tagGroup SexAC DC! Ch. 02

AC DC! Ch. 02

byUncle Pervey©

Chapter 5.

Patrick with an angry look, glared down at Jenny's tear-filled face with no sympathy at all. "Why is it wrong? It ain't wrong. I did you alright an' you liked it too. Now you gotta do Me! The man said so!"

Patrick raised up enough to push his hard and throbbing cock against Jenny's trembling lips, forcing her to open it and let him in. "Now do it right Sis! I made you feel real good. Now its YOUR turn!”

Jenny began reluctantly licking, and sucking on her brother's cock.

He moaned as he held himself above her, moving his hips and fucking her face, feeling the gloriously silky, smooth warm wetness sliding along the full length of his inflamed and tingling cock.

Then suddenly, Jenny felt her privates being licked on again. She was puzzled at first, then she knew. The old man was eating her pussy now! Jenny felt degraded and disgusted, but there wasn't a lot she could do about it.

Bernie just couldn't help himself anymore. He'd gotten onto his knees between the girl's gorgeous legs just to take some close up shots of Patrick's hard and slippery cock sliding in and out of Jenny's mouth, and the boy's pretty asshole, and cheeks clinching too, but when he found himself so close to her smooth, hairless pink pussy, spread open like a beautiful Rose half opened, he forgot about the filming he was doing with the hand held mini-camera. He laid the camera down with shakey hands and leaning his face forward, he inhaled the sweet, Heavenly fragrance coming from the girl's delicious smelling scrumptious pussy. He moved even closer and began working on it, at first carefully with gentle licks, then more voraciously with his mouth and tongue, licking and sucking, enjoying the taste of Jenny's fluids mixed with Patrick's cum, as her pussy began lubricating itself, he sucked her tender clit inside his mouth and worked on it hard, rolling her delectible tasting clit with his tongue as he sucked. Then he forced his tongue inside her pee-hole, as far as he could get it, with his heart beating joyfully at the wonderful taste of her sweetly sour, saltiness. Bernie felt her loveliness moving against his face.

Jenny began unconsciously grinding and humping her hips again, her passion taking over.

Bernie sucked and licked Jenny's pussy, while watching Patrick's cock sliding in and out of her devouring mouth. His eyes moved to gaze lustfully at the boy's tightly clinching spincter muscle. Bernie was stroking his own cock, trying his best to time his climax to Patrick's and Jenny's. He didn't worry too much about Jenny though, cause he'd make damned sure she have multiple orgasms, but he wanted to use his fingers inside their tight, virginal assholes when they began having their orgasms. He quickened his strokes til he ejaculated, moaning with pleasure as he sucked and licked faster, firing Jenny's orgasms into sudden activity. Bernie quickly lubricated one finger of his right hand with his cum and reaching up, shoved the finger deep into Jenny's tightly clinched rectum opening. He delighted in her sudden jerks and cries of passion, and the way her spincter muscle contracted around it, as he moved it slowly, in and out.

He took his left hand and lubricated a finger the same way, then reaching up to the unsuspecting boy's tightly clinching rectum, he pushed it slowly inside, and thrilled at the sight of it slowly disappearing. Bernie finger fucked them both as they climaxed noisily.

"Argh! Oh! Yes, yes!" Patrick was crooning and gasping, as he pushed his cock in his sister's mouth all the way. "Goddamn oh Goddamn! Suck my cock Sis! Eat all that good cum. Swallow it all. Oh yes! Do it do it do it!"

The sounds he heard caused Bernie to shift into high gear, when Patrick started shooting his load, Bernie began ramming his fingers in and out as fast as he could move them. He loved the hot, moist slipperyness and clinging way his fingers felt in their respective holes. He slowed down finally, until his fingers were barely moving in and out. Then with a great deal of regret, he eased them out. He lowered his mouth til it covered Jenny's gorgeous inflamed, puffy looking anus opening, and gave the outside and inside of it a real good licking with his hot wet tongue, then quickly moving up to Patrick's still quivering, tight asshole, he fastened his mouth to the boy's delicious looking rectum opening and did the same thing. He noticed the way his belly was rubbing against Jenny's wide open, and hot feeling pussy. He found it erotic as Hell. He really hated to pull away, but he had to get on with it, so he pulled back, giving Jenny's pussy a few more licks before getting up.

Jenny did a lot of coughing and gagging when Patrick finally pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Bernie felt a little sorry for the girl. He went to a cooler and got a couple of Cokes. He took them back to the two kids, as they finally sat up. He handed each one a Coke. "Here kids! I think you can use these. We'll take a little break now."

Patrick gasped out, "Thanks man." and tilted it up, drinking thirstily.

Jenny didn't say anything. She did take the pop though, and tilting the can back, almost drained it completely before lowering it back down with a gasp and small burp. She kept her eyes turned downward, not looking at her brother or Bernie. She made it pretty obvious to Bernie she was confused, and didn't much like what had just happened to her.

Burnie didn't care. She wasn't here for her pleasure. She was here for his, and he was going to enjoy as much of her as he could!

"How about it Patrick?" Bernie wanted to needle the girl a little. "Did you like that?"

Patrick grinned as he blushed. "That was awesome. What’s next?"

Bernie liked the boy's enthusiastic attitude. He was getting into the spirit of the thing. "How about you Jenny?" Bernie still wanted to fire her up. "Didn't you enjoy yourself?"

Chapter 6.

Jenny glared at the old man. "I did not. You're mean, and a dirty old man." She turned to her brother with flashing eyes. "You too. Why'd you fuh force me to suck your old thing? It tasted nuh nasty." Jenny's lips began trembling, and tears formed in the corners of her eyes, as her brave front slipped away. She burst out crying, and buried her face in her hands.

Patrick reached out and pulled her to him.

She struggled at first then slumped against him, sobbing quietly and trembling.

He soothed the distraught girl by rubbing her back with his hands and murmurring, "Now, now, Jenny. Everything's gonna be all right. We'll be done soon, and after all, we're doing this for Momma. You want to help Momma don't you?"

Jenny, still sniffling, kept her face hidden on Patrick's bare chest, but she nodded her head and gave a little hiccup, sucking her breath in raggedly, she managed to gasp, "I, suppose so. I just didn't, nuh, know, it could be, so strange. I know it's, bad, but why does it, feel, so good Patrick?"

"If you’ll let me, I'll explain something to you kids." Bernie looked at both of the young people. "Its only bad to people that don't know any better. Their minds are so small, they don't understand what nature's all about. What we're doing here is as natural as breathing. The trick to understanding people, is recognizing their limitations. People are too ready to judge others by what they believe is right, but its a different story, when its THEM thats being judged. This would be a Hell of a better world, if people spent more time minding their own business, and less time sticking their noses into others. There’s too many hipocrits out there, doing their best to make other people live by standards they don't honor themselves.”

“Well,” Bernie cleared his throat and grinned, “thats enough philosophy for now, don’t you agree?"

Bernie stepped over to the brother and sister and stretched out on his back next to them. "Alright Jenny. I want you to lay down on top of me. On your back. I want your head aimed towards my feet."

Jenny drew back but her brother urged her forward with a little push, saying, "Go ahead Jenny. Its alright. We gotta do what he says."

Jenny crawled over to Bernie and faced opposite to him, then awkwardly managed to roll onto his body. Now she had her back against his front and her head towards his feet. She was forced to open her legs to lay them beside Bernie’s head.

Bernie loved the way her slippery warm skin felt touching him, but she'd managed to roll a little further down than where he wanted her. He reached down and got a hold on each of her hipbones and pulled her up and into place. When he got her moved right, her sweet smelling bottom was squarely against his face. His nose was pressed in between the soft meaty part of her warm and delicious ass cheeks. Her rectum opening was almost brushing his gasping lips and his eyes were glued to her lovely hairless pussy.

Bernie rapped his arms around Jenny and held her tightly against him. "Patrick?"

Patrick’s eyes were glazed with lust as he looked at his sister laying on top of the old man. "What do you want me to do now?"

"I want you to fuck her now." Bernie's voice was husky with desire. He couldn't wait to see the boy's hard and throbbing cock sliding in and out of her small and succulent, lovely bald pussy. He felt Jenny tighten up. "Time's wasting boy. Get with it."

Patrick didn't need any more encouragement. He pulled Jenny's legs open and moved between them. His cock was standing hard and ready.

"Wait a second Patrick,” Bernie stopped Patrick’s movement. “You gotta lubricate it. You don't want to dry fuck a cherry!"

Bernie was breathing hard as he watched Patrick spit in his hand, rub it all over his hard and twitching cock and make it shine with spit.

All Jenny managed to gasp out was, "Duh don't, it'll hurt!" Then it was too late.

Patrick used his hand to line up the head of his cock with her pussy’s hole. He inserted the cock’s head and rammed it home all the way!

Jenny squealed with the sudden sharp pain but no one heard her.

Her brother was slamming his big hot cock in her with wild abandonment, and no body cared! She was so dazed with the shock of losing her virginity, she couldn’t move.

In the meantime Bernie was hanging onto Jenny tightly because she was wiggling and trying her best to get away.

Bernie watched with total lust and fascination. He was completely mesmerized as Patrick's cock slid in and out of Jenny's tightly stretched little pussy. Bernie loved seeing the white slick-looking juices from Jenny's lubrication forming around her lovely succulent and tightly stretched pussy-hole. He couldn't help it! Bernie opened his mouth and began sucking on Jenny's ass skin. Jenny had calmed down a little so Bernie managed to squeeze one arm and hand up between Jenny and her brother. He began playing with Jenny's small and perfect breasts. They were about the size of small lemons, and as Bernie squeezed them and played with their hard little button nipples, all he could think of was how good they were going to taste inside his mouth. He couldn't hardly wait! He kept on sucking on Jenny's ass and playing with her breasts as he watched Patrick fuck her.

Bernie next slipped his free hand from between the two sweaty bodies and began playing with Patrick's balls. He slipped one of his fingers inside Jenny’s now slightly loosened slick pussy and alongside Patrick's cock. He lubricated it thoroughly and pulled it back out. Bernie moved it to Jenny's tight rectum and, ever so wonderfully slow, eased it inside all the way. This brought another small squeal from Jenny, but with his lower arm no longer in the way of Patrick, the boy laid a little more on the girl and clamped his mouth onto hers and muffled her cries. He forced his tongue deep inside Jenny’s gasping mouth.

Chapter 7.

Bernie began working his finger slowly in and out. He loved the way her hot and moist tight virginal asshole felt as it slid back and forth on his finger. Bernie watched as the white-looking ring around Jenny's lovely bald pussy began taking on a pinkish tinge. He knew Patrick had popped a cherry for sure. He felt Patrick quicken his pace even more. Bernie pulled his other hand away from Jenny's breasts and allowed Patrick to lay even more on his sister as he fucked her. He moved his hand down and lubricated another finger from his other hand. Then he moved it to Patrick's tightly clinching asshole and pushed it slowly inside all the way.

This must have rung the bell for Patrick. He gave a strangled moan of intense pleasure and rammed himself against Jenny as tight as he could. As Patrick felt his inflamed cock begin jumping and spurting gob after wet gob of his hot creamy cum deep inside his lovely sister's quivering hot pussy, he gasped, “Oh yeah! Oo Jenny, you, your, pussy is, so, fucking tight, and hot! I’m cum, cumming! Oo Lordy I’m cumming! Cumming cumming cumming!”

Drained at last Patrick slumped down on her. He noticed for the first time something strange inside his own rectum. Patrick felt the old man pull his finger out of his ass. He rolled off Jenny and laid on his side, looking at his sister laying on top of the old man.

Bernie’s lustfilled eyes watched Patrick pull out and roll off. He looked at Jenny's pussy gapping slightly open with some strings of creamy, pinkish white fluids leaking out and running down over her perfect rose bud opening.

Bernie had to swallow before he managed to gasp out, "Now turn over Jenny. I'll help you." He lifted and turned her body til Jenny was laying belly down. Her face was down by his hard and twitching cock and her delicious pussy was above his face. Bernie reached out and pulled each of Jenny’s legs up til they were folded along side his head. This caused her hips to curve downward at an angle exactly as he wanted. "Okay Jenny,” Bernie gasped, “start sucking my cock now."

He had to repeat himself before she began. He first felt her hot breath on him, just before he felt the moistness of her mouth engulf him. He felt her tongue begin to slide all over the full length of his cock. Bernie nuzzled into Jenny’s flared open pussy and began licking and sucking up all her warm juices. He licked and slurped with noisy abandonment. He loved Jenny’s salty warm creamy taste. Bernie delighted in the two-fold sensation of getting a wonderful blowjob and giving as good as he got.

Bernie knew he was getting to her when he felt her hips unconsciously begin their slow grinding and humping motion against his face. That was alright with him. He could feel how excited she was getting by the attention she was giving his swollen tingling and inflamed cock. She was really putting some effort into her work! It felt to Bernie like she was trying to literally suck his balls right out through his pee hole.

Bernie could just barely see the lower part of Patrick's body out of the corner of his eye. He noticed how the lovely perfectly formed cock was stiffening up. He reached a hand over and began playing with it, squeezing and stroking it til it was hard as a rock again. He saw it was beginning to jump and twitch with a life of it’s own. Bernie grinned inside at the short gasps and groans of pleasure beginning to come from Patrick.

Jenny began spasming and bucking uncontrollably. She was reaching orgasm after exploding orgasm.

Bernie feverishly worked his hot slippery tongue over Jenny’s swollen tasty clit. This caused Jenny’s inflamed brain to burst forth with such bright lights of passion she almost lost her mind. “Oh! Oh oh, Guh God! Oo, oo yes! E, eat me, Bernie! Please? Oo puh leez? Ah, yes! I’m cuh, cumming! Cumming cumming cumming! Oo, yes! Aiee aiee aiee!”

Jenny was bobbing her head and sucking so hard she literally sucked Bernie's climax right out of him. She began swallowing the gushing flood of creamy, hot slick cum.

Bernie giggled as he thought she was going to suck so hard she'd surely implode his toes! He waited til Jenny had sucked the last drop of his hot cum from his jerking and twitching cock before rolling her over.

Now he was on top with her underneath. He rested on his knees with his back slightly arched, as his cock hung down by Jenny's mouth. "Okay Patrick. I'm not done eating this sweet tender pussy yet. I want her to suck on my cock some more. So, that leaves only you with a hard cock and a definite need for some place to put it. Any port in a storm is what I say. I want you to get behind me and slip it, ever so slowly, inside my asshole! Be very, very careful though. If you're real slow at first, I think we'll both enjoy the experience, alright?"

Patrick looked a little dubious at first but he got behind the old man, lubricated his hard cock and pushed it inside real slow. "God!" Patrick was shocked and surprised. "That feels, real, real, good, Bernie!" He put a hand on each of the old man's hips and began rocking slowly back and forth, marveling and grinning at how marvelous it felt.

In the meantime, Bernie patiently waited for the innitial discomfort to wear off before beginning his own administrations to the beautiful, succulant sight before him. His eyes devoured the delectible pussy laying open so invitingly. He let his eyes move down to Jenny’s beautiful delicious looking asshole laying just beneath her lovely hairless pussy.

Bernie was finally relaxed now and beginning to enjoy the feel of Patrick's hard, hot and slippery cock sliding in and out of his nether region. Bernie lowered his head and began eating Jenny's pussy. Just as he began licking inside her pussy’s hole, he felt her lips engulf his hardening cock again, and thrilled to the tingling of his swollen cock. He felt her hot slick tongue licking all around his cock’s head before it worked it’s way down his shaft, all the way to its base. It didn't take anyone long this time.

Bernie exploded down Jenny's throat, about the same time he felt Patrick's hot burning cock begin jumping and spurting hot globs of creamy cum deep inside his bowels.

Jenny was feverishly grinding her inflamed groin into the old man’s face and moaning deliriously. She was having multiple orgasms. "Oh! Oh! Oo, oo! Suh, suck me ruh raw!" Jenny couldn't say anything else because she'd already pulled Bernie's still hard cock back into her mouth and begun sucking again. Finally, everything began slowing down.

Patrick's hot and tingling cock slowly pulled out of its warm and moist tight-fitting love hole.

Jenny grudgingly gave up trying to revitalize the old man's cock again.

Bernie slumped exhaustedly down onto Jenny. His face was still pressed into her hot and wet, delectible pussy.

After resting a few moments Bernie got carefully off Jenny. He made it to the floor on trembling legs. He knew what he wanted to do next. Knowing what would follow after that Bernie saw no reason not to get right on with his plans. "Move over here now, Jenny."

Jenny slowly slid over to him.

Bernie helped her by grabbing an ankle in each hand and pulling on her legs. He pulled her down til her groin was laying a little past the edge of the platform.

Bernie had built the platform himself so it would be exactly the right height for his purposes. He stood close to her, pressing up against Jenny's warm moist pussy. He loved the feel of his cock touching her hot silky skin.

Addressing Patrick next he said, "Now stand up and straddle Jenny's legs and face me."

Chapter 8.

Patrick made his way clumsily over to Jenny and stepped across her legs. He faced the old man. "Like this?" His face got a little red as Bernie motioned him closer. He inched his way forward til he was almost touching the old man.

"Much, much better," Bernie breathed as he cupped the boy's balls. He opened his mouth and began sucking and licking Patrick's silky, swelling cock. He felt it begin to grow warm in his mouth. He loved the texture of the skin. It was as silky-smooth as his sister's pussy, and the heat growing in it was fantastic. Bernie moved his head back and forth, thrilling to the feel of Patrick’s hot and twitching, silky smooth cock sliding against his lips as he licked the underside of it. He stroked it with his tongue continuously while he sucked it deep into his mouth. He managed to suck it part way down his throat.

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