byNemasis Enforcer©

This story brings back very special memories for me and is very personal, but before you say anything NO I or anyone I know have never been kidnapped or had a meeting with aliens or even believe they exist... it is all fictional.

Emma Stott was a normal girl.

Ok, so normal was the wrong word; brilliant would be a more accurate word to use. She was a walking, talking wet dream waiting to happen for every guy who saw her. She had learned to love the attention her long brunette hair, big green eyes, long supple legs and perfect c-cup breasts got her.

It had been a few months since she turned 18 and life was good. She had plenty in the bank thanks to her rich parents and a great body. But there was a but...a big but.

She had broken with her boyfriend recently. He was 18 and things just didn't seem to be going well. She'd had a few one night stands since breaking it off with Joe but never felt there was anyone out there for her to be with full time.


It was the night of Thursday 12th February 1996 when Emma was walking home after a party. It was a cold night. Not the sort of weather you would wear a short black leather mini-skirt and boob tube top with high heels, but that's all Emma was wearing.

The streetlights were on but not really doing much to light the ally that Emma was walking down. She could hear the steady dripping of water as she continued down the ally. Shadows fell all around her and the occasional squeak gave away the identities of some of the less loved animals that roamed the night streets.

"Hello!" Emma was startled by a loud noise that seemed to be all around her, a strange humming sound that rang in her ears. She had stopped walking and was looking in all directions for the source. But to her surprise there was nothing that could cause it.

Realizing it wasn't a good idea to just stand around, scantily clad, in a dimly lit ally Emma started to walk faster, the sound following her, keeping pace.

Emma started really running, not easy in her high heels.

The noise became even louder as she neared the end of the ally. She presumed the streetlights and road could be just meters away.

"Made it" Emma said as she awkwardly ran to the edge of the road. To her surprise the humming was gone but there was no traffic. Even though it was 1:30 AM there was always some cars going by.

A little surprised by this Emma looked around the sidewalks. She saw she was the only person on the entire street; this was a little too weird.

Emma was just about to walk home when she felt something hit her neck. A sharp point injected something into her and she simply hit the ground, out cold.

Emma's eyes were opened quickly, but soon shut once more by the bright light that was shining on her face.

"What's going on?" Emma said weakly finding it hard to move any of her limbs.

There was no answer to her question. Just silence.

Emma tried to move but her arms and legs were strapped down preventing any sort of movement. After she tried a few more times to move Emma gave up on that plan and concentrated on adjusting her eyes to the light shining directly into her face.

After a few minutes she was able to open her eyes fully and look around the room where she was being held captive.

It was a large room, the walls were white as was the ceiling (as far as Emma could tell), there were some strange looking box's stacked around the floor, the door must have been behind her because it was no where in her sight. The room was fairly warm as were the straps that held her in place.

Emma was halfway through studying the room when she heard something behind her head, she was laid flat and so had only limited views of her surroundings.

"Hello" she called out as she realized there was now more then just her in the room. She got no reply.

"Look who ever you are just let me go and I won't say anything about this ever. I mean I haven't even seen you so I couldn't give your description to the cops or anything so just let me go won't you?" Emma was pleading with her mystery captor who said nothing.

Emma started to really panic now. She was trapped and now there was someone in the room with her who wouldn't say anything. What had happened to her? Or more to the point what would happen?

Emma's mind was suddenly shaken back to the room when she heard steps move towards her.

"Hey let me go NOW!" Emma shouted. It was her only really option now.

"Im sssorry that cannot be done yet" A strange deep voice said from behind Emma's head. It seemed to have a little snake like lisp on its S'.

"Why? Please let me go" Emma said starting to cry now as her emotions overcame her.

"Im sssorry that can not be done yet" the voice said again after a short pause.

"Please, tell me why?. That's all I ask if you won't let me go tell me... why?" Emma pleaded as she saw a shadow cast over her body.

"Do you wisssh to know?" The voice asked as its shadow moved from Emma's body.

"Yes please tell me" Emma said holding back some more tears now.

"Very well" Emma heard the voice say as suddenly her arm and head restraints were released. She still laid motionless for several seconds, not really sure is she should sit up or not, finally she decided to and find out the source of her mystery captors voice.

"Oh my god!" Emma said as she looked to see who it was.

Her captor was not human that was for sure. It was about 6'5 tall and was covered in green scales, some sort of liquid was covering its body and its hands and feet were covered in little thorn like hooks.

Her astonished eyes were drawn to its face. Its head was quite square with two horn like objects protruding from the top, its nose was very flat to its face and its mouth was slimy and full of sharp looking teeth, its eyes were the colour of dull gold with big black pupils that seemed to draw Emma in.

"What...what...what are you" Emma stammered finally regaining her voice.

"I am Lirpa" the creature said.

"But what are you?" Emma asked as she continued to stare at the creature before her.

"I am one of the lassst remaining of my race, the Plentrean'sss" it said looking at Emma's body carefully, Emma had not realized it but she was naked and that was what Lirpa was looking at.

"What happened to your race?" Emma asked, not really sure why but she wasn't scared anymore, by all accounts she should have been terrified. Here she was in an unknown place, with a creature that wasn't human, holding her hostage, but it was something in its eyes that had lowered her fear.

"There wasss a war many year'sss ago and many died, now there isss few left of usss, ssso few" Lirpa said the liquid on his body shimmering in the light.

"Oh I'm sorry, but why have you kidnapped me?" Emma asked.

"There isss few of our femalesss left we need to find new femalesss to continue our race" the rasping voice came back.

"So you need me then?" Emma said as for the first time she turned away from her captor and saw she was naked.

"Yesss Emma, you are needed by my people, we are dying out" The strange lizard moved towards the helpless naked girl.

"How do you mean you need me?" Emma asked unsure what was meant by need her.

"You are needed to help out race continue" Lirpa said as he came closer to her, his eyes looking over her body.

"How do you mean?" Emma was still unsure what Lirpa meant by what he was saying, she was now just curious to know exactly what he meant by what he was saying.

"You are needed to help us continue our race, we need femalesss to carry our young or we ssshall be no more, you are perfect Emma" Lirpa said as he caressed her hair with his surprisingly un-slimy hand, his long fingernails just lightly touching her scalp.

"Oh god!" Emma said quietly as she realized what was going on here.

"I ssshall leave you for a little while Emma, I ssshall be back sssoon to hear what you think" Lirpa walked out of the room leaving Emma still naked and secured by the feet.

Emma laid back down on the table, staring into the bright light that shone on her body, everything that Lirpa, her captor, the alien thing that had drugged her kidnapped her, had said.

All his words were swirling in her head, one thing was troubling her, Lirpa had said 'he would be back soon to hear what she thought' what could that have meant? Here she was tied and naked, why didn't he just take her?.

Her train of thought was broken as the door opening again and Lirpa walking back in. She had not realized how long he had been gone but it was quite awhile.

"What is your anssswer Emma?" he hissed to her as he moved closer to her prone body.

"Answer to what?" Emma asked confused at what was being asked to her.

"Will you help our race to continue?" the lizard asked his eyes moving over her body as his tongue seemed to lick her body even though it was a few feet away.

"I have a choice?" Emma said surprised by the fact.

"Yesss Emma, what is your choice?, But before you anssswer jussst remember that if you agree I we will ssshow you pleasssure you have never know before" Lirpa said his wet, dripping red tongue, just the same as that possessed by a snake, licked his lips, leaving a thin sheen of slime on them as he looked at Emma.

Emma had to admit there was nothing on Earth to really make her want to go back there, she had money sure but no guy seemed to be the right one. It was strange that this situation was getting very familiar with her, here she was in a space ship, with an alien lizard wanting to impregnate her to help carry on his race and yet it all seemed normal like it would happen everyday in general life.

"Well?" Lirpa pressed Emma for an answer.

Emma looked at the lizard before her, he was tall and other then his face and slime his body was a well toned mans from Earth, she kept thinking about it. Her the one that saved a whole race, back home she had always tried to help other people, always giving money to charities but now she had the chance to do something to really help others.

"Ok I'll do it" Emma said quietly as her eyes slowly moved to meet the gaze of her soon to be lover.

"Really, Thank you Emma, I ssshall be back ssshortly, lay back while I open your ressstraintsss" he said, Emma followed his insturctions and watched as her legs were set free, once they were she sat up and rubbed her ankles where the leather straps had dug in leaving little red marks on her skin.

Emma had not noticed but Lirpa had left the room. She didn't realize until he had come back in to the room until he spoke.

"Emma you must prepare" Lirpa said as he moved towards the table where Emma was still sitting, rubbing her ankles.

"Ok what should I do?" Emma asked a little unsure what was to come.

"Lay back thisss isss all is required of you Emma" Lirpa said as he moved to the front of Emma, her legs were closed together and hanging off the edge of the table.

Lirpa watched as Emma slowly laid back, her breasts flattening out as she settled but they were still nice mounds of flesh. When she was comfortable Lirpa took both her legs in his cold hands and opened them, lifting them as he did so and placing her feet flat to the cold table, her knees bent up and her pussy exposed to the cold air of the room.

Emma squirmed a bit as she was being moved around, she was nervous about what this would be like but some how getting aroused by the thought of it. She looked through her open legs at Lirpa, he was looking at her moist pussy, his eyes taking in every little detail.

Emma smiled to herself as she watched the eyes of her soon-to-be lover search her body, his chest like hers was moving rapidly indicating he was breathing heavy like she was, perhaps just as scared about what was to come.

Lirpa's attention was drawn to the reason this was happening as he looked over his new mates body, she was perfect and would surly be the savior of his people.

"Thisss isss it Emma we mussst now continue the mating" Lirpa said as he reached behind himself and began to untie the thing that held the cloth that covered his crotch, in place. It fell to the floor and Emma's attention was drawn to the slimy cock that it had once hidden.

Emma studied his cock as it dangled between his legs, it was around 3 inches long and not very thick but was dripping some sort of green slime, it didn't look to good but Emma was intrigued what would happen.

Lirpa held his breath for a few seconds and his cock seemed to twitch first from side to side then suddenly it began to grow, fast.

It finally stopped at 7 inch, sticking out in front of its owner, still the green liquid dripping from it, as the scales it was made up of shone.

Emma was still laid but was mesmerized by what she was watching, almost to the point she wanted to get up and touch it but she kept her composure.

Lirpa then walked away from her to one of the many boxes in the room. Emma not knowing what was going on thought he had changed his mind and was just about to say something when her returned.

She watched as he placed a strange needle to the end of his penis, pushing it into the head so it stood freely when he let go. This was strange, it was like a mini tube almost, about 3 inches long. Once that was in place Lirpa stepped forwards between Emma's legs and placed the end of the needle to the entrance of her pussy.

"Are you sssure you want to continue, once you do there isss no going back" Lirpa said as he waited.

"Yes" Emma said as she closed her eyes.

Lirpa pushed forwards with his hips, the needle pushing into Emma's wet pussy didn't hurt like she thought it might when she first realized what was going to happen. It was like a little pressure but nothing more.

Once he had pushed in all of the needle Lirpa stopped, his cock slime dripping onto Emma's outer lips. She could feel it sliding over her as she could her own juice inside, then it happened he pushed forwards and she felt the wet, slimy cock push all the way inside of her.

The needle went straight into her womb as his cock slid inside her pussy inch by glorious inch.

Emma started to scream as Lirpa moved his hips in a fast rhythm, his cock being gripped tightly by Emma's inner muscles as she felt the slime coat her insides. She was having the best sex she had ever had, the scales on his cock were each individually scratching her inner walls as the cock as a whole slid itself from so deep she couldn't think straight to just about all the way out.

Emma shouted out as she felt the cock start to change form. Now it started becoming a little bumpy inside her, this new shape making it even more easy to get off on, as each little bump caressed the inner folds of her body.

"Ahhhh god yesssss!!!!!" Emma shouted out as she felt the cock begin to grow thicker yet. Now even with the slime it produced it was getting tight inside her.

Emma carried on moaning and grunting her approval as Lirpa sped up his movements, his cock now being fed into and back out of her body so rapidly she could hardly feel it move from one position to the next.

Lirpa grabbed Emma by the waist with his large hands pulling her body into his, bending her at the waist until her large breasts were pressed into his wet, scale covered body. His breath was becoming ragged as his hips thrust hard into her warm confines.

Emma couldn't help but close her eyes as the thickness that was pounding into her made her feel so full she felt like passing out, but there was too much pleasure to be had for that.

"Ohhh god yesss!" she screamed as her orgasm burst like a bubble inside. Her own juices mixed with her lover's thick slime and began to drip from her pussy.

Lirpa watched as Emma thrashed and arched on the table beneath him, her eyes a glaze of lust as she came back from her orgasm and went back to her original meeting thrusts of her pelvis.

Sweat was building on her body and running in little rivers down her naked breasts following the valley her they made and onto there joined genitals.

Emma looked up at her lovers face, it was still expressionless, only his mouth was open slightly showing the sharp teeth and long wet tongue.

Lirpa looked into her eyes and smiled, lowering his face he extended his long tongue and Emma opened her mouth taking most of the 5 inches inside, it made its way to the back of her mouth then into her throat, licking all around as Emma felt her own saliva drip from her chin, onto her breasts.

She couldn't help but be amazed at how long Lirpa was lasting. They had been fucking for about an hour and he wasn't even breathing heavy or slowing down, to be honest she was getting sore from the constant rubbing of his nobly cock inside her warm pussy, but the pleasure was so overriding that she knew she would endure.

Emma had long since forgot about her lover's looks. She was now kissing him and holding his wet body against hers as they thrust into each other, she had 4 orgasms and was now really tired.

"How looooong will this go on?" she almost whined as she felt the sweat fall from her body, her hands slipping on the sweat covered table as she tried to support her body in an upright position.

"Not long Emma... sssoon" Lirpa said as his cock grew yet thicker inside of Emma, so thick now that he was having trouble sliding it in and out of her, even with the mass of juice they had produced together.

"Ohhhhhh goooooddddd" Emma moaned as she felt this expansion, the needle that had been attached to his cock was still deep inside of her but she didn't feel it.

Lirpa made one last push and buried himself deep into his lover. Emma lay back as after 90 minutes Lirpa finally started to fill her with his cum. The needle's purpose became apparent to Emma now, she couldn't feel his cum filling her pussy but could feel it shooting right into her womb, each little sperm racing for her fertile eggs.

Emma lay back panting as Lirpa slipped his still hard but largely thinner cock out of her, she looked down at it to see the needle was still attached. It was covered in blood from inside her but it also had some green liquid dripping from the end of it, Emma realized that this was his cum. The same cum that was going to make her pregnant.

Lirpa removed the needle and Emma watched some of the dark green cum slide to the hole at the end of his cock, though she was tired and hot and sweaty she sat up and reached out taking his cock in her hands, bringing it to her mouth she licked off the green cum, the taste was bitter and not too pleasant and she realized that the best thing to do was just take it in her pussy where it was meant to be.

"Thank you Emma" Lirpa said as he moved away from the naked woman on the table.

Emma smiled back to him and placed her hands on her stomach, she smiled to herself thinking of the new life she would have now, it may involve a lot of long fucking but that was something she could get used to!

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