tagNovels and NovellasAccession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 14

Accession: CATU Book 5 Ch. 14


Serena & Courtney's Erotic Comfort

While Dupree secured a boat and scuba gear Stone went out for weapons. Like Russia, he had a few contacts in Australia as even a few favors.

His first hour produces nothing of notable significance. Some of his contacts are no longer in business, have been eliminated at some point, or just don't have any tech worth the price tag it came with. Then he sees the sign.

Serena & Courtney's Erotic Comfort.

Instantly he stops in his tracks and his mind races back several years ago. How could I forget these two?

He composes himself and looks around ensuring no one is out of place. No one is following him around Sydney and he doesn't feel the presence of any demons, but he is careful. When someone stops being careful is when they slip up and end up dead.

He didn't care for death. When it comes it would come, but not at a lack of focus or discipline. When he reaches the door to the three story shop, he takes one more inconspicuous look around and then enters.

A ding from the door bell rings when he enters and a young woman at the checkout counter looks up from her magazine. He can't see what she is reading or looking at but considering what kind of store this is he has a good idea. The woman smiles at him and he returns it equally.

"May I help you?" she asks a moment later when Stone doesn't move from the entrance and instead stands in place looking around the store.

"I'm looking for Serena or Courtney," he says with another friendly smile.

The woman returns the smile with a more devious one. "Of course you are." She leaves the counter and walks through a set of doors behind her and disappears.

Stone is thrown off slightly and he forces back his instincts to grab something to use as a weapon for a possible attack. He doesn't think he left here last time with any malice. Of course he could be wrong. Women are hard to read sometimes.

A moment later the young woman returns. "They're waiting for you upstairs."

Stone gives her a nod as relief floods him. He turns to the stairs and goes up them. The store is divided into two parts. The bottom has all the minor adult stuff like costumes and toys. The top floor holds the rest; movie and magazines.

Off course the two women deal in other things such as illegal videos and magazines. But Stone is here for something else entirely.

He browses through the store passing another shop worker and a few of Sydney's residents. The third floor, his destination, is the two women's home. He is familiar with the place having been there several times. At the time a large, illegal weapons ring was being ran and Serena and Courtney provided information vital to the case.

Of course he knew they were gun runners themselves and he knew of the other illegal activities they had, but they had valuable information and they weren't part of the ring. When the investigation was over they felt the need to reward him for his silence and eliminating their competition.

His thoughts carry him all the way to the elevator door. The women seemed to have moved up since he was last here. Where the elevator sits used to sit a set of stairs leading up. Of course there used to be guards posted but that is no longer the case.

There is a moment of hesitation and the worker he passed seconds ago says, "Push the button. They are expecting you."

He turns and gives the woman an emotionless smile and presses it. The doors part immediately and he steps in. The doors close and begin to rise. Stone looks around for a button and doesn't find one or a camera. Two seconds later it stops and the doors part.

He steps out into a large living area complete with a kitchen. Across the expanse is a bedroom and bathroom. Everything looks the same as the last time he was here. The door opens to the room and Serena in a dress and Courtney in pants and blouse step out.

"Well we really never expected to see you again," Serena says with a wide grin.

"Especially since it has been a long time since our last encounter," Courtney continues.

"I've been busy but I haven't forgotten," he replies stony faced.

"Not excited to see us?" Serena asks upon seeing no expression set on his face.

"Business ladies."

"Ah. Well then please have a seat," she says gesturing to the set of couches in the center of the room.

Stone does. Serena takes the couch across from him and Courtney slips onto his and slides up next to him. "Maybe afterward we can discuss pleasure," she says licking her lips.

"So what can we help you with Jonathan?" Serena asks.

"I need guns. Good ones."

She clicks her tongue. "We are no longer into such illegal activities and we only run a legitimate place of business."

"Relax Serena," he says leaning back into the couch. Courtney begins to twirl her finger around on his chest. "I no longer work for the CIA or FBI."

"But you do work for someone," says Courtney.

He looks at her then to Serena. "What makes you think that?"

Serena is the one to answer. "You're too honest to turn mercenary." She holds up a finger to stop him as he was about to speak. "And it's not for your personal collection. You wouldn't come all the way here just to buy something."

"You got me," he says slapping his hands down on his knees. "I am here on assignment but I need weapons."

"And your agency is out of them?"

"We don't have that influence yet or caches set up everywhere."

"And what form of payment can you make?" Courtney asks. Her voice takes on a sexy tone. "It doesn't look like you can carry much in this jacket."

He pulls out a card from his jacket's inner pocket. "You can take this to the International Bank of Trade and Commerce, hand it to the manager and he'll know what to do with it."

"Last we heard, that bank belonged to a criminal," Serena remarks.

"It did, but the organization I work for, what's the word?" he says snapping his fingers. "Ah yes, confiscated it."

"Very well," she says snatching the card from his fingers. She gets up and walks over to the wall by a large flat screen television and moves a picture. Beneath it lays a hand reader. Serena places her palm on it and the wall parts to reveal a glass case with soft blue lighting. In the case is an assortment of weapons.

She slides the glass and pulls out an assault rifle. She walks over to Stone and hands him the weapon then takes her place back on the couch. He flips it over in his hands looking it over as she talks.

"The C.T.A.R. 21," she begins. "Israeli made, uses standard NATO rounds, gas-operated and it has a fire rate of seven hundred and fifty to nine hundred rounds a minute."

"I like it," Stone says. "I need two and a couple pistols."

"The best we can do for you in that department is the SIG Sauer P226. The barrel can be changed out enabling you to use 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG rounds."

"Versatile," he says.

"We'll send you out with nondescript cases for them," Serena says closing the deal. "Anything else you need?"

"That about covers it," Stone answers.

"Well then," Courtney says. "I hope you have some free time."

"I don't have to be anywhere for a little while," he says smiling at her.

He stands and throws off his jacket then takes both Serena and Courtney's hands and pulls them into the bedroom. Both of them have a goofy grin on their faces. Stone starts to slowly take off Courtney's blouse and Serena cocks an eyebrow at him.

"Don't worry you're next," he says.

Serena just smiles. "I thought you'd start with me," she says with a pretend pout.

"Serena," he says. "Get undressed." It is an order and he played this game before. She begins to get undressed letting her dress slip off her shoulders onto the floor with a flop.

Stone removes Courtney's blouse and unfastens her bra, letting her firm breasts fall free. Her nipples have already hardened in anticipation, and he runs his thumbs gently across them.

Serena turns Stone around to face her. She also has a nice pair of firm breasts, just a cup larger than Courtney's. While he is transfixed on her chest she pushes him on to the bed. "Now we need to take care of your clothes." She undoes his belt while Courtney pulls insistently at his shirt.

Before he knows it, Serena has his cock in her mouth before Courtney even has one arm out of the shirt. Once the shirt is off, Courtney is quick to remove her pants. She wears no underwear underneath and a smile creeps onto Stone's face. She mimics the jester then slides her ass over his face.

Serena pulls off his cock letting long streams of saliva to stretch between her mouth and the head of his cock and offers it over to Courtney. She takes it and begins swirling her tongue around the head. Serena sits back watching as she slips her fingers down between her legs and into her pussy.

Stone dives right in to Courtney's smoothly shaved pussy. He grabs her hips and pulls them in closer then slams his tongue as far into her as it could reach and slowly starts stroking her with it. She squirms and it doesn't take long before her cum begins to drip over his tongue and into his mouth.

While Courtney holds onto the base of his cock and taking it all in until it disappears, Serena slides back in and cups his balls, they are now extremely wet from Courtney's mouth. Both women's eyes lock and Serena gives the other a smile then places them into her mouth.

Stone is consumed with pleasure. Two very warm, very wet and very talented women have his groin wrapped in pure ecstasy. The effect forces groans and whimpers to come out at nearly the same time. The pleasure is so intense he has to pull his tongue out of Courtney's pussy because his concentration is lost on the woman.

Courtney and Serena giggle at his reaction. The giggle is innocent and gone in another moment. It is replaced by both their mouths again. This time they are more forceful and focused. And less than a minute later Stone is cumming all over both their faces. Both women moan with delight and take to licking the cum off one another's face until it is completely gone.

Courtney slides off Stone's face and Serena slowly sinks down onto his cock. Her hot wet pussy embraces him for her own. She looks at Courtney and says, "Why don't you come over here and play with yourself." She pats the bed next to her and Stone.

Courtney moves around and kneels next to Stone and faces Serena as she rides up and down on his cock. Courtney's hand goes to her naked pussy and she starts to rub it slowly.

Stone sits up and takes Serena's nipple in his mouth. Serena places her hand underneath and holds it for him. She does the same with her other breast only this one she holds out for the other woman. Courtney doesn't hesitate. She leans in and takes the nipple into her mouth.

Stone can feel the woman ready to cum. Her pussy pulsates and contracts around his cock immensely. Serena reaches around both Stone and Courtney's head and pulls them hard into her breasts. Serena rides him hard and fast, slamming down onto him to thrust his cock as far in as it could possibly go. Serena's pussy lets loose wet sounds as it slams against him revealing just how intensely wet she is. Then the onslaught of cum comes. She bucks and thrusts against them both. Stone cups his hands around her ass to hold her in place. The orgasm is so intense it last nearly a full thirty seconds. By the time it is over Stone is drenched in the woman's cum and a ring of wetness covers the sheet around them.

Stone lifts the woman up off of him and indicates for her to turn around to face away from him. He moves up to place his back against the headboard then grabs her hips and pulls her back onto his cock. With her back to him, he is once again deep in her pussy. Serena needs no coaxing and almost immediately she is moving up and down again on his cock.

Courtney slides around to Serena's front and all of a sudden Stone feels hot, wetness grasp his balls. After a moment he feels her tongue slide from his balls to the base of his cock. Courtney works her tongue there for a few moments then continues upward to Serena's slopping wet pussy. Serena's thrusts become intense. She grabs the other woman's head and pushes it in, hard.

Stone has his hands wrapped around Serena's upper body gripping her breasts as he teases her nipples with his fingers. Courtney continues to lick unfazed by the force Serena is exerting on her. Serena's moans quickly turn to screams.

"I'm cumming!" she screams.

Stone fights hard to keep from cumming himself until he reaches the point where he no longer has control over his body and explodes deep inside her. Serena lifts up off his cock. The cum from both her and Stone seep out over his cock. Courtney grabs hold of his shaft and wraps her lips around it sucking in the cum until it is all gone. Serena settles next to the man and gently grabs the other woman's face and pulls her in for a deep kiss. Their tongues meet and twirl. Serena pulls what is left of the cum that Courtney doesn't swallow into her mouth and lets it slide down her throat.

When they pull away Serena smiles and says, "Now that was wonderful."

Courtney grins and turns around on her hands and knees sticking her ass into the air in front of Stone. He is instantly up and fully hard again. He settles in between her legs and runs his fingers into her flawlessly shaved pussy. His fingers plunge in deep forcing wetness to nearly splatter out. When Stone removes his fingers he finds his hand completely soaked and dripping wet. The sight before him causes his cock to pound even harder.

Serena slides gracefully in front of Courtney and begins to caress her breasts. "Do you want his cock?" she asks.

Courtney moans then nods. Serena looks up at Stone and says, "Go ahead. She wants your cock."

Stone plunges in. She is so wet it doesn't take any effort. Instantly, he feels a difference in the two pussies. Courtney's seems a little softer and fleshier than but not as tight as Serena's.

Courtney lets out a loud moan when Stone dives in. Serena pulls the woman down and they lock into a deep passionate kiss. Serena moves her hand down between her legs and plunges her fingers deep inside to play with her pussy in a slow, lazy manner.

Stone slowly and deliberately pushes in and out of Courtney. After a few long minutes the two women break apart with Serena sliding underneath the other woman until her pussy is right in Courtney's face. Courtney takes the hint and drops her mouth down onto the hole and pressed her tongue inside. Serena has more ideas of her own. Her head is now perfectly positioned under the thrusting. Her tongue shoots up and licks the bouncing ball sack.

Stone continues to pound and with each passing moment he increases his momentum. Courtney is screaming and nearly on the verge of cumming, Stone isn't far behind. His moans tell the same story. Then abruptly Serena grabs his cock and pulls it from Courtney's pussy. "Roll over," she says to Courtney.

Courtney complies and rolls onto her back. With Stone's cock in her hand she leans in close to Courtney's sweat drenched face. "Do you want this cock?"

Courtney nods, breathing hard. Serena takes his cock and rubs the head of it against Courtney's pussy. "Right here?" Courtney nods again as she looks down at the throbbing cock. "Do you want to cum?" she asks with a devilish smile. Courtney nods. Serena leans in closer. "Say it," she whispers.

"I want to come," Courtney says wistfully.

"How bad?"

"Very bad."

Serena guides his cock into Courtney's pussy. She releases her grasp once the base of his shaft butts against her hand which in turn butts against her pussy. Stone thrusts the last bit in hard. Courtney pushes back against him. Courtney moans even louder than before until it becomes a long drawn out moan.

"Fuck her," Serena demands. "Make her cum hard." She is smiling and Stone pounds her pussy as hard as he can. "Cum damn it," she says the Courtney. "Cum now for me."

And she does, long and hard. Stone continues to hammer her. Serena continues to guide the younger woman. "He's almost there," she says. "He's going to cum deep inside you. He's going to fill you up like he did me. Do you want it?"

Courtney's only answer comes in the form of harder moans. Courtney squeezes her pussy together harder and Stone feels the sudden intensity.

"Fuck her. Fuck her pussy hard," Serena commands Stone.

Stone lets out a primal groan from deep inside his throat. His cock throbs hard with quick bursts as he fills the woman with his cum.

"Give it to her!" Serena yells.

Stone collapses next to Courtney, completely exhausted. Serena moves half her body onto the other woman. "That was fun," she says smiling at the woman.

"Mmmm," Courtney says. She reaches up and pulls Serena in for a deep kiss.


Typheryian sits before a large, oversized screen in his personal quarters. A red light pulsates at the arm on his chair. He ignores it for a few moments, staring at the blank, black screen. Finally he pushes the button and the screen flickers to life.

"Typheryian," Oriatis says sitting in a chair similar to his.

What is the sense of urgency?

"I have two agents snooping around and Magnus has not reported in since the attack in London."

If Magnus is lost it is with great regret, but it will not hold us back from our goals.

"What would you like done with these two agents?"

Kill them. You should not have to ask something as insignificant as that.

"I normally wouldn't but I was thinking of the Ternion and what kind of impact the matter would cause."

Our plans are coming to fruition but I concede your worry. If Magnus has truly been eliminated and our facilities are coming under attack then it does show a cause for concern.

"The humans will be dead by the end of the night."


"What about Magnus?"

Typheryian waves a hand at the screen. I'll have Natalya look into it. He's either dead or has a reason for staying out of contact for so long. As for the other humans I have something special planned for them.

"Very well."

The screen goes blank casting a soft blue glow over the demon. He places his fingers together and smiles. He has something very special planned.


Magnus wakes to find himself sitting in a metal chair. The metal is as cool as is the room he sits in. His arms are stiff and when he tries to bring them up he feels resistance. His wrists ache and burn. He turns his head to look down and through the darkness he sees why he met resistance.

His wrists are bound by Mythril cuffs. The cuffs are attached to a shiny metal that matches the chair and it is bolted to the ground. He looks up and around the small room. It is dimly lit and empty. The floor is concrete and bare except for a drain a few feet away from the chair.

Anger rises up in Magnus and he yanks at his bonds. When they don't come free he lets out a fearsome roar. He is answered by a voice over a hidden intercom in the room.

"Your bonds are made of Mythril and the chair and chains are Adamantium. There is no use in trying to escape."

The voice is male but he doesn't recognize it.

Show yourself! He screamed.

Silence falls on the small room and a moment later a single door opens and casts light into the room bathing Magnus. He blinks through the bright light, getting his eyes to refocus.

You? How can that be? He says upon seeing the figure.

Stranger things have happened. The figure says grinning. He steps into the room and the door closes behind him.

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