tagSci-Fi & FantasyA World Without Men, Until Now

A World Without Men, Until Now


I couldn't believe my eyes and ears as I watched and listened to the evening news. People were disappearing all over the world, just men, hundreds of them from all walks of life, all religions, races and nationalities. Unexplained disappearances were being reported daily over the course of a week. What was happening? There were reports of unexplained sightings of mysterious lights and objects in the skies as well. Were these reports somehow linked or just coincidence? Most of these sightings and disappearances were in sparsely populated locations, most right here in my home state of Alaska.

There were no documented first hand sightings that could be verified with photographs or video tape, just many claims of strange lights in the sky. Wives were reporting husbands missing around the globe. All of these men were between the ages of twenty one and thirty five, most were attractive and physically fit. Some of these men returned within a few days, having no recollection of where they had been.

I just so happened to fit into the demographic of those missing, twenty six years old, living in Alaska. I must admit, I thought about my vulnerability but figured this might just be a massive hoax, generated by a few smart ass geeks sitting at home creating stories on their computers. You know the saying, if it's on the computer, it must be true.

It was summer in Alaska and I certainly wasn't going to waste what good weather we did get up here, which amounted to a few months out of the year, worrying about such foolishness. I had vacation days to take, hunting and fishing trips planned, and maybe a trip to the lower 48 for a little R & R with real warm weather, instead of calling seventy degrees a heat wave. My hormones were raging after a long, dark winter and I had hopes of seeing bikini clad women on the beaches.

Being a single man in Alaska means there's just not a lot of women to choose from on the dating scene. So, in order to satisfy those manly urges I get from time to time I either frequent a little bar I know of that has a select group of ladies of the evening or do things the hard way and go online. Oh, how the computer has changed our lives up here in Alaska, or for that matter, everywhere.

On a warm summer evening, at least by Alaska's standards, I decided to go to the local bar, hoping to mingle a little and maybe even get lucky enough to bring a young lady home with me. The bar was about a twenty mile drive, located in a small mining town. About ten minutes into the drive, my car started acting unusual, sputtering and lugging as if it weren't getting any gas. I pulled over and lifted the hood, hoping to find a quick fix to my problem, not wanting to walk the final ten miles or wait for a passing vehicle to hitch a ride with.

As I lifted the hood I started to feel dizzy and had to catch myself before I lost my balance and fell. I felt groggy, almost drunk, although I hadn't had a drop to drink. I left the hood up and got back into the car, steadying myself by grabbing the door handle as I slid in. I sat back, trying to catch my breath when everything went white. That's the last thing I remember that evening.

As I started to come to, a chill ran up my spine making me shiver, startling me. But I couldn't move, everything was dark and cold.

"Hey, where am I?" I shouted, hearing only my own echo in response.

As I became more aware, I noticed my hands and feet were restrained and it felt like I was on a cold table. I struggled a bit but couldn't move, I had no idea where I was or how I got there.

"Is anyone here? This isn't fucking funny!" I yelled, still no response.

My eyes should have adjusted to the darkness by now but hadn't. I couldn't see a damn thing, not even a shape. This was odd as the nights were never this dark during these few months in Alaska. I knew I had to be in some sort of a darkened shelter or smething. I heard nothing, not a sound. No passing traffic, no voices, no birds chirping, no water running, no wind blowing, nothing.

"Hey you motherfuckers, let me outta here!" I yelled frantically.

"You will not be harmed, please be calm," a soft female voice sounded. "We will explain everything soon, you are being screened."

"What the fuck? Screened for what? Let me up!"

"Everything will be explained to you very soon, please relax and comply with our requests," the sexy voice calmly said. "The screening is almost complete."

"Someone better fucking let me up, NOW! Fuck you and your screening!"

"We are not going to harm you. It would be in your best interest to remain calm."

Gradually, the room became light, a soft glow overhead illuminated my naked body. I lay shackled to a table in what appeared to be an operating room. As my eyes adjusted, figures came into view. I was surrounded by seven females, but they didn't look quite right. They all had identical body types, height and weight. Each woman was very tall, probably well over six feet and well endowed. Each woman had perfectly shaped breasts outlined by their form-fitting uniforms.

If I didn't know better, I'd say there was something non-human about them, they were just too perfectly formed. They all had hair but the colors were fluorescent. One had bright pink hair, another orange, two had purple and the other three women had hair color I didn't even recognize as being a color.. I must admit, they were stunning, beautiful women. Their uniforms, or clothing, was skin tight, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination, nothing. I couldn't take my eyes off their bodies, their uniforms were so tight and the material was so thin. None of them wore underwear, their nipples were hard and large. I could even see the outline of their pussies. Each woman appeared to have a solid, rock hard body.

"Where are the men? Where am I?" I asked. I was actually a little aroused at this point, lying naked on the table as all of the women looked me over, especially my cock, which was now swelling to a semi-erect state.

"You seem to be a fine specimen," the woman who appeared to be in charge said.

"I will now give you the information you requested. You have been selected with several other males from your planet to return to our planet with us."

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" I yelled. "What fucking planet? OK, joke's over, let me up!"

"Please, give me a chance to explain this to you, we are not going to hurt you." The leader gave me a stern look, almost threatening this time. "I'm trying to tell you what's happening. Our planet is located thirty seven light years from your planet Earth and is very similar in size and atmosphere. A few years ago, a plague claimed the lives of our entire male population. Females were unaffected by this virus but as you may have figured out by now, if we don't have males, we can't reproduce and our species will cease to exist within a generation."

"We have searched the universe for a like atmosphere and species and were fortunate enough to find your planet. We've done extensive research and your males match up almost perfectly with our deceased males making perfect replacements to re-populate our planet. Each male we have taken from your planet has been examined for sperm count and health issues. Those who did not meet our requirements were returned and their memories were erased of our existence. You appear to be a perfect specimen, and quite well-endowed if I may so. I may keep you for my own if that is acceptable to you. You will be given the opportunity to mingle with all available females on our planet and procreate. After our female population is bred, you'll have the option of staying with us or returning to Earth. I think you'll find our planet and people very accommodating, pleasant and likable. The climate on our planet is much like what you're accustomed to, except we do not have four seasons. Our weather is constant, much like your summer months. The average temperature on our planet is eighty five degrees Fahrenheit. You will be treated with respect, our only requirement is that you must fornicate with our mature females."

"Can you take the restraints off me now?"

"Only if you understand that any violence will be dealt with in a swift manner, please behave yourself. You will have the chance to mingle freely with our people and the other Earth people on board. We should arrive at our home planet of Unionite shortly."

"I understand. Are you saying I may have sex at any time with anyone?"

"Within reason. Of course, there's a time and a place for everything."

The shackles were removed automatically, I sat up, rubbed my wrists and ankles until the feeling started to come back. I was quite light headed and took a few minutes to get my balance back before I could attempt to sit up, then stand. Eventually, I stood, noticing the females were all taller then myself, but their bodies were incredible. Actually, I couldn't wait to sample one.

"So, are there any side effects or anything I need to know about before I get busy with one of you ladies?"

"By getting busy I suppose you mean having sex? No, there are no side effects and we find it as enjoyable as your species does. We only wish for respect and dignity, we're not objects. We are breathing, feeling beings as you humans are." She reached down and gently touched my semi-erect penis, it reacted immediately as she touched it, bringing me to a full erection.

"You are a fine specimen, I would like to sample you if it's acceptable to you," the leader suggested.

I touched her breasts noticing how firm and hard the nipples were, my cock reacted to the stimulation.

"May I see your breasts? Would you remove your shirt? Hell, could I have all of you remove your clothes?"

"Certainly. Ladies, please disrobe for the gentleman."

They all got naked, standing motionless before me. It was going to be difficult to choose, the only difference was hair color, their bodies were identical in almost every way. Hell, life could be a lot worse then this!

"Is everything the same on all of you? Are there any differences?" I asked.

"We all appear to be the same physically but we each have our own personalities, likes, dislikes and preferences. We are all different sexually as some are better then others at different things. For instance, oral sex is my specialty, but we require the male's orgasm to be vaginal only until we're impregnated. Personally, I love to suck on a man's member and especially love the taste of a man. We each taste a bit different, you will see."

"Please show me," I said.

"First, my name is Oglacious, I would like to know your name as well. You may call me Og. I will make an exception once for you orally if you like, I suppose it's the least I can do."

"My name is Jacob, you may call me Jake as most of my friends do."

"Well, Jake, I'm not sure what your preferences are so I will just give you a sampling of how we have sex in our culture. We're quite liberated sexually and enjoy group sex as well but I would like for you to enjoy what I have to offer first, one on one."

"Sounds good to me. Where do we go and when can we get started?"

A door opened, leading to a bedroom suite featuring a huge bed in the center of the room. The bed was much larger then a King sized bed and was round.

"Please follow me," Og said. I watched her walk, her ass was as firm and tight as any I had ever seen, she had a J-Lo ass for sure. Her tits hardly moved as she walked, they were huge yet firm. I couldn't wait to see how her pussy felt and what I had gotten myself into..

She sat on the edge of the bed motioning for me to come closer, curling her finger, smiling.

I moved closer, her hands grasped my hips, pulling me even closer. She immediately parted her lips, sliding my cock into her moist mouth, forming a tight grip around the shaft. She easily stuffed all eight, hard inches of me into her mouth, doing things with her tongue and throat I'd never felt before. It felt like tiny fingers tickling my shaft as her throat milked me. Her tongue was so long it wrapped under my balls, the tip flickering into my anus. It was too much too soon..

"Whoa baby, hold it," I said, pulling back out of her mouth. "At this rate you'll break your own rule inside the first minute. Nobody has ever sucked my cock like that before, you'll make me come in an instant. How the fuck do you do that?"

"That's OK, you do what comes natural, we'll have plenty of time to do it again," she said just before she stuffed my cock back into her mouth. Her tongue snaked around my cock again and fondled my balls. Her tongue was as long as my cock and had unbelievable abilities.

I grabbed her fantastic tits, more like groped them. They were like nothing I'd ever felt either. This was going to be an unforgettable adventure to say the least. I felt the surge coming of an impending eruption, also sensed by Og who wrapped her long, talented tongue around my shaft as a snake would to suffocate it's prey.

The feeling was incredible, her tongue squeezed my cock and the suction was intense, like a vacuum. My cock swelled and burst into an eruption like no other I had ever had, cum shot from my shaft like a cannon as Og gobbled every sticky drop. Her tongue milked my shaft while at the same time her throat muscles caressed the head. Each time I spewed was more powerful then the last, feeling the tingling pressure deep within my groin and ass, almost lifting me off my feet.

"Argggg, shittttt, fuuuck, feels so good!" She continued sucking and stroking me to the ultimate orgasm until I collapsed onto the bed. "Damn! How did you do that?"

"We aim to please our male counterparts and this is normal treatment for us. We each have different skill levels but most females are quite adequate in the sexual department. We are taught from a young age to please the man sexually. Our females attend sexual training programs as they reach the age of maturity."

"That was the best ever, you can have me any time. I only hope you can fuck as well as you suck."

"Would you like to see now?"

"Can I have a bit of time to recover please?"

"Certainly, maybe you'd like to sample another woman or two as well?"

"I can have more then one?" Things were looking really good..

"You may have as many as you like. We also have medication that will allow you to have sex as often as possible. The medication will also replenish you sperm supply immediately as well."


"Why don't I give you an injection and in twenty minutes I'll send in two other women for you to sample. We won't land for another few hours, in Earth time. We aim to please you."

"OK, give me the shot, I'd love to see if this shit really works." She injected me, then I roamed around the ship a bit exploring my options. All of the women were beautiful, actually perfect.

I wandered around the ship for about a half hour, taking special notice of two women in particular. Of course they looked identical except for their hair color. One was a bleach blonde, the other was a redhead, so I decided to choose them. What set them apart from the others, other then hair color, was that they appeared to have larger nipples. I couldn't wait to see just how talented these two were compared to their leader.

The medication was working it's wonders, my cock was rock hard so I chose the two and asked them to join me in a room, they eagerly complied. They led me to another room with a large, round bed. Both women disrobed and were exquisite. Their nipples were large and long, their bodies perfect in every way. They crawled onto the bed in unison, motioning for me to join them.

"Please take your clothes off," the blonde said, patting her palm on the bed, inviting me to climb aboard and take my place between them.

I stripped, my cock bounced in mid-air, throbbing. This medication was something!

I had no sooner gotten onto the bed and they were both on me, passing my cock back and forth as they slurped and sucked, feeding it to each other. Their tongues were also incredibly long, able to completely wrap around the girth of my cock applying pressure as a snake would trying to strangle it. The sensation was like no other as they shared me. The redhead's tongue was talented in ways unimaginable. Her tongue wrapped around both of my testicles while sliding the tip into my anus as the head of my cock was halfway down her throat. These women had no gag reflex and inhuman abilities sexually. Their skin and genitals were silky smooth and firm.

I couldn't imagine how well they fucked but was ready to find out, even though it was tough asking them to stop their oral assault on me.

"Fuck me ladies!"

The redhead pushed me onto my back and quickly slid onto my cock. Her pussy gripped my shaft like a vice. She stuffed my entire cock into her, then worked wonders with her inner muscles. She never rose or fell, instead pressed her huge breasts against my face as her vaginal muscles stroked my cock. She had layers of muscles in her pussy, all working in unison as they stroked my cock, holding it so tight I couldn't have pulled out even if I had wanted to. The only way to describe it would be like having a hand coated in baby oil inside her pussy sliding all the way up and over the top of my cock, lifting the foreskin over the head, then coming down with the same feeling and pressure. All this without moving her body. I lost control, had no choice in the matter as she milked me. I took her nipple into my mouth, sucking hard trying to muffle my moans and grunts. Her nipple grew in length, resembling a small clam neck. From the tip of her nipple a small amount of sweet liquid emerged. It didn't taste like milk, more like honey. It tasted so good, I sucked harder, turning me on even more.

I wanted so badly to push upward into her but she held me in place, giving me the most erotic fuck of my life until my cock swelled, jerked and exploded.

"Ahhhh, fuuuck, argggggggg. Feels soooo fucking good!"

I couldn't believe how powerful my orgasm was, the tingle from my asshole to my balls, erupting in wave after wave, filled her with my hot sperm. The blonde wrapped her long, talented tongue around my balls, almost squeezing the cum from me as her friend's pussy continued contracting around my cock, milking it. I kept cumming, yet not one drop leaked from her pussy, it was as if it had it's own vacuum sucking my semen into her reproductive system, not wasting a drop.

Everything about sex with these women was pure pleasure, I couldn't get enough. Luckily the medication they gave me worked continuously, even after orgasm, just as Og said it would.

The redhead lifted off me, the blonde took her place, sliding onto my cock. Once again, my cock felt like it was grabbed and held onto as she started milking it. Her inner muscles paused at the head of my cock, lifting my foreskin, flicking it again and again over the head as the tip of the redhead's tongue wrapped around my balls and flickered in and out my anus.

I reached for her tits and sucked hard, again getting a sweet treat. This one tasted something like molasses, only not as thick. 'Did every woman have a different flavor?' Her deep, low moaning quickly put me near orgasm again as her pussy contracted and caressed my manhood.

I exploded, without warning, wave after wave felt like it was being extracted from me, sucking my cum from my body. The tongue, the pussy muscles, the sweet nectar from her breast, all had me screaming and clutching her ass as I came. Again, when it was over, not a drop escaped her pussy and I was still horny. Viagra had nothing on this shit, I felt like I could fuck forever!

The blonde lifted from me, releasing my stiff cock.

"Bring another one in please," I panted.

"Our pleasure," the blonde said.

The blonde and redhead left the room, immediately replaced by another woman with bright green hair. She entered the room naked, her tits even larger then the other ladies. She paused at the foot of the bed, saying nothing, just looking me over in a very sensual way.

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