Abby and Her Uncle Max


She pouted prettily as she pulled her bikini bottom off, "But, I liked sucking your big cock, Uncle Max."

Slapping her ass, "You can finish me in your mouth after I fuck that tight pussy of yours."

Abby reluctantly let his cock out of her mouth. She just stared at it as it stood out from his body. She wrapped one of her hands around it at the base, she wrapped her other hand around it right above her first hand. "Oh, shit." His cock was sticking out of her hands.

She stood and made him sit and started a sexy dance. Her hips swayed and she gently thrust her pussy toward him. Her hands slipped down between her legs, making an invitation, "I need you to fuck me."

"So, come on back down and I'll do that."

Abby shook her head no, "No, I don't want sex, I want to fuck. I want to feel that thing rammed into me. I want to scream with pleasure. I want that big cock in me as I try to make you fuck me harder. We can't do that out here, someone might complain."

Max stood facing her, "Put your arms around my neck."

Abby wrapped her arms around him; she had to reach up to do it. She felt him put his hands on the back of her thighs and then she was lifted so that they were face to face. He had spread her legs so that they were on either side of him. She just hung there in mid air, smiled and put her lips to his.

"Put me in you."

"What, how?"

"Keep one hand around my neck for balance and use the other to put me in you."

Abby hoped that she didn't make them both fall. She leaned back and lowered her hand to his massive cock and guided it to her open pussy. She knew she was as wet as she had ever been, but she still hoped that he wouldn't hurt. She moved his cock so that the head was just starting to enter her.

Max felt the heat from Abby's pussy. Slowly, he lowered her onto his cock. It was tight and hot and his cock seemed to be sucked into her teenage body. He couldn't believe how good it felt to be inside of her.

Abby lost her breath as she felt his huge cock slipping into her. There was no pain just the most extraordinary pleasure she had ever felt. On and on it shoved into her, her mind trying to cope with it all was wondering how much more can he have? Slowly, easily her body accepted him. It felt like his hard cock belonged in her, every last inch.

Finally she realized that they had stopped moving. She was attached to her uncle by her arms around his neck, his hands supporting her under her legs and one big cock inside of her. "This was worth waiting for, but if you hadn't done something soon, I was going to rape you."

"Well, I know that I took as much as I could without doing something."

Abby gave her uncle a passionate kiss. Her lips opened and she felt his tongue slip into her mouth. Their tongues played as her cock filled pussy was sending out a very nice message to the rest of her body. "Now what, we still can't get noisy out here, and I WANT TO FUCK!" She heard her uncle Max start to laugh which caused his cock to jump inside of her, "Mmm."

"You hang on tight and I will get us inside." He felt her arms tighten around his neck and he got a firmer grip on her thighs, being careful not to hurt her. He started to carry her toward the house.

Even though Abby had a good grip around his neck and she could feel that she was in no danger of falling because of his grip, plus her legs were wrapped around his waist, she still bounced some as he carried her. This caused her to slide back and forth on his cock. She had certainly never been fucked like this, she had never even heard of it. As far as she was concerned he could do anything he wanted to her.

She had to use one hand to help with the back door to the house, but other than that she just quit thinking and let her mind and body feel.

They finally got to his bedroom. He gently pulled her off of him. Max felt her pussy trying to suck his cock back into her. This was going to be a great three weeks! He laid her on the bed.

Abby wanted to fuck her uncle and wanted for them to get on the bed, but her body protested as she felt his cock sliding out of her. Especially after all the work she went to so this would happen. She looked up at him and she saw the same passion showing on his face too.

Max's eyes devoured his beautiful teenage niece. "I am going to give you the best fuck I know how to give." As he got into bed with her he asked, "Do one thing for me?"


"I want to hear you."

Hear her he did. Abby couldn't stop the moans that escaped her mouth as she felt him thrust in and out of her body. When her climax hit, she actually screamed to the top of her lungs as her body was rocked with wave after wave of her orgasm. Max didn't slow down or stop, he kept pounded into her soft flesh. Feeling her inner muscles clench around him, milking his cock. Usually he had more control, but with his beautiful little niece he had none.

He fucked her like it was the last time he'd ever fuck in his life. When his balls started to burn and he could feel cum start its way up his shaft, he pulled his cock out of her. Straddling her face, he fed her his cock. He loved watching as her eyes grew big and hazy with want and need. He felt her suck him deep twice and suddenly he was there. Cum squirted from his cock deep in her throat.

After he was finished he slowly withdrew and collapsed on the bed beside her. Abby looked like a contented kitten as she snuggled up to his side. Smiling, Max thought about never letting her out of his sight again.

We'll see, after all, it was only the first day of their time together.

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