tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbused While Drunk

Abused While Drunk


A short story of interracial sex at a music festival while drunk husband is present.


Newlyweds, Mary and Johnny Wiggins, living North of Mobile, were excited at the prospect of going to the city. There was an outdoor music concert Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in one of the State parks. Since both had steady jobs, they would go to the one scheduled Saturday night, and come home Sunday. Mary didn't care, as long as she went somewhere away from the small town. She had always dreamed of finding a man and moving away from such a boring place, but, like every other girl there, ended up marrying her High School sweetheart.

"Honey, it may be hot during the day, but in the evening, it's going to be chilly that close to the water," Johnny was saying. "The last band won't finish till after midnight."

"I've got everything packed, including a long skirt for the evening." Mary answered.

Stopping at a liquor store on the way down, Johnny came out with a pint of rum. "What's that for? We hardly ever drink. Don't think you're getting drunk and leave me helpless among all those people!" Mary shouted.

"There's no alcohol allowed in the park and we're going to be there for hours. I'll put a little of this in four cokes to keep us warm. We won't get drunk, maybe high, but not drunk," smiled Johnny. "Four bottles will just fit in our small cooler! Security will never know!"

Later, as Mary came from the shower, Johnny begged, "come on Honey! Just this once!"

"No! It's your fault you forgot the condoms. You want me pregnant? You know we can't afford a baby. Why don't you eat me out while you masturbate? You like to do that."

With very little foreplay, Johnny soon had his head buried between her thighs. Masturbating his five inch dick furiously, while licking Mary's neatly trimmed pussy, soon had Johnny shooting his wad all over a washcloth.

Mary groaned in frustration, as she felt him slow and lose interest in satisfying her. Hearing her groan, Johnny, in his ignorance, thought she had cum, too. While he took his shower, Mary used her fingers, to reach an unsatisfying orgasm.

By ten o'clock, the rum was gone, the cooler was lost, and Mary and Johnny were leaned over a safety railing, bombed out of their minds. As dark as it was, there must have been over a thousand people wandering, or staggering around. Using the railing for support, as well as being out of the stream of humanity, the unsuspecting couple drunkenly enjoyed the music.

Roy Wainwright had been checking out women all evening, especially, white women. He had spied this couple earlier and kept them in sight. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know they were barely conscious.

Over her objections, Johnny had long before talked Mary into removing her panties. They observed many couples in various stages of having sex, and the devil rum had lowered their inhibitions. The alcohol had weakened her resolve, and she had let him clumsily finger her pussy.

Moving up closely behind the young white woman, Roy rubbed his crotch against her ass. Not getting a reaction, he lifted her skirt enough for his hand to reach her pussy. She shivered when his fingers touched her wet slit, but, never screamed, or tried to get away. Getting braver, Roy rubbed her erect clitoris, while inserting a blunt finger into her slick opening.

Hearing Mary groan, Johnny glanced over and asked, "something wrong, hon?"

"No...No... Every things just wonderful. The music feels so good."

After listening to this exchange, Roy knew he was going to fuck this white woman. Unzipping his pants, he let his thick nine inch cock free from its prison. His rigid member was standing at a forty-five degree angle and already leaking pre-cum. Using both hands on the inside of her thighs, he spread her pussy lips, and lifted her body. His one-eyed monster was drawn to her cunt as if it was a magnet. Gently lowering her onto his black pole, almost four inches entered her ready vagina.

"God!... Oh God! Easy...Slowly, go slowly... Please" Mary whimpered. She had no idea who was behind her and didn't want to find out. She was being filled like never before and that was enough!

"What did you say, dear? Are you okay" Johnny asked.

"I'm fine! I feel great!" She answered.

Looking at her worriedly, Johnny could see her body moving as if in rhythm to the band. But, they were playing rock, and she was moving to a waltz. She really was drunk! Lowering his head, he happened to look at her feet. She was on her tiptoes! How could she do that? They actually seemed to be off the ground! Johnny's drunken mind wouldn't accept the impossible and immediately forgot it.

By now, Roy had all nine inches in her belly. Beginning with short powerful strokes, his cock was soon plunging harder and harder. Her pussy grasped his cock like a tight leather glove.

Mary was shaking like a leaf in the wind, groaning and moaning with each deep thrust. "I love it! I love it! Harder!...Faster! Oh God! It feels so good!"

From the corner of his blurry eyes, Johnny could see Mary's wild gyrations. It was certainly a surprise to discover how much she loved rock music. He liked the music too, and it did feel good to watch the band, but they were playing as hard and fast as the song allowed. What did she expect? No more alcohol for her!

Roy felt the huge load surging toward his cock-head, with one more mighty thrust, his baby making seed shot into her cervix like a cannon ball. Gob after giant gob filled to overflowing her well fucked pussy.

"Oh! My God! I'm there! I'm there!" Mary was crying softly, as the tendrils of pleasure spread through her body. She was on fire! Her head felt as if it would explode. With one last shudder, her orgasm slowed and stopped.

"Of course you're here. Where else would you be?" Johnny mumbled.

Feeling the enormous monster leave her cunt and her skirt drop down, Mary was left with a sense of great loss. She felt thick, sticky fluid oozing down her thighs and legs. Her knees wouldn't support her and she grabbed Johnny's shoulders. "Let's go to the motel now. I'm tired and sleepy."

By the time they arrived, she had managed to clean her inner legs without Johnny knowing.

Entering the room, Mary said, "I want you to eat me again! The music made me so horny, I can't stand it!" Taking the initiative, she pushed him backwards onto the bed and straddled his face.

Johnny was surprised, but happy to comply. He didn't see her raw and red pussy, but he could feel it completely cover his mouth. Not remembering it ever being so big, Johnny still opened his mouth and stuck in his tongue, as deeply as possibly. Wow! She really was horny! His mouth filled over and over with her thick fluid. He had never heard of a woman that could cum like a man! It tasted different, too.

What a wonderful wife!

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