tagChain StoriesAbducted Ch. 11

Abducted Ch. 11


Chapter 11: Finally!!

He throws me face down onto the mattress and then uses the towels that I used previously to "freshen up" as a means to prop up my hips.

School almost sighs to me," Now I am going to teach you to always do as I say, Ms. Harley."

My body responds, "Please do."

My entire body quivers in some unknown anticipation.

School takes a hold of my tied hands and lifts them up in the air. The movement of my arms into the air presses my face down into the mattress.

There is a slight hesitation and then I feel the first hard smack of his bare hand across my wet and exposed buttocks. My cheeks automatically clench tightly together in response to the sharp stinging pain coursing through my lower body and attacking my brain with its confusing message for a sexual response.

I arch my back, which lifts my head from the mattress and let out a loud, "Ooooouch" through my rope gagged lips.

The pain is extreme and yet very, very exquisite.

Another smack reverberates across my clenched cheeks and the stinging pain rockets along my lower extremities.

I can feel School shaking in anger to my recent escape although in between smacks, as my head clears a little from the pain, I sense his jealousy as well for the act that I performed on Chano to get him to fall asleep.

Another and another smack ignites my bottom until it feels on fire. Tears of hurt, and fear form in my eyes and slowly make their way down my face.

I bury my head into the mattress and the blows continue to reign down on my almost naked skin.

I find myself racked in sobs from the pain, and at the same time I feel a sense of release pass through me almost like a mini orgasm.

Finally with School gasping for air from his physical exertion, he stops. As he tries to catch his breath I feel his hand start to massage my reddened buttocks, which helps to alleviate the pain.

His hand makes a circular motion across my very tender checks in ever widening circles until it finds itself at the top of my thighs slowly slipping between my opening legs.

School lets his hand explore my upper thighs when I feel his fingers subtly slip down between my legs and up against my nylon-covered kitty.

I absolutely purr into my rope gag, not that he can hear me.

I gradually push my pelvis up off of the mattress allowing his fingers to stroke the entire length of my opening lips through the moist nylon of my barely there panties.

School lets out a little growl as he finds my hardening female kernel of excitement pushing forward for more attention.

My entire body becomes alive with the sudden change in sensations. The pain signals in my nerves have all but subsided and have been replaced by a most addictive tingling that has me moving my pelvis in direct alignment with School's manual manipulations of me. I have become his instrument and I want to be played.

He must hear my increasingly loud moans emanating from my tightly bound lips and notice the movement of my hips to emphasize the play of his educated fingers.

With great difficulty I bring my knees forward pushing my buttocks into the air while my face becomes buried into the mattress. Once I am balanced on my knees and face, I turn my head sideways in order to gain more oxygen as I gasp for air.

I can just barely see School out of the corner of my eye as he moves his body to kneel between my legs. I hear the telltale unzipping of his pants and the unbuckling of his belt buckle as he slides them down his legs allowing his manhood to take full bloom.

I squirm to try and see what he is doing but find that I don't need to as I feel his warm erection slide along the thin nylon material that hugs my bottom.

I react by moving my knees further apart and push my half covered cheeks towards his throbbing protuberance.

School runs two fingers along my kitty taking a hold of the crotch of my panties and pulls the fabric away from my dripping aperture.

I feel his groin move away from my bottom for just a second and then with a firm thrust of his pelvis, he easily slides his rod of hard flesh deep inside of me.

The sudden feeling of being goosed in a most delicious manner brings out a moan of epic proportions as my face is pushed forward into the mattress.

We both know that this has nothing to do with making love as our experiences over the past 8 hours or so are crying for release. And what better way to release all of our anger, frustration, and fear than a good old mind blowing in and out.

I brace my body as best that I can, arching my back in order to give School full access. He doesn't disappoint me as he begins slamming his body up against mine making a loud grunting noise with each thrust as his bare flesh smacks against mine.

I in turn again bury my face into the mattress as sweat forms along my back and down my forehead trying to stay balanced with my hands tied behind my back as each glorious thrust of his organ can be felt all of the way into my stomach.

When I think that it is about to end, School unexpectedly pulls his slick growth out and flips me over onto my back.

Without hesitation I spread my legs wide and lift my pelvis to his stiffened instrument of raw pleasure.

As he again begins his thrusting I wrap my legs around his middle and pull him forward with every push of his pelvis.

I am getting a good f**king and enjoying every minute of it. As both of our bodies drip our animal sweat onto the mattress, School's body goes taut and as he arches his back pressing himself firmly against my lower half, he lets out a guttural groan of ecstasy and I can feel his hot crème squirt deep inside of me.

At almost the same time, my kitty muscles clamp firmly against his ejaculating appendage and I writhe and wiggle in the most delectable throes of orgasm.

Our unh's and oh's creating a pornographic symphony of sound as our bodies release all of our long overdue stresses and tensions of this long and difficult day.

School collapses alongside of me in utter exhaustion as my legs find similar purchase on the mattress.

If I weren't still tied, I would probably thank him for giving me such a delicious and erotic method to release all that has been stored in me since I was kidnapped.

Long overdue tears roll down my cheeks as my entire body lets go of the trauma of the day.

School kindly finds his pocketknife from the pocket of his discarded pants and cuts the rope gag from my mouth allowing me to gulp in the air necessary to replenish my exhausted supply.

We both continue to lie there side by side forgetting for a brief moment the roles that we assumed when this play of greed and threatened violence had begun.

He kindly puts the little bit of covering left on me back in place and then gets dressed giving me a look mixed with satisfaction and dominance. But I also see deep within his eyes his appreciation for a woman like me. I know that he is addicted to the freak within me.

A man like School probably needs to think that he just taught an uppity lady executive a good lesson, however this uppity lady thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

As he walks out of the room I hear him say to Chano, we need to get Ms. Harley some new clothes and get the final step of our plan into motion.

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