tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 08

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 08


Flat in Cheshire, England

Natalya pulls Rolan, her second in command, down to kiss her as they lay on top of the bed. Natalya's fingers digs into his hair holding him down. He reaches up to the top of her blouse and begins to undo one button at a time until the blouse flays open revealing her luscious breasts and stomach.

He pushes in and kisses Natalya again, deeper this time. Then his tongue goes deeper in and he begins to caress the skin above her breasts. As they break apart from the kiss, his right hand moves up and cups one of her breasts. His fingers find her nipple; it goes rigid and responsive to his touch. He slides down and brings her breast up. His mouth lowers to her nipple and Natalya draws in a breath as he pulls on it with his teeth.

She moans softly. She pushes him up, away from her body suddenly then grabs his shirt with both hands and rips it apart, freeing it from his body. Beneath lays a massive broad chest. The light glimmers off his tanned skin. There is always something about a human's skin that sends a ripple through her. It is something no demon can mimic, no matter how hard they try.

Natalya pulls him back down onto her and their mouths lock once again, this time Natalya shoves her tongue deep into his mouth. His hand slips down to her hip and he feels around until his hand finds the zipper on the side of her skirt. He unzips it until the zipper stops. He pulls away from her embrace and grabs the sides of the skirt and begins to pull. Her lithe body slithers out from the skirt and Rolan tosses it aside.

His left hand slides to her upper thigh then down to her knee as he caresses her leg. He enjoys the feeling of her skin to the point he wishes he had the chance to feel it more often. He then takes his hand and grazes her inner leg and up between her legs until he touches the top of her hairless mound. His hand slips down to touch wetness. She hisses slightly. The feeling of his touch is pure ecstasy. He slides one finger over her pussy, spreading the lips apart. The wetness increases; the feeling excites Natalya even more.

Rolan steps back and removes what remains of his clothing then slips back onto the bed. Natalya's hand reaches out and grasps his erection. It feels hot and hard, pulsating slowly in her grip. Her grip slackens when he shifts his hips and moves in to kiss on her neck. His lips work their way down her body until they reach her naval. He pauses briefly then slips down placing his tongue into her pussy.

He opens it up slowly with his fingers and slips in the tip of his tongue. She bites her bottom lip and brings her legs up to bend them at the knees. He presses his lips against her and spreads her open with his fingers and licks and sucks on the inside of her and her clitoris. Her fingers dig into the bed sheets, her back arches into the air. Suddenly, she feels her body pulse and the spray of cum splattering from her pussy. He gratefully laps up her juices as they slow to a continuous drizzle.

He pulls back sliding back up her body and she is surprised when his finger slips into her. He fingers her, hitting every sensitive part in her until once again her body reaches its breaking point and climaxes. He pulled his hand away, drawing his body up over hers and slides his cock abruptly into her wet pussy.

It sends a shiver through her and she has to reach in to kiss him. Rolan gives short, gentle strokes. He carries it on for a few minutes before plunging into her more fully. He turns his short strokes into long, hard ones. Her tightness conforms to his cock, wrapping it tightly like her hand did a moment before.

She reaches behind his back, clutching it. She draws up her legs around his hips and pulls him in closer and holds him there. His steady pounding brings her to another orgasm and forces Rolan to erupt violently into her. Her fingers dig deep into his back while her insides contract against his cock extending the length of his orgasm.

He pulls out and slips off the bed followed by Natalya. She slides down in between his legs and grasps his cock. She gingerly kisses the head of his cock and then dips her head to lick the underside of it. She begins running her tongue along the full length. He shudders from the feeling it brings and prompts her to bring her tongue up around to the top of his head and slowly encircle it.

He gasps and Natalya stops to grin before clamping back down onto his cock. His head slides in and she wraps her tongue around it. She continues this for a couple of minutes then lets the remainder slip in until it hits the back of her throat. She pulls back a little and swirls her tongue around. Natalya pulls it out and looks up at the human, deep into his eyes and smiles then plunges his throbbing cock back into her mouth.

She begins to suck slowly before steadily increasing. When his body begins to tense she works it harder until his body can't handle it anymore and like an explosion his cum shoots down to the back of her throat. She opens her mouth and accepts the second and finally a third burst.

Slowly her tongue darts out from between her lips and she moves it around her whole mouth taking in whatever amount of cum had slipped out. When she thinks she got it all, she goes back in and licks at the base of his cock, lapping up the wetness from her pussy, groaning the entire time.

The noise mixes with the brushing of her tongue makes his cock rise again. A smile returns to her face and she lets go of his cock and crawls back onto the bed putting her ass high into his face. A coy grin splays across his face and he follows her up onto the bed. Rolan grabs her ass cheeks and pulls them apart then plunges his cock deep into her tight hole. The new entry makes Natalya gasp and shudder with sensation.

His climax comes much quicker this time and after only a couple of minutes he fills her ass with cum. They collapse onto the bed and Roland pulls out, rolling onto his back. Natalya follows suit and rolls onto hers. She licks her lips and feels the warm cum slowly trickle out of her ass.


What have you summoned me for? Typheryian asks the moment the doors part revealing his mincing form to the crew of technicians.

"M-My lord," the head technician stammers. "The facility in Siberia fell under attack and was destroyed a few hours ago."

And I'm only finding out about this now? the demon nearly screams. Anger fills every word as well as his eyes.

"We've only just received word my lord," the technician explains. "The Russian government has moved in to take control of the situation and declaring it their investigation since it took place in their country."

Typheryian ponders over the information for a moment then glares back at the man. Has Magnus or Oriatis been notified of this?

"No my lord. I-I thought it best to notify you first." The man is now visibly shaking and trembling with fear.

Calm yourself, the demon orders. He turns and begins to pace the room. This may actually work in our favor. At some point the world will get overly curious and they obviously have begun to investigate. Has Natalya contacted us with any information about it? he asks suddenly as a new thought pops into his head.

"Unconfirmed at this time," another of the technicians answers. "After the third summoning she reported an All Clear and that was the last we heard from her."

Very well. Synchronize the facility in the Sahara. I want to ready by tomorrow afternoon.

"Yes my lord."

Typheryian gives the crew a nod and vanishes.


I see you are not satisfied with just me," Rythern says appearing behind Natalya as she stands behind the counter of what served as the apartment's kitchen with only a large shirt draped over her body. Natalya remains bent over the counter not bothering to turn around and acknowledge the young demon. But a smile does cross her face. "Why do you play with humans? What have they got that your fellow kind doesn't?" Rythern presses.

"Are you jealous?" Natalya says after a brief thirty seconds of silence. She remains bent over the counter looking at the sleeping man in her bed.

She feels Rythern's hands slide under the shirt and across her hips. "More like disappointed," he says pressing his body against hers. She feels the head of his cock pressing against her ass and for a moment she relaxes. Then suddenly she spins around and changes the subject.

"What are you here for?"

"At the moment?" he asks with a dubious grin. "I'm here for you."

"You're always here for me, but it's never for just a social visit." She puts her finger against his chest and pushes him back.

"Nothing gets by you."

"How else do I stay ahead of everyone?"

"Then you don't know about Siberia," he guesses.

"I can take a guess," she says turning to him and smiling. "Did something happen to the facility?"

"As a matter fact something did." He chuckles lightly which gains a looked of increased interest from the Succubus. "Someone infiltrated it, killed the Black Dragon guard and blew the place to hell."

"Well," she says followed by a false sigh, "that's just too bad."

Rythern smiles. "You are truly an interesting creature. I could almost believe you have the ability to outsmart the Ternion. Almost."

"My dear Rythern, I can outsmart anybody."

"Even me?"

"Especially you." Her answer comes with a smile and it draws the Asura in to her. She is pulled into him and she allows his hand to slip up underneath the shirt and slip up between her legs. He pauses and withdraws his hand and steps away. He looks up to Natalya and she has a large smile played across her face. She looks directly at him and nods.

Leave us. Typheryian's voice floats across the room. Rythern does as commanded and vanishes.

"What can I do for you Typheryian?" Natalya asks immediately after Rythern's leaving.

You know why I am here Natalya.

"I have a few assumptions," she answers smartly.

Fire flares in the Asura's eyes then quickly flares out. Natalya seems to have a way of pushing the right buttons and if he didn't need her then she'd have been destroyed long ago. My facility has been attacked and destroyed because of your ignorance.

"I know not of what you are speaking of. My men were there to protect it and they obviously weren't up to the task."

Such little confidence in your own people. Maybe they would be in better hands under me.

Natalya lets out a brief, false laugh. "If only it was that easy. No, I have plenty of confidence in the Black Dragon. Sergey Stalockavich instilled the discipline necessary to keep them loyal."

Sounds like repetition can be a good thing.

"You go ahead and do what you must and you'll have a war on your hands," she threatens.

Like there isn't already one with the humans?

"If you want to add to your problems be my guest," she says waving her hand dismissively at him. "I pulled most of my men because I knew the facility was coming under attack." Typheryian is perplexed at the new information and now very curious. He begins to wonder if he has underestimated her. "I have many contacts that have information crossing their plate or they can find out information," she informs him upon seeing the look he has on his face. "I have had a long history so I suggest you don't continue your threats with me unless you intend to follow through with them."

Typheryian suppresses his anger faster than it has a chance to rise up. As much as he would like to follow through, he really does need her. At least until his plan comes to fruition. You are lucky I need your security otherwise I would have already been done with you. He snarled.

"Then I guess it's good we still have an agreement."

Only until you decide to play your game again. He warned. Next time a facility of mine falls because of your lack of confidence I will not worry about my need for you.

"Then let us hope for your success," she says smiling falsely.

Typheryian suppresses a smile and nods before vanishing. Natalya stands looking at the spot the Asura was standing at for a few moments then over to the spot Rythern disappeared moments earlier. When the younger demon doesn't reappear she glances over to her bed where Rolan is still lying asleep. She smiles to herself as she walks over to the sleeping man; her shirt hits the ground half way there.

Natalya slides into the bed and her hands begin to roam over her body, stopping to massage her breasts. They pinch her hardening nipples between her fingers. Her fingers move down to her pussy and gently rub her clit. Eyes closed and with her head thrown back she begins to moan as she climaxes.

After giving her body a moment to calm, she starts rubbing her warm body against Rolan's. She kisses his neck and moves her hands down to his cock. She begins to rub his cock, feeling it start to twitch and grow. She takes his cock in her hand and begins to stroke it up and down as she grinds her body against his back. She feels her hard nipples against his back, rubbing up and down. They are so hard and sensitive that she moans out loud. She gives little gentle kisses and nibbles on his neck and ear. Her hand begins to move a little faster on his rock hard cock.

He then turns around to face her. Their eyes meet and then their mouths. Natalya's tongue parts his lips and their tongues explore each other's mouths. As she smiles her hand reaches down and finds his cock again, rubbing it and stroking it, feeling the throbbing beneath her hand.

She breaks away and starts kissing his neck. As her other hand runs over his chest, she rubs his nipples and feels them getting hard. Her hand plays with his nipples, squeezing them between her fingers, pinching them gently, as he moans. Her hand feels a wet spot of precum slip from his cock head making her even hotter and wetter; her pussy begins to throb and twitch.

She begins to kiss lower down his chest, stopping to kiss and suck his nipples. He moans louder, making her even more excited. She slowly starts to kneel, leaving a trail of wetness over his skin from the kisses and her tongue. Kneeling all the way down she kisses his inner thighs, as her hands reach and cup his ass to pull him closer to her.

One hand remains on his ass while the other reaches around and squeezes his cum filled balls. Her hand then reaches down and rubs her pussy, getting some of my juices on my fingers. I move to his balls, rubbing my juices all over them, making them so wet and slippery.

She then moves her hand to his cock and rubs around the head, getting more precum on her thumb and fingers. She moves back to his balls, smearing the precum all around, mixing their juices. He moans louder. She then sticks her tongue out and licks his balls gently. She tastes their sweet juices together; sweet and salty. Moans come out from her mouth matching his. Her hand moves back to his cock and her thumb rubs around the head, running through the opening, feeling the precum and smearing it all over the head. She moves her mouth now back to his hard cock, her tongue reaches out and licks the head.

Her mouth opens and takes his cock inside, all at once. She devours it, swallowing all of it. When it reaches the back of her throat, she stops and savors it a moment. Her hand squeezes his balls hard, tugging on them. He grabs her hair and starts to thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her mouth hard now. He then pulls her hair, moving her head as he fucks her mouth harder.

Her hand reaches around him and grabs his ass, steadying her as he fucks her mouth harder. She squeezes his cum filled balls harder. Her pussy becomes even wetter and her nipples get so hard they ache.

She removes my hand from his balls and moves it down to her pussy and begins to rub her clit with her thumb as her fingers find the entrance to her pussy. Two fingers enter. It is so wet they can hear the wetness as her fingers move in and out faster. He moans and removes his cock from her mouth.

"Put you're pussy in my face," he orders.

She rises up does as he says. She straddles him with her pussy close to his face. As she leans down to his cock she takes it in her mouth. His hands reach up to spread apart the lips of her pussy, revealing her hardened clit and wet pussy. His tongue reaches out and flicks over her clit.

Her mouth tightens and moves up and down faster on his cock. Her hand squeezes and tugs hard on his balls. His tongue dips up into her hot wet pussy. Her body starts to shiver and shake, as she sucks harder on his cock. She wants to taste all of his cum. His tongue moves back to her clit as he puts two fingers into her wet pussy. He moves them in and out, faster.

Natalya feels his cock jerk in her mouth and knows he is about to cum. Her body starts to tremble as she begins to cum. His cum abruptly shoots into her hungry mouth and she sucks harder, trying to get every drop. His tongue goes up in her pussy to get all of her juices, making her cum even more. As his cock goes soft in her mouth, he turns her around and lays her on top of him. They kiss, a long, deep passionate kiss, tasting each other's cum.

Their lips part and he says, "Get up and sit on me."

As she does, she grinds her pussy against his still warm and wet cock. He reaches up and pinches her hard nipples between his fingers. "Ooohh," she moans loudly.

She can feel his cock come back to life under her hot, wet pussy. He moans and says, "Get on your knees. I'm going to fuck you so hard you're going to scream for more."

Natalya moves over and gets up on her knees. She bends over, leaning on my hands and sticks her ass into the air. He spreads her legs, gets between them and slaps her ass with his now hard cock. He places his cock head into the entrance to her pussy and stops. Teasing her with his cock, he pushes it in a little further then stops again.

"I need your cock," she whines. "Put it deep in my pussy."

He grabs her hair and pulls her head back. Then he rams his cock into her pussy hard. She almost screams with pleasure as she feels his cock filling her pussy up. Her whole body moves as he fucks hard, in and out fast.

Her hand finds her clit and begins to rub it fast. He moves his hand to the middle of her ass and rubs his thumb over her asshole, making her scream with pleasure. As he fucks her harder, he slips one finger into her ass, slowly at first. After a moment he moves it in and out, slowly increasing his speed as his cock moves faster in and out of her pussy. Their bodies begin to shake together as he fucks her even harder. His balls slap hard against her as his cock goes in and out.

"I'm cumming!" she screams.

As she screams he pulls his cock out of her pussy and moves it to her ass, letting the head of his cock rest against her asshole. He then pushes the head in slowly until it fits snuggly inside. Before Natalya has much time to adjust pushes it all the way in and begins to fuck her hard, his balls now slapping against her. He starts to tremble and his cock spurts, shooting the hot cum deep inside her ass. He pumps his cock in and out until the last drop of cum is deep in her ass.

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