, she did her best to see that Toni had plenty to drink. The entire night depended on it.

Toni was beginning to show signs of being blitzed. She was slurring her speech and her eye lids were drooping now from the continual glasses of seven and seven Ginger kept feeding her. During slow songs, the men dancing with her were able to sneak their hand onto the swell of her ass getting a chance to feel her toned body. Her firm tits were pressing into their chests causing each of their pants to sport erections from the incredibly sexy woman.

After just an hour and a half of partying, Ginger told her friends, she needed to get Toni home to her husband and new baby. She thanked all of them for her and Toni's good time and helped Toni to the car.

Their friend Jeff used this opportunity to excuse himself from the party, telling them, he had to get up early for work and didn't need to add a hang over to his day.

Ginger had told Toni about every one of her men except for Jeff. He was by far, her favorite fuck. Because both of them went to the same gym, she didn't want Toni to know about they're affairs. Jeff was not only great looking and built well, He was also hung like a horse. His incredible cock was, twelve inches long and thick as your wrist. Every time she had an evening with him, it would take an entire day to recover. The sex was great, and Jeff could get it, or keep it up as many times as she could handle. Sometimes, even more.

Ginger had told him of her plan to seduce Toni and get her laid by someone that had a very large cock. He always thought Toni had an awesome body and was very beautiful. He never tried to see if he could get anywhere with her, knowing she was married and very happy with her life. Toni was very polite but made sure guys knew she was faithful to her husband and didn't mess around. Gingers idea brought a definite ok from him when she asked him to be the cock.

Toni rode quietly in the car next to Ginger. She had had quite a lot to drink and the last two were laced with ecstasy. The effects were making her drift out of reality while making her extremely horney. Between the alcohol and the pills, Toni was like giving a drunk a bottle of wine. She wasn't going to know what hit her until it was too late.

Ginger pulled up in front of her house and helped Toni into the house. She could barely walk due to the party. Everything seemed to be in another dimension except for the dampness she felt between her legs. God she felt so Horney and needed her husband to make love to her. She didn't realize she was at Gingers house and he wasn't there.

Ginger walked her down the hall and helped her lay on the bed. Gingers big king sized bed had all the room she needed. Here, Ginger could take care of the itch she had started in Toni's body.

Knowing her goal was within reach now, Ginger began to undress Toni. Taking off her blouse and skirt, she left her dressed in her bra, G-string, Garter belt, nylons and high heels. Toni out of reality, had no idea what was about to transpire. All she knew, is she needed the fire between her legs quenched.

Jeff had arrived and was in the living room. Ginger went to him and led him to the bedroom telling him Toni was ready. Jeff asked if she was sure. He didn't need her calling the cops or something.

Ginger started laughing.

"Are you kidding? She can't even make out the phone, much less call on it. Come on, I've got a present for you."

Walking into the bedroom, Jeff was speechless. There lay one of the most perfect bodies he'd ever seen. It was wrapped in white lace lingerie waiting for him to unwrap it. He looked over at Ginger giving her a huge smile of approval. Ginger saw the tent in his pants and smiled back. She knew Toni was as good as fucked.

Jeff, wanting to feel what he'd only fantasized about, quickly undressed. Ginger, knelt between Toni's legs pulling off her panties. Once off, she reached up, unclasped her bra, freeing those perfect globes of their imprisonment. Toni now lay there with only her garter, nylons and high heels. The air danced across her skin, causing her nipples to strain upward. The white contrasting skin, hidden from every other man, now being taken in by another, was pure perfection. Jeff, sporting a major hard on, moved towards the bed. Ginger could see the pre-cum leaking from the tip, anticipating release, causing it to coat the underside of his cock.

Ginger put her hand out as if to say, "Here it is."

Jeff needed no more invitation. Climbing onto the bed, he gently spread Toni's Thighs. This exposed her beautiful cunt to her first man other than her husband. Pushing her legs up, her knees bent, opening her to the pleasure she was to receive. With an ankle in each hand, he bent forward, kissing the lips of her beautiful flower.

It was everything he could muster, to keep from plowing into the sexy woman right then. Feeling her silk stockings rub against his face with it buried between Toni's thighs, his cock strained to its maximum girth aching for release. Forcing restraint upon his body, Jeff placed his tongue in between her folds, gently licking up the length of her sex. The aroma of passion was filling the room. Jeff continued, repeating his assault with his tongue, making Toni squirm from the intense pleasure. Being only the second to taste this treasure, he began pushing his tongue between her lips, parting her sex, sticking it into her hole. He wasn't disappointed, with Toni tasting every bit as good as she looked.

With Jeff's mouth drinking from her honey pot, Toni laid her head back and began moaning. Ginger was now sure. Toni wasn't going to, or be able to stop Jeff from pleasuring her. In heaven was where Toni felt she was as Jeff, sucked and pulled on her clit. Stopping only to dip his tongue into her willing passage he kept up the generous attack on his willing victim. This talented tongue should be arrested for breaking and entering, or at least for battery. She didn't remember her husband giving her such a great tongue lashing before. Unlike his usual attack and conquer, bringing her off quickly, he was torturing her with deliberate slow rhythm. Building her climax, to an, earth shattering level. Toni's mind deceiving her, kept saying, "Ginger you are wrong. My man does give me everything I need." The proof is between her legs laboring to bring such wonderful pleasure.

Jeff continued eating Toni, flicking her clit with his tongue. Ginger knew, she couldn't have done better if she'd have scripted the scene. Excitement was flowing like electricity, giving her extreme pleasure seeing Toni surrendering to this other man. It was now just a matter of time before he totally conquered her.

Sucking and pulling on Toni's clit for fifteen minutes, had her at the brink of exploding. Looking up at Ginger, he silently passed the knowledge she was going to climax at his prodding. Ginger, understanding his thought, bent taking Toni's right nipple into her mouth. She used her soft feminine tongue to caress and suck giving Toni a feeling she couldn't place. She was insane with her pending orgasm quickly approaching.

With Jeff's mouth over her clit and Ginger's mouth on her nipple, Toni lost the battle and began Cumming. She felt it, starting deep inside shooting electrical charges to her clit, nipples and toes. This wasn't like anything she'd experienced before. This was with a fervent power. The pulses were getting faster causing her to jerk her head back while tensing her body.

"Oh God, what is happening to me?" Toni thought.

She didn't have the ability to reason, that two very determined mouths, were working in unison to heighten her pleasure. They had no intention of letting up. Sucking a little harder, Jeff and Ginger smiled at each other knowing she was at their mercy. Toni was now, feeling her cunt spasm with each suck or flick. She was riding a roller coaster of climax, only her captors controlled.

Toni was now crying out, " Oh God… Ho God… I'm Cumming."

Ginger had her where she wanted her. She started pulling on Toni's other nipple with her fingers inflicting additional pleasure.

"Oh my God… That feels so incredible." Toni panted. "Don't stop… Don't ever stop…"

The orgasm was now continuous. Either of them could control it now on their own. Knowing this, Ginger let go long enough to tell Jeff it was time.

Jeff understood just what Ginger wanted. He let go of her clit, moving up to kneel between Toni's legs. Ginger kept up a light sucking and pulling of her nipples. She didn't want Toni to slip out of this feeling and stop her from letting Jeff enter the promise land. She'd worked very long on her plan to have it spoiled now.

Jeff reached over taking a condom from his wallet. He knew he needed to wear one to keep Toni from getting pregnant. Ginger had told him about her having a baby just three months ago and she was probably, still not on the pill yet. He used the sticky fluid covering the head of his cock to ease the condom over the head. Rolling it down about six inches would still allow him to feel her wetness against his shaft.

With his head poised for entry, Ginger looked seeing him ready to proceed. She let go of Toni's nipple in her mouth, rising up and mouthing, "NO!"

Jeff stopped, looking puzzled. Ginger reached down and without a word grabbed his cock and pulled the condom off him in one swift motion. With it in her hand, she forced her fingernails through, tearing it open. Jeff didn't have another one and was dieing to enter this beautiful woman.

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