Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 04


Eew, two words in a row, one could name it a sentence, again now she seemed to be too tired after all that talking, so I asked politely, "What is it, my sweetness? Wait a minute... didn't you plan to pee first?"

"Well, my lonely wolf, my alpha, if only you'd let me instead of curling my... ahem, our fluids..."

"Oh, that... well, you know..." I stuttered, "...I sooo wanted to leave you alone with your... ahem, job - no, sorry, I promised not to lie - well, what I wanted to say is that I was bound to save your skirt from being peed on, you know, but then I felt that soft, satiny skin of yours when it grabbed my fingertips, pulling them closer so greedily, and then you did all that wonderf...err...I mean bad things to him, with all that tongues, and lips, even teeth, and I just wanted to give back the sweet... err...I mean the gruesome torture..." I panted hard, with all that emotions, deeply touched by my persuasive speech.

"I'm missing your eyes, darling, am I allowed to look into them again, at last I'm a good boy now, for you, and only for you." She giggled shortly till she groaned loudly when I curled a bit more, the wet swashing sound was just thrilling, and everything was so wonderful warm around my fingers. I felt that she nodded weakly to my side, and sighed deeply when becoming aware that I was bound to take my shoulder with me if I'd back away to look into her eyes, since my shoulder is fixated to my upper body, and the shoulder wouldn't leave here without my arm, and my hand... oh dear Lord, altogether that meant that my fingers had to leave this wonderful place... set out to the cool air outsides unprotected, oh my - how cruel this world can be. But now that I'd asked for it I owed her the favor, so I straightened bravely, eeeww, my back suffered from that bending for hours, my fingers came out with a gleeful 'plop', I waited a moment, open hand beneath her sopping opening, allowing my palm to be filled with our juices, and was about to sit on her left thigh but thought of the better, just in time remembering her damaged ankle, and knelt between her thighs instead.

"Your fingers are surprisingly skilled," Sylvia's smile was sweeter than ever, and it went perfectly with her flushed face, "Come nearer my darling, and kiss me properly..." she cooed, " careful not to hurt..." she broke up when I raised my hand up to my mouth and enjoyed a lick of the contents in my palm, beaming back to her. I licked my lips with openly shown concupiscence, and she swallowed hard, guessing what exactly had delighted me so much. Her eyes grew big and wide, "What...?" croaky, her lovely face blushed a shade deeper, her smile disappeared when she licked her lips feverishly.

I whispered, as if to entrust her a secret, "It's delicious, and freshly collected, still warm from the well, wanna take a sip?" I smiled down to her like plotting a conspiracy, "Don't worry, there's enough for the both of us darling." A loud plash up from the toilet water startled us, Sylvia frowned, her face went beet-red, and I smiled weakly like being a little bit disappointed, "Damned - the well is leaking, I wished I had my hand..."

"Ooh NOOO, STOP!" She yelled, rolling her eyes, but when they'd clicked into place again a saucily smile sat in the corners of her eyes. She looked soo cute and I crept nearer to kiss her as before ordered, "mmhhh..." she moaned into my mouth whilst her body was shaking with suppressed laughter. "Man, you made me soo hot before that I couldn't pee, and with your show you made me even hotter," she murmured against my lips, "I wished I could... aahhhh, finally..." a deep sigh with the sound of hesitantly pee spurts onto water, "Dear Lord, this'll help..." and now it streamed steadily. Another deep sigh, and her tongue entered my mouth again. My left hand roamed up the outside of her right thigh to find a warm buttock to rest on, eliciting a low moan whilst the steady stream paused for a moment, it restarted when her healthy hand found my prick again to lovingly fondle it a bit, sighing, "Dear lord, I can't keep my hands off you when you're near, my darling..."

I chuckled, "I might be disappointed if you could, my sweet love."

She groaned with satisfaction and nibbled my lower lip, before murmuring, "Now show me that neat puddle, my love, I'll need some fluid before I'm totally drained," she peeked down to my right hand as if to make sure that I hadn't unnoticeably wasted some of my precious freight, of course I hadn't, and I gave her what she wanted. She was just finishing her eager cleaning when the stream slowly subsided and the last spurts fell. I looked at my hand, it was spotless, and Sylvia asked me croaky to kiss her once more, well, what could I do? I obeyed, of course, and my hand was free enough to follow the paragon of the other, both caressing her lovely buttocks in unison, her moaning grew louder and vibrated through my head.

"I'm getting cold my love, sorry," she purred against me, "Except my butt of course, it's wonderful warm," she giggled lowly, "Please let's go back to bed now darling."

"I'm sorry darling, I was lost in your sweet, lovingly embrace. I'll make up, I promise, I'll kiss you warm again, I'll make you hot again..." I murmured, whilst loosening and removing her skirt and the garter belt, letting both garment and lingerie just fall to the ground.

"How come I don't doubt that?" she giggled, a bit breathlessly, "But let's pick up some water on the way, will you?" She looked deep into my eyes, then continued throatily, "I'll need lots of water, while with you treating me ever so lovingly I wished I had to pee every hour... I can't believe that you're changing a simple, everyday task into an amazing experience..." her eyes widened, and she blushed severely, whispering, "I can't believe that I was close to cumming, sitting on a toilet bowl... oh my God, what are you doing to me my sweet love, my man, suddenly everything, even the weirdest, seem to be just normal, and right..."

The lump in my throat had grown bigger with each of her sweet words, I opened my mouth to give a smart answer but nothing would come out, her big wide eyes poured pure, overwhelming love over me, and I felt a few tears running down my cheeks.

"Bernd, my love..." Her soft, sweet voice caressed my heart and my soul, "You're crying my darling... why? ... what is it? What have I... did I say something... to hurt you? Please forgive me, my darling... I didn't... I wasn't... oh my gaawwd..." she broke up, her eyes, filled with deep concernment, watched me intently, and I managed to shake my head no at last.

I kissed her sweet lips, ever so softly, rubbing my nose on hers tenderly whilst I tried to clear my throat, swallowing hard, my body trembling with the emotions, I sank my eyes deep into hers through the veil of my tears, "please, don't worry my darling, thank you my sweet love, thank you for showing me into your heart and your soul... your sweet words, the sweetest words I've ever heard, don't you... can't you feel what you just granted me, what you've just done for us?" The words raced over my lips now as if there was no tomorrow, as if this was the last chance ever to tell her, "...your words let me feel as if the last missing piece fell into place finally, only now do we know that you're totally cured since you opened for me in total, your heart melted into mine as your souls did likewise, you poured all of your commitment, your trust, your deep love over me, into me and sent me to sweet sweet paradise with it... you've completed yourself finally and with that our love, my sweet darling, thank you my love, my sweet love, thank you so much... I promise to try desperately to prove worthy enough of the deep love you're giving me my sweet heart."

Her eyes had welled with tears when I mentioned that 'last missing piece', now rivers of tears streamed down her cheeks, she made no attempt to wipe them off, I let go of her buttocks, hesitantly, she needed me upwards now, I raised my hands up to her cheeks, to the wet surface on her left and the soaked bandage covering the right cheek, she sniffled ever so cutely when I kissed her tears away, drop by drop drying her eyes, her nose, her cheek, her sweet mouth of course, her chin, I could do that forever, I knew I'd never get enough of her.

Her quiet sobbing subsided slowly, and finally she brought out, "Now see what you've done, you bad boy..." she sobbed though smiling, her very special sweet smile she showed only to me, " you've drained me completely, it'll take me hours to fill up enough to let me pee again," Her sweet face lightened in a way that I meant to see a gloriole above her head, altogether with her dark brown mane she looked like the Sistine Madonna herself, if I hadn't sit on my knees already I would have bent my knee in reverence of the view.

"Dear Lord..." I brought out croaky, "...darling, you're looking like Our Holy Madonna," I sank into her eyes to the deepest depth, a bit of confusion raced through her eyes but the sweet face beamed, "For a moment I thought to see a gloriole on you... you must be an angel, my very own sweet angel."

"I am, my darling..." whilst her eyes drowned mine in the deep dark sea of her love, "...I am your angel, Bernd, I will be forever, only promise to not tell anybody, it's supposed to be a secret between only you and me."

"Renate?" I asked shyly.

Sylvia smiled lovingly, "Not even Reni... please promise my darling, it's only for us." She kissed me tenderly, "Now take me and bed me... or was it, bed me and take me?" she grinned brightly, that sweet seduce, "Yes that sounds better to me, you know like real life, and it sounds more than appealing." She licked her sweet lips more than just lasciviously... I sooo wanted to eat her, take her, anything she wanted, only real soon please... there was no time for wiping her off right now, my tongue should be good enough to clean her sweet snatch later, 'twas better anyway, no bacteria in the way, you know, and she'd be real clean afterwards, spotless clean... oh my, I couldn't wait any longer.

Just the anticipation had me rock hard in an instant and she wheezed sharply when I bent over her to get a hold on her cute butt with both hands to help her to stand, her glowing eyes all the time glued on my erection she murmured huskily, "A bit higher please, my foot shouldn't touch the ground," what confused me before I became aware what she wanted, I grinned and lifted her a bit higher, I could feel that her thighs opened slightly to build a smooth runway for my shaft, the angle should be perfect that way; when she felt the damp glans between the swell of her inner thighs she hissed, "Yessssss... now! - lower me!" She lifted her legs up a bit thus opening herself wider, "Yessssssss... oh God... now darling," the angle was indeed perfect, my glans poked her entrance, eeeww slippery, it gave in easily, "Ooouugghhh-Sweet-Heavens!" she groaned loudly, her left arm took a tight grip around my neck, and her legs crossed over my ass-cheeks in less than a heartbeat, "NOW!!" She yelled and I let her go, spreading her damp cheeks and her labia widely thereby, "Ooohh... my-gaaawwwwdd," she yelled again, and impaled herself on the joystick of her choice, up to the hilt in one swift streak, groaning even louder with every inch.

I grabbed her cheeks tighter to slow her fall down before she might crash her cervix roughly onto my glans, she was still too fast but I managed to stop her when I felt being just an inch short to bump into her cervix, I panted roughly, "Slowly now my darling, or you might hurt..." the answer was just a sharp hiss and I chuckled, "I'm gonna feed you the last inch now my greedy girl, okay?"

Her eyes burned deep holes into mine, ohmygaawwd if I ever saw a greedy girl... she groaned into my mouth, "Yesss, yessssss, for you, ooooh gaawwwd only for you... LET ME ... FEEL ... YOU ... NOW!!!" her heartbeat raced throughout my chest.

I lowered her slowly till I poked into her cervix, "Yessss, darling ooooh gaawwwd, what a feeling, daaaaarling... my darling this feels wonderful, oooaahhh gaawwwdyessss, gimme some more please..." she was panting like mad.

I gave her a little bit more... and couldn't believe what I felt clearly - the intimate opening widened hesitantly, I whispered, "Sylvia, my sweet darling, do you feel what I feel?"

Her eyes made love to mine, with her lovely face flushed and sweat coated, I licked her brows dry to save this wonderful eyes, even her sweat tasted highly erotic, she whispered back, "I... ooh God she's opening.. she opens up... she opens up for you, my darling... if only you could feel this, my womb is contracting, vibrating, as if..." time stood still when her cervix gave way, letting the glans slide in a bit deeper.

Suddenly I was concerned, "Darling are you good - I don't hurt you?"

She whispered back, "No, absolutely not - a BIG NO!!" frowning, her eyes sparkling, wide with concentration, anticipation, she seemed to 'listen' to her feelings, she looked absolutely gorgeous when she whispered, "Now my darling, give me a bit more, please..." I did, and she held her breath shortly, before sighing deeply, "Darling, my darling this is outstanding, it's amazing, it's fantastic... I sooo wished you could feel this, I can feel that the tube widens, it's widening for you my darling, I didn't know... I didn't know... I never felt anything like this before, thank you for letting me feel this my sweet love," she kissed me so tenderly and lovingly that my heart was short to breaking.

I whispered into her mouth, "You don't have to thank me, my sweet darling, I have to thank you for letting me be a part of this, this is totally new to me too, I've never felt that close to a woman, so near to the feminine core," I kissed her deeply, eager to show her my appreciation, "shall I feed you the remaining three inches now, my love?"

She snorted where I had expected a giggling, "Sure, why not Mister BigMouth, though I'm a bit disappointed... only three inches left - that's a bit on the poor side, isn't it?"

"Well, you know, I'm somewhat ashamed - ahem, darling, I sure look like this, right?"

She smiled brightly, "Of course dear, so ashamed, and I can see in your eyes that you're not just acting," she kissed me deeply, her eyes caressed mine, almost fucked them. I felt close to cumming.

I sighed relieved, "Well then, thank you dear for being so honest; so then... you know, I suffered from a weakening fever the day they delivered the normal ones, you know...err...thingies, and once I recovered from that day long fever I went to that institute, where they told me there were some remaining ones, just a few, a tiny bit shorter than the originals they'd had in stock the day before, about two inches shorter, so what could be wrong with that, in the end two inches are nothing near to one foot, so what. And I was right, you see now, I'm nearly inside your pussy's entrance already and there's still about three inches remaining." I beamed.

She smiled patronising, "I see dear, and you're right - size doesn't really matter for a real woman, it's the technique that makes the difference, and you're great with this, see you fought your way into my opening, and you're already half through it, another half inch and you're sitting in my vagina already, and still there will be the impressing length remaining, oh you're making me so hot with anticipation... I feel like fainting." Sweet Sylvia embraced me so hard that I was a bit concerned of my ribcage, kissing me wildly whilst her vaginal musculature started to work over my shaft in earnest, he returned the favor, twitching and throbbing eagerly, "Oh darling, your veins are pounding so hard, your heartbeat..." she groaned into my mouth, "...I can feel it up my belly and down to my knees, ohmygaawwd that's amazing, please feed me the rest now... I'm so close to cumming... hurry baby it's building up..."

In my haze I thought about build up's, she was right, sweet pussy had continuously worked wonders, my balls tightened and released when I heard her yelling, "Berrrrnnd, daaaaarling... oouuuugghh what a wave - this will be a big one... oooohhhhhh jeeeezze,.." she tensed, I was short behind her, my wave raced to reach goal with her, her slender body shook wildly, she panted like a steamboat, then she yelled, "OH GAWWWWD... I'M... ooaahhh gaawwwdd..." she bucked so hard that I had to lean backwards against the wall to support us, my thighs tense like steel ropes to keep us from falling, from deep inside her she started to groan louder and louder, "oouughhmygaaawwd, ohgod ohgod oooaaahhh..." her eyes went blank, her head fell back, her back arched so violently that I was afraid she might break, all of a sudden she bucked so hard that she nearly lost my cock which started to spurt right now, right place-wrong time, I rammed her back down to not lose her, with her sweat coated buttocks so slippery in my hands, the first spurt disappeared in the depth of her vagina, the second and followings shot directly deep into her cervix which was just in time putting half over my glans, and she wailed, "OOHHGAWWWD YESSSSS, ooooaaarrgghhhhhh, NOW... gaawwd that's... OHMY GAWWWWWD... YESSS, ooaaarrrggghhhhhh, ooohhhhh my gaaaawwwddd, my love... ouugh my lovvvvve..." a high-pitched scream, and her body went limp in my arms, I felt limp too and let myself sink down along the wall to the ground, the cool tiles beneath my ass brought me back to earth, reminding me just in time of her hurt ankle, I caught her left calf to support it whilst my left hand pulled her head close to my chest.

Her eyes, still wide open, showed no expression whatever, so I kissed her lids to close them, kissed the beads of sweat off her forehead, all the time softly stroking her damp hair. The sweet load felt soo good in my lap, still lovely impaled on my half shrunk penis, which unconsciously twitched from time to time because of the lazy muscular contractions which rode in slow, long waves along my shaft. Her slightly trembling body stood against our pounding hearts which sure had been short to 200 the time we both had climaxed, but had calmed down since then, again our heartbeats still mixed prettily in each others chest, it was a unique, wonderful feeling of closeness and satisfaction.

Lovingly I kissed my way along her cortex, mumbling all about my love into her damp hair, when my wandering eyes caught a glimpse of a towel on top of the cupboard, just in reach of my arm, will say of my fingers, I pulled it down with two keen fingers and it proved to be soft and warm, I unfolded it carefully, it wasn't that easy with just one hand but I succeeded and made it a bath towel, wide enough to cover Sylvia's entire back. I did just that after pulling the drenched blouse upwards and started to dry her sweaty back tenderly, too much pressure forbidden of course, anyway she moved slightly and started to purr softly, she was back to earth finally.

I looked down to her sweet, flushed face and found her eyes half open, the lids still too heavy to open entirely. "Welcome back home again my love," I kissed her softly, she moaned likewise, and then she granted me her best smile ever. Her eyes, though still gazed, had opened a bit wider, what they poured over me now was far beyond any description, a fabulous mix, changing constantly, again the main expression was deep, deep love; I whispered devoutly, "you are gorgeous my ravishing beauty... you feel like a lovely, soft, damp cover on me, and I love every spot of the cover beyond belief."

Her eyes made love to mine, sweet sweet love, all of a sudden a frog settled in my throat, but I'm sure my eyes gave her back all of my love cause she found vent in tears. I caught them with my lips, whispering all about my love for her, she pulled her left hand from my shoulder blade where it had clamped on all the time and stroked my cheek lovingly, feathery, whilst whispering back, "I love you, my darling, I love you soooo much." Her eyes glued to mine again, and she kissed me tenderly. Her eyes went bigger when she felt her vaginas lazy afterglow contractions, she flashed me a bright smile, "You're still buried inside me, darling, that's so sweet, and it feels just great..." a sassy smile appeared, "...though it's the first time ever that I feel him being that limp." She grinned widely and showed me the tip of her tongue shortly before she mouthed me a kiss.

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