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Aboriginal Goddess


This is a bit different from my usual but you will find it interesting. It is not a history story.

One of the last places on earth colonized by the Europeans was Australia. The natives were Aborigines and arguably one of the most backward groups comparatively speaking to be found on the planet. They were a pushover for the white colonizers and hundreds of thousands died of disease and maltreatment. From Victorian times, the strait laced government treated them patronisingly and the idiot churches attempted to bring them into the civilized world mainly by wresting children away from their families and drumming religion and the three ‘R’s into their heads still filled with tribal mysticism dating back millennia. Burdened by lack of education, they have tried to get jobs and hold them, but have mainly been confined to poverty stricken ghettos in the bush, living on the dole and spending that on booze. The booze makes them violent and angry and they rape and beat their women. The lucky ones are those who escape to the cities, get some education and find jobs. Over the last two hundred years there has been plenty of interbreeding and they are the ones that succeed. The basic aborigine shape is deep brown skin, huge flat nose and skinny builds. With race mixing, quite beautiful women, and men, result. This is the story of one such beauty. Her name is Cindy.

Landing in the pitch black of the hills north east of Kabul, my right medial ligament snapped as a boulder beneath my foot rolled away down the slope. One of a four man Special Air Service (SAS) reconnaissance team, I had stupidly jeopardized the whole mission. They left me dug into the hillside for three days until they completed what we had come to do, then carried me out over the border and then to a German hospital. The surgery was brilliant but my days of jumping out of aeroplanes in the middle of the night were over. I was medically retired and settled in a good sized town with all the mod cons – McDonalds, Pizza Hut and a sizeable mall. I took up golf and owned and ran the local camping survival store. I bought a house in the upmarket end of town and settled into a life. My middle aged and widowed cleaning lady who came three times a week enabled me to come that often at least. It was charming and uncomplicated. We did for each other.

I was at the local shops one Sunday afternoon when I saw a young girl being forcibly dragged into a later model sedan by two black lads, one of whom was clutching a half empty wine flagon. My eyes narrowed and I moved closer looking as if I was passing by. The girl’s head was in the car already and the two guys outside were pushing while one inside the car was pulling. Her black T-shirt was half way up her velvety smooth back and she was shrieking.

‘Let me go you bastards, let me go. You’re nothing but a bunch of drunken cunts. My old man is gunna kill you, you bastards!!’ she screamed.

‘Carn Cindy, you cock teasing bitch. You’ll fucken well love what we’re gunna do to you, you horny little cunt,’ this from the depths of the car.

A kick to the back of each knee followed by a straight arm to the back of their ear laid the two outside assailants out cold. My sore knee tingled but did not collapse. I reached for the hand clutching the girl’s T-shirt and broke a finger. I think it was the scream more than the sudden letting go that caused her to rocket backward against me. I held her trembling young body by the elbows as she glared into the car at the occupant who was writhing in agony on the back seat.

‘Serves ya right, ya dirty, filthy pig,’ she screeched. She suddenly bent and picked up the gurgling flagon and raised it over her head with the obvious intent of flinging it at the guy on back seat. I prised it gently from her hand and emptied the remnants over the crotch of the nearest recumbent form.

She looked up at me with cat green eyes. I shook my head. I steered her away from the carnage and the wailing and put her into the front seat of my Nissan Z. ‘Where to?’ I asked as I reversed out of the parking lot.

She glared ahead, holding her arms tightly around herself, rocking back and forth. After a moment, she said, ‘I got nowhere, mister, nowhere at all.’


‘One of them blokes doin’ the pushin’ was me brother an’ the uvver two was cousins.’ She looked at me with those incredible green eyes shimmering with restrained tears. ‘Me mum left me wiv me aunt when she went into rehab, but then me aunt was arrested a coupla nights ago after she stabbed some tart down the sports ground. Those three bastards have been after me ever since.’ She looked ahead. ‘I ain’t ‘ad no sleep since wiv them bastards tryin’ to get in me room and get at me. It’s been hell, mister, hell. The rest of the family are way up north an’ I ain’t got no money. ‘Sides, I don’t know where they are cos they’re drovin’ cattle.”

‘How about I drop you with the authorities, the police or social services?’

Bright red tinged her caramel coloured cheeks. ‘Are you kiddin? They’d whack me in a foster home and I’d probably be worse off. Nah, drop we outside of town on the highway and I’ll hitch north.’

We had pulled over to the kerb. I looked at her. Dishevelled as she was, she had a certain something. Maybe it was the clarity and directness of her gaze that made it clear to me that she had principles. ‘How old are you, girl?’

‘Sixteen, just. Why?’

I turned and looked directly at her fixing her with a solemn and steely stare. ‘I am no child molester, girl. I’m a decent, law abiding man. I am offering you a place to stay until things with your mother get straightened out. No more, no less. But, I will tell you this, put one foot out of place and I will dump you by the road like a dog. I’ll ask nothing of you except respect for me and mine. Take anything and I’ll break your fingers one by one. OK?’

‘No strings?’

‘None whatsoever.’

‘Okay, but, lay one finger on me and I’ll bust ya one wiv whatever I can lay me hands on.’

‘Fair enough.’

So I took her home and settled her into the guest rooms. I could see she was mightily impressed as the house, gardens and pool were surrounded by lush tropical plantings and completely private. I took her shopping and gave her a couple of hundred dollars for necessities. A small part of me expected her to vamoose with my cash and that I would be grateful. A larger part told me to be happy if she stayed in my life to ease the boredom and loneliness. She returned and we got on with life.

I soon found out that she had dropped out of school the year before so I insisted that education was the primary focus for her. I enrolled her at the local private school and paid for after hour’s tuition so she could catch up. She caught up alright and surpassed my expectations with very high results. Cindy, for that was her name, was very bright and took on mathematics, science and computer science with ease and devotion. The drama mistress was paid to change a lifetime of dreadful speaking inherited from her uneducated family. She studied all the teen magazines but ignored the extremes of fashion choosing clothes that suited her and disguising to some extent that she had an enormous bosom for one so young. With good cooking, she filled out from scrawny to shapely. With expert help from the local beauty shop, Cindy learnt the art of cosmetics and hair care. With her lustrous black hair, creamy caramel complexion and vivid green eyes she became absolutely beautiful.

On the night of her graduation ball, she looked a million dollars. The jaw of the tall handsome dude who was to squire her dropped almost to his knees when he came to pick her up and saw her coming down the stairs.

‘Oh my god,’ he whispered in awe. ‘Oh my god, she’s gorgeous.’

I felt like a proud parent, up to a point. Suddenly, I also felt extremely jealous and possessive. But, that was not allowed in our relationship. I kissed her on the cheek and let her go, figuratively and literally. I worried but she came home at a reasonable hour and gave her date a chaste kiss on the cheek and sent him on his way. She graduated with very high honours and I sent her to university to study medicine in the capital city. I missed her sorely and was ecstatic, without showing it, when she came home at the end of each semester and every second weekend. Filled with enthusiasm we would talk for hours and while she would do most of the talking, she would ask my opinion on the many different subjects we covered.

I taught her to swim, and I taught her to defend herself. Of the thirty nine ways to kill a person with her hands, she knew fourteen. She decided she would ensure that she was no longer bothered by her kin and any others from her extended family. I went along with the plan even if somewhat reluctantly. I drove her to one of the local parks where a large group of aboriginal dole recipients sat around under a monster fig tree drinking there flagons of cheap wine and muscat and as many cans of beer as they could. The air was redolent with the smell of the low grade grass being smoked. She was dressed in white short shorts that clearly showed the cleft of her pudenda, a pronounced camel toe, a sleeveless t-shirt that moulded her bra-less majestic bosom and sneakers. She stood over the group, hands on hips and belligerently demanded to know whether any of them would like to take her on. I leaned against my car forty yards away and watched her demolish five of them as they attacked her. After that, the rest of them sat down and watched her warily. She poked her finger at each of the mini groups and demanded they leave her alone in future. Looking sheepish, they all nodded in turn. Cindy never had any trouble after that. She walked back to me with a triumphant smile, her magnificent chest wobbling gently, puffed out with satisfaction and I had real trouble hiding my hard on as she kissed me on the cheek and murmured her thanks.

One weekend, I came into the kitchen and June, my very friendly housekeeper, was washing dishes in the sink. The window overlooked the pool area. With her hands in the water I took the opportunity to snuggle my loins up against her large soft buttocks while reaching around to take a handful each of her big soft breasts unencumbered by a bra beneath her loose shirt.

‘You’re a right bastard, doing that with my hands busy and unable to defend myself.’ But she wiggled her bottom against the beginnings of a hard on. ‘Look at Cindy by the pool.’

I looked over her shoulder and there was a vision of beauty that took my breath away. Cindy was standing by the pool wringing water out of her hair. The bikini she was wearing covered almost nothing. Pool water glistened on her caramel skin and dripped down her perfect figure. Her huge breasts were lifted when she raised her hands over her head and were barely contained in the lurid pink cups of the bikini. Her waist was miniscule but flared over womanly hips. The tiny bikini bottom bulged with her mons. Long beautifully formed legs glistened in the sunlight. I erected mightily pushing against the cleft of June’s capacious arse.

‘The sight of her got you going quickly. She’ll lie down for a bit now. Get yourself into me quick.’ I flipped the hem of her skirt up and swiftly pulled her knickers down. She obligingly spread her legs as I dropped my sweat pants and lodged the tip of my cock against the pout of her cunt. Grabbing her tits, I shunted my cock, inch by inch into her juicy channel until I bottomed out. Outside, Cindy lay down on the sun lounger and picked up a book. What a vision! I started fucking June with a vengeance. “Oooh, she’s got you going Bruce, you big cocked bastard. I don’t care, I’m feeling marvellous. Yess, yesssss, that’s it, that’s the spot. Ooh lovely. Oh what a delightful cum, you darling man.’ I kept my hands full of her tits, mangling her big nipples as I shafted her faster and faster until I unloaded big time. All the time, my eyes were focussed on Cindy’s incredible body.

During one of her absences at university, her mother turned up. Where Cindy showed the impact of white genes, her mother was almost a full blood aborigine. She was short, about four ten or eleven, large brown eyes and the big flat nose of her race. Like her daughter, she had beautiful white teeth and full lips. Despite wearing a large tent-like sweater, it was obvious where Cindy got her breasts from. I had seen her about the neighbourhood for years without realising whose mother she was.

‘You the fella keeping Cindy from her family?’ she demanded.

‘I might be the fellow looking after her and seeing she gets a good education. Why?’

‘You rootin’ her?’

‘Nope. Never laid a hand on her.’ She stared unblinkingly at me and I stared back.

‘You’ve not touched her. She still a virgin then?’

‘Look, she’s at university and she’s twenty now. I can’t imagine she’s still got her virginity looking as good as she does. She’s probably got a hundred boyfriends.’

‘But, you’ve never touched her.’

‘Nope. Now, what can I do for you.’

‘Can I come in? Have you got some tea?’

‘Sure, come on in.’ I led her into the back lounge overlooking the pool and the tropical gardens, made us both a mug of tea and sat opposite her.

‘She’s a lucky girl, isn’t she? All this and somebody to pay for her education. For nothing. I’m Iris, by the way. I’ve been clean and out of rehab for the last two years. I pissed off the lousy bastard who got me like that, and I’ve been helping at the rehab centre. Cindy’s father pissed off after her younger brother was born, thank Christ. He was a useless prick as well. I had five kids, ya know, but Cindy was always different.’ Iris paused and contemplated me. ‘You look a decent sort of fella. What ya gunna do when she finishes her schooling?’

‘I don’t know. She’ll go and make a lot of money being a doctor. Although I suspect she is going to specialise and become an eye surgeon. For me, I’ll miss her badly. She’s a remarkable girl.’

‘Yeah, that cos she’s got my big tits, but I don’t know where her small nose came from. Or the green eyes. Some sort of throwback when some white bastard raped one of me ancestors.’ I looked at her in time to see a twinkle in her eyes. ‘Mind you, I ain’t ‘ad a shag in ages. How about you? You ‘ad any recently?’

Jeez, she was certainly direct. ‘Er, no actually, but I’m not desperate.’ June was on a round Australia bus trip with a bunch of old tarts from the Country Women’s Association and wasn’t due back for six weeks.

‘Well I fuckin’ am. You look like the sorta fella who could move it pretty well. I know I’m no oil painting but I do have these.’ She pulled the big brown sweater up over head the most enormous breasts I’ve ever seen were revealed in all their glory. They were much, much bigger than water melons. She put her tiny hands under them and lifted them off her stomach and pointed huge black nipples at me. ‘Go on, ‘ave a suck. I betcha that’ll getcha goin’.’

So help me I tried to resist but I couldn’t. Confronted with the biggest juiciest breasts I ever saw, I shuffled forward and hefted them in my hands and ran my thumbs over the erect nipples. They crinkled and erected even more than the size of her thumbs. I swooped on lefty sucking like there was no tomorrow. The more I sucked the bigger it got. I swapped to righty and repeated the pleasure. Her hands left the weighing of her tits to mine and got busy undoing my belt and trousers. In no time I felt her tiny hand attempting to wrap itself around the girth of my massive erection. Iris looked up and me and smiled her brilliant smile that transformed her face to one of native beauty.

‘Its bin ages since I sucked a dick but this looks too nice to resist.’ So saying, she plunged her hot mouth over the helmet-like glans and swirled her tongue to lap up the first emissions of pre-cum. I groaned and clutched the handfuls of big firm tit I had kept hold of. She sucked and swirled, sucked and swirled until I could stand it no more.

‘Back up woman or I’ll cream your tonsils. Let’s fuck.’ And fuck we did, traditional (I couldn’t use the word missionary – those bastards had done enough damage to her race), doggie with her big broad arse wriggling like it had landed in a nest of fire ants and awesomely with her on top, her monster brown fun bags slapping me in the face as I sucked her big black juicy nipples. She was a naturally enthusiastic lover deluging me with her joy juice and screaming obscenities every time she had an orgasm. After three hours I was completely rooted.

Iris kept house for me until June arrived back from her trip. We had slept together during those 6 weeks and she fucked me from arsehole to breakfast time, a lustier woman I’d never met. The morning June was due back, she told me she had to go to a relative’s funeral up in the territory. I pressed a $1000 into her hand and told her she’d be welcome any time. She knelt down, undid my pants and gave me a parting tit and head job and left. That’s the way of her race. They need to go walkabout from time to time.

Cindy graduated as a doctor a year earlier than normal and after a residency in a large country hospital did her training and became an eye specialist. She was as beautiful as ever and brimming with the joy of her accomplishments. She was snapped up by the Fred Hollows Foundation (named after a magnificent late Australian eye surgeon who took eye surgery to the bush and to third world countries restoring sight to thousands of people destined for a life of blackness). I didn’t see much of her for the next seven years as she worked in the outback, in India, Africa and South East Asia. She gained an international reputation until she suddenly decided to return home to our town where she set up an eye surgery school for doctors from those countries while encouraging members of her own race to work towards degrees.

Cindy had turned thirty and was magnificently beautiful. After her successes, the sensation seeking media sought her out and hounded her unmercifully. She gave interviews in support of the Foundation and her school and the donations flowed in. She absolutely refused any questions on her personal life or the fact that she lived with me knowing my need for anonymity. Since she looked so gorgeous on film and in print, the paparazzi were tireless in their pursuit of sensational pap right up until she busted the knee cap of one particularly obnoxious twerp. After that, it was interviews and personal appearances by appointment only. That was fine by me.

Cindy’s mother Iris had returned from her wanderings and had moved into the apartment over the garage. It wasn’t long before she and I were back to screwing each other on a regular basis. June retired and Iris took over the housekeeping. She and Cindy had settled their differences and to see the two of them walking side by side was a sight to be seen. One pair of huge lollopy breasts swaying and wobbling next a higher set of melons that gently moved from side to side as Cindy walked next to her shorter mother. A tit mans paradise! Watching them in the swimming pool was an enormous turn on and that bitch Iris knew it. No sooner had Cindy gone for a shower than the slut was dragging me to her rooms to shag her rotten.

One day, the inevitable. ‘You rooting my mother, Bruce?’ asked Cindy solemnly. I was not the sort to blush but I was somewhat embarrassed by the direct question. She knew what her mother and I had been doing and there was no point in denying it.

‘Yes, you could say that. Mind you, she’s not backward in coming forward.’

‘Yes, she’s very happy and I’m proud of her for staying off the booze and drugs. I understand a man like you needs your sexual outlets and I’m glad my mother helps you. You’re my best friend and the only man I totally respect. I owe you everything but you’ve never asked me for anything. All you’ve done is give and give, and protect when I needed it. Why?’

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