tagErotic PoetryAbstract in a Dominant Shadow..

Abstract in a Dominant Shadow..


Abstract in a Dominant Shadow..autobiog 1.

There are those who fight to have their say,
To claim my predilection’s root in mine own history lay,
Naively stating the obvious passion-play
Of a Predator, ensnared by his past life’s warrior-ways.

To them, so base, might seem such acts,
That in war must be, perforce, mere daily acts,
About whose like we must enact,
Basic meaning of our given pact.

To them, any who followed an Officer’s call,
Are bound to make them, so genteel, feel appalled,
Obviously, laid bare, so plain, so bald,
They know, as base Killer, must my kind be called.

‘How could you’ choir ‘pon choir have asked,
what lets you take on that butcher’s task.
In what psychotic rage must you have basked,
What is the aspect of Human, you so assuredly lack.

Yet wait, to them I have been known to say,
Was it I sought to spin Bardic battle lays?
And , in honour, they must answer nay,
That their own repeated pleas sought epic songs of my embattled days.

For never have I sought to tell,
any tales depicting beyond e’en Dante’s Hell,
they still pose as judge on One who fell,
they say, debased, by knowing shot and shell.

How can One kill, tell us why,
How could you lead other men to die,
Did you feel sorrow, or would that be a slayer’s lie,
Are you not merely one more mote in our modern God’s liberalised eye.

By now, I often lose my yet pacific way,
And speak ‘23 confirmed, ‘neath the sod , and yet more, unmarked, did I lay’,
‘So drink deep your voyeuristic horror’s play,
And be glad,
I seek not,
You make my tally confirmed as 24 this day.

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