tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction of Steph Ch. 02

Abduction of Steph Ch. 02


Steph jerked awake, startled by the restraints on her arms and legs. She jerked again; that made her come full circle remembering she had been abducted and was chained to some kind of examining table. She suddenly blushed all over, recalling the previous events when she realized she was restrained, but more so the imitate, highly erotic contact someone had subjected her body and mind. Nothing in her short, adult life, had prepared her for this kind of physical and sexual confrontation.

Nothing, and damn sure none of what her few girlfriends ever told her about "oral sex", had prepared her for what she had endured - and enjoyed beyond her comprehension. When... when... that person's mouth had... had... latched on to her distended clit like a leech. Steph felt her nipples tightening up as she was thinking about the orgasms she had when that tongue... oh lordy, that talented tongue... had teased her into bucking her ass right off the table like she was in a seizure trying to get it inside her pussy. Just doing that alone was beyond her comprehension; the few times she had pleasured herself with a finger rub around her opening paled to a mere single touch, a scratching of an itch.

Her experience in giving, or getting, oral sex was limited to the single horrible event her senior year of high school when she had bitten what's his face's penis so hard he needed 45 stitches around the shaft to close the bite marks. Taught his dumb jock ass to force her head down where it counts came to her mind. She had only had two beers at the lake that night, and he came on so cool and so slick. Even felt her up so nicely, kissing her titties all over and not forcing his hands into her panties like so many others she had dated. She had even taken his erect penis out of his pants for him so she could give him a hand job and make him happy. Well - until he kept pushing her head farther and farther over toward his penis until it was on her lips, and then in her mouth. So, she bit him on the head just a little to get even.

She would have let it go right then if he had not slapped her face and called her a bitch while his stiff penis was still in her mouth. So, sucking farther down the shaft and then really biting him like she had seen dogs eating pieces of meat seemed very fair. Especially hearing him scream, and scream some more until she let go of his shaft and came up for air. Steph didn't realize he bled all over both of them until the police got her to the hospital and a nurse cleaned her up. Everything was pretty well hushed up; he was a major jock and a senior alderman's son. She was more than willing to testify in open court how his father had purchased the beer and alcohol that he gave to her, an underage female, during a school evening when he was supposed to be at practice; he could then coerce her into performing oral sex. After that, her mother felt that her taking self-defense classes were a good idea and Steph didn't mind. The exercises and the concentration seemed to fit her personality well and helped in school work. Boys could obviously wait until later, especially since the word was out at school that "she REALLY does bite!!"

Now, here she was 22, completely nude, and strapped to some type of table like a lab rat waiting to get gutted, or something worse. So far, what her captor promised was holding true. As long as she quit kicking, she incurred no harm or physical pain. Pain, shit - how about a dozen back-bending, ass busting, thigh straining orgasms!! Lying there awake, under whatever this covering was, gave Steph time to gather her thoughts and reflect over what had occurred. Had she been set up? Was she set up to feel humiliated, teased, and then pleasured? Was it her own paranoia about having someone see her panties, or a fear of no control? Or, both? Shit... Shit... Shit, too damn confusing.

Granted, her unknown captor had very powerful hands and took no shit from her regardless the issue. That fact had her attention even if she hated the part about having no control. She could tell the light coverlet atop her body was all that separated her from total nudity. She could feel the cushion top surface - it seemed to mold itself to her body, even when she didn't want to move, and move her around like a child's doll. For now, it felt as if it was curved to match her back and her hips like a fine leather bucket seat. She know it was not leather - this place felt like a lab, smelled neutral, and no obvious sounds or noises were discernable.

Steph said aloud the thought on her mind, "I really need to pee again" and suddenly the table began to move and realign itself as it did before. Steph jerked at the movement and tried to lift her ass and her back off the table. As soon as she did, the table stopped moving. As soon as she let herself relax, the table started to move again.

"Shit", thought Steph, "Now what the fuck is happening?"

She felt the table actually mold itself to her butt cheeks in such a manner to cause them to separate enough to feel air between her legs on her damp pussy as the table continued to move downward again. Very slowly, it stopped at almost the exact position she was placed into whenever the last time her "holder" asked her if she wanted a pit stop. Only, this time she felt no strong hand reaching between her legs and touching her pussy.

Just as Steph started to let her bladder muscles relax, she felt a gentle nudge from the table. The table seemed, in her mind, to be causing her ass cheeks and her body to move so her pussy lips were sliding back and forth. This was interesting popped in to her mind just she felt a small ridge in the table move in between her pussy lips enough to make them slide open and move out of the way. Steph figured what the hell and let her bladder control go to let it empty. As she felt that warm flow of urine exit her body, she thought to herself that this damn table must have a mind of its own.

Her eyes bulged and Steph pulled her ass up from the table when she felt the warm cloth touch her pussy, The motion had caught her off guard as she had been letting her body enjoy the emptying of her bladder. She relaxed enough to lie back onto the table; the table completed the cleansing-drying motion and shifted itself back into the flat position where Steph could feel complete contact with it.

As she considered what else this table might do to her on its own, she looked around the room and saw the straw near her right cheek. Moving to take it into her mouth, she realized how hungry she was. She had no clue when she last ate anything. Drawing on the straw, she was pleasantly surprised to find it was a thick, malted mix with a flavor of chocolate and berries that tasted quite good. A second straw was just next to that one - trying it, she found it was lemon water which also was quite good. Feeling much better now that she had been able to make a pit stop and get some food into her system, Steph relaxed and began taking stock of her situation again as she had tried to do before. How long ago had that been? No clock, no sound, no process of judging time was throwing her off some; she would have to figure this one out somehow.

She sensed the lighting sliding into a subtle change to the halo effect she recalled from the previous "session"; she had no other name for that. Foot steps made her become apprehensive again; the thoughts of being restrained and not in control filled her mind again as the HUD clicked on again and asked her "Rested?" and then clicked off again.

"I guess," said Steph, "but I'm still trussed up like a pig at a slaughter house."

"True," flashed the HUD, "restraints insure you remain to enjoy pleasure treatment."

"Oh, bullshit," said Steph, "this is torture, and you're enjoying every moment of teasing me, fucking with my mind and body."

"Possible, yes," showed on the HUD, "but - if this truly is torture, how do you explain pleasure given in oral adventures you received?"

Steph felt her entire body blush and her nipples suddenly feel very hard, and very hot, when she recalled having orgasm after orgasm until she literally passed out. Her almost virgin body had no way of gauging the level of satisfaction she had received except she secretly damn sure wanted more even if it meant staying here tied up. She wasn't certain how this misadventure was going to turn out but she needed to find out. The thought of what her immediate future held scared her horribly. She had fought every attempt, from every male in her life, to have intercourse. That concept of having a dick shoved into her was not a good picture in her mind. She wanted no man to have that kind of control over her.

The HUD flashed slowly, "Pleasure treatment will begin soon", and then slowly faded out of sight."

"Wait, Wait, Wait!" screamed Steph, "What...what... what if I don't want this?"

"Not an option," appeared on the HUD, "you receive treatment regardless."

"But I'm a virgin," sobbed Steph, starting to cry and fight the straps, " I don't want some mechanical asshole shoved into me."

The HUD slowly displayed, "Virginity barrier lost during gym classes," it paused, and then continued with "pleasure intercourse with real penis" and clicked off.

Steph went ballistic when that appeared - she fought the table, she fought the straps, she even fought the pure air around her to try and escape. Nothing worked as she fought, the straps slowly became tighter and tighter until her body was pulled taut on the table. Her arms were pulled above her head until her shoulder blades were digging into her back, and her breasts were being forced to stick upward form her chest. Her legs were pulled so tight that her top thigh muscles were strained down and outward to her ankles, and the backs of her legs were almost cramping. Her crotch was being pushed up in the air by the table so it was wide open to the world.

As Steph finally wore herself out and stopped struggling, the table slowly relaxed the straps; she could move her hands or feet the original few inches of freedom that she had found before. The table repositioned itself under her back, spread out, softened some, and suddenly generated a slowly increasing heat along with a light vibration. Steph recognized that it was trying to help her relax and just let it do its job.

The HUD came on, displayed the question - "why do you fear pleasure?", and then clicked off again.

Steph had to think about that one for a minute or so; why did she fear being pleased. Was it because she had never known any? Was it losing control, or giving her self control up to another? The bottom line was dual, she decided - she feared what she did not know, and what she did not know she did not want it having any control over her mind or body.

"I'm afraid... I'm afraid of something I don't understand." sobbed Steph. "You have total control over me and that scares me... What promise can you make me believe that you will not kill me when this ends?"

"Truthfully," the HUD displayed..."none, because you do not know how to trust." and clicked off again.

Steph lay on the table as it applied the light, warming heat and vibration to her body. An occasional tear slid down her face as she absorbed the truth statement answer from her "keeper". It was true - nothing but just acceptance of her own faith in her own fate would allow her to accept her future.

"Will you promise me," Steph struggled to say between her tears, "you won't hurt me...or kill me, since I can't see your face...or who you are..or what you are... When you are done?

The HUD slowly displayed the comment, "No intent to harm, only intent to teach how to enjoy self," and then faded out again.

Steph shuddered as she took a deep, deep breath, and then said, "Okay, like I have a choice. Let's get this shit started and see if you live up to your word before I die of old age."

The HUD flickered on, blinked quietly, a small "smiley" emoticon appeared growing on the screen, and then faded off into one corner as the comment appeared on the screen "must prep your body - no promises it will not embarrass," and then clicked off.

Steph wondered what the hell that meant as she felt the coverlet being pulled off her body. She forgot that she had been covered all this time. The table had subtly and slowly quit vibrating a while back so her body never noticed. The strong hands appeared near her feet and began that same wondrous massage than had started her trip into La-La Land before. She tensed slightly at first touch, allowed herself to accept the touch, and then just go with the motions. Not like she could hide anything since she was bare ass naked and strapped to the table.

Steph felt the hands move her ankles far apart - she knew her pussy and her ass was now wide open to the world again; her body was lying about how excited she thought her body was telling herself she was not. Her entire slit was seeping fluids from her pussy, was if fear or anticipation was the question in her mind as she felt the table begin to move under her.

"Must be very, very still." The HUD blinked, "or razor will slice skin," and clicked off.

What razor, thought Steph as she suddenly realized those strong hands were rubbing a liquid on her lower calves and up to her knees. She froze as she felt that too familiar feeling of a shaving razor touch her left ankle area. Slice was right, Steph knew not to move, squirm, or even sneeze; she had enough trouble shaving much less this damn stranger. The strokes up to her knee were even, smooth, and well... professionally competent.

The lower right leg was done; Steph felt a bit more relaxed as the hands began putting the fluid on her upper thighs right up to the crease between her legs and her pussy lips. The hands brushed her pussy hair but no erotic contact was made. As each thigh was done on the top and sides, Steph expected her legs to be lifted up again like her calves to get to the back side of her legs but they were not. The left leg was put down, and then the right upper thigh was done.

Steph nearly came totally off the table in fear when the hands pushed her thighs as far apart as they would go, and then began rubbing the liquid into her crotch. All of her pussy was massaged and assaulted, top to bottom of the slit, down the crease, to her asshole and back. She could not get away from the hands as the fingers opened her up, rubbed and pushed her lips around, and damn near fingered her asshole and pussy getting the liquid on her body.

"DO... NOT... MOVE... "snapped quickly on the HUD, freezing her in place. Steph really froze in place when she felt the razor begin to slide across her pubic mound, leaving it devoid of all hair. Three, four more passes and she could tell nothing was left above her slit or on either side or her crotch. She took a deep breath as the fingers began to open her slit, hold each lip and start to remove all her light brown pussy hair. THIS was more interesting than she ever thought it could be; the only shaving she ever did "down there" was to make sure nothing stuck out from her one piece swimsuit.

The motion was becoming almost unbearable; she needed... no, it was unbearable!!! She wanted to get off badly and the hands just kept manipulating her pussy lips, bumping into her clit, touching her almost into her vaginal opening, and back again. And back around again until she could feel her ass lifting off the table to meet the fingers as they rubbed and touched her sex. The first spasm hit her slowly; the razor was lifted away and suddenly the hands quickly flicked her distended clit back and forth, and then pinched and held it with some pressure until she was banging her ass on the table trying to get more power into the orgasm stretching her mind warmly around her soul. God, it felt so good, she never had any idea how wonderful a huge orgasm felt until the fingering she got. Here she was having another kind of orgasm but as equally good, equally mind bending.

Her body was flopping on the table like someone had shocked her each time the strong hands flicked her clit. Jerking, shaking, quivering, and shaking more until her chest was heaving like she had run a marathon. Each time the fingers touched her clit she actually jerked like a puppet on strings. Slowly, one finger put some pressure right at the base of her clit and that seemed to help her get her breathing back in control, and her ass was no longer bucking up off the table. The hands put some oil on her pubic mound and her upper pussy lips as she lay there, just trying to comprehend what was happening to her body and mind.

Without a battle, Steph let the hands rub her lower abdomen and stomach with the oil; that felt as good as any massage she had ever gotten at the health club. As the hands moved to put the oil on her upper thighs, she felt herself being picked up and rolled slowly on to her stomach. The table immediately molded its surface to match her breasts, thighs, and body curves. Her arms were positioned as she would lay down for a massage. She jerked when she felt the two restraining straps put over her shoulder blades and then her lower back just above her hips. No way could she even rise up, or even kick out. The table and the straps had her securely held in place.

Steph screamed and screamed when the table head end began to move downward slightly while the part her legs were held on had begun to move up under her body, effectively rotating inward pushing her hips wide open and putting her ass and crotch in to the open lights. Her legs were being pulled straight out behind her, downward, and then her stomach was pushed up by the table. Her ass was forced up and out at nearly a 30 degree angle when the table stopped moving her. Again, she felt the strong hands putting the fluid on the backs of her thighs and her ass, so she stopped moving; a few seconds later the razor was going up and down her thighs to her knees and the oil was applied.

That left just the bottom of her puss and her ass area. Steph waited for the hand to again manipulate her but nothing happened. Then she felt it - one finger very, very gently touching the crinkled edges of her pussy lips and placing the fluid right down her center line. No mass moving around as before; a slow, gentle stroke around her opening and where there remained hair. She held her breath when the finger neared her clit but it did not touch it. It carefully pushed the hood back without touching her clit, slid it back and forth 3-4 times until Steph tried to move where the finger would touch her clit, and the finger stopped just above her slit opening. Now this was becoming a frustrating tease for her; "just finger me and get on with it," thought Steph.

Just as she began to relax a little bit, that finger slid back along her pussy ridge and then stopped right on top of her anal opening. It sat there, putting a light pressure on the rectal ring but not making any attempt to massage, or any attempt to penetrate her rear entry. Then, very slowly, the finger began a slow, sensuous circular rubbing of her anal opening. Steph felt the tension in her leg and back muscles start to relax; this amazed her just a little - someone rubbing her asshole ever so lightly, in a simple way, actually felt quite relaxing. Since the finger was not trying to forcibly penetrate the one orifice on her body that even she had not stuck a finger into, she was beginning to enjoy the "rectum massage". Round and round the finger went, up and back some but never leaving the rectal muscle ring.

It slowly dawned on Steph that the oil the finger was rubbing into her anal opening was slippery; it felt warming on her skin. She let her legs relax some more, starting to enjoy the unique massage she was receiving. Occasionally, the finger would touch the lower curve of her pussy lips but it never wandered far from the original objective. Steph decided to tempt her fate and moved her hips roll downward so her ass cheeks were not so clinched together. The finger kept up the same slow, circular motion around her anus. Without the tension in her butt muscles, the massage was beginning to feel good and she was thinking about what her "keeper" had said about trust.

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