My arms hurts. I don't remember what I was last doing to make them hurt. What is wrong with my head? I feel light-headed and fuzzy. Why is it so dark? Wait, not dark. I am blind folded. My arms are handcuffed above my head. That's why they hurt.

When did this happen? I was at home reading the last time I remember anything. Ok breathe. Where am I?

It seems quiet. I am semi-elevated. Maybe a small bench. My thick fleshy ass is barely staying on the end of the small seat. My arms sound like they are cuffed to metal. The metal on metal clink, gives it away.. I am chilly. Wait I have nothing on. Who in the Hell did this to me? I still don't know where I am.

Wait I hear voices. Muffled male voices. Laughing.

Then the turn of a door knob. I feel warmer air blow in across my bare skin, my large pendulous breasts respond to the air change by thickening and hardening my dusty pink nipples. Larger than erasers. I hold my breathe waiting to hear a voice I recognize. Nothing.

A male voice says the "The slut has awaken boys."

Laughter, and shouts all around the room. I can't tell how many voices I hear. Five, six, ten I don't know.

I am trying not to panic. I start pulling on my bars, nothing budges. More laughter.

A soft almost gentle voice says in my ear, "Be still bitch. Be good to the boys, and you will not be hurt...much." Soft chuckling blows across my hair. He pulls my head back by my hair. Pulls my face up to his, and forces his tongue in my mouth. He feels me start to bite down and yanks the back of my head.

"Naughty bitch. You need a lesson." I feel my right arm being let loose of the bar, only to be slammed against what feels like a wall, and re-cuffed.

Having no idea what they plan on doing, tears are forming in my eyes, I am scared. I don't want to die.


I jump as the paddle hits my full round ass. Biting my lip, trying not to make a sound.


I cry out on the second one, which is considerably harder.


Tears of pain are now running down my face.

"Will the bitch behave now? Or do you need more training?"

I nod between sobs.


I scream "NO, I will behave, Sir."

"That's better. I thought a trained bitch such as you wouldn't take long to know who is in charge." Chuckling as he walks away.

"Boys take the bitch down and tie her to the bed."

My arms are unlocked, but not let loose. I have two firm hands on each of my arms. I start to kick out with my legs, "I wouldn't be doing that little girl, He was just playing with that paddle, I am sure he has more left to give you."

I feel other hands touch me, caress my thighs, pinch a nipple. Someone pulls my hair and laughs...

"Enough boys, just get her over here. You will all have a chance with the lass."

Shouts all throughout the room. The loudness is over whelming.

I am thrown down on a large soft bed. I feel hands grab my limbs that are now kicking and clawing to be free. Men are laughing having fun, while I am scared to death. They over power me. My arms are re-cuffed, to a wood head board, the sound is more hollow, no clinking. My legs are tied spread eagle, to the outer sides of the bed, to what I can only imagine. I hate being this exposed. I never allow it. I am too large. My body is round and fleshy. The skin shakes with any movements. I am so embarrassed. I end up lying still. Trying not to move.

"What is this? The bitch stopped fighting? Are you now interested in what we have in store for you?"

I slowly shake my head,"No sir."

"Hmmm, so exposure tames the wild bitch? Well boys watch her closely. Look at her."

Murmuring all around me, sounds like bees. I am beyond queasy.

Again, I hear him chuckle softly. "Why doesn't the bitch watch us, and what we do to her?" I feel the blindfold slide off my head. My eyes are squeezed shut. I don't want to know who is staring at my grotesque obese body.

"Open your eyes bitch. Or you will have them forced open."

I peek out and look around the room, I don't know anyone here. There are seven men lined up around the sides of the bed. They range in age and race. Between 30 and 45. They are all looking at me. But I can't read their faces. Do I disgust them? They show no signs of it.

The longer they look at me, the more I feel odd. I start to fidget, but of course the ties won't let me go anywhere.

"Please, sir."

"Please, sir? You want something bitch?"

I am crying, and shake my head no.

I lay there, thinking this is it, I am going to die. When the men lean forward on the bed, seven sets of hands touch me. Whatever part of me is in front of them is what they are stroking. Stroking my calves, and thick soft thighs. Massaging my large belly, and hands are shameless rubbing my breasts.

I don't know what to do. I should be scared to death, yet it all feels so wonderful. So many hands, touching so many different parts of me, with different pressures on different areas. My breathe catches in my throat.

I hear the voice laugh, he is still just a voice. I haven't seen him yet.

"Well bitch, you are finally relaxing. Boys strip down now."

All at once the men stop touching me. I become cold suddenly. All around me, men are stripping down to only what god gave them. Oh my god. My mind is rushing. I don't want this. This is too many people. I start to wiggle and squirm against my bindings again. As each man becomes naked he stands up next to the bed. Each man has a well endowed throbbing cock standing out over the bed. Looking at each cock, my eyes become bigger and brighter. I feel myself become wet. Whether I am here at someone else's pleasure or not, I have always wanted to have many cocks service me at once time. I blush. And close my eyes, to steady my heartbeat.

"Well, what to do we have here?" says the voice.

"The bitch, just blushed, are you enjoying this now you bitch in heat?"

I hear it flying through the air before it hits me, it is the sound of a riding crop. I am used to the sound, it is one of my masters favorite toys. It smacks me on the breast. I feel the welt raising. Again it hits on the same spot, the voice has wonderful aim. He hits the other breast a few times to make them even. Between the tears I try to look over my head to see what the voice looks like, but no chance. I am crying hard and he backed away from the headboard.

My cunt is wet, I am turned on with all these cocks in front of my face. I can't help but hope that I get to taste at least one of them...

The man closest to my head on the right hand side, crawled the bed and straddles my face. Oh my god, I get to taste his thick beautiful cock. It is about 2 1/2 inches thick and 8 inches long. The crown stands out proudly, on top of a firm throbbing shaft. He looks me in the eye and I can tell he is moving it for me. I smile at him, and he winks. He rubs the head of his cock on my lips. I slowly flick my tongue out and make small licking motions over the tip, by the his slit. I wet my tongue a little more and run it over the head of his cock. His hands are on the headboard above me, and he dips his cock lower to my open waiting mouth...

I feel someone else get on the bed and the straddle my stomach. I feel the strings of a flogger run up and down the inside of my legs. It smacks against my wet lips, lightly but enough to make me twitch. The flogger keeps smacking my cunt leaving different degrees of heat running through me. Running down my legs and back to spanking my lips.

In the mean while I am trying to keep this beautiful cock in my mouth and suck him off. Not an easy feat. He got off of me before he came, winked at me. I was disappointed and it showed. I love the feel of a man blowing his load in me. Anywhere in me. It means that I have given him pleasure. The man spanking my cunt unmounted as well.

The voice laughed. Knowing he was cruel. "You look like you lost your candy little bitch."

I closed my mouth, and my eyes. I was feeling humiliated, just as he wanted me to..

Hands were on my breasts again. Rubbing and kneading them, pinching the nipples just hard enough to make me arch my back. Sensations are my turn on. The feel of fabrics, or skin on my skin. The way a feather just floats across the little hairs.

Someone's hand slowly, softly was stroking my hot spanked cunt. Fingers opened my lips up and forced my sensitive nub to open to them. I tried not to react, but flinch I did. The nerves shot like electricity through me. Another set of hands came across my legs and dipped into my wet slit. He slid a finger in deeply. Slowly he pulled out, and slid two in this time. He slowly finger fucked me, just to keep me aroused, but not to cum.

Clips were placed on my nipples and on my clit. I moaned, and the voice laughed.

I was so hot, so wet. Yet the finger fucking stopped suddenly.

I was untied and un-cuffed, but was told to turn myself over and sit like the bitch in heat I was. As my hair covered my face, I smiled and gladly got into position.

"Well look at that, our captive bitch, is now more than willing to be you boys' cum bucket. Have at her boys."

That scared me, so far no more than three had been on the bed with me. All seven men, with hard throbbing cocks got on the bed with me. My heart was racing, but my cunt was dripping... Without warning a thick cock slammed into that wet cunt, stretching me open more than I had ever been. When I cried out, a cock was shoved in my mouth, he started throat fucking me deeply. They both fucked me deep and hard, I had to concentrate not to choke. As I sucked the cock dry, I felt something cold on my asshole. The thick cock left my cunt, and plunged deep into my ass. I screamed, but he kept fucking me in a perfect rhythm. Just as I was starting to enjoy this thick cock in my ass he came, and withdrew.. He said that now I was ready for everyone else.

Two cocks down, five to go...

The boys laid me down and gave me water. They rubbed my arms and legs, knowing that they were hurting. I fingered a few cocks that floated near my hands, no one pulled away, and that made me smile. I was starting to feel sexy.

Someone greased up my breasts and fucked me that way while I licked the tip of his cock. His was thin and long, perfect for my thick fat tits. He came all over my face fairly quickly, and I licked him clean and then licked my fingers and face clean..He was smiling as he left the bed..

I was given more water. And someone took the clip off my nipples and my clit, that hurt... I moaned for a bit, and then I felt someone licking my clit, three tongues on me at once, what more can a girl ask for....

"Boys stop!!!" They voice shouts. "We don't want her to cum yet."

I beg quietly to them to please let me cum, but they do what the voice tells them and stop. I am breathing rapidly, I am so frustrated and ready to cum. Yet I am flipped over like a pancake and the voice whips me with a flogger against my back. Leaving welts on my shoulder blades. He beats my ass until it is red and hot, then goes back to my shoulders. I am crying, it is a sensation that I still don't understand. It hurts, but I enjoy it as well.

I am placed on my side, and two of the boys hold me. One in front one in back. The one in front wipes away my tears, and whispers to me how beautiful I am. He pulls me to him and holds me. The one in back, kisses my welts softly and blows on them. He whispers to me how strong I am. He pulls the both of us to him. Slowly the boys, become hard against me and I moan for them... "Please" I whisper to them.. The one in front rolls on his back and places me up on his cock. He pulls me down to him and kisses me... The boy that was behind me, slips in my still wet ass.

I am in shock. I have always wanted this, but was too afraid to try. Here it happened painlessly.... I am so filled. Can't move. The boys set the rhythm and I follow. I am rocked into a mental state that I have never know before. I have never been so high. Felt so sensual. The boys came in unison, and pulled out of me with a pop, just before I fell over the edge..

Again I was left without an orgasm.

I was exhausted, I was wet, I needed release though...

They gave me more water. And someone let me nap, while they held me.

I was awakened by a wonderful feeling. As I woke I realized that I was being spooned fucked. I loved it. Slow and erotic. Hands on my breasts. I opened my eyes and saw that the boys were watch us to. I didn't see the first man that stuck his cock in my mouth, and I looked over my shoulder and he winked at me. He started pumping faster, he finally pinned me to the bed and started to fuck me so deep, that it hurt me. I cried. I begged for him to stop. He didn't he just pulled my hair and told me to shut my bitch mouth. He looked at the last man and he came over and put his cock in my mouth. With my hair pulling my head back he had a nice angle to deep throat me. Tears in my eyes, gagging chronically, both men came and then shoved me away on the bed.

They all left the room. I felt so used. So worn down. I curled in a ball and just cried. Someone sat on the bed with me. I heard the voice ask if I was ok. I turned to yell at him what did he care, when my voice fail me. I was looking at my Master.

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