tagChain StoriesAbducted Ch. 05

Abducted Ch. 05


Chapter 5 -- "I want your password."

Mr. Eyes or School, as he seems to go by, starts to grope me using his hands to knead my almost bare checks and then his fingers to trace the fabric of my panties down between my legs where he presses them against my still swollen nylon covered lips. He then gives me a good smack on my bottom reigniting my over stimulated nerve endings. I can feel my juices again starting to soak into my panties.

Why does he have to tease me so maniacally? He has to know how this excites me.

Unexpectedly School lowers me back down to the mattress, where I am again laid prone with my damnable headlights on high beam making it quite apparent to him that my libido is on high alert.

Thank goodness Mr. Brute has no clue as to my true nature as he continues to play with himself through his pants. I am afraid that if he did, I would get a first hand experience of how his oversized flesh roll fits inside of me. I hate the thought of rape, however being tied up with nothing left of my clothing but my panties and heels has been such a forbidden fantasy for me that my entire body is vibrating with sexual energy.

School tells Mr. Brute to get something to clean me up as I have some of his male juice sticking to the inside of my thighs and across my chest. After Mr. Brute leaves he moves towards me. The look in his eyes tells me that his intentions are not honorable, which further excites me, but I still try to move away. He takes a hold of me and casually props me up in a sitting position against the cement wall. The cold of the wall feels good against my overheated body. School moves his gloved hands over my newly formed goose bumps slowly tweaking my now permanently hardened nipples. Thank God the gag muffles my moan of pleasure as his fingers cause waves of carnal pleasure to course through me.

He begins to lick my neck, but the sensation feels much lower down to me. I squeeze my thighs together in an attempt to increase the sensation.

Again he talks to me about my password. I realize that the bank would undoubtedly understand if I gave it to them as how can I be held responsible when my life may be at stake, but something inside of me wants to hold out. But why? It seems that I want to see how far this could go. Do women have a little brain that takes over when they are turned on just like men? If so, my little brain has pretty much been in charge since they grabbed me.

He continues to play with my nipples as he talks to me about my damn password, and my freedom being based upon my divulging it, unless I choose to stay to entertain them. As he says the word, "entertain" he slips two of his gloved fingers up between my thighs. I instinctively squeeze my thighs together, but his fingers find their target causing another shudder of wanton desire to pass through me.

His tone turns nasty and he hints at my limited use to them and lack of time. I sense his confliction as just a second ago I was going to be entertainment for them. I believe that he is having as difficult a time staying focused on their original plan as I am on his threats.

Maybe there is an opportunity for me if I could just be alone with either of them.

Mr. Brute now returns with two rags.

School takes them from Mr. Brute and begins to wipe me off paying particular attention to my erect nipples. The sensations are exquisite and as I close my eyes to lose myself in them, I notice Mr. Brute again pulling his one eyed monster from his pants. I want him gone. My eyes grow wide in fear and School notices immediately.

His other hand continues to probe between my legs. I feel my thighs relax allowing him better access to my purring kitty. School notices this as well and rubs me along my nylon covered lower lips until they open exposing my throbbing pearl to his continuing massage.

Suddenly he pulls a box cutter from his back pocket and spins it menacingly between his fingers. I realize that playtime is over and my little brain relinquishes its control back to my big brain.

I again try to move away from the blade, but to no avail.

School explains to me the importance of my password to their plan and that he is going to cut off my gag to allow me to talk. He continues to wave the box cutter in my face as he straddles my legs pressing his groin hard against my left thigh. I can feel his engorged member making its presence known to me as he grinds his crotch against my goose pimpled flesh.

This confirms my suspicion that he is "hot" for me.

He explains to me all that they know about the bank, the specifics of my job, and Mr. Dietrich. It is difficult for me to completely follow his monologue as I can feel the heat of his passion emanating through his trousers.

School moves the side of the box cutter blade across my nipple while his gloved fingers again finding the enlarged nub between my legs. My own eyes give me away as they roll back into my head at the exquisite sensations all of this causes me.

It seems that with my password and Mr. Dietrich's belief that I will no longer be around to tease him with my stocking and panty peeks is hat they expect to use to get everything that they need to transfer a lot of money into their own account.

I find it almost comical that these men are seeing a whole lot more of me than Mr. Dietrich ever would. Again a shudder of raw passion passes through me as my mind assimilates this realization.

He licks my neck and presses his two fingers up into me. If my panties had been off, his fingers would have easily disappeared inside of me. When he brings his hand up to his face, the telltale dark stain of moisture provides him further confirmation of my complacency.

He tells me that my time is up at 6:00 p.m. and again the blade rubs across my responding nipples and his fingers are once again exploring my moisture.

Tears form in my eyes as I truly fear for my life and yet I subtly scoot my bottom forward to allow his probing fingers better access to my heat.

His own heat continues to leak out of his trousers and I feel sweat dripping down the sides of the thigh that he is straddling.

The box cutter blade is moved towards my mouth as I am asked twice if I understand what I was just told.

I nod in the affirmative as a tear runs down my cheek and in a single motion the tape is cut from my mouth. School quickly removes the tape from around my head to lessen the pull on my hair and skin. The cloth is pulled from my mouth and I take a long inhale of the musty air of the warehouse.

School continues my release by cutting the ropes around my ankles and thighs, which create a feeling of nakedness as they covered so much of my bare skin.

As he moves off of my leg, I instinctively move them apart to stretch them, giving him a very good view of my current state of stimulation as the nylon fabric covering my most sensitive spot is soaked with my moisture providing clear evidence of my arousal.

School thankfully sends the Brute away to go and get us all something to eat. Once Mr. Brute has left, he again turns his attention to me rolling me over onto my chest. He now removes both of his gloves and then slides his one hand under my stomach and moves it down taking a hold of my crotch lifting my butt off of the floor. "I have wanted to do this from the first time that I saw you in the bank", he says and with his other hand he gives me a good swat on one of my exposed cheeks.

The hand using my crotch as a grip moves slightly as I react to the slap across my buttocks. The sensations are almost maddening as my bare flesh stings from the physical affront while my nylon covered kitty purrs in response to the placement of his hand. Another smack is applied across my quivering flesh and I moan out loud as the conflicting vibrations of pain and extreme pleasure pass through me.

I know that he is trying to show me who is in charge and the hopelessness of my situation, but all it serves is to further stimulate me.

"I want your password!" he intones applying another stinging smack across my reddening skin. The fingers of his gripping hand push up into the nylon covering my dripping aperture and I moan aloud again.

Another series of stinging smacks cross my cheeks and with each one my misery continues, as I know that I am close to another orgasm.

"I want your password," he says again with more insistence and as the next hard smack reverberates across my exposed flesh, the first of many convulsions begin. As my body spasms on the mattress, School increases his grip on my crotch only intensifying the effect of what he started. I go epileptic against his legs as my entire body squirms and quivers in the throes of another inopportune orgasm.

My uncontrolled movements cause me to roll out of his grip and onto my back as I continue to shake in erotic ecstasy.

School continues to kneel next to me and watch my teeny breasts quiver as my entire body clenches and then unclenches from the waves of delicious deliria overtaking it. At long last the final spasms subside and I am soaked in sweat and overcome with embarrassment.

How can I display such a vulgar reaction to my situation with such wanton abandonment? My God, I just orgasmed for this man: something that I have only done previously in the privacy of my own apartment.

School continues to look at me with a mixture of amazement and pleasure.

I continue to try and catch my breath as if I have just run up four flights of stairs.

He rolls me over again, but this time he straddles my bottom with his legs and I immediately feel his excitement pressed between my cheeks. I hear the telltale sound of his pants being unzipped and immediately feel the warmth of his hardened flesh against my barely there nylon panties.

He begins to move against my moisture soaked skin pressing himself between my buttocks sliding his erection over the thin nylon of my panties. When he moves forward enough I can feel the head of his excitement against my tied hands.

I push my bottom up and meet the pressure with my own as we began to match rhythms, pushing my groin into the mattress.

The feel of his warm mushroom like head throbbing with excitement against my lower back elicits another series of moans from my open mouth. I wiggle my fingers letting him know that I want to feel his manhood.

He slides upward placing his throbbing handle between my palms tied behind my back. I immediately grip him as best I can and he responds with a long moan of satisfaction. After a few more thrusts between my hot and sweaty hands, I squeeze my gluteus tightly together feeling his body tense and the first glorious spray of hot liquid erupts between my hands and across my back while School emits an animalistic groan of pleasure.

He continues to thrust his shaft back and forth as another and another splash of hot sex hits my back. I respond by grinding my pelvis into the mattress in order to reactivate the erogenous zone between my legs. As I hump the mattress, School continues to grind himself into my bottom milking the last bit of crème from his enlarged utter.

I feel a series of mini spasms course through me as I experience my own tiny orgasm.

Every nerve ending in my body is alive and vibrating. I have lost control as the enactment of my deepest fantasies is played out inside this dirty warehouse.

I have become an instrument for orgasmic pleasure played so expertly by my solitary captor, School.

He leaves me for a while, but I don't even think of getting up and running away. Upon his return he is carrying some cleaner towels and a bucket of warm water.

He now cuts the remaining ropes from my upper torso and hands instructing me to clean myself off. I do my best to wipe my back and hair, but realize that I might find my chance for escape if I enlist his help. I turn my back to him with my hands and knees on the mattress so my panty-clad bottom is pointing directly at him. I seductively turn my head towards him and ask for his help with my back. School takes one of the wet towels and cleans my back off spending an inordinate amount of time on the lowest part of it, so I wiggle my bottom and purr ever so slightly. His reaction is immediate as he places his bare hand on my bottom and squeezes my checks. Very slowly his hand moves down my bottom and between my legs as my posture automatically presents my swollen lips to his ministrations. I moan sticking my butt higher into the air, while his other hand plays with my nipples.

I began to move my pelvis rubbing my wet spot on his exploring fingers.

I can tell by his breathing that he is getting worked up again and I do so want him to play with me.

Just as we are about to create more hot and humid weather, Mr. Brute comes back with the food.

School smacks me on my butt in seemingly frustration and quickly rises from the mattress. Mr. Brute is too dense to realize that something was about to happen.

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