tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbduction of the Pig Ch. 02

Abduction of the Pig Ch. 02


Opening her eyes, Serena felt her mind pounding from something, keeping her eyes closed she felt the vibrations among her body continue realizing she had no control over herself. Each muscle seemed controlled, the dark haired female felt her eyes open to see the men surrounding her, quickly she tried to push herself back towards the wall only to realize how badly she truly smelled which made her eyes widen. The reason she realized her head had been pounding was she hadn't gotten much asleep from the tube moving some type of food through her mouth most of the night, the vibrations that continued through her tight, inexperienced pussy throughout the night. Feeling a tight grip on her large udders pulling her back towards the center of the pen, realizing they still were being milk, opening her mouth, trying to speak hearing a loud pig like squeal. Quickly in an attempt to move her hands, she tried to move her fingers seeing the chains had been removed however her hands seemed restricted in some kind of rubber material same with her feet almost like hooves.

Quickly Serena rubbed up against the mud trying to remove them, but she was left helpless only to hear the loud forgotten laughter surrounding her, looking up she saw a sadistic glint meeting the man who had found the hairpin, noticing him opening the pen's door. "Come here, Pig" he ordered snapping his fingers, impatiently. Serena stubbornly kept her feet on the spot not moving, despite the pulling on her udders made the squeals from her mouth continue to grow far louder. Serena noticed each man surrounding her pen looked to be over 6 feet and 230 pounds, without an inch of fat on their bodies, only muscle, glancing around she looked for a way to escape them. No answer came to the dark haired female, jade eyes quickly noticed a small door, if she could make it through them maybe she could reach it in time.

Stubbornly she moved out of the pen trying to get out but her boy felt so heavy as she felt udders and feeding tube pulling her down, head feeling drugged, as a man grabbed her by the neck, pulling her head up to meet his glance. "Stupid Fat Piggy, the doc drugged you...with the food in your system, you will be too stuffed to make another stupid escape and soon your mind shell be programmed correctly, make no mistake about that." He spoke the man in a tone that frightened Serena. Jiggling her growing gut, she tried to attempt to stand, sucking on the tube, being fed, feeling it being yanked from her throat. Instead a large cock began to make its way into the pig's mouth, feeling the hand choking her; all she could do was drool and begin to suck. "No Biting, Fatty." She heard the man demand.

The vibrations which had remained in her tight cunt stopped, feeling some pain as something made its way through noticing a man moving through her legs as she remained on all fours moving his dick straight into her tight pussy impatiently. Struggling in pain she moved the rubber materiel on her hands to grab onto anything that was in reach, only discovering that she couldn't use her hands feeling another cock moving into her cock hole. Meanwhile the other men pulled at any roll available rubbing against each roll for pleasure, Serena could only jiggle that fat about attempting to get free, feeling her head pounding, each need becoming more helpless. Feeling the men continuing to pound inside of her, slapping her face and punching her large gut, she could only squeal and grunt helplessly like an animal.

Daniel, with sadistic satisfaction after he finished Cumming inside of Serena got up, allowing the next man to eagerly take his chance to move inside of her, the dark skinned man moved towards the door, knowing that Serena would have her hands occupied till the Doctor was ready for her. He knew that Dr Roberts never let any of the females get to him the way Serena did, there seemed to be more planning going into this female than any other female that they had planned into getting to the hospital. Moving along his way, the African American continued into the security room, seeing the Doctor sitting there watching the video that was taping Serena and the men, seeing the pleasure that they were receiving. The Sadistic smile he had earlier, began to leave his face, replacing itself with grim concern, he didn't even know exactly what he had been concerned about, as the doctor wasn't giving any of them information except for what they needed to know.

"Doc, what is so special about Serena? You should know by now, after seven years I wouldn't leave you like the other guys might do, I am here for long run, tell me what you are planning dealing with the girl. I may be able to help bring your further plans into action." Spoke the dark skin man, his eyes glancing over at the doctor, finally letting his thoughts being known as he didn't like not having any idea in what was going on. Daniel preferred to have control over the situations that he was facing, not to simply let them fall through, he despised not having control dealing with his surroundings.

"Daniel, you will calm down, if you don't you will lose control over yourself, I made you in charge of your men to help me, not to become a slave to your emotions. You do that, your worth isn't showing itself to be much more than the fat pig eating food from our hands, becoming a toy to us. You want to be in control. Or a slave?" asked the Doctor, raising an eyebrow, attempting to bring his point across, knowing he had each man he hired to be the strongest and the most intelligent. He didn't need anyone who would question him, not his choices or the girls he desired to train; he may have not had the heart to deal with the other girl. He wanted Serena to himself, much more than he had wanted any other female, he knew he would become weaker if the other men who had served him knew why. He was like a solider, a warrior fighting for his reasons. He would own Serena Completely; he promises himself that, despite what the complications would become.

"You had no problem in selling the other girls once they were sold, but it isn't the same for Serena, you already have her future planned out. You know her. How? Why?" asked Daniel. "Just between us, Jasper, you have to tell me," he spoke the doctor's first name; it was a name no one got around with saying around the hospital. The doctor got quiet, at first Daniel didn't think the doctor would answer him, but he heard Jasper take a long breath before he spoke again.

"Yes I know Serena, I've watched her since she was a baby, she was always the type to take attention from the world, and I knew immediately she'd be something special. Those she considered her parents may have been called so; they may have loved her as if Serena was their own. They didn't give birth to her, she was adopted. I knew her biological mother, she was like Serena except for one thing, she was poor, Serena's adoptive parents had money, and Serena had the chance her mother didn't have to eat. Her biological mother, Ruby betrayed me when she betrayed me love, I promised myself, it wouldn't happen again. She stupidly married a man who could afford to keep her and their children happy." The doctor spoke with a sigh. "Once the biological Parents died, a few moths after Serena was adopted, I chose to watch her, making a promise that one day I would have Serena for myself, and if Ruby couldn't pay for her Mistakes, the daughter would. For years I spoke with Serena's doctors, making sure, Serena would have drugs put in with her shots and medication to encourage her weight gain. Of course I never thought her biological parents would try to influence their children's weight so much, for years Serena may have been overweight, once she went to college like any typical student, she began to gain, once she let go several years later, I realized time was coming for another chance. Time would begin for me and the pig." Described the doctor.

Daniel couldn't help but stare at the man in front of him, noticing no matter how long his friend had been a doctor; somehow Serena was someone he had wanted more than anything. The Dark skinned man didn't know how to comprehend the reasons why Serena would matter, he didn't know if it was because Serena may have looked like her mother or if the doctor wanted her because he never gotten to the mother. Was it simply because he wanted his revenge? Daniel didn't know but he tried not to let each thought become evident against his well framed face, instead he kept the face of a fighter.

Interrupting both the Doctor's and Daniel's thoughts, time had easily passed before any words could be formed. The phone rang, quickly the words were said, and "The Pig is ready. Shall we bring her to your office, Doctor?" asked the rough voice, with the heavy accent, Jasper knew that he needed to decide on the emphasis that he wished to put into the Pigslut's mind. Did he want her to submit completely without thought, let her mind become his own? Or would he just take little of her body, forcing her into submission to allow her mind to submit over time? The doctor knew either way he would control and own the pig, despite what may happen in the end.

Slowly Daniel and the Doctor quickly got what supplies may be needed as they continued away from the security room, knowing well that Serena was going to hate the experiences which she had here, yet she would become addicted to much else that left her here. Dr Jasper Roberts quickly made his way into the room, seeing Serena's fair white body covered with bruises, reddened, collared and leashed, chains held her down, with the feeding tube stuffed back down her throat. Quickly he took a step closer, rubbing her belly as a man may do to a growing pig, and his attention turned towards Daniel "Get her ready, we have some experiments to do, I also think the pig deserves to know her place here, you may get the chains off her and place her in the chair, but strap her down. I don't want her hurting anyone in this room, including herself." He demanded, noticing several men quickly getting the female prepared in a chair you would see in a normal gynecological office.

Wrists and ankles were strapped down, despite the rubber against her fingers and toes, her jade eyes glaring up towards the doctor, noticing the paradox in the doctor's smile. His smile was quite sadistic and gentle all at once, if that could ever happen, Serena couldn't help watching him with hatred, her heart beated faster as he took steps closer to her. "Serena," The husky voice spoke gently, almost patronizing, "What should we do first, should I choose or will you choose?" the doctor asked with a growing smile, his attention remained on the dark haired female slowly felt the feeding tube removed from her face.

"You'll let me go home," she asked quickly anxious.

"Yes you will be allowed to go home when we are all done here, you have e my word," spoke the doctor, the words made Serena quickly calm down as the thoughts of seeing her parents and her best friend quickly went through her mind, each muscle beginning to relax knowing she still had a choice to make. What was worse letting her choose or the doctor on the next torture? Nothing could matter, as she was going to go home. "You choose..." she finally grunted out softly, not realizing how sadistic the doctor's mind truly was.

What would the doctor choose for the Pig Serena?

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